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CISSP Certification Salary in 2024 [Freshers and Experienced]

22nd Dec, 2023
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    CISSP Certification Salary in 2024 [Freshers and Experienced]

    Are you seeking career opportunities in the field of information security with the potential for higher earnings? Or are you currently part of the IT or security industry and aspire to ascend to senior or managerial roles within your organization? If so, I highly recommend considering the CISSP certification as a strategic step in your professional journey. Let’s know more about it with the help of this article.

    What is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)?

    The Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) is a globally recognized, reputable certification offered by the International Information System Security Certification Consortium, Inc. (ISC)². This certification is intended mainly for cyber security professionals like security practitioners, managers, and executives who want to add value to their resumes. To become CISSP certified, you generally need a minimum of five years of full-time work experience in at least two of the below eight domains of the CISSP Common Body of Knowledge (CBK).

    • Security and risk management
    • Asset security
    • Security architecture and engineering
    • Communication and network security
    • Identity and access management (IAM)
    • Security assessment and testing
    • Security operations
    • Software development and security

    Even if you don't meet this requirement, you can still take the exam by doing effective CISSP exam prep and becoming an Associate of (ISC)² until you gain the necessary experience. 

    According to CyberSeek, a cybersecurity job market data platform, there were over 663,000 cybersecurity job openings in the United States in 2022, and over 97,000 of those openings required CISSP certification. This means that there is a significant shortage of CISSP-certified professionals in the workforce. 

    According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for cybersecurity professionals is expected to grow by 33% by 2023, much faster than the average for all occupations. This is due to the increasing need for organizations to protect their computer systems and networks from cyberattacks.

    CISSP Salary in 2023

    As a result of the high demand, the Certified Information Systems Security Professional salary can be higher than the salaries of other jobs. According to the average CISSP certification salary in 2023, in the United States, it is $124,000. Please note that this is just an average CISSP salary, and the actual salary you can earn will vary depending on your experience, skills, and location. Let’s take a look into the tips provided in this article so that we can improve our CISSP certification salary and advance our careers in cybersecurity.

    1. Average CISSP Certification Salary


    2. CISSP Certification Salary: Based on Experience

    We must note that the CISSP salary at entry level is comparatively lower than others because professionals with more experience are preferred.

    Experience level

    3. CISSP Certification Salary: Based on Location

    The certified information systems security professional salary differs hugely based on geographical location. For example, CISSP-certified professionals in high-demand areas, such as the San Francisco Bay Area or New York City, have a higher cissp annual salary. Let's see how the cissp certified salary differs in each location:

    a. India:

    Hourly Rate
    Monthly Salary
    Annual Salary
    Tata Consultancy Services
    HCL Technologies

    b. US:

    Hourly Rate
    Monthly Salary
    Annual Salary
    San Francisco
    New York City
    Washington, D.C.
    Los Angeles

    c. UK:

    Hourly Rate
    Monthly Salary
    Annual Salary
    Lloyds Banking Group
    ManchesterBAE Systems
    Standard Life

    d. Australia:

    Hourly Rate
    Monthly Salary
    Annual Salary
    ANZ Bank
    AUD 180,000
    AUD 168,000
    AUD 156,000
    AUD 144,000
    Bank SA
    AUD 132,000

    e. Canada:

    Hourly Rate
    Monthly Salary
    Annual Salary
    CAD 144,000
    CAD 132,000
    CAD 120,000
    CAD 108,000
    CAD 96,000

    f. Singapore:

    Hourly Rate
    Monthly Salary
    Annual Salary
    DBS Bank
    SGD 192,000
    Keppel Corporation
    SGD 180,000
    SGD 168,000
    SGD 156,00

    4. CISSP Salary: Based on Industry

    The industries that are most vulnerable to cyberattacks, therefore, have a high demand for cybersecurity professionals. We can see that the information security industry has the highest, average CISSP salary, followed by the financial services industry and the public sector.

    Average Salary
    Top 3 Companies
    Information Security
    Google, Amazon, Microsoft
    Financial Services
    JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America, Wells Fargo
    Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security, National Security Agency
    UnitedHealth Group, Anthem, Kaiser Permanente
    Apple, Meta, Alphabet
    Walmart, Amazon, Target

    5. CISSP Salary: Based on Skills

    The top three skills for CISSP certified professionals are cloud security, penetration testing, and incident response. These skills are in high demand because they are essential for protecting organizations from cyberattacks. We can see that the average salary for a CISSP-certified professional with specialized skills is comparatively higher than the average salary for a CISSP-certified professional without specialized skills. 

