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Four Tips To Prepare For PRINCE2 Certification Exam

19th Feb, 2024
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    Four Tips To Prepare For PRINCE2 Certification Exam

    PRINCE stands for PRojects IN Controlled Environments. In simpler terms, it is one of the leading project management methods in the market at present. The government of United Kingdom first used this methodology in their processes. It was later adopted by the private sector. It follows the product-based planning approach. A certification in this methodology could help you upgrade your knowledge about the domain and to seek better job opportunities. A few tips to ace the certification exam are:

    Tip #1: Last-minute prep

    Students have a habit of studying a few topics right before entering the exam hall or once they reach the exam hall. They believe that they will able to remember it clearly once they study the topic at the last minute. This is a myth and do not follow it at any cost. Last minute prep only ruins your confidence as you feel you haven’t prepared enough. It will be very difficult to recollect the topic that you had studied in the last minute. This will get you worked up and leave you confused. The end result will be that you won’t be able to perform properly in the rest of the questions as well. To avoid all these troubles, study well in advance and only revise once if you like after reaching the venue.

    Tip #2: Enroll for an offline/online training course

    The PRINCE2 Foundation certification is easier compared to the Practitioner certification. One of the best ways to prepare for the practitioner certification is to join a training institute or an online training program. The benefits of doing this are plenty. You will gain access to a tonne of study material. There will be trainers in the online as well as offline course who have taken the exam and could give you crucial tips which they have gained from their experience over the years. You might be reluctant to spend the extra money and time initially but, in the end, it will all be worth it. The institutes will also give mock tests in which you can apply the knowledge and tips you have gained in the classes.

    Tip #3: Practice makes a man perfect

    You could join an institute, you could buy a tonne of study material, and you could search for many tips and tricks. In the end, if you don’t practice these on a regular basis, it is futile. In order to ace the exam with flying colours, you need to practice the topics on a daily basis. Make sure you prepare a schedule and stick to it. A week before the exam, take a break from everything else and focus only on the exam. It is 2.5 hours that can completely change your future. The practice tests are also crucial as they give you a feel of the difficulty of questions in the actual paper. Hence, spending the extra few hours on preparation will all be worth it in the end.

    Tip #4: Ensure you clearly understand the different aspects

    During the exam prep, ensure that you know the different roles and responsibilities and also all the responsibilities of a particular role in the project management team. Understanding the sequence of all processes is also crucial. This includes figuring out who is responsible for a particular activity in a project. There are many themes included in the PRINCE2 manual. For the Foundation Exam, you need to be thorough with all the purpose statements mentioned at the beginning of each process/theme. The process by which a principle is used in a specific method should also be known to you. Another essential aspect of the Practitioner exam is product planning. You need to have a thorough idea on the diagrams and product descriptions under product planning. Though you don’t need to draw diagrams in a multiple-choice question, it will be easier to solve the problems if you can efficiently draw the diagrams.

    A formal certification is always necessary from a career point of view as it helps you to gain better job opportunities and improve your pay grade. It is also an indication that you have thoroughly grasped all the concepts of project management. Being proficient in a particular project management methodology is a vital addition to your skill set.


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