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Cyber Security Demand 2024: Skills to Learn

26th Apr, 2024
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    Cyber Security Demand 2024: Skills to Learn

    With cyber threats becoming more widespread and increasing exponentially, IT professionals and companies must make significant changes in their strategy for cybersecurity to maintain the appropriate security posture. The threat of cyber-attacks is increasing dramatically, so cyber security demand has also reached its zenith.

    Demand for cybersecurity is increasing as the business environment shifts to cloud storage space and internet administration. As the internet is becoming more widespread today, commercial organization data and personal data are at risk of being exploited. This has increased the need for cybersecurity professionals that are knowledgeable and talented in the industry. With cyber security in demand in the future, it is essential for you to take Security certifications to stay ahead.

    What is Cyber Security?

    Cyber security secures computers, servers, mobile devices, electronic systems, networks, and data against malicious attacks. Alternatively, it's called information technology security or electronic information security. As per the use, there are several cyber security measures. Some of them are:

    • Network security
    • Application security
    • Information security
    • Operational security

    Demand for cyber security jobs

    Need for Cyber Security

    With the increase in cybercrimes, the threat of information theft is also rapidly growing. Exposing identity information to the web via cloud services is the main reason for initiating cybercrimes. The methods by which cybercriminals attack different security systems are becoming more sophisticated, as well as the targets and methods they use to attack them. This hampers the stored data and causes economic, reputational and regulatory loss.

    To maintain the desired security posture, IT professionals and organizations must make fundamental changes in their approach to cyber security to keep up with the increasing prevalence and intensity of cyber threats. That's why we need cyber security to check the enormous growth of the risk of cyber-attacks.

    Why is Cyber Security in Demand? 

    As day-to-day cyber-crimes are increasing, it always puts cyber security in a demanding state. If you see the past reports, every year, many private or government organizations are affected by cyber-attacks and data breaches.

    The most recent case happened in 2020 when WHO reported a statement that said 450 active email addresses and passwords of its staff leaked online to those working on the coronavirus.

    Due to factors like the distributed nature of the internet, increased profitability and ease of commerce on the dark web, proliferation of mobile devices, etc., cybercrime is on the rise. That's why cyber security is in demand today to protect confidential data from getting leaked. And this demanding situation gives rise to the cyber security job demand. Get yourself enrolled in Cyber Security certifications to increase the chance of hiring.

    Most In-Demand Cybersecurity Skills to Learn in 2024

    As cyber security increases its demand, people are getting the opportunity to explore cyber security's future scope. You just need to accumulate the most in-demand cyber security skills to fulfill the cyber security demand in 2024. Here are some top cyber security skills you should learn!

    1. Understanding of Hacking

    You must know how to hack ethically to safeguard your association from cyber-attacks. Developing this skill is the first step in understanding a system attack and finding an effective solution.

    You may prefer some popular and top Ethical Hacking certifications to learn from basic to advance.

    2. Cloud Security

    Organizations are storing their data in the cloud to prevent future loss, but it is also essential to keep it safe and secure from cyber-attacks. And to protect those data, organizations need professional security managed by cloud security.

    3. Computer Forensics Skills

    To promote the information, computer forensics and cybersecurity usually work hand-in-hand. If you are skilled with a foundation in computer forensics, it will also help you to advance in your cyber security career. For the prevention of attacks and finding solutions, computer forensics and cyber security skills are the digital assets and intelligence. Hence, both skills are complementary to each other.

    4. Blockchain Security

    Various security systems, including mobile and IoT devices, supply chain integration, network control, and identity solutions, are likely to be built on blockchain technology. Since an attacker would have to destroy every computer in the global network to destroy or corrupt a blockchain, it offers unprecedented data security. Due to the complexity of entering and penetrating such networks, blockchain security is at a lower risk of getting hacked.

    5. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

    Artificial intelligence is one of the most advanced security programs which help security experts and professionals to understand the cyber environment and identify abnormal activities. It provides support to cyber threats and automated techniques. With additional resources, it defends the systems from cyber attackers' vulnerable networks and data.

    6. Programming Skills

    For any cyber security professional, understanding the programming language is very crucial. With the knowledge of languages such as Java, PHP, C, C++, etc., they can easily detect the chances of attacks and counteract the attackers accordingly.

    7. IoT Security

    Connected devices and networks on the internet are protected by IoT security. This skill is required to explore the security and privacy-related problems in the IoT domain.

