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Top MBA Jobs in Singapore in 2024

27th Dec, 2023
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    Top MBA Jobs in Singapore in 2024

    The Republic of Singapore is an independent island country, megacity, and a state in maritime Southeast Asia. It is a convergence of colorful societies and is a global center of commerce, education, and employment. Singapore offers an economic career occasion to anyone looking to taste the installations of an uber-ultramodern world. Due to its well-connected global network, it has become one of the most sought-after options for scholars. One of the highly ranked courses Singapore has to offer is an MBA. MBAs from institutes similar to INSEAD, NUS, and NTS are similar to the ones in the UK and USA with lower disbursement. With this degree in Singapore, scholars can anticipate earning an average payment of 51,000 SGD.

    What is the Scope for MBA Jobs in Singapore?

    There are many jobs in Singapore after MBA. With top companies similar to Deloitte, Apple, and HPInc. having services in the Central Business District (CBD), a wide range of MBA jobs in Singapore are available. Similar companies hire directors in mid-senior positions and directorial roles for which MBAs from top institutes form the biggest pool of candidates. MBAs from the UK, USA, Europe, and contend for the most coveted jobs for MBA graduates in Singapore across the globe. Singapore manages to punctuate itself with structure at par with major metropolises like London, Shanghai, and Hong Kong. Singapore offers a multilateral terrain and world-class installations similar to the West.

    Can you Work in Singapore After your MBA?

    Singapore offers a plethora of MBAs in Finance, Marketing, Operations, and HR from its premier institutes similar to INSEAD, NUS, and NTU. The Singapore government allows transnational workers to stay and work in the country once their studies are completed. Graduates should apply for either the S Pass or the E Pass to work fairly in Singapore. Similarly, scholars cannot stay in Singapore on their Singapore Study Visa to look for a job- like a script in numerous European countries or the US.

    Generally, once a graduate's pupil pass has expired, the existent is granted a short-term visit pass. This particular visa lets them stay in Singapore for outside of 90 days, during which they can explore the job options available. But one can only search for job options, not take up any form of employment while on a short-term visit pass. Once scholars have completed their education at an honored and approved Institute of Advanced literacy ( IHL), they can apply for a non-renewable Long Term Visit Pass of one time to stay in Singapore and look for employment. Any Indian pupil who has studied at the Institute of advanced literacy can apply for a long-term Visit Pass ( LTVP) which is a non-renewable visit pass. It's non-renewable, meaning that if a pupil fails to find employment for themselves at the end of a time, they should return to India. 

    Local UniversitiesLocal PolytechnicsOffshore Institutes with Local Campuses

     National University of Singapore 

    Nanyang Polytechnic 

    Ecole Supérieure Des Sciences Economiques Et Commerciale (ESSEC) 

    Nanyang Technological University 

    Ngee Ann Polytechnic 

    INSEAD (Singapore) 

    Singapore Management University 

    Republic Polytechnic 

    S P Jain School of Global Management 

    Singapore Institute of Technology 

    Singapore Polytechnic 

    Digipen Institute of Technology 

    Singapore University of Social Sciences 

    Temasek Polytechnic 

    German Institute of Science and Technology - TUM Asia 

    Top Companies Hiring for MBA Jobs in Singapore

    Singapore is an ultramodern- day Mecca and is now snappily arising as one of the swift-growing economies due to the commencement and appearance of commercial titans in the field of technology, banking, etc. Singapore was ranked 2nd in the PricewaterhouseCoopers City of Opportunity indicator and the 6th largest wealth operation center in the world by Deloitte. Even on the technical front, it has surfaced as a strong colonist of the east, getting home to the most sought-after brands similar to Apple, Novartis etc. Singapore was hailed as the" Silicon Valley of Asia" in KPMG's global ranking of leading tech invention capitals outside San Francisco. Some leading companies that have anchored themselves in the fast-paced culture of Singapore are: 

    EmployersAverage Salary/ Year (SGD)


    S$32,672- S$1,38,799

    Standard Chartered Bank 

    S$36,011- S$2,00,189


    S$31,064- S$1,05,507


    S$34,831- S$2,21,336


    S$48,693- S$1,39,688



    Apple Computer, Inc 




    HP Inc.


    Various Industries with MBA job opportunities in Singapore

    An MBA is a quintessential degree in the 21st century. MBAs are required almost everywhere, from HealthTech to EdTech, and everything in between. MBAs find themselves placed at coveted managerial positions in the essential verticals of their company. 

