Project Management Master's Program

Kickstart Your Career with our Ultimate Project Management Master's Program

  • Embark on a highly rewarding Project Management career path
  • Unlock lucrative opportunities with our specialized program
  • Go from a beginner to an expert Project Manager
  • Get equipped with a versatile skillset to excel in diverse industries and sectors
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Level Up Your Project Management Skills

Are you starting completely from scratch in the world of project management? Do you envision a career where you can thrive, make a significant impact, and enjoy the rewards of a competitive salary? Look no further – our Project Management Masters program is specifically designed to address these aspirations.

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Program Highlights

  • Rich Collection of 11 Top Courses

  • 45 Hours of Instructor-Led Training by Experts

  • 95 Hours of On-Demand Learning

  • 130 Contact Hours/PDUs on Program Completion

  • Mentor-Led Guaranteed Exam Pass Study Plan

  • 5 Full-Length PMP Exam Simulations

  • Unlimited Attempts to 5 Mock Tests

  • Premium Question Bank of 2,000+ Questions

  • GOLDEN Ticket: 180 Questions Set from PMI

  • Regular PMP Doubt-Solving Sessions with Mentors

  • Rejoin Refresher Courses with 180-Day Grand Pass

  • Detailed Excel Project Dashboard Templates

  • Exclusive Access to Detailed Microsoft Project Plan

  • 5 Top-Quality Power BI Assignments

  • Complete Job Assistance with Career Boost 360

Tap into the Booming Market for Project Managers

benefits of Project Management Masters Certification Program

In today's dynamic and competitive business landscape, the demand for skilled project management professionals with certifications is soaring. The profession of project management has emerged as one of the most sought-after careers, not only within the tech market but across various industries. The demand for skilled project managers is outpacing the demand for workers in other occupations, with a projected need for 90 million individuals skilled in project-oriented roles by 2027.

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The KnowledgeHut Edge

Learn from the Best

Learn from industry experts with over a decade's experience across industries and geographies. Gain practical insights from seasoned professionals.

Flexible Self-Paced Learning

Access top-quality, on-demand content developed by renowned Agile experts. Learn at your own pace and shape your learning experience to fit your schedule.

Curriculum Designed by the Best

Our Project Management experts are committed to regularly curating and refining the curriculum, ensuring high relevance and applicability in the real-world.

Job Boost 360

Receive comprehensive job assistance, including resume and LinkedIn profile reviews, access to network of hiring partners, and interview prep resources.

Guaranteed Exam Pass Strategy

Ensure PMP exam success by utilizing our comprehensive resources, including Simulation Exams, Study Plan, Mock Tests, Practice Qs and more.

Solid Track Record

With a solid track record of empowering over 450,000 professionals across the globe, we are your trusted partner in achieving your career goals.

What You Will Learn

Leadership and Management

Develop leadership skills to effectively guide project teams, inspire collaboration, and drive project success. 

Effective Communication

Enhance communication skills for effective stakeholder engagement and project coordination.

Time Management

Master effective time management for meeting project deadlines and prioritizing tasks.

Conflict Resolution

Acquire conflict resolution skills for a harmonious and productive work environment.

Mentoring and Coaching

Develop mentoring and coaching skills for team member growth and potential maximization.

Project Management Tools

Master the use of project management tools including Microsoft Project and Excel.

Software Engineering Fundamentals and Lifecycle

Understand the Software Engineering Lifecycle and its phases for effective software project management.

Agile and Scrum Fundamentals

Master Agile methodologies and the Scrum framework for effective software development project management.

Software Project Management

Acquire specialized knowledge and techniques for software project management in the IT industry.

Data Analysis and Visualization

Master data analysis and visualization with Microsoft Power BI for effective project insights and decision-making.

Six Sigma Methodology

Understand Six Sigma principles and fundamentals for improved project quality and efficiency.

PMP Certification Preparation

Prepare to ace the PMP exam in the first attempt and validate your expertise with the PMP certification.

prerequisites for Project Management Masters Certification Program


  • There are no specific requirements to attend this program 
  • Project management experience is advantageous, but not mandatory
  • The title of Project Manager is not a must to claim project management experience
  • The PMP certification exam has specific eligibility requirements. See FAQs for details.