    8.  Communication Skills 

    To explain the issues, concerns and solutions to others, it is very important to have effective communication skills because, as a cyber expert, you must deal with different teams and departments. Therefore, you should learn the skill to convey the most technical information in a comprehensible manner at different levels and individuals.

    9. Problem-Solving Skills

    Being a cyber security expert, you might be surrounded by problems at any time. Thus, always having a problem-solving approach can lead you to find extraordinary ways to solve the most complex security challenges.

    How to Build Cyber Security Skills? 

    To meet the cyber security demand and begin the cyber security journey, skills are the basic foundation. Online courses are anyway good to go, as they will teach you from the basic to the advanced level of cyber security concepts. It will help you to enhance your cyber security skills, including other related technical skills. However, the field of cyber security is incredibly complex and rapidly expanding, and the future of cyber security jobs seems brighter.

    5 Most in-demand cyber security jobs

    Cyber Security Jobs in Greatest Demand

    In the increasingly digital world, our interactions are mostly through different software applications, clouds and networks. Thus, this increased demand for cyber security career scope for those able to protect the interaction from cyber-attacks. 

    1. Application Development Security

    Skill needed for Application Development Security
    • Strong coding skills in various languages including Shell, Java, C++, Python. 
    • Knowledge of system platforms like Windows, iOS, Linux, etc
    Job Titles
    • Junior developer, 
    • software developer,  
    • information security engineer,  
    • security software developer,  
    • security specialist,  
    • network administrator 
    Potential Salary
    Rs 3.8 - Rs 12.0 LPA

    2. Cloud Security

    Skill Needed for Cloud Security
    • Programming and database languages, including MySQL, Hadoop, Python, Ruby, Java, Php, and .NET.  
    • knowledge of Linux and cloud service providers such as AWS, Microsoft Azure, GCP, and OpenStack 
    • networking, web services, and APIs
    Job Titles
    • Cloud security engineer 
    • cloud security architect 
    • cloud security analyst 
    • cloud security consultant 
    Potential Salary
    Rs 3.7 - Rs 26.0 LPA

    3. Threat Intelligence 

    Skills needed for Threat Intelligence
    • Programming languages such as Java, Python, and C++, Linux and other OS 
    • Testing tools such as Nessus, Metasploit, SQLMap, and Jawfish 
    Job Titles
    • Cyber threat intelligence analyst,  
    • penetration tester,  
    • cyber vulnerability analyst,  
    • ethical hacker,  
    • assurance validator,  
    • application security analyst
    Potential Salary
    Rs 4.6 - Rs 26.0 LPA

    4. Identify and Access Management (IAM)

    Skills needed for IAM
    • SQL and database management  
    • Directory technology and system authentication 
    • Scripting languages such as PHP, Perl, and PowerShell
    Job Titles
    • IAM engineer 
    • IAM security engineer  
    • IAM analyst 
    • IAM architect  
    Potential Salary
    Up to Rs 5.5 LPA

    5. Data Security

    Skills needed for Data Security
    • For an entry- or mid-level technical positions- knowledge of programming languages for data storage, access management 
    • For senior positions- knowledge of both national and international data protection regulations and data privacy laws 
    • Specialized certifications
    Job Titles
    • Data security officer  
    • Data protection engineer 
    • Data privacy analyst 
    • Privacy governance analyst
    Potential Salary
    Rs 3.0 - Rs10.0 LPA

    6. Non-technical Cyber Security Roles

    Name of RolesSkills NeededJob TitlesPotential Salary
    Risk Management
    • Coding and programming languages  
    • Knowledge of governance, regulatory structures, and strategy 
    • Cyber risk analyst 
    • cyber risk manager  
    • cyber security analyst 
    • information security risk analyst
    Rs 3.0 - Rs 24.0 LPA
    Security Compliance
    • Security control assessments and audits 
    • FISMA 
    • NIST 
    • SOC-2 information security standards 
    • Common IT security-related regulations and standards such as Sarbanes-Oxley and ISO 
    • Specialized industry certifications. 
    • Cybersecurity policy analyst 
    • Cybersecurity compliance lead 
    • Cybersecurity compliance manager 
    • Cybersecurity compliance analyst 
    Around Rs 3.0 LPA

    Cyber Security Demand in Future: Based on Location 

    The location also determines the career and scope of jobs. Here are some countries: 

    1. India

    As India is becoming the hotspot for cyber security personnel, cyber security demand in India is also growing rampantly. So the future scope of cyber security is developing, and the number of most in-demand cyber security jobs is also increasing. These are some of the sought-after positions in India -

    • Cyber security analyst
    • Security Architect
    • Cyber security manager
    • Chief information security officer
    • Network security engineer

    2. Canada

    Cyber security demand in Canada is rising, as in Canada's tech industry. It is one of the fastest-growing professional fields. Currently, the demand for cybersecurity professionals is at a high level. Thus, the future scope for cyber security in Canada is an excellent career option.

