Benefits and Scope of Six Sigma Consulting

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10th Jan, 2023
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Benefits and Scope of Six Sigma Consulting

Industries often suffer the financial setback because of getting their products rejected by the clients due to minor defects. Achieving 100% accuracy in total production seems too ideal but getting 99.99% accuracy is possible by following ‘Six Sigma’ methodology. Many industries around the world have experienced the significant production quality improvement after incorporating the Six Sigma method in regular processes. The growing global trend of hiring Six Sigma Experts also proves the wide scale acceptance of ‘Six Sigma’ methodology.

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Benefits of Six Sigma Consulting:

Before elaborating the most shared benefits of Six Sigma deployment, I would like to brief about Six Sigma. Precisely, the term ‘Six Sigma’ refers to the capability to produce strictly within well-defined specifications. Six Sigma deployment helps the industries to get the defect level below 3.4 DPMO (defects per million opportunities), which is a benchmark for any Six Sigma oriented industry.

Six Sigma consulting helps the industries to reduce the variations in processes and the products. The more in common benefits of involving Six Sigma certification Consulting Company include fewer defects, increased capacity, ultimate quality, lower cost, higher revenue, reduced capital expenditure and shorter cycle time. The organizations also experience a shift in the approach to the systematic problem solving through data- driven decisions. The organizations also realize the significant drop in ‘Cost of Poor Quality’ after guided Six Sigma implementation.

Scope of Six-Sigma Consultancy:

Six Sigma Consulting revolves around four key aspects of production- assess, plan, enable and sustain. Six Sigma Experts help the clients to address the most complex challenges; whether, these are related to reduce the production costs, achieve the long-term sustainable growth rate, improve the revenues and/or increase the profitability. Strategic customized Six Sigma consultancy guides the concerned stakeholders/key decision makers to-

  • Create and circulate the shared vision for smooth Six Sigma journey
  • Incorporate the required changes in the working culture
  • Establish the framework for optimized interventions in line of priority
  • Develop the requisite capabilities within organization
  • Manage the implementation of new policies in challenging environment …..

Implementation of Six Sigma is like adhering to a scientific culture for the ultimate yield; it needs patience and commitment. The prominent Six Sigma Consulting Firms provide on the site training and consultancy in customized module to help the businesses achieve the dream-like targets.


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