Who Should Attend this Program?

Aspiring Project Managers

Software Engineers

IT Professionals

Software Developers

Professionals in Process and Quality Management

Project Managers seeking professional development

Non-Tech Professionals in Software

Amplify Career Growth with Job Boost 360

Unlock new career opportunities, enhance your marketability, and accelerate your path to success.

Soft Skills Empowerment
  • Enhance Interpersonal Skills 
  • Develop Communication Techniques
  • Gain Leadership Skills
Career Elevation
  • Mentoring by Experts
  • LinkedIn and Resumé Building
  • Access 5000+ Hiring Partners
Interview Mastery
  • Mentor Guidance and Coaching
  • Effective Techniques and Strategies
  • Feedback and Tips by Experts
Transform Your Workforce

Empower Your Teams with Project Management Skills

    Tap into the practical industry wisdom of seasoned project managers through our specialized Project Management Masters training program. Our corporate training can be tailored to meet the unique needs of your enterprise, ensuring maximum impact and value.

    • Give your team exposure to the latest project management techniques
    • Drive greater project success with greater employee engagement
    • Get in touch for customized corporate training programs 

    4,500+ Clients

    Your Path to Project Management Excellence

    Download Curriculum

    Our Introduction to Project Management course covers all the fundamental aspects of project management from conflict resolution to effective communication and much more. Learn to think like a project manager and use the various tools and techniques that are used by industry experts to ensure the efficient delivery of projects. 

    Mode of Training: Live Instructor-Led Sessions

    Learning Objectives:

    • Learn about the fundamental concepts of project management 
    • Learn effective communication, time management, and conflict resolution. 
    • Learn about the tools and techniques used by industry experts.

    Course Duration:

    • 5 Hours of Live Instructor-Led Training
    • Leadership and Management 
    • Effective Communication 
    • Time Management 
    • Conflict Resolution 
    • Mentoring and Coaching 
    • Using Project Management Tools

    Our SEFLC course provides a comprehensive understanding of software engineering fundamentals and the software development lifecycle. Explore SDLC, SRS documents, software architecture, design principles, implementation steps, cutover strategies, testing techniques, and traditional lifecycle models. Gain the necessary knowledge and skills to excel in software development.

    Mode of Training: On-Demand Learning

    Course Author:

    • Amit Singh (20+ years of experience)

    Learning Objectives:

    • Learn what are the steps in software development and the components of SDLC. 
    • Understand software architecture and different architecture models.
    • Learn about software implementation and the processes involved in it.
    • Explore traditional and new-age software development models and their features.
    • Understand how to use the Lean methodology and how it helps.

    Course Highlights:

    • 6+ Hours of On-Demand Videos 
    • 10 Auto Graded Assessments 
    • 35 Recall Quizzes
    • Software Software Engineering Fundamentals and Lifecycle - An Introduction
    • Software Requirement and Specification
    • Software Architecture
    • Software Design
    • Software Implementation, Rollback, Cutover Strategies and Deployment
    • Software Testing
    • Software Development Models (Traditional)
    • Software Development Models (New Age)
    • Deep Dive into the Lean Methodology

    Unlock the power of Agile and Scrum with our in-depth training course. Gain a solid foundation in Agile methodologies, explore various Agile variants, and understand the APM (Agile Project Management) framework. Dive into the core concepts of Scrum, including its building blocks and the essential practices for successful implementation.

