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Process Owner: How to Become a Six Sigma Trainer?

19th Jan, 2024
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    Process Owner: How to Become a Six Sigma Trainer?

    Six Sigma is a data-driven approach and methodology organizations use to eliminate defects from their organizational processes, such as manufacturing, marketing, and transactional processes. Businesses improve their overall functions and final product and services with the help of the six sigma methodology.  

    Becoming six sigma certified can help you avail numerous job opportunities, including that of a six sigma trainer. You can get the Lean Six Sigma Certification Training online through a validated course. This article will study the process and requirements of becoming a six sigma trainer 

    Minimal Requirements to Become a Six Sigma Trainer

    Becoming a six sigma trainer is a job that comes with tremendous opportunities for an individual. It paves the way for a greater path but also poses great responsibilities on the shoulders of the candidates. The results of the six sigma trainer’s methodology greatly affect the organization; thus, the companies choose their six sigma trainers very carefully. Let us understand the key requirements to become a six sigma trainer.

    Certification Requirements

    The first and foremost requirement for any individual to become a certified trainer is to have a certification. There are multiple certification levels, including green belt, black belt, etc. The highest tier is the Master Black Belt, which means that the person is now completely acquainted with the six sigma methodologies. They have an in-depth knowledge of all the process improvement methods and a strong understanding of statistics which help them become effective trainers. After getting a master's belt certification, a candidate is eligible to teach the following subjects- 

    • DMAIC process 
    • Cost of Poor Quality elements 
    • The Sigma levels RTY, DPU, DPMO, FPY  
    • Lean principles of waste reduction and their application  
    • Inferential statistics 
    • Simple linear and Multiple Regression Analysis 

    After getting a strong hold over all these concepts, it is also essential for the candidate to have a skill that can help them impart this knowledge to others. Thus, they require a trainer certification too, which makes them eligible for teaching the methodologies and their application to the workers at other organizations to improve their efficiency. This training includes the learning of instructional methods and accelerated learning principles.  

    Experience Requirements

    To acquire a good role in a reputed company, your experience as a six sigma trainer is also counted. You must have the required experience to handle and manage projects, out of which you get to learn effective practices and failed tactics. An experienced person has insights into the most efficient practices, has gone through multiple failures, and has thus acquired valuable lessons. With the help of a good experience, a six sigma trainer can highlight their potential to the company to procure the job.  

    To get a good role, one should have an approximate experience of 3-5 years working on real projects. Generally, an active Black Belt trainer can get experience working on 4-8 projects within this period. A green Belt trainer, however, can also apply for and get the job depending on the company's prerequisites.  

    Educational Requirements

    Someone with some business knowledge can best apply the six sigma methodology. Therefore, organizations tend to go with candidates who have procured business management degrees. While there is no requirement to become a six sigma trainer or get the training, the most successful trainers are those with degrees such as a bachelor's in Business Management or an MBA.  

    Besides this, candidates with degrees in Statistics, Finance, and Project Management can also get good jobs. The expertise of a candidate with these degrees and the skills procured from the six sigma training makes up a perfect blend to help improve the organizational processes.  

    What to Expect from a Six Sigma Trainer?
    what to expect from a six sigma trainer

    Based on an individual's level of expertise and certification, they can acquire the following roles and responsibilities in an organization.  

    • Sponsor 

    This six sigma professional is a senior executive with years of experience responsible for sponsoring the overall Six Sigma initiative.  

    • Leader 

    A leader is another six sigma trainer and a senior-level executive who works to implement six sigma within the business.  

    • Champion 

    A Champion is a middle or senior-level executive who ensures that the resources required for a particular six sigma project are available on time and the cross-functional issues and resolved.  

    • Black Belt 

    A black belt lean six sigma trainer is a professional who is a team leader on Six Sigma projects. He teaches the six sigma methodologies, statistical tools, and team skills to the classroom employees.  

    • Master Black Belt 

    This individual is a highly experienced and learned coach responsible for coaching, monitoring, and training the black belts and helping the other six sigma, trainers, leaders, and champions keep their projects on track.  

    • Green Belt 

    A green-belt trainer is generally a part-time professional who participates in a big black-belt project or takes up small independent projects. They teach the basic statistical tools with around two weeks' training.  

