Ethical Hacker Salary in India in 2022

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10th May, 2022
Ethical Hacker Salary in India in 2022

We are constantly hearing about increasing cyber-attacks and hacking risks. Do you ever ponder who secures organizations and combats cyber-attacks? Ethical hackers are the solution. Unlike conventional hackers, who violate digital security systems to acquire data to extort money, ethical hackers analyze the digital security systems to improve their strength.

Although the function of ethical hackers has been in the market for some years, demand for ethical hackers is presently at an all-time high. This is because of a substantial increase in cyber-attacks over the years. This has also enhanced the demand for a certified ethical hacker course recently.

In this, we’ll discuss the ethical hacker salary in India and learn about why this is the best time to make a career in ethical hacking.

Who are Ethical Hackers? 

A qualified and trained individual employed by top software businesses for their superior non-technical and technical skills and competence in assisting the organization in identifying and dealing with risks on target systems and networks. They are network and computer professionals who are well-versed in various operating systems, hacking tactics, and processes for detecting potential threats. As a result, they are a crucial component of IT security. To evade compromising national security aspects, the government also recruits ethical hackers.

There are both white hat and black hat hackers in the industry. What distinguishes them is how they operate. An ethical hacker will only work with the network's authorization. They will follow the network owners' guidelines and the laws of the nation. The main purpose of a white hacker is to examine an organization's security posture. The average white-hat hacker salary in India is INR 5.02 lakh per annum. Black hat hackers, on the other hand, utilize illicit techniques to gain access to a system and the average earnings of a black hat hacker in India is around INR 10.02 lakh per annum.

Why are Ethical Hackers in Demand?

  • Data breaches will occur sooner rather than later, and it is to every company's best advantage to keep its information in the hands and brains of employees whose sole job is to secure this information.
  • Businesses who seek to invest in cybersecurity ensure that they have an advantage over competitors just by going a little beyond to ensure that there are no security breakdowns. When it comes to company stakeholders, especially those who are not IT specialists, let alone cybersecurity professionals, they realize how crucial it can be to retain a market edge over other rivals and hence recognize the value of this initiative.
  • Businesses all around the world are becoming more mindful of the potential security requirements of the modern day. There are now up to three times as many ethical hacker jobs as the people who can do the operations that these careers demand. This implies that vacancies are rising at a consistent rate as organizations begin to hunt for people to fill these positions, while overall demand for these roles is surging at an astonishing speed.
  • Cloud computing has been used by businesses of all sizes and sectors. This not only reveals their vital company data to the internet but also opens them to security concerns caused by inconsistencies in security upgrades. Furthermore, security spending has increased rapidly, and when combined with the overall amount of internet users, this simply implies that there is an ever-increasing need to be security vigilant.
  • Another point that connects everything is that the intricacy and extent of the impact of any online vulnerabilities are expanding. As a result, every firm is striving to expand its depth of knowledge when it comes to cybersecurity and learning how to effectively cope with the challenges of security needs.

Ethical Hacker Salary in India

The salary of hacker in India ranges from INR 1.77 lakh per annum and goes up to INR 40 lakh per annum. Bonus for the ethical hacking jobs salary in India ranges from INR 5,000 to INR 2 lakh.

The certified ethical hacker salary in India per month varies extensively because it depends on many factors, including your work experience, company prominence, skills, location, company’s pay structure, etc.  

Based on Skills or Role

The knowledge and technical expertise will greatly determine the salary of hacker in India.  

Here we have the average salary of ethical hacker in India:

  • IT Security & Infrastructure – INR 6,83,676
  • Security Testing & Auditing – INR 6,19,354
  • Cyber Security – INR 7,18,407
  • Security Policies & Procedures – INR 1,002,069
  • Security Risk Management – INR 8,43,869
  • Network Security Management –INR 5,96,719
  • Penetration Testing – INR 5,46,811

A cyber security training online or offline can help you boost your career while learning relevant skills on the go.

Based on Company

Different companies offer different hacking jobs salary in India.

Here we have companies that provide some of the highest salary of ethical hacker in India:

  • Salary of ethical hacker at Google India – INR 4,76,159- INR 5,20,685
  • Wipro Technologies Ltd. - INR 1,01,980 - 8,00,000
  • Tata Consultancies Services Ltd.- INR 2,90,874 - 6,30,000
  • Infosys Limited - INR 1,21,641 - 9,10,630
  • Ernest & Young - INR 3,16,266 - 7,52,553
  • Paladion Networks – INR 2,14,551 – 5,09,714

Certified Ethical Hacker Salary for Freshers, Mid-Level & Experienced Professionals

Entry-Level Ethical Hacker Salary in India

According to Payscale, the average starting salary of ethical hacker in India per month is INR 41,151.

Mid-Level Ethical Hacker Salary in India

According to Payscale, the average mid-level salary of ethical hacker in India per month is INR 62,500.

Experienced Ethical Hacker Salary in India

According to Payscale, the average experienced ethical hacking salary in India per month is INR 2,29,000.