    Mode of Training: On-Demand Learning

    Learning Objectives:

    • Know the history of the Agile Manifesto and explain the importance of implementing 4 values and 12 principles in agile projects.
    • Learn about the Minimum Viable Product and the Minimum marketable feature.
    • Gain an understanding of the need, deliverables, and activities involved in the Envision/Speculate/Explore/Adapt/Close phases of an Agile project.
    • Explain the characteristics and activities of the Product Owner, Development Team, and Scrum Master

    Course Highlights:

    • 8 Hours of On-Demand Videos 
    • 13 Auto-Graded Assessments 
    • 11 Assignments
    • 13 Recall Quizzes
    • 13 Ebooks
    • Background to Agile 
    • Agile Basics 
    • Business Inputs 
    • Agile Variants 
    • APM Framework 
    • Introducing Scrum 
    • Scrum Building Blocks 
    • Agile Estimation 
    • Agile Planning 
    • Monitoring and Tracking 
    • Agile Metrics and Agile Tools 
    • Scaling Agile 
    • Careers in Agile 

    Gain comprehensive training in project management specifically tailored for software and IT professionals. Gain essential knowledge in project initiation, planning, risk management, team management, and project monitoring and control. Learn effective techniques for quality assurance, process management, project review, and project closure. Enhance your project management skills and ensure successful software and IT project execution from start to finish.

    Mode of Training: On-Demand Learning

    Learning Objectives:

    • Gain a comprehensive understanding of the essentials of software project management. 
    • Learn key concepts, principles, and best practices, and what makes an effective software project.

    Course Highlights:

    • 3 hours and 50 minutes of On-Demand Videos
    • Course Resources
    • Introduction 
    • Essentials of Software Project Management 
    • Software Project Initiation 
    • Software Project Planning 
    • Risk Management 
    • Team Management and Motivation 
    • Project Management Monitoring and Control 
    • Software Project Quality Assurance 
    • Software Project Process Management 
    • Software Project Review Process 
    • Software Project Closure 
    • Conclusion 

    Meticulously crafted to equip non-technical professionals with the vital knowledge and skills necessary for proficiently managing software projects, our course aim to bridge the gap between technical teams and non-technical project managers. Get a comprehensive understanding of software project management principles, methodologies, and industry best practices. Gain the expertise to adeptly plan, execute, and monitor software projects, ensuring successful outcomes while adhering to budgetary and schedule constraints.

    Mode of Training: Live Instructor-Led Sessions

    Learning Objectives:

    • Master the essentials of software project management, comprehending its fundamental principles and practices.
    • Recognize the critical stakeholders involved in software projects and grasp their respective roles.
    • Employ proven project planning techniques to ensure the efficient execution of software projects.
    • Implement robust strategies for managing project scope, time, and resources, fostering successful outcomes.
    • Harness effective communication and collaboration techniques to facilitate seamless project progression and triumph.
    • Identify and proactively manage potential risks and issues that may arise during software projects.
    • Maintain vigilant monitoring and control over software projects to ensure uncompromised quality and adherence to compliance standards.

    Course Duration: 

    • 5 Hours of Live Instructor-Led Training by Industry Experts
    • Course Resources
    • Introduction to Software Project Management
    • Project Initiation and Stakeholder Management
    • Project Planning and Scope Management
    • Project Execution and Monitoring
    • Project Closure and Lessons Learned

    Master the essential Excel skills for business analysis with our comprehensive course. From the basics to advanced techniques, learn how to merge and analyze data, make informed decisions using logical functions, create insightful visualizations with charts and pivot tables, and leverage advanced formulas.

    Mode of Training: On-Demand Learning

    Learning Objectives:

    • Develop proficiency in Excel for business analysis. 
    • Learn to use Excel for data manipulation and decision-making.
    • Leverage Excel as a tool for data visualization, forecasting, and advanced functions.

    Course Highlights:

    • 25 Hours On-Demand Videos
    • Course Resources
    • 25+ Hands-On Exercises
    • 2 Quizzes
    • Introduction 
    • The Basics 
    • Merging and Looking Up Data 
    • Making Better Decisions with IF 
    • Preparing Data for Analysis 
    • PivotTables 
    • Visualizing Data with Charts 
    • Forecasting 
    • Additional Useful Functions in Excel 
    • WhatIf Analysis 
    • Conclusion 
    • Advanced Excel 2019: Introduction 
    • Advanced Excel 2019: Functions 

    From understanding the basics and setting up project files to entering tasks, managing dependencies, allocating resources, and tracking progress, this course equips you with the skills to efficiently plan and execute projects the end of the course, you'll have the confidence to use Microsoft Project 2021 to streamline your project management processes and deliver successful outcomes.

