How Much Does PMP Certification Cost in Canada?

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27th Feb, 2023
How Much Does PMP Certification Cost in Canada?

PMP jobs are in abundance in Canada, offering lucrative salary packages to candidates who are through with their PMP certifications. Project manager jobs are related more to managerial and leadership skills, and PMP certification can equip you with all the technical and soft skills you need. This qualification also gives you a 20-25% hike in your salary compared to candidates who haven't taken the certification. But, easier said than done, these certifications are not that easy and require hands-on training and project management experience. When you go for PMP training program, you get ready to ace your PMP exam on the very first go. 

Canadian average PMP salary for a certified project manager is CAD 97,000. The best part is that PMP certification cost in Canada is worth the investment and can conveniently fit in your budget. Let us find out more about PMP cost Canada here. 

What is a PMP Certification?

Project Management Professional certifications are for project managers, considered highly coveted and massively regarded in the product management world across the globe. These certifications enhance your learning and encourage skill development. PMP certifications are add-ons to your skill, knowledge, and resume statistics that add value and authority to your job profile and increase your visibility in the industry. 

One of the best features of getting PMP certified is that you gain more potential salaries, and it provides networking opportunities, thus building more meaningful relationships in the job world. To qualify for PMP certification, you need at least three years of project management experience and a 4-year degree. 

Suppose you have an associate degree or high school diploma. In that case, you should have at least five years of project management experience plus 35 hours of PMT (training in project management) or a valid CAPM certification.

You can also consider other project management certifications, such as PRINCE2 and Agile certifications. PMP certification expires after three years when you must renew it by earning 60 PDUs to remain active. Earning a PMP certification opens up many opportunities and applies to all industries and geographies. Below is a list of positions you can be hired for after your PM certification: 

  • Senior Project Manager
  • Project Management Consultant
  • Contract Project Manager
  • Business Project Manager
  • Information Technology (IT) Project Manager
  • Program Manager
  • Project Coordinator
  • Product Manager
  • Software Project Manager

How Much Does PMP Certification Cost in Canada?

The main components of the PMP certification fee are PMP certification exam fees in Canada, training fees, materials fees, and certification renewal fees. Fees, besides the exam fee, may vary by country. PMP certification exam cost in Canada is CAD 694, and training costs vary from CAD 375 to CAD 2500. Online training costs only CA$375, while live training can cost up to CA$2500 and sometimes more. Let us discuss the various PMP fees Canada, which will help you immensely, especially if you live and work in Canada. PMP certification course in Canada will help you upscale your learning. 

PMP Exam Application Fee

The following are the factors that make up PMP certification cost in Canada: 

PMP Exam Registration Fee

You can only take PMP exam if you register on PMI website and pay the registration fee. The registration fee for non-members is $555 and for members is $405. You can get PMI membership for $139. 

PMI Member Fee in CAD

To become a member, you must pay a membership fee of CA$161 and an entrance fee of CA$12 each, which is the normal PMI PMP certification cost in Canada. Being a PMI member is advantageous because PMI offers members a discount on exam registration fees. 

Non-PMI Member Fee in CAD

The cost of PMP exam Canada exam for a non-member is CA$ 694, while it comes with a discounted price for members and remains only CA$ 507 for a member. 

Due to the various benefits, it is recommended that you become a PMI member before registering for the exam. In addition to discounted exam fees, you will also receive discounts on reexamination fees and renewal fees. 

Other PMP certification fee in Canada are: 

  • Mock Tests- You can find many free practice exams online, but many of the free exams are of questionable quality, so you should invest in paid exams. A simulator comes with many practices and gives you a lot of confidence. Good simulators range in price from CA$75 to CA$375, and some even give you lifetime access at a significant discount. 
  • PMBOK Guide- Reading the PMBOK guide will help you understand PMI terminology. If you are a member, you can get access to a free downloadable PMBOK guide, or you can purchase the printed guide for CAD 50. 
  • Test Preparation Books- Good PMP books range in price from CA$50 to CA$125, which gets you one step closer to passing the PMP exam. 