How to Become an Ethical Hacker?

Step 1: Get an Education

A bachelor's degree in cyber security or computer science is one alternative. Another alternative is to attend a penetration testing Bootcamp or enroll in the best online courses. Official training is required for cybersecurity professionals to become professional penetration testers.

Step 2: Get Professional Certifications

Earning industry credentials for ethical hacking is a fantastic way to stand out to companies. Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) and Offensive Security Certified Professional are two excellent credentials to obtain (OSCP).

Step 3: Gain Cyber Security Experience

If you have a Bachelor's Degree in Cyber Security or Computer Science, you can search for jobs as an ethical hacker. If you have an online school degree, obtain further experience by applying for entry-level cyber security positions. A skilled hacker should have some experience.

Role and Responsibilities of an Ethical Hacker

  • An ethical hacker is often responsible for the following tasks:
  • Identifying and categorizing network system resources.
  • Vulnerability Assessment - Detecting possible system or network risks.
  • Classifying resources and assigning a level of priority
  • After prioritizing the hazards, develop a dependable approach to combat them.
  • Making cyberattacks ineffectual using effective strategies.
  • Performing different checks on resources such as the internet, hardware, and software.
  • Maintaining network systems with the most recent vendor patches and service packs.
  • Creating innovative techniques to address emerging dangers and lessen their effect.
  • Creating security profiles and reports regularly.
  • Regularly monitor systems and networks to avoid unexpected cyber assaults.
  • Advanced security policies must be designed and implemented.

Career Path for an Ethical Hacker

Ethical Hacker

An ethical hacker examines an organization's digital security measures to detect flaws and provide recommendations for improvement. They are professionals who can access networks to identify security flaws. Ethical hackers inspect the company's network security systems regularly to detect and address any flaws.

The average ethical hacking jobs salary in India is INR 5.02 lakh per annum. Hacker salary in India in this field can go up to INR 40 lakh per annum depending on different factors.  

Network Security Engineer

A network security engineer controls an organization's technological stack. Network security engineers provide, implement, configure, and manage a company's different network and security-related gear and software.

They are in control of firewalls, web security systems, virtual private networks, and so on. They also help to secure switches, servers, and the organization's IT structure by supporting the codebase.

The average network security engineer's ethical hacker salary in India is INR 5.34 lakh per annum. Pay for this sector ranges from INR 2.47 lakh per year to INR 10 lakh per year. Security policies and procedures, WAF, and IT security and infrastructure are all important skills in this industry.

Cyber Security Analyst

A cybersecurity analyst is in charge of defending a company from cyber-attacks. They do this via the use of numerous procedures and technology that identify and prevent these dangers.

Cybersecurity analysts evaluate organizations' security measures to see how effectively they work in the face of real-world threats. They collaborate with other cybersecurity proficient at fortifying their organization's defenses against hackers and viruses.

In India, the average annual income for a cybersecurity analyst is INR 5.29 lakh. Their annual salary ranges from INR 3 lakh to INR 10 lakh, based on their experience and talents.

Ethical Hacker Certifications

Some of the demanding Ethical Hacker Certifications that can help you to earn the highest salary of ethical hacker in India:

  • EC-Council Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) v11
  • Penetration Testing with Kali Linux
  • CompTIA PenTest Certification

Top Companies Actively Hiring CEH

Here are the top companies actively hiring CEH along with the average salary offered by them.

CompanySalary for Ethical Hackers
Bank of America$158,947
Little Caesars$107,861
US Army$96,000

Ethical Opportunities

Career opportunities in ethical hacking are highly attractive, particularly given that its reach is expanding. As the demand for cybersecurity grows by the minute, so will the number of career opportunities for ethical hackers. All you need are the necessary qualifications and expertise to land a profitable position in ethical hacking with a well-known firm. You can boost your chances of getting into ethical hacking with KnowledgeHut certified ethical hacker course.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)    

Q. What Do Certified Ethical Hackers (CEH)s Do?  

Certified ethical hackers are cybersecurity professionals who test and improve a company's computer system's security. Their role is to do extensive penetration tests on a company's system to uncover any gaps or flaws in the security configuration.

Q. Which skills affect Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) salaries?

  • Networking skills
  • Computer skills
  • Understanding of operating systems
  • Command in penetration testing methodologies and tools
  • Coding knowledge
  • Basics of cybersecurity
  • Cryptography Skills
  • Problem-solving skills

Q. What is the highest salary for an ethical hacker in India?  

The highest salary of ethical hacker in India is INR 50 lakhs

Q. Can I become an ethical hacker after the 10th? 

An online diploma in ethical hacking can be obtained after the 10th grade. To enroll in diploma courses, candidates must have prior computer expertise and an interest in computer programming.

Q. How much does an Ethical Hacker make?  

The average ethical hacking jobs salary in India turns out to be between INR 29k and INR 41k per month.

Q. Can I do an ethical hacking course online free of cost?  

Yes, you can learn the basics of ethical hacking and explore cybersecurity for systems and networks. For fundamental expertise, you should enroll in the best online program.


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