    Mode of Training: On-Demand Learning

    Learning Objectives:

    • Gain a solid foundation in using Microsoft Project 2021 for project management
    • Learn essential features and techniques to effectively plan, track, and manage project schedules and resources.

    Course Highlights:

    • 5 Hours of On-Demand Videos
    • Introduction 
    • Get Familiar with Project 
    • Set Up Project Files 
    • Entering Tasks 
    • Dependencies and Constraints 
    • Resources 
    • Work with Project Views and Tables 
    • Baselines and Critical Path 
    • Manage the Project Schedule 
    • Track Project Progress 
    • Basic Reporting 
    • Saving Projects and Security 
    • Course Recap

    Master Microsoft Power BI with our comprehensive masterclass. From data transformation and modeling to advanced visualization techniques, learn to leverage DAX functions, tell compelling data stories, utilize Power BI Service, and integrate with diverse data sources. Unlock the true potential of your data and gain the skills to confidently navigate Power BI's features for impactful data analysis and reporting.

    Mode of Training: On-Demand Learning

    Learning Objectives:

    • Develop comprehensive mastery of Microsoft Power BI
    • Acquire skills in data transformation, data modeling, data visualization
    • Learn to use DAX functions and build storytelling with data skills
    • Utilize Power BI Service and integrate with other data sources

    Course Highlights:

    • 14 Hours 30 Minutes of On-Demand Videos
    • Course Resources
    • 5 Hands-On Exercises
    • 1 Assignment
    • Introduction 
    • Preparing Our Project 
    • Data Transformation - The Query Editor 
    • Data Transformation - Advanced 
    • Creating a Data Model 
    • Data Visualization 
    • Power BI and Python 
    • DAX - The Essentials 
    • DAX - The CALCULATE Function 
    • Tell a Story with Your Data - Learn to Visualize Effectively 
    • Power BI Service - Power BI Cloud 
    • Row-Level Security 
    • More Data Sources 
    • Next Steps to Improve and Stay Up to Date 

    Master the fundamentals of Six Sigma with our comprehensive White Belt course. Gain insights into quality principles, Six Sigma methodologies, and the Seven Basic Tools of Quality. Learn to utilize fishbone diagrams, control charts, Pareto charts, and more to drive process improvement initiatives. By the course's end, you'll possess the knowledge to contribute to organizational quality enhancement through Six Sigma practices.

    Mode of Training: On-Demand Learning

    Learning Objectives:

    • Develop a foundational understanding of Six Sigma principles and methodologies
    • Learn all about the Seven Basic Tools of Quality and how to apply them
    • Learn how to contribute to process improvement initiatives 
    • Learn to enhance overall organizational quality.

    Course Highlights:

    • 1 Hour 55 Minutes of On-Demand Videos
    • Course Resources
    • 5 Hands-On Exercises
    • Introduction to the Course 
    • What is Quality? 
    • Introduction to Six Sigma, Lean and Kaizen 
    • The Seven Basic Tools of Quality 
    • What is a Fishbone Diagram? 
    • What are Check Sheets? 
    • What are Control Charts? 
    • What is a Histogram? 
    • What is a Pareto Chart? 
    • What is a Scatter Diagram? 
    • What is Stratification? 
    • Course Conclusion 

    Become a certified Six Sigma Yellow Belt with our comprehensive training program. Gain a deep understanding of Six Sigma methodologies and the DMAIC roadmap, from capturing the voice of the customer and translating requirements to creating project charters and process maps.

    Mode of Training: On-Demand Learning

    Learning Objectives:

    • Develop the knowledge and skills to effectively apply Six Sigma 
    • Master Six Sigma methodologies, tools, and techniques
    • Learn to drive process improvement and enhance customer satisfaction
    • Learn to achieve organizational success as a certified Yellow Belt professional

    Course Highlights:

