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Cobit 5 Framework And Components- IT Security

05th Sep, 2023
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    Cobit 5 Framework And Components- IT Security

    As several enterprises perform day-to-day operations to fulfill assigned tasks, all they are concerned about the confidentiality as well as the integrity of the information. They have data warehousing technology to store the secure information in an encrypted form.

    But all these come under Information security management and are under the threat radar as the data thefts and hacking activities have increased to its extreme. It is quite essential to adopt the advanced technology to secure the information.

    COBIT 5 is a comprehensive course to provide important data or information, the much-needed security and it is quite vital for organizations; who have several reasons to implement it without any hesitation.

    COBIT 5 for IT security is actually a tutorial that has a very important role to play in this internet world where malicious activities are increasing at a brisk pace. The information is quite vital for any organization that uses this technology for the future reference and decision making. Going through COBIT 5 foundation course can help IT security professionals to understand, analyze and gain awareness of the emerging technologies and threats accompanying them.

    How Cobit 5 helps a Business Enterprise in Enhancing Information Security?

    Here is how a business enterprise can enhance the level of IT security with the help of Cobit 5:

    • COBIT 5 has necessary attributes that reduce complexity and enhance cost effectiveness to a certain extent.
    • User satisfaction is increased with the changes that are brought in IT security arrangements using COBIT 5.
    • Help in improvising the integration of IT security with antivirus script encrypted for protection from online threats
    • With the implementation of COBIT 5 to enhance IT security, a business entrepreneur can be benefitted with the awareness being provided to them regarding risk decisions being taken from their end for revoking the data security
    • IT security breach incidents can be reduced to a huge extent with the implementation of techniques enumerated in the COBIT 5 course

    Essential Things to be Considered for Implementing COBIT 5

    Here are the points that need to be considered while using COBIT 5 for enhancing IT security:

    • Know the importance of IT security in context to enterprise data security:
    1. Know all the essential responsibilities of end-to-end business and management of IT security.
    2. Efficient governance and management of IT security due to organizational structures, policies and culture.
    3. Define the association of IT security with endpoint objectives of the enterprise.
    • The last longing requirements from the entrepreneur’s end to:
    1. Prevent the vital information from getting unveiled to an unauthorized person and sustain the level of information risk to a certain level by implementing necessary instructions.
    2. Make sure that services are persistently rendered to stakeholders whenever needed in order to maintain the level of user satisfaction with IT security through COBIT 5.
    3. Obey the relevant laws and regulations as well as the internal policies on information and system security alongside offering transparency on the basis of acquiescence
    4. Acquire the cost of IT security services as well as technology protection.

     Integration of COBIT 5 with Norton Antivirus  for IT Security

    As various techniques are unveiled by experts to deliver IT security, integration of COBIT 5 with Norton antivirus (developed by Symantec Corporation) has made the things easier. According to the Oxford dictionary,  IT security actually means to keep the system data secure or free from any kind of online threat. COBIT 5 integration with antivirus, prevents the IT infrastructure from any kind of malicious activity or help the unauthorized person to gain access to the system, where secure information is stored.

    The data stored in the machine are more worth than the latter. The COBIT 5 principles gives successful integration with antivirus has certain criteria and it has to follow the same. Listed below are the enumerated criteria that COBIT 5 has to sustain while offering IT security in terms of giving a security shield with the features of Norton security suite encrypted with the data security software.

    • To prevent the intrusion of any online threat that may destroy the machine containing secure data.
    • To offer comprehensive security in order to prevent the data getting stolen from the machine.
    • To prevent the occurrence of such instances that disrupt computer services.

    Going through these criteria, one thing is that more emphasis is supposed to be given on internet security. In order to perform this, there are certain things that need to be considered at the earliest.

    • More emphasis needs to be laid on the security of internet browser
    • Security for the Operating system is also a top priority as its sudden crash can lead to data loss.

    Offering comprehensive security to the web browser is a crucial step to prevent the intrusion of online threats in the device that can adversely impact the network data and computer system. The browser security methodology to prevent web browser in the COBAT 5 tutorial is actually called the ‘perimeter defense.

    The Norton internet security offers firewall protection to the device as the web browser is used to access so many websites. The intrusion of online threats in the form of malware, adware, spyware and Trojan horse; can damage the important data files stored on the secondary hard disk of the device or steal the file from its exact location.

    The filtering proxy server and firewall inhibit in COBIT 5 with Norton, can prevent the access of malicious network websites before it gets displayed on the screen. Other than this, Norton antivirus scans the email access as well as an attachment before it gets successfully downloaded in the device.

    COBIT 5 with the integration of Norton security suite; secures the vital data from getting hacked that is stored in the desktop or Laptop. It encrypts the data so that malicious spyware cannot read or copy a bit of crucial data and chances of data theft or hacking is minimized to a huge extent.

    On some occasions, the COBIT 5 for IT Security stops responding or does not perform tasks up to the mark. There is sometimes due to the slow performance of Norton security integrated with it. No need to panic, just contact Norton customer support and avail instant assistance from experts.


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