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APM and PRINCE2 – 5 Reasons they work together

19th Feb, 2024
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    APM and PRINCE2 – 5 Reasons they work together

    PRINCE2 and APM as a Framework for Project Management

    PRINCE2 and APM are the two popular project management certifications. People choose one over the other due to different reasons. Some professionals view one as superior to the other. Similarly, some employers want their employees to have a particular qualification. Both certifications are different from each other therefore it is better to get both as compared to having just one. 

    What is APM? 

    APM stands for an associate in project management. The certificate makes you familiar with the common terms and conditions of projects. 

    This certificate is recognized globally in the field of project management. Passing the exam and getting the APM certificate will show your commitment to the field of project management. APM is an entry-level certificate, and it shows that the person has the requisite knowledge in the field of project management. Anyone who wants to earn basic knowledge about project management can give the exam to get this certificate. APM has two main levels. The first is the Project Fundamental (PFQ) and the second is the project management (PMQ). It is not necessary that you must first clear PFQ for doing PMQ. If you do not have any experience, you can do PFQ and if you have some years of experience in the field of project management you can choose PMQ. 

    When APM Certification is Suitable?

    APM certification is suitable in the following cases:

    • A person has limited or basic knowledge of project management
    • A person already working in a project environment
    • Need to get certification for getting recognized as project manager
    • Want to get an internationally recognized qualification in the field of project management

    Benefits of APM 

    The benefits of obtaining an APM certificate are given here:

    • It can help an individual to obtain a wide range of certifications for different levels of experience
    • It is the best route to progress in a project management career
    • It is the first step to become a full member of the APM

    What is PRINCE2?

    PRINCE2 stands for projects in controlled environments. It is a process-based method to manage projects. It is mainly used by the UK government but it is also used and recognized in the private sector. The PRINCE2 Foundation qualification is the first step and it is the easiest to obtain of the other levels. If you are new to project management, it is the best option for you. Prince2 consists of two levels. The first is the foundation level and the second is the practitioner level. PRINCE2 helps an individual to learn to monitor and plan projects.

    Benefits of PRINCE2

    The main benefits of PRINCE2 foundation and practitioner course are:

    • It has a flexible framework and can be used for any type of project
    • There is no requirement of any previous experience in project management
    • It is comparatively easy to pass the exam for getting a PRINCE2 certification
    • It is mainly useful in the public sector
    • You have to only go through the things given in the PRINCE2 manual to clear the exam
    • It is a globally recognized certification for becoming a project manager
    • It can help to enhance your skills, salary, and career in the field of project management
    • It has a wider scope because it is not specific to any industry. Thus, it gives a wider scope of getting a job throughout the globe
    • Organizations also look for professionals who are certified with the PRINCE2 certification who can work in a controlled and consistent environment
    • The project manager who is certified with PRINCE2 can implement projects in a planner manner and this helps an organization to work properly

    You can also go for PRINCE2 foundation training online and start your PRINCE2 journey.  

    5 Reasons APM and PRINCE2 Work Together 

    You can go for either PRINCE2 or APM in a project but there are several reasons for which APM and PRINCE2 work together. Some reasons are given here:

    1. PRINCE2 covers the 7 processes, management, and product description. It is a guide that should be specific for your organization and it also helps to know the important factors to consider when finding a method. The APM certification does not give a definitive description of what can be done and how something can be done. It means that the professionals have to take the information and use it accordingly. This could be difficult for the professionals who have just entered the field of project management.

    2. PRINCE2 focuses on four Ws’ such as who, where, what, and when during the project management whereas APM focuses only on how. PRINCE2 does not include the techniques used in the project management but APM covers the techniques used in detail due to which both APM and PRINCE2 can work together. 

    3. The two certifications include similar things but in a different manner. PRINCE2 gives you a particular outline of what to do and APM gives you different options for doing the project.