    • 6+ Hours of On-Demand Videos
    • Course Resources
    • Introduction to the Course 
    • Introduction: Kaizen Versus Lean Versus Six Sigma - What is the Difference? 
    • Introduction: Six Sigma Methodologies and the Six Sigma DMAIC Roadmap 
    • Define: Capture the Voice of Customer (VOC) 
    • Define: Translate Voices to Requirements 
    • Define: Create a Project Charter 
    • Define: Create a SIPOC 
    • Measure: Create a Process Map 
    • Measure: Identify the 8 Wastes 
    • Measure: Identify the Data Types 
    • Measure: Create a Data Collection Strategy (Part 01) 
    • Measure: Create a Data Collection Strategy (Part 02) 
    • Measure: Introduction to Minitab 
    • Measure: Identify the Data Characteristics 
    • Measure: Check for Data Stability 
    • Measure: Identify Defects, Defectives, Opportunities for Error and Unit (DUDO) 
    • Measure: Identify the Process Capability 
    • Analyze: Identify the Trivial Many Root Causes 
    • Analyze: Ascertain Critical Root Causes 
    • Analyze: Identify Vital Few Root Causes Using Basic Charts 
    • Analyze: Identify Vital Few Root Causes Using Graphical Techniques 
    • Analyze: Identify Vital Few Root Causes Using Additional Analysis Techniques 
    • Improve: Generate, Prioritize, and Select Potential Solutions 
    • Improve: Pilot Solutions 
    • Improve: Perform a Risk Analysis 
    • Improve: Identify New Process Capability 
    • Control: Sustain Improvements Using Control Charts 
    • Control: Create a Control Plan 
    • Close: Replicate, Share Best Practices, Celebrate, and Recognize Success 
    • Recap Section 

    Get ready to crack your PMP exam with the utmost confidence with our tried and tested learning path guaranteed for PMP Exam success. Not sure where to get started with your PMP exam prep or concerned whether you have sufficient time to prepare alongside your full-time job? We’ve got you covered in our in-depth course designed to help you ace your exam with confidence.

    Program Director: Kevin Davis, PM Consultant, The Davis Group of Atlanta, LLC (20+ years of experience)

    Mode of Training: Blended Learning with Live Training and On-Demand Learning

    Learning Objectives:

    • Learn to establish strong teams and foster collaboration in virtual environments.
    • Empower stakeholders through effective negotiation techniques.
    • Learn to handle project compliances and achieve value using PMP methodologies.
    • Learn how to choose the right project methodology
    • Select and manage project approach, scope, budget, and resources
    • Learn to manage risks: Proactively manage project scope, analyze risks, and implement mitigation strategies
    • Learn to execute projects with urgency, manage communications and risks
    • Learn to engage stakeholders to deliver tangible value

    Course Highlights:

    • 35 Contact Hours with Live Training by Experts
    • 24 Contact Hours Stevan Beslac On-Demand Course
    • 15 Contact Hours with Mentor-Led Study Plan
    • 5 Simulation Exams with 180 Questions each
    • 5 Mock Exams with 180 Questions each
    • 2,000+ Strong Premium Question Bank
    • GOLDEN Ticket: 180 Questions Set From PMI
    • Guaranteed-To-Run Workshops
    • Access the Complete Library of 4 Best-Selling Learning Paths
    • Regular Doubt-Solving Sessions and Mentor Guidance
    • Unlimited Live Training Sessions for Revision - Free Pass!

    • Agile Fundamentals and Traditional PM Foundations 
    • Start the Project 
    • Plan the Project 
    • Lead the Project Team 
    • Support the Project Team Performance 
    • Close Project / Phase 

    What Learners Are Saying

    Noah Carter Project Coordinator

    KnowledgeHut's Project Management Masters Program offers a clear path for career advancement. The certifications and global relevance of project management skills make it valuable across industries. The program has equipped me with the necessary expertise and boosted my confidence. Job security and growth opportunities are undeniable!

    Attended Project Management Masters Certification Program workshop in June 2023

    Ava Patel Project Manager

    I'm thrilled with KnowledgeHut's Project Management Masters Program. The growing industry and high demand for project management professionals motivated me to join. The program's focus on certifications, like the PMP, gives a significant advantage in the job market. Excited for my project management career!