    Average Salary
    Cloud Security
    Penetration Testing
    Incident Response
    Risk Management
    Security Architecture

    6. CISPP Certification Salary: Based on Education 

    As you can see, the average CISSP starting salary with a bachelor's degree is lower than the average salary for a CISSP certified professional with a master's degree or a Ph.D. This is because employers are willing to pay more for professionals with higher levels of education.

    Average Salary
    Bachelor's Degree
    Master's Degree

    However, it is important to note that education is not the only factor that determines salary. Experience, skills, and location also play a role. For example, a CISSP-certified professional with a bachelor's degree and 10 years of experience can earn the same salary as a CISSP-certified professional with a master's degree and 5 years of experience. Therefore, before deciding if this is the right certification for you or not, it is better to check out some of the best Cyber Security courses online and decide which is suitable for you.

    Factors Affecting CISSP Salary 

    1. Location

    Location plays a significant role in determining the CISSP jobs salary. As we had seen earlier in the table, CISSP-certified professionals in the US typically are paid more compared to CISSP-certified professionals in other countries. However, we do notice that the pay scale varies within the US too depending on the major cities and demand in those locations. 

    The pay scale is different because of the cost of living in each country and the professionals are paid accordingly to meet their ends. For eg: The average salary for a CISSP-certified professional in the US is $124,000. This is equivalent to ₹9228080.00 in INR, whereas the average salary for CISSP certified professional in the UK is £75,000, which is equivalent to ₹7500000.00 in INR.

    2. Industry

    The industry in which you work can also affect your CISSP jobs salary. CISSP-certified professionals in the information security and financial services industries typically earn more than CISSP-certified professionals in other industries, because they are most vulnerable to cyber-attacks and therefore the challenges faced in those industries are high. According to PayScale, the CISSP certification average salary in the financial services industry is $135,000, while the CISSP certification average salary in the information security industry is $124,000.

    3. Experience

    The amount of experience you have can also affect your salary. The CISSP-certified salary of professionals with more experience is higher than the CISSP certification salary entry level. We can refer to the table above, where companies like Google, Amazon, JP Morgan, and Bank of America are offering more pay compared to organizations related to other industries. 

    4. Demand and Supply

    The demand and supply of CISSP-certified professionals can also affect salaries. In areas where there is a high demand for CISSP-certified professionals, salaries will be higher. For example, the demand for CISSP-certified professionals is high in the San Francisco Bay Area, which is why the average salary for a CISSP-certified professional in San Francisco is $156,000, while the average salary for a CISSP-certified professional in the United States is $124,000.

    5. Credentials and Certifications

    Credentials and certifications can also affect salaries. CISSP-certified professionals typically earn more than professionals who do not have this certification. The average salary for a CISSP-certified professional is $124,000, while the average salary for a cybersecurity professional who does not have this certification is $115,000.

    6. Skills

    The skills you have can also affect your CISSP salary range. CISSP-certified professionals with specialized skills, such as cloud security or penetration testing, typically earn more than CISSP-certified professionals with more general skills. The average salary for a CISSP-certified professional with cloud security skills is $140,000, while the average salary for a CISSP-certified professional with general skills is $124,000.

    How to Improve CISSP Certified Professional Salary?

    In this section, we will explore effective methods for CISSP certified professionals to boost their salary potential and advance in their careers. By implementing these strategies, you can maximize the returns on your certification investment.

    1. Skills

    It is highly important to continuously enhance our technical skills in cybersecurity and stay updated on the latest security trends, threats, cyber-attacks and emerging technologies. We need to develop expertise in areas such as cloud security, cryptography, risk management, and compliance. Specializing in high-demand areas like penetration testing or data privacy can also help us boost our earning potential.

    2. Certifications

    Pursue advanced cybersecurity certifications beyond CISSP, such as CISSP concentrations (e.g., CISSP-ISSMP, CISSP-ISSEP) or other relevant certifications like Certified Information Security Manager (CISM) or Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA). Having additional certifications in a related field can demonstrate our expertise and help us demand a higher salary.