    The most commonly employment-providing industries in Singapore are 

    • Technology: Singapore is becoming home to various conglomerates that are here to stay. With the rise in the number of corporations, there is a rapid increase in job requirements. Several individuals with diverse ethnicities in the Asian Subcontinent have migrated to Singapore to look for better opportunities. 
    • Finance: With the advent of options due to an increase in the number of banks, Singapore has emerged as a competitive financial center in the East. This field is a good fit for MBA jobs in Singapore for MBA freshers from India.
    • Electronics: Singapore is one of the world's largest manufacturers of electronic items. Owing to the high immigration rates, and the working of low-class people in electronic sectors, one can find good deals on electronics. 
    • Real Estate: Due to the rise in population, there is a surge in the real estate market. Housing rates in Singapore are costly, and people are always on the hunt for affordable good, quality living amenities. Finding a job in the real estate industry might be cumbersome, but it remains a coveted industry. 

    MBA Jobs in Singapore are Classified Based on Roles

    An MBA in any specialization, such as marketing or finance, can help you fetch jobs as a manager in Human Resources, Sales, Hospitality, Supply Chain, and Marketing. These sectors provide job opportunities in Singapore after MBA for Indian and Foreign Nationals. Moreover, you can also get certain specialization certifications, like the Prince2 Certification, to enhance your basic management skills before deciding on a role. With such certifications, there are many jobs for Indian MBA freshers in Singapore. 

    1.  Human Resources Manager: HR forms the administrative body of an organization, as its primary function is to coordinate the various operations that occur in a company. It helps in liaisoning between the administrative staff and employees.

    Average Human Resources Manager salary in Singapore: S$68,134 / year 

    1.  Sales Manager: A sales manager has a key role in helping the sales associates in their organization to achieve targets. Sales managers have responsibilities such as hiring and terminating the employment of various employees. They are responsible for training sales personnel and determining the deliverables. They coach sales representatives and help establish an inclusive sales territory. 

    Average Sales Manager salary in Singapore: S$67276/ year 

    1.  Hospitality Manager: A hospitality manager coordinates and maintains all the various departments in a hospitality or restaurant sector. Their job is to bridge the commercial program along with the management strategy of the venture. It means they have to align the business with profit targets, the quality charter, hygiene, and safety norms.

    Average Hospitality Manager salary in Singapore: S$65318 / year 

    1.  Supply Chain Manager: A Supply Chain Manager has the job of coordinating, organizing, and overseeing activities on a day-to-day basis that are a part of the manufacturing of company goods, such as identification, acquisition, production, and distribution. He is directly involved in hiring departmental supervisors.

    Average Supply Chain Manager salary in Singapore: S$86427/ year 

    1.  Marketing Manager: The main role of a marketing manager is to increase brand awareness and market share. It involves coordinating strategies for marketing with various sectors such as sales, finance, PR, and others. A marketing manager also has the arduous task of designing the marketing budget for the coming fiscal year. 

    Average Marketing Manager salary in Singapore: S$71101/ year 

    1.  Product Manager: A product manager's job description includes the planning of various stages of the lifecycle of products. It includes curating, designing, and prioritizing the requirements of products keeping in mind the customer's preferences. Product managers work closely with the other sectors of the company, such as the sales, marketing, and engineering teams, for various aspects.

    Average Product Manager salary in Singapore: S$84019/ year 

    1.  Finance Manager: The most common roles and responsibilities are producing financial roles and developing cash flow statements to establish financial stability. The key responsibility is to advise financial decisions, direct investments, and make accurate financial forecasts to help the company with profits. Many Singapore jobs for Indian MBA freshers are available in this industry.

    Average Product Manager salary in Singapore: S$79010/ year

    1.  Operation Manager: The prime role of an operations manager is to make sure that they can manage all activities smoothly which are involved in producing the goods and services of a business. 

    Average Operation Manager salary in Singapore: S$66661/ year 

    Finding MBA Jobs in Singapore through Online Portals

    Finding a job online has now become easy, thanks to several online portals which are accessible from anywhere in the world. These job portals are easy to access, navigation friendly, and create a customized user experience by filtering out options for you based on your requirements. On these portals, you can create alerts for various companies, positions, and verticals for any company. You can also directly message the recruiter through their premium versions. If your CV is selected, the recruiter might follow up with you via email or call. A few of the most popular and promising portals are listed below: 

    Various types of Work VISAs in Singapore

    1. Professionals

    Pass typeWho is it for

    Employment Pass 

    The minimum pay to avail of this pass is >S$5000 monthly and is available to only foreign nationals, professionals, managers, and executives 


    For international entrepreneurs who wish to start and operate a technology-based or Venture capitalist funded business.

    Personalized Employment Pass 

    Offering greater flexibility than an Employment Pass, PEP is for internationally placed professionals who already hold an employment pass. 

    Overseas Networks & Expertise Pass 

    For the crème de la crème of the business, research, academics, and sports industry, 

    2. Skilled and semi-skilled workers

    Pass typeWho is it for

    S Pass 

    For skilled workers who earn>S$3,000 a month. 