    Attended Project Management Masters Certification Program workshop in June 2023

    Sophia Khan Project Analyst

    Investing in KnowledgeHut's Project Management Masters Program was a wise decision. The competitive salaries and certification advantage are exceptional. The program's comprehensive curriculum and industry growth insights have given me an edge in the project management field. Ready to tackle challenging projects with confidence!

    Attended Project Management Masters Certification Program workshop in June 2023

    Ethan Sullivan Product Manager

    KnowledgeHut's Project Management Masters Program is a game-changer! The comprehensive courses and certifications provided me with the skills and knowledge to excel in project management. The industry demand and competitive salaries make it a smart career choice. Highly recommended!

    Attended Project Management Masters Certification Program workshop in June 2023

    Frequently Asked Questions

    PM Master's Program

    A Master’s course in project management is a comprehensive learning path that takes you from beginner to expert Project Manager. The program covers all the various aspects of project management and introduces you to the different tools you will need to use to become a successful project manager. Not only will you gain mastery over project management tools, techniques, and practices, but you will also improve your working methodology using Agile, Scrum, and Six Sigma. 

    This program also awards you with a certificate of completion once you complete the program. As part of this in-depth program, you will also get trained for the most in-demand Project Management Professional (PMP) course, by the Project Management Institute.

    By enrolling in our Project Management Masters Certification Program, you'll experience a transformative journey that will significantly benefit your project management career even if you're starting out with absolutely no prior project management experience.

    With 45 hours of instructor-led training, 95 hours of on-demand learning, and a comprehensive curriculum, you'll acquire the technical and management skills to excel in every phase of a project's lifecycle.

    Gain expertise in Agile, Scrum, Microsoft Project, Microsoft Power BI, and Six Sigma, giving you a competitive edge in the industry. Our step-by-step study plan, PMP exam simulations, and extensive question bank ensure you're fully prepared to ace the PMP exam on your first attempt. Benefit from mentor-led guidance, and regular doubt-solving sessions, and earn 130 contact hours/PDUs upon completion. 

    Our Master's in Project Management program offers a multitude of benefits that will enhance your project management career. With 45 hours of instructor-led training, 95 hours of on-demand learning, and a comprehensive curriculum covering 11 courses, you'll gain the essential technical and management skills to excel in project execution. 

    In addition, you will master key skills of leadership, communication, time management, conflict resolution, and team support, which are key elements for successful project management. You can also prepare very confidently for the PMP exam with our step-by-step study plan, an extensive question bank, and realistic simulations. You will earn a significant 130 PDUs upon program completion, receive mentor guidance, and join regular doubt-solving sessions.

    With this offering, you will also get a KnowledgeHut certificate of completion and also train to attain one of the most popular project management certifications from a globally renowned accreditation body. This is an opportunity to elevate your expertise and unlock endless career possibilities in project management. 

    KnowledgeHut's Master’s program in Project Management is designed to incorporate the latest industry trends and emerging technologies, ensuring that you stay ahead in today's dynamic project management landscape. Our curriculum is continuously updated to reflect the evolving demands of the industry, integrating cutting-edge methodologies and real-world insights from experienced authors and instructors.

    You'll gain hands-on skills in Agile, Scrum, Microsoft Project, Microsoft Power BI, and Six Sigma, which are highly sought-after in the industry. Additionally, our program exposes you to the best and most innovative practices within project management as a domain, enabling you to adapt to the changing project management landscape and thrive in a technology-driven environment. 

    The duration to complete our Project Management Master's program varies based on your availability and commitment. With a blend of self-paced modules and live instructor-led training, you have the flexibility to progress at your own pace.

    This program caters to professionals at different stages of their project management career, making it suitable for everyone. Additionally, preparing for the PMP certification exam, which is included in the program, can take a few weeks to a few months. Rest assured, we provide comprehensive support throughout your journey. 

    There are plenty of institutes that offer a masters in project management online program, the designation of a project manager is very wide since projects can be of varied sizes and scope. Regardless of your background or the scale of the project you are managing, you might be called a project manager. Project Management certifications are also issued by different institutes and universities. 

    The most widely recognized certification is PMP or Project Management Professional certification issued by the Project Management Institute.  