Reexamination Fee for PMP Certification

After the approval of your PMI application, you may take the PMP exam up to three times. In the unlikely event that you fail the exam, you can retake it. A reexamination fee must be paid for each attempt which is CAD 344 for members and CAD 469 for non-members. Once Project Management Institute has confirmed that you have met all PDU requirements, you will receive an electronic notification inviting you to reapply for PMP exam renewal. 

PMP Certification Renewal Fee

Your PMP certificate needs to be renewed every three years. There is a formal process for renewing certificates, and there is a fee of CA$75 and CA$187 for members and non-members, respectively. You don't have to be a member every three years, but you can simply renew your certificate by becoming a member for the third year or simply paying the full renewal fee. Candidates may complete this renewal at any point in the cycle if they meet all PDU requirements and make all required payments. It must be done within 90 days of the cycle end date. 

Total PMP Certification Cost in Canada

Once all the formalities are complete, PMI will send you a new certificate containing your active certificate and CCR cycle date once your payment has been processed and your application completed. Delivery of documents by mail usually takes about 6-8 weeks. 

Here is a table that highlights the approximate total PMP certification cost in Canada, which ranges between CA$1240-CA$3740. 

S.No.Cost HeadExpense


Exam Fee 



Training Fee 

CA$375 - CA$2500 


Practice Tests 

CA$75 - CA$375 


PMBOK Guide 



Other Books 

CA$50 - CA$125 

TotalCA$1240 - CA$3740  

Cost of PMP Certification in Top Cities in Canada

Let us look at the different costs of PMP training in various cities in Canada: 

1. Toronto

PMP certification cost in Canada 2023 in Toronto is given below, while PMP training costs range from CA$800 to CA$2,495 with some outfitters. 

PMP Certification Price in Canada (Different Cost Aspects)Cost

PMP® Certification Exam fee for PMI® members 


PMP® Certification Exam fee for non-members 


PMBOK® handbook cost for members 


PMBOK® handbook cost for non-members 


2. Ontario

The project management professional certification cost in Canada in Ontario CA is CA$405 for members and CA$555 for non-PMI members, while the cost of training varies from CA$375 to CA$2500.

3. Montreal

PMP certification cost and eligibility in Canada could vary in Montreal. PMI-Montréal offers 35 hours of formal training, and the PMP exam is taken at a Pearson Vue centre in your area. The exam cost is CA$405 for members and CA$555 for non-members. The cost of training ranges between CA$249 and goes up to CA$2995 

4. Vancouver

The cost of PMP exam remains the same, while the cost of PMP classroom training starts from CA$1545 and goes up to CA$2850 

How Much Does PMP Certification Training Cost in Canada?

1. PMP Training Fee 

You must complete 35 hours of project management training to take the PMP exam. It depends on the training institution you choose and the type of training. Reasonable PMP training costs between CA$300 and CA$2500. It can be the most expensive component of your overall cost. You can sign up for Live-Instructor or Self-paced Training in Canada:

2. Live-Instructor-Led Training Cost in Canada

Live training is significantly more expensive and costs between CA$1,250 and CAD 2,500. 

3. Self-paced Training Cost in Canada

On the other hand, excellent online training costs between CA$375 and CAD 625. 

We encourage you to enrol in training courses designed by experienced and knowledgeable instructors. This will increase your chances of passing the exam on your first attempt. 

Reasons to Choose KnowledgeHut's PMP Certification Training

Going for the best PMP certification course in Canada at KnowledgeHut and the essential PMP training offered are: 

  • PMP Training Program 
  • PMP Certification Course In Canada 
  • Knowledgehut's PMP Training And Certification 

These training and courses help you clear your PMP examination withinside the first strive with a curated studying path. You can achieve the maximum coveted credentials in challenge control with the PMP certification in Canada by using a PMI ATP consistent with the present-day PMP Exam Content Outline. 