    3. Degrees

    Consider earning a degree in cybersecurity that can give us the knowledge and skills we need to succeed in this field, such as a master's in cybersecurity or an MBA with a focus on information security. These qualifications can make us more competitive in the job market, as professionals with higher degrees are much preferred at the time of recruitment for cybersecurity-related roles.

    4. Experience

    Experience is the major part that is always valued the most for this kind of job role. Gather practical experience in different cybersecurity roles. Seek leadership positions, or project management roles, or specialize in high-demand areas like penetration testing, incident response, or security consulting. The more experience you have, the more valuable you become to employers, which can lead to higher salaries.

    Why are CISSP Certified Professionals Paid So Much?

    In this section, we'll delve into the reasons why CISSP-certified individuals command substantial salaries in the cybersecurity field. 

    Salary Growth and Projections 

    Cyberattacks are increasing day by day, with complicated threats, and businesses are willing to pay more to professionals who can help them stay safe. The salary growth and projections for CISSP professionals are positive, as the demand for their skills is expected to continue to surpass the supply.

    • High Demand: The persistent and growing cyber threats have created a substantial demand for cybersecurity expertise, and CISSP certification is widely recognized as a benchmark for this expertise.
    • Critical Role: CISSPs play a critical role in protecting organizations from cyber threats, ensuring data security, and maintaining regulatory compliance. Their responsibilities are essential for smooth business continuity.
    • Experience and Knowledge: To attain CISSP certification, professionals must demonstrate substantial knowledge and experience in various domains of cybersecurity, making them highly skilled and valuable assets.
    • Credential Prestige: CISSP is a globally recognized and respected certification, signaling a commitment to professionalism and ethical practices in the field.
    • Regulatory Compliance: Many industries require CISSP-certified professionals to meet regulatory and compliance standards, further driving up demand.
    • Supply-Demand Gap: The scarcity of qualified cybersecurity professionals contributes to higher salaries, as there are not enough experts to meet the growing needs of organizations.

    All the above reasons ensure that CISSP-certified individuals will remain highly sought after in the upcoming years. 


    On a final note, obtaining the CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional) certification is a strategic move to advance your career in the field of information security. The CISSP certification not only boosts your professional credibility but also increases your chances of earning. Gather real-time work experience, stay updated with industry trends, pursue specialized certifications to deepen your expertise by attending workshops or taking some training sessions, such as KnowledgeHut's CISSP training class , and network within the cybersecurity community, all of which aid in your professional growth in this field. With the increased demand for cybersecurity experts, CISSP-certified professionals are well-positioned for lucrative job opportunities and job security.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    1Is the CISSP certification salary higher than other cybersecurity certifications?

    Yes, the CISSP certification salary is higher than other cybersecurity certifications.

    2What is the average CISSP certification salary?

    According to the average CISSP certification salary in 2023, in the United States, it is $124,000.

    3How does a CISSP certification salary compare to other IT certifications?

    The average salary for a CISSP-certified professional is $124,000 which is significantly higher than the average salary for other cybersecurity certifications, such as the CompTIA Security+ ($99,140), the Cisco CCNA Security ($112,380), and the EC-Council Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) ($105,000).

    4What are some high-paying job roles that require CISSP certification?

    Chief Information Security Officer, Security Architect, Security Engineer, Incident Response Manager and Cybersecurity Analyst are some of the high-paying job roles that require CISSP certification.

    5Do job experience and years in the field affect CISSP salary?

    Yes, job experience and years do affect the CISSP salary in cybersecurity field, as the employers are willing to pay more for experienced professional who have a proven track record of success.


    Vitesh Sharma

    Blog Author

    Vitesh Sharma, a distinguished Cyber Security expert with a wealth of experience exceeding 6 years in the Telecom & Networking Industry. Armed with a CCIE and CISA certification, Vitesh possesses expertise in MPLS, Wi-Fi Planning & Designing, High Availability, QoS, IPv6, and IP KPIs. With a robust background in evaluating and optimizing MPLS security for telecom giants, Vitesh has been instrumental in driving large service provider engagements, emphasizing planning, designing, assessment, and optimization. His experience spans prestigious organizations like Barclays, Protiviti, EY, PwC India, Tata Consultancy Services, and more. With a unique blend of technical prowess and management acumen, Vitesh remains at the forefront of ensuring secure and efficient networking solutions, solidifying his position as a notable figure in the cybersecurity landscape.

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