    No, the masters certificate in project management program is not difficult to understand. It has many topics included in it that may make it look intimidating, but the topics themselves are not difficult to understand especially if you are interested in project management or have experience in project management.

    This masters in project management online is a comprehensive take on project management covering various aspects that contribute to making a professional a better project manager. It also takes into account the fundamental concepts of project management so even a beginner can consider taking up this program. 

    All the best project management masters programs will cover the fundamental concepts of project management. Agile is a project management methodology that is followed very widely hence there is a focus on including Agile related concepts in any project management curriculum. This is usually compared against other alternate approaches like waterfall or hybrid. There are Agile frameworks like Scrum, Kanban etc., that aid in project management. 

    There are also project management frameworks like PRINCE2 that are more specific and have courses dedicated to it. Apart from these there are also many tools that aid in project management which may also be covered in a project management program. 

    There are no prerequisites for this course. This makes it one of the best online master's in project management program available today. If you do have experience as a project manager, you will find this course to be easier.

    There are training modules as part of this course that prepare you for a certification program by a renowned accreditation body. To get those certifications you will need to fulfil certain prerequisites unique to those programs. This eligibility criteria may require a minimum academic qualification, work experience, or a prior certification or a combination of these factors.  

    Yes, anyone regardless of their background can apply to this top project management masters programs. Since this program is designed to be beginner friendly, you will not have a problem even if you do not have any tech or project management experience.

    Combining a comprehensive array of topics, methodologies, frameworks, and tools also makes this one of the cheapest online masters in project management programs. The breadth and depth of the topics covered makes this program unique. This program is suited for professionals experienced in project management and those new to project management.  

    This is an online Masters Program in Project Management and there are no in-person classes in this program. You will be able to progress in this program at your own pace depending on the amount of time you have to spare for the program.  

    Our Online Master's in Project Management Program stands out as one of the most cost-effective options available. This affordability is attributed to the extensive coverage of topics, tools, and concepts included in the program. The exact cost of the program may vary depending on your location. To determine the applicable course fee for your situation, we encourage you to visit our tuition section for further details.

    Career Benefits

    Our Online Master's Program in Project Management equips you with the knowledge and skills needed to pursue a rewarding career as a Project Manager. By completing the program, you will have acquired a comprehensive understanding of project management concepts and gained proficiency in utilizing various tools and techniques. By the end of the program, you'll be equipped with the knowledge and skills to explore a wide range of roles, depending on your background and experience level, such as:

    • Junior Project Manager or Assistant Project Manager roles for aspiring project managers.
    • Project Manager or Technical Project Manager positions for software engineers and IT professionals transitioning to project management.
    • Project Coordinator, Team Lead, or Scrum Master roles for team members in software development projects.
    • Project Manager, IT Project Manager, or Business Analyst positions for non-technical professionals involved in software projects.
    • Project Manager, Senior Project Manager, or Program Manager roles for project managers seeking professional development.
    • Project Manager, Quality Manager, or Process Improvement Specialist positions for professionals interested in process improvement and quality management.
    • Junior Project Manager or Assistant Project Manager roles for aspiring project managers in non-tech industries.
    • Project Coordinator or Project Administrator positions for non-technical project coordinators.
    • Project Manager or Senior Project Manager roles in non-tech industries (e.g., marketing, finance, healthcare, construction) for project managers in non-tech industries.
    • Business Analyst or Project Analyst positions for non-technical business analysts in non-tech industries.
    • Program Manager or Portfolio Manager roles for non-technical program managers overseeing multiple projects or initiatives in non-tech industries.

    Most leading companies require skilled project managers to lead their important projects. With experience completing project management Master's programs, you stand a better chance of convincing recruiters about your capability and skill in driving successful projects. Here is a list of some leading companies looking to hire qualified Project Managers: 

    • ExxonMobil 
    • Visa 
    • Deloitte 
    • Google
    • Liberty Mutual Insurance 
    • Apple 
    • Cognizant Technology Solutions 
    • IBM 
    • Dell Technologies 
    • Boeing 

    The salary of a Project Manager usually depends on a range of factors like experience, certifications, company, industry, location, skills etc. On average Project Managers can earn anywhere from $55K to $133K annually.