    Work Permit for migrant workers 

    In the field of construction, manufacturing, marine shipyard, process or services sector. 

    Work Permit for migrant domestic workers 


    Work Permit for confinement nanny 

    For Malaysian confinement babysitters to work in Singapore for over 16 weeks starting from the birth of the employer's child. 

    Work Permit for performing artiste 

    For transnational players who work in entertainment outlets similar to bars, restaurants, and clubs. 

    3. Trainees and students

    Pass typeWho is it for

    Training Employment Pass 

    Transnational professionals witnessing practical training earn >S$3,000 a month. 

    Work Holiday Pass (under Work Holiday Programme) 

    For scholars between 18 to 25 who want to work and live in Singapore for 6 months. 

    Work Holiday Pass (under the Work and Holiday Visa Programme) 

    For Australian scholars and graduates between 18 to 30 who want to work and live in Singapore for one year. 

    Training Work Permit

    For Semi-skilled transnational trainees or scholars witnessing practical training in Singapore for over 6 months. 

    4. Family members

    Pass typeWho is it for

    Dependant's Pass 

    Consorts and children of Employment Pass or S Pass holders. 

    Long-Term Visit Pass 

    For parents, common- law consorts, step-children, or hindered children of eligible Employment Pass or S Pass holders. 

    Pre-approved Letter of Consent 

    For eligible consorts or children of Singapore citizens or PRs holding an LTVP/ LTVP issued by ICA. They can only apply for a PLOC when applying for or renewing the LTVP/ LTVP. 

    Letter of Consent for ICA-issued LTVP/LTVP+ holders 

    For eligible consorts or children of Singapore citizens or PRs holding an LTVP/ LTVP issued by ICA. The employer must apply for the LOC. 

    Letter of Consent for Dependant’s Pass holders who are business owners 

    For eligible Dependant’s Pass holders who want to operate a business in Singapore. 

    5. Exemptions and working while on a visit pass

    Pass typeWho is it for

    Miscellaneous Work Pass 

    For foreign language speakers, religious workers, and intelligencers on a short-term work assignment of 60 days in Singapore. 

    Work Pass Exempt Activities 

    For performing eligible, and legal short-term conditioning without a work pass. Candidates are hereby anticipated to notify MOM of their conditioning. 

    Work pass exemption for foreign students 

    Studying full-time at an honored academy or institution in Singapore. 

    Work passes for holders of Long-Term Visit Passes issued by ICA 

    For transnational citizens married to a Singaporean or permanent occupant, or parents accompanying a child who's presently pursuing their studies in Singapore. 

    Is Singapore a Great Place to Work for MBA graduates?

    Singapore is one of the most developed nations in the East, offering a wide range of options for anyone looking to settle there. Due to its diverse population, it offers a cosmopolitan platter of food, education, employment, and cultural choices.

    There are several MBA job opportunities in Singapore for those who are looking for a jump in their vertical or switch to more coveted roles. Specifically, there are numerous job opportunities in Singapore for Indian MBA, and there is always an MBA job vacancy in Singapore in sectors such as Finance, Marketing, Operations, HR, and the entertainment industry.

    There are also MBA jobs in Singapore for Indian nationals and other students from around the world who have done their post-graduation in management from reputed institutes.

    Required Skills for MBA Jobs in Singapore

    Working in Singapore after doing an MBA sounds like a lucrative career option. With the unparalleled experience Singapore gives its residents, it is only a dream to be employed in Singapore. The individuals who land here for jobs are skilled in their niche, domain experts, and have cleared various qualifying tests to be able to work in this paradise of the East. For one looking to take up a job in Singapore, there are certain points to keep one must follow: 

    1. MBA from a good B-school: If you are an alumnus of a reputed institution, chances are high that you get the job you desire. Someone who has a good academic background, credits to their name and a good personality are highly likely to get the job. Jobs in Singapore for Indian MBA students require you to complete the degree from a reputed university. 
    2. Extracurriculars: These activities can range from community service, sports, international debates, conferences, and internships from a young age. Your profile will be greatly valued if you take a keen interest in curricula that help you keep your mind and body in good shape.
    3. Bachelors/ Undergraduate: The institute and subject majors during your bachelor's hold more importance than you might understand. If you have pursued your undergraduate from a reputed school in a subject that is coveted or different than your business school subjects, chances are high that your interview is converting into a great offer. Moreover, if you have had a commendable GPA in all your majors and electives, you will have the edge over other applicants. 
    4. Previous Work Experience: The companies you were at before define your personality even before they meet you for an interview. Working for a good company in a role that is respected has several perks. It sets a certain benchmark for your interviewer in terms of pay, position and perks. 