    Techniques used for different industries, sectors, and organizations may differ from each other. PRINCE2 goes not give guidance on this but it is important to know different techniques as a project manager. If you want to show excellence in your work, you can go through the APM’s book which will help you to understand how to do things that are given in PRINCE2. 

    4. PRINCE2 is an objective and multiple-choice test. For clearing this exam, the candidate must understand the different terms and contents of guidance. The exam is an open book which means that when using PRINCE2 in the work environment you have to use the PRINCE2 manual. APM exam is based on your knowledge and a candidate must know all elements of the project management. It is a closed book and descriptive type exam. It is used to test your wider knowledge on the basic understanding of project management and PRINCE2 is about testing your specific knowledge. 

    5. The two qualifications work together. PRINCE2 forms the outer boundary and the APM fills in the inner space. Knowing one will give you a less comprehensive picture of project management. In other words, PRINCE tells you which tools to use when, but it does not give you instructions on how to use the tools.

    PRINCE2 certification is a step towards success. It is one of the best project management courses out there. It will help you to gain knowledge for connecting every project with the proper framework for effective delivery of the project in the end.

    Benefits of Having Both Certifications PRINCE2 and APM

    There are many advantages of having both certifications KnowledgeHut PRINCE2 foundation and practitioner course and APM. Important benefits are listed here:

    When you have both certifications, you’re earning potential increases to a larger scale. Having both certifications will also improve your career growth prospects. The methods and principles learned in both certifications work well in different industries and applications. So, you can easily set up your career by having both certifications. 

    Project managers can also improve their employability prospects by having both qualifications. Having both certificates will give you complete knowledge of project management skills. Completing a project successfully needs a team of individuals and the team should have combined skills to complete the project by using the PRINCE2 structured method of the framework. 

    APM does not give a particular method but it is a framework in which the project should run. The APM gives knowledge about key areas within which the project should be done. People working in the team should know how to apply the key elements of their knowledge in project management. The APM-certified individuals have accredited training, research, publications, and events. 

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    The best approach used for project management is the use of the right instructions and the right tools for doing the work. It is difficult to get the best results if either one is missing. If you only have the instructions and do not have the right tools, you cannot complete your project successfully in time. On the other hand, if you only have the right tools and do not have proper instructions to use the tools you will not get the desired results. If you do not have proper instructions it will be a long process to complete the project which will ultimately lead to errors and frustration. The end product will not be the desired product.

    When you have both the right instructions and the tools, you can easily achieve success in your project. Having both the right tools and instructions together can be the best way to get the job done easily. It is applicable for project management as well.

    PRINCE2 and APM are also seen similarly and they are interdependent on one another. APM provides the right tools and PRINCE2 gives the methods or instructions to use the tools properly for the successful completion of a project. APM focuses on holistic project management knowledge and PRINCE2 focuses on frameworks. 

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Q. Why should a person take an AMP exam if he is already PRINCE2 qualified?

    Any project management tool needs a trained and skilled professional who can use the tool properly. AMP certification helps to recognize the professional skills needed to manage a project. APM qualifications help to find the individuals, who can assess their project environment, choose the right tools for the project manage the complexities, use interpersonal and management skills and understand the process aspects of managing projects. Therefore, it is best to do the APM course after a PRINCE2 certification.  

    Q. Which is better APM or PRINCE2?

    There’s no straight answer to this question. PRINCE2 is a methodology. APM on the other hand, has a general set of best practices for project management. The two approaches work amazingly well together covering people, processes, and documentation between them.  

    Q. Is PRINCE2 equivalent to APM?

    PRINCE2 and APM can be considered equivalent to each other. It is a matter of both – personal and professional preference as some organizations prefer candidates with one certification over the other. And sometimes, professionals choose both certifications to get an extra edge in their career.  

    Q. What's the difference between PRINCE2 and APM?

    The key difference between PRINCE2 and APM is the nature of the practice. While PRINCE2 is a methodology, APM is a set of best practices. Both are concerned with project management, but some enterprises specifically choose PRINCE2 frameworks for managing projects.


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