PMP Training Highlights offered by KnowledgeHut: 

  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee 
  • You earn 35 PDUs with Live, Instructor-Led Sessions 
  • 24-Hour On-Demand Course with the aid of using Expert 
  • Steven Beslac Mentor-Led Guaranteed Exam Pass Study Plan 
  • Hands-On Practice with a Question Bank of 2800+ 
  • 8 Full-Length Exam Simulations 
  • Unlimited Attempts to 8 Mock Tests 
  • 180-Day Access to Unlimited Refresher Courses 

Enterprises throughout the globe in almost every industry are searching for professional project managers with PMP certificates which are proof of knowledge, skills, and challenge control. Getting the best online course for Project Management provides the following: 

  • Credibility. 
  • Entry to promising roles in leading establishments. 
  • The self-assurance to efficaciously manage complex initiatives. 
  • The ability to emerge as a frontrunner withinside the challenge control landscape. 

Earning a competency-based certification can add significant value to your career. The core advantages of getting your certification from KnowledgeHut are: 

  1. Stand Out from the Crowd- KnowledgeHut's PMP certification demonstrates a candidate's familiarity with the industry's technical nuances and project management best practices. 
  2. Earn a Big Salary- You can earn 17% to 30% more than a non-certified professional. 
  3. Validated Work Experience and Expertise- A project manager with a bachelor's degree should have approximately 4500 hours of experience, while an associate degree requires 7500 hours of project management experience and 35 hours of project management teaching experience. 
  4. Gain Leadership Skills- Once your project is implemented, you are more likely to earn a Project Management Professional credential and lead a team. 
  5. Multiple New Networking Opportunities- You can attend regular multi-site meetings, inviting multiple PMPs to discuss the latest project management innovations. Expand your professional network and learn about new job opportunities, trends, and various topics that will help you advance your career. 

These certifications can help improve project performance and pave the way for trending jobs in the domestic and international markets. The PMP certification from KnowledgeHut is a globally recognized certification that allows you to apply as a project manager in all industries, markets, and geographies. 

How Long Does It Take To Get PMP Certification in Canada?

The PMP exam preparation takes time on top of your busy work schedule. It can get hard to undergo full-fledged PMP training along with a full-time/freelancing or even a contract-based product management job. Usually, the PMP exam training in Canada is designed to ensure that you are ready in as little as five weeks. You can also follow a self-paced training, wherein you can divide and allocate your time to follow the daily study plan, work through your doubts with your mentor each week, Practice with practice tests, mock exams, and real questions, and you'll be ready to pass the exam in a matter of weeks. 


PMP is arguably the most in-demand skill and certification globally, which is crucial in targeting specific industry sectors or geographies. PMPs are sought after in Canada in various industries, and the cost and benefits of this certification vary by city. Undoubtedly, the PMP cost Canada is very high, but the benefits and salary hike you'll get after acquiring Knowledgehut's PMP training and certification are surely worth the investment of time and money. Once you've decided on your PMP, you should start preparing right away. If you delay your exams, you can lose a lot of money. 


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1Does PMP Certification have an annual fee in Canada?

The PMI membership fee is CA$129 for new members and CA$10 as a one-time application fee. Membership is valid for a year and should be renewed every year for another CA$ 129. The PMP exam costs CA$405 for members of PMI and CA$555 for non-members. 

2What is the pass mark for PMP Certification in Canada?

The minimum passing score in PMP certification in Canada is 61%  

3Is the PMP certification recognized in Canada?

PMP certification is definitely recognized in Canada. According to PMI, by 2027, Canada will have 88 million people to qualify for project-oriented roles, with 90,000 project manager positions offered each year in the country alone. Qualified project managers are in high demand across the industry, and registering online for PMP Certification Canada opens up great career opportunities in Canada and abroad. 

4Does PMP Certification increase your salary in Canada?

It has been observed that a PMP certification in Canada can lead to a 20-25% hike in salary as compared to professionals who don't have the certification. The Canadian average PMP salary for a Certified Project Manager is CAD 97,000. 

5Why do Companies in Canada prefer PMP Certified Project Managers?

PMP certification can take your career in Canada to new heights, as several companies prefer PMP Certified Project Managers because 

  • Certified project managers demonstrate extensive skills and expertise in project management. 
  • PMP certification is recognized globally, which leads to better career opportunities 
  • It increases your earning potential and your credibility
  • PMP is the world's leading project management certification recognized in Canada.