    • Team Member 

    A team member is a person working on a project with general knowledge of the six sigma methodologies but no certification to become a trainer.  

    • Process Owner   

    The professionals responsible for the business processes that the six sigma methodologies aim to target and improve are known as the process owner

    Six Sigma Trainer: Compensation Guide

    In India, a Six Sigma trainer's salary ranges somewhere between 4 Lakhs to 9 Lakhs, depending upon their experience, role, and the company they are working in. Apart from becoming a six sigma trainer, they can acquire multiple other roles across industries, including:  

    • Project Manager 
    • Quality Manager 
    • T&Q Manager 
    • Assistant Manager 
    • Team Lead 
    • Instructional Designer, etc.  

    Become a project management expert with PRINCE2 Foundation Certification Training. Start your journey to success now!

    Should You Become a Six Sigma Trainer?

    From the information mentioned above, are you able to decide whether a six sigma trainer is the best career opportunity for you or not? If not yet, we have mentioned below the pros and cons to help you decide.  


    • Gives a boost to your career- A demand for six sigma methodologies prevails in every industry and organization. Therefore, if you become a lean six sigma trainer, you can help organizations across sectors to improve their organizational workflow and processes and make a career in almost every field you want.  
    • Get great salary opportunities- Whether you get a six sigma trainer certification in India or any other country, you get multiple benefits and a lucrative package. Even in companies with small budgets, you can earn a yearly salary of up to 5 Lakhs P.A.  
    • Help your organization grow- With the methodologies and the six sigma techniques, you can become the person who drives growth and improvement in the organization. You can take your organization to new heights by making all the processes and the employees work in flow with the six sigma methodologies.  
    • Impart essential knowledge- As a trainer, you can impart essential knowledge to your colleagues and help them work efficiently for organizational efficiency. 


    • Other lucrative opportunities- Multiple opportunities lure the six sigma professionals into becoming experts and driving growth for the organizations. You can become a project manager or acquire any other post at the senior level, while the trainer is not one of the most rewarding career choices after six sigma.  
    • A good experience is required- To get a good job with fair pay, a six sigma professional must have good experience. Without that, it is difficult for a fresher to make a mark in any industry. 


    There are many opportunities for an individual who learns the six sigma methodology, and becoming a lean six sigma trainer is one of them. If you wish to make more people aware of the six sigma techniques and bring about a change in the organizations, you must get the Six Sigma Green Belt Training Certification. It will help you procure a teaching role in the organization, with which you can improve the employees' knowledge base and the whole organization's processes. 

    Check out the KnowledgeHut Lean Six Sigma Cerification Training, which is a comprehensive package for any individual who wishes to learn the six sigma methodology. Whether you want to learn it for your organization or become a professional six sigma trainer, you can access this course with all the requisites to become a professional at home. Visit the website today to know more!  

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    1How do I become a Six Sigma trainer?

    Get the six sigma certification training course by upGrad knowledgehut to acquire the certification required to become a six sigma trainer.  

    2What is a Six Sigma coach?

    A person with complete knowledge and certification of six sigma and who teaches them to other members of the organization is known as a six sigma coach.  

    3Is Six Sigma a good career?

    Six sigma helps you get a good career, which is highly payable and has opportunities across several industries and organizations.  

    4What does it mean to be Six Sigma certified?

    A person who has learned all the technologies of six sigma and passed the certification test for the same is known as six sigma certified.  

    5How long does it take to learn Six Sigma?

    A person can learn six sigma with 24 hours of lectures at upGrad knowledgehut's six sigma certification and training course.  

    6Does Six Sigma certification increase salary?

    If you have a good experience, learning six sigma can add up to your pre-existing salary by a lot.  


    Shivender Sharma

    Blog Author

    Shivendra Sharma, an accomplished author of the international bestseller 'Being Yogi,' is a multifaceted professional. With an MBA in HR and a Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt, he boasts 15 years of experience in business and digital transformation, strategy consulting, and process improvement. As a member of the Technical Committee of the International Association of Six Sigma Certification (IASSC), he has led multi-million dollar savings through organization-wide transformation projects. Shivendra's expertise lies in deploying Lean and Six Sigma tools across global stakeholders in EMEA, North America, and APAC, achieving remarkable business results. 

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