Change Management - Start Doing It The Right Way! | KnowledgeHut Webinar

An exclusive webinar with Mr. Bogdan Deris, Efficiency Project Manager @ Raiffeisen Bank International, to experience an interactive session on Change Management".
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Change Management - Start Doing It The Right Way! | KnowledgeHut Webinar


An exclusive webinar with Mr. Bogdan Deris, Efficiency Project Manager @ Raiffeisen Bank International, to experience an interactive session on Change Management".




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KnowledgeHut Is Now A Silver Partner With Scaled Agile, Inc To Accelerate Teamwork

We are pleased to announce that KnowledgeHut’s partnership with the Scaled Agile, Inc has been turned from Bronze to Silver in the dawn of June 2017. Scaled Agile, Inc is the company that believes in agility at scale and the potential of the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®) to transform organizations. Now we are strong enough to enhance our level in offering more SAFe® courses like Leading SAFe® (SA), SAFe® for Teams (SP), SAFe® Scrum Master (SSM), SAFe®Advanced Scrum Master (SASM), SAFe® Product Manager/Product Owner (SPMPO), to help the organizations in successful implementation of the scaled Lean and Agile practices. We experienced that the organizations implementing Agile for the scaled team without a proven framework, see themselves unproductive. With Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®), organizations are able to follow the Agile framework and can enjoy the complete benefits of the framework. We are taking one step ahead to implement Agile practices at an enterprise level. Undoubtedly, this partnership is going to impact the performance of software delivery in a positive way. Why are we reinforcing SAFe®? Many organizations select SAFe® because of its documented approach, which is based on the Lean Flow and Lean Management principles. It provides detailed training materials to the experts, which aid the trainers to educate the software professionals. SAFe® furnishes the biggest picture that makes it easier for the workforce in any organization to operate collaboratively. SAFe® Lean and Agile principles allow firms to deliver best practices and quality to people and the organizations within a reasonable amount of time. With SAFe®, organizations can now apply system thinking concepts to build the outcome (system), which is also supportive for the systems under development. It also gives some clarity on how the system will be perceived at the end user’s side. SAFe® 4.0 principles form a requirements model, which is further updated to give additional backlog items and provide clarity on the expressions related to it. SAFe® built-in values and quality practices now support the software and system development. SAFe® 4.0 has also introduced an additional level for handling the requirements of the complex systems and of highly valued things. At corporate levels, SAFe® is one of the leading frameworks across the globe. It has augmented product quality, time-period for the markets, predictability and has firmly cemented employee collaborations in the organizations. An industry oriented SAFe® Training is essential for its successful implementation in the big organizations. We feel proud to declare that we have nearly 15+ SAFe® program consultants from all over the world. In the wake of July, 2017, we are planning to organize SAFe® meetups across India in association with Scaled Agile, Inc. To stay updated with all these information, please visit
Rated 4.0/5 based on 20 customer reviews
KnowledgeHut Is Now A Silver Partner With Scaled A...

We are pleased to announce that KnowledgeHut’s p... Read More

Latest Offerings By KnowledgeHut- The Right Mix Of Courses For Your Next Big Career Move