    If you do not tick most of the boxes, it is not something to worry about. With the right training and learning the required skill sets, you can advance in this field just like no other. Programs in Business Management training can help you go a long way via lateral entry pass to the world of jobs post MBA in Singapore. There are several courses in the domain of business, such as The Best Business Analyst courses, that have found a place for themselves in the modern era.

    Education Requirements to get MBA Jobs in Singapore

    The primary requirement of an individual is to have a profile with a good GPA score from a recognized university, a diverse background, and varied interests representing a dynamic personality. Students are expected to have the necessary training, profile, and credentials suitable for the role they're going to cater to. The institution you attain your master's from will mould you for the roles of the future.

    Moreover, if they have worked at a similar organization in a role for which they are applying, then it's an excellent background attribute to add. 

    Top Certifications to get MBA jobs in Singapore

    1. Project management certifications 
    2. Business analyst certifications 
    3. Supply chain certifications 
    4. Marketing certifications 
    5. Skilled trade certifications 
    6. Human resources certifications 
    7. Sales certifications 
    8. Accounting certifications 
    9. Healthcare certifications 
    10. Computer network certifications 
    11. Foundation and Practitioner Course certification 

    How to Get a Job in MBA in Singapore

    The best way to find a job in MBA in Singapore is through job portals that cater to your needs from the comfort of your home. You can access any of the above-mentioned job portals, fill in basic demographic details about yourself, and add your education history, your alma maters, your respective GPAs, and your previous employment details.

    The previous employment section will ask you to furnish details about your previous companies, previous roles, accolades won, and achievements in your academic and professional career.

    Another way to find a job is through the LinkedIn network. You can send your resumes to individuals employed in a company you wish to work at and to other backup options. You can create job posts on LinkedIn listing out your preferred roles, companies, and credentials and ask people to comment and share for better reach.

    Another old-school way is to work at a firm in Singapore that forms a bridge or is like a stepping stone to your dream job until you receive a call from them. 

    The Future of MBA career in Singapore

    If you have completed your studies at a recognized university with a good GPA score, then there will never be a dearth of options for you. The future of a good MBA can never be dull irrespective of location. There are various sectors, several companies, and multiple roles that are curated, keeping MBAs in mind. In today's world, MBA is one of the most versatile degrees to exist, offering you a place in almost all corners of the world. MBAs are in each and every industry in great managerial or senior-level roles that are critical to the organization.


    MBA as a course has the potential to transform your professional career several folds. With the right schools, guidance, a strong background of extracurriculars, and previous roles at organizations, an MBA as a discipline have the potential to set your future in the right direction. Most of the senior management roles in the various verticals of the companies require MBA from top-notch schools to cater to their clients. It provides you with a wide array of career options available across the globe. Singapore, due to its mixed cultural and ethnic populations, gives a front-row experience to the best the world has to offer. 

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    1Is Singapore a good option for MBA professionals?

    Singapore is a great option for individuals who have completed their MBA from a recognized university with a good GPA score and have diverse credentials to their name. Singapore itself has a lot of great business schools that are comparable to the West in terms of ranking and their extensive programs that mould an individual personality for the professional challenges of the future.

    2Which job search portals are best for MBA professionals in Singapore?

    Online job portals such as the following can help you find the next job that promises you a lucrative career.  

    •  NodeFlair  
    •  LinkedIn  
    •  eFinancialCareers   
    •  StartUp Jobs Asia   
    •  Tech In Asia   
    •  MyCareersFuture   
    •  Glassdoor   
    •  Indeed   
    •  JobStreet   
    •  Monster(Foundit) 

    These are accessible, user-friendly, and filled with recruiters that respond to your application in due time. 

    3In order to get shortlisted at Singapore companies, what should an MBA graduate include on their resume?

    For an individual to be shortlisted at companies placed in Singapore, one needs to include their past employments, roles, verticals at their previous employments, alma mater, GPAs, extracurriculars, internships, accomplishments, accolades, and any letters of Recommendation they might have.

    4Are MBA professionals well-paid in Singapore?

    MBA professionals in Singapore have an average gross salary of 58,000 SGD which is amongst a lot of divisions of various sectors of the industries.

    5Do MBA professionals have a future in Singapore?

    MBA professionals have a bright future in Singapore, given the fact that they can maintain their salaries as it is one of the most expensive cities in the world. There are plenty of opportunities and great companies that have opened offices in Singapore.

    6Which is the best place to pursue an MBA in Singapore?

    The premier institutes of Singapore are INSEAD, NUS, NTS, James Cook, SPM etc. INSEAD and NUS are the best among the aforementioned institutes as they have rigorous curriculums designed keeping in mind the young student who will be a professional world tomorrow.


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