    As you handle more complex projects you will grow in your role as well as designation. A director for program management can earn $250K or more annually. For certifications like PMP, there is an estimated 16% higher salary that can be expected. This difference goes up to 32% in the US region.

    Our program offers flexible schedules, allowing you to choose live instructor-led sessions that fit seamlessly into your calendar. In addition to the live training, you'll have ample access to on-demand learning, giving you the flexibility to study at your own pace and convenience.

    We recommend pacing yourself and dedicating time to fully grasp the concepts in each module before progressing to the next. This online project management masters program is designed to accommodate individuals who are working full-time, as project management is best understood when applied in practice. You'll have the opportunity to apply and practice the concepts learned in your job, making it a highly practical and valuable learning experience.

    MBA programs are academic courses that require learners to go through extensive modules and carry out projects and assignments that form a part of the curriculum. These programs are led by lecturers or professors or other teaching staff. These are also mostly full-time courses that require a significant investment of time.

    The Project Management Masters Program also has an extensive and comprehensive syllabus. These programs have training sessions led by project management experts with hands-on experience in real projects.   

    Certainly, you can pursue an MBA after completing the Master's Program in Project Management. The concepts and knowledge gained from the project management program will provide a solid foundation for understanding project management-related concepts covered in an MBA program. It's important to note that while both programs contribute to becoming a better project manager, they have different objectives.

    The Master's Program in Project Management focuses on equipping you with practical skills to apply project management concepts and practices effectively in real-world projects. It emphasizes the hands-on application of project management principles, enabling you to develop the necessary skills for successful project execution.

    On the other hand, an MBA program covers a broader range of business topics, providing a more comprehensive understanding of various business functions and strategies. It delves into areas such as finance, marketing, operations, and leadership, offering a broader perspective on business management.

    By combining the Master's Program in Project Management with an MBA, you can enhance your project management expertise while also gaining a broader understanding of business management principles. This combination can further strengthen your skills and prepare you for more diverse and challenging leadership roles in project management and beyond.

    Certification Exams

    Our Master's program focuses on providing you with comprehensive training and preparation for industry-recognized certifications:

    1) Project Management Professional (PMP) certification from Project Management Institute (PMI), which is highly valued in the industry. By completing this program, you will acquire the knowledge and skills needed to excel in the PMP exam and earn your prestigious certification.

    2) Six Sigma Certification from IASSC and the American Society for Quality (ASQ). This certification validates your understanding of Six Sigma methodologies using the DMAIC roadmap. 

    Yes, you will receive a certification of completion from KnowledgeHut once you meet the necessary program requirements. More important than the certification of completion would be the solid set of skills you will build to take your career to the next level:

    • Leadership and Management
    • Effective Communication
    • Time Management
    • Conflict Resolution
    • Mentoring and Coaching
    • Effective Communication
    • Software Engineering Fundamentals and Lifecycle
    • Agile and Scrum Fundamentals
    • Data Analysis and Visualization
    • Project Management
    • Six Sigma

    To obtain your Project Management Professional (PMP) certification, you will need to clear the PMP exam. Our Master's program includes tried-and-tested strategies and exclusive resources for you to achieve this in the very first attempt of your exam. 

    To be eligible for PMP certification, you will need to ensure that you meet any one of the following set of requirements:

    Criteria 1: Candidates must have:

    • 4-Year Degree
    • 36 months of experience leading projects within the past 8 years
    • 35 contact hours of project management education or training


    Criteria 2: Candidates must have:

    • High-School Diploma or Associates Degree
    • 60 months of experience leading projects within the past 8 years
    • 35 contact hours of project management education or training

    To renew your PMP certification, you can easily follow these three steps: 

    • Earn 60 Professional Development Units (PDUs) within a 3-year cycle. 
    • Log your earned PDUs into the Continuing Certification Requirements (CCR) system. 
    • Complete the renewal payment process. 

    By accumulating the required PDUs through relevant professional activities, such as training, webinars, and project management conferences, you can demonstrate your commitment to continuous learning and stay up to date with industry best practices