Software professionals of the decade aren’t new to being told that certifications are the milestones in their careers. However, keeping their certifications up-to-date with the rapid technological advancements is something they constantly need to master. At KnowledgeHut, we are lately receiving appeals for starting a few trending courses in multiple technologies. The requests are mainly from people who have benefited from our courses in the recent past. Keeping their potential future needs in mind, we are pleased to announce that we’ve come up with a whole new array of updated certification and training programs.    We have introduced courses under two categories- 1. Soft Skills training  Conflict Management training  2. Information Technology (IT) Technology of Blockchain- Ethereum Network Training Implement Blockchain using Hyperledger training Introduction to Cryptocurrency training Blockchain Deep Dive training course Soft Skills Training Conflict Management training: Conflict Management training guides an individual to manage stressful situations at workplace. This training will help you to build numerous conflict resolution techniques while work and managing complex team dynamics. It will also make you a seasoned professional and a successful leader in an enterprise.   According to US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) report, the professions for Arbitrators, Mediators, and Conciliators was anticipated to develop by around 9% between 2014 and 2024. Scopes and Salary after Conflict Management training: Be a part of our 1-day interactive workshop which is led by the experts in the field and get a downloadable e-book and a course completion certificate from KnowledgeHut with Credits (1 credit per hour of training). Learn more about the course details. #Blockchain in the automotive industry. Why the time is right! — Everything Blockchain (@Blockchain1st) April 23, 2018   Information Technology We have added following 4 courses in the IT category. 1. Technology of Blockchain- Ethereum Network Training: Ethereum is the second largest Blockchain technology-based platform that includes developing the decentralized applications (Dapps), to change the working path of several industries like finance, healthcare, and industries.  Our 8-hours of the workshop will help you in-  Understanding the basics of Ethereum from an application development viewpoint  Also, you will learn Ethereum ecosystem, Dapps, DAO, development tools, Ethereum mining and  The things which are useful in creating smart contracts and decentralized applications as the blockchain developers who can create smart contracts are more in demand today. 2. Implement Blockchain using Hyperledger training: Hyperledger is known as the most used blockchain platform for developing decentralized applications, as it provides more security than Bitcoin and Ethereum. It presents more flexibility and resilience due to its modular architecture.   Our 8-hours of the workshop will help you in- Learning the basics of Hyperledger platform to build the blockchain business networks and applications.  Also, you will learn Hyperledger Fabric, Multichain, mining, creating and connecting blockchain and much more You will understand how to develop smart business solutions across industries and the skills needed to become a successful Blockchain developer. According to the Statistica survey, it is recorded that the demand for Blockchain technology market has exploded from the year 2016 to 2021. Below is the graph depicting the rising demand for the Blockchain technology in the future.     [Source:] 3. Introduction to Cryptocurrency training: Bitcoin is a well-known cryptocurrency with a total market share of $231.8 billion. This cryptocurrency has actually changed the face of finance. To understand the cryptocurrency and its working, you need to attend a training session. Our 8-hour workshop will help you in- Understanding the concept of Bitcoin, how to use it, Bitcoin mining, Bitcoin buying and selling and how to make it secure Also, you will come to know the potentiality and future of Blockchain in various industries 4. Blockchain Deep Dive training course: With the ripening Blockchain market, the need for Blockchain experts is also growing. These experts are needed to set up Blockchain environments, Ethereum smart contracts, deploying business networks on Hyperledger, setting-up the multichain environments, and Bitcoin mining.  Our 3-day course will help you in understanding the Blockchain concepts and its working in various industries.  Our team has dedicated boundless effort to present these new courses. We are eager to embark on this knowledge tour and equipping you with the latest and most prominent updates. At KnowledgeHut, we trust only the experts in offering the latest skills keeping in mind the end goal to remain exceptional in the business. Thank you for being a valuable part of the journey, and we can hardly wait to proceed with this adventure with you. Be vigilant – because we have got a lot in the Knowledgehut courses store for 2018!
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Latest Offerings By KnowledgeHut- The Right Mix Of...

Software professionals of the decade aren’t new ... Read More

MEP 3.0 : A New Version of MapR Ecosystem Pack released

On 10th April 2017, MapR Technologies Inc. introduced a new version of their Ecosystem pack called MEP 3.0. Along with Spark connectors for HBase and MapR-D, they feature intensified security for Apache Spark. MapR Ecosystem Pack (MEP) allows the developer to upgrade their open source ecosystem stack individually from the converged Data Platform. In future, with the quarterly updates, the new MEP 3.0  will help developers to be updated in a similar manner as projects like Apache Drill and Apache Spark. Spark is widely used Big Data Processing Engine while  Drill is an open-source software framework that supports data-intensive SQL query engine, allowing  MapR to explore Big Data. “The adoption of Spark and Drill continues to advance at a fast pace with enterprises worldwide,” said MapR exec Will Ochandarena in a news release yesterday. “With a regular cadence of ecosystem updates that make it easier to adopt for production use, our customers immediately benefit from rapid open source innovation with the reliability, scale and performance of the Converged Data Platform.” In the blog post, MapR’s Rachel Silver explained  “This Native Spark Connector for MapR-DB JSON is a new API that makes it easier to build real-time or batch pipelines between your data and MapR-DB and to leverage Spark or Spark Streaming within the pipeline,” she said. “Compared to other connectors for MapR-DB — such as the JDBC connector — the Native Spark Connector is more efficient, and the code is simpler to write.” MEP 3.0 supports Spark 2.1.0 which basically focuses on Security and Stability. This new version includes many updates like: Apache Spark 2.1.0 –  Improvement in Stability and security. Apache Drill 1.10 – Improvement in the BI tool Integration, performance, and end-to-end security. Apache Hive 2.1.1 – Improvement in Querying and Data Processing. MapR Streams – New APIs for Python application and C language Native Spark Connector for MapR-DB JSON – High integration with greater efficiency for MapR-DB. MapR Installer – Have included features to simplify add-ons and upgrades.
Rated 4.0/5 based on 20 customer reviews
MEP 3.0 : A New Version of MapR Ecosystem Pack rel...

On 10th April 2017, MapR Technologies Inc. introdu... Read More

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