    3. Australia

    After witnessing millions of dollars of losses yearly, the Australian government is heading toward building new cyber security to secure its data and system from cyber-attacks. And this will certainly increase the cyber security demand in Australia.

    When it comes to the future of cyber security in Australia, they are drawing attention to some areas such as Phishing Emails, cloud jacking, AI-powered attacks, skills and personnel gaps and many more areas. Thus, to deal with such area-specific matters, most in-demand cyber security skills will be needed.

    4. UK

    With extensive growth in IT fields, the UK is one of the countries with the highest job demand for cyber security. And to meet this need, UK universities and colleges specialize in those studying cyber security courses.

    5. USA

    USA cyber security is currently greater than in most other countries since data is used for business decisions. Thus, cyber security career scope is very high in the USA as per the demand concern.

    6. Dubai

    After the pandemic period, Dubai is planning to increase the cyber security market size, for which it may expect that there will be a huge demand for cyber security jobs in the upcoming future.

    7. Singapore

    Singapore's cyber security is also planning to expand its market. Therefore, to meet the need, the future scope of cyber security is very high.

    8. Malaysia

    Based on cyber-security potential, Malaysia is one of the top-ranking countries in the Asian region. Thus, cyber security demand in Malaysia is competing with others to stand out from all.

    Relevant and In-demand Credentials for Fulfilling Careers in Cyber Security 

    Qualified and certified employees are in high demand by companies. Some of the most in-demand certifications in the career of cyber security include:

    1. Ethical Hacking Certification (CEH v11)

    Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) helps to understand the ethical hacking phases, various attack vectors, and preventative countermeasures. Take Ethical hacking certification course.

    2. CISA Certification 

    This will improve your skills which are required to govern and control enterprise IT and make you eligible to perform effective security audits. Go for CISA certification training to enhance your skills.

    3. CISM Certification

    It certifies the professionals who manage, design, oversees and assess enterprise information security. You can opt for CISM certification for a better understanding.

    4. CISSP Certification 

    For security analysts, this certificate is essential, as it is an information security certification. Take CISSP certification and boost your understanding of the same.

    5. CCSP Certification 

    It certified you with advanced technical skills and knowledge to design, manage and secure data, applications, etc. Go for CCSP certification and get the best knowledge.

    Looking to boost your career? Get certified in ITIL v5 certification! Discover the power of efficient IT service management and unlock endless opportunities. Don't miss out, enroll today!


    With the expansion in the utilization of the internet and an ascent in cyber-attacks, there will be a ceaseless demand for cyber security professionals, making your career as a cyber security expert more steady than earlier.

    The cybersecurity industry has incredibly developed its potential and can offer you promising career scope. Since it keeps on experiencing a lack of cyber security experts and specialists, it is the best time for you to master cyber security skills and enter the market. You may visit KnowledgeHut immediately and acknowledge the different courses and degrees required for different job positions. This site will help you to improve your cyber security skills. Enroll yourself in KnowledgeHut Cyber Security certifications to build the essential skills.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    1Is there still a demand for cyber security in 2023, and will it be there beyond 2023?

    Yes, there is still a demand for cyber security in 2023, and it will be there beyond 2023. 

    2Is cyber security a good career?

    As there is a high demand for professionals, choosing cybersecurity is a great career to enter right now. 

    3Which degree is best for cyber security?

    Computer Programming, Database Management, Computer Hardware Engineering, Network Administration, and Cloud Computing are some of the best degrees for cyber security. 

    4Which stream is best for cyber security?

    Computer engineering, computer science, and information security are the best streams for cyber security. 

    5How much demand is there for cyber security?

    At present, the demand for cyber security is very high and is increasing day by day. 

    6Where is the highest demand for cyber security?

    Countries like Canada, the USA, and the UK have the highest demand for cyber security


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