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Ethical Hacker Salary in 2024 [Freshers and Experienced]

02nd May, 2024
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    Ethical Hacker Salary in 2024 [Freshers and Experienced]

    We read and hear about cyber-attacks and hacking threats all the time. However, ethical hackers are the one-stop solution to various cyber threats. Research claims that a malware-based cyber-attack can cost a business 2.6 million dollars. Thus, the ethical hacker’s salary increased significantly over a few years.

    An ethical hacker must have the computer system's owner's written consent before accessing it, safeguard the organization's privacy, disclose all vulnerabilities found in the computer system to the organization openly, and alert hardware and software vendors to the vulnerabilities. Unlike traditional hackers, who violate cybersecurity systems to obtain data to demand money, ethical hackers study data security systems to strengthen themselves.

    The goal of ethical hacking is to find vulnerabilities in computer systems and networks and create defenses against them. Ethical hackers examine networks and systems to find vulnerabilities that they can exploit or destroy. Students who want to learn ethical hacking must enroll in accredited Ethical Hacking courses.

    Ethical Hacker Salary in 2024

    Although ethical hackers have played a part in the industry for some time, demand for them is currently at an all-time high. This is because, during the previous ten years, the number of cyberattacks has significantly increased. This is a distinctive field that is also very rewarding.

    The usual salary of an ethical hacker will depend on your expertise in cybersecurity, computer programming, computer networks, and other fields. You can see a rapid rise in your ethical hacker pay by displaying your skills and qualifications. You should start with Cyber Security training courses or offline to have the background and the know-how to approach problem-solving.

    To comprehend why this is the ideal time to pursue an ethical hacking job, we'll talk about the typical certified ethical hacker income in India today.

    What is the Average Salary of an Ethical Hacker in 2024?

    The certified ethical hacker salary in the US varies widely because it is based on a wide range of variables, including your work history, the reputation of your employer, your abilities, your location, the compensation structure of your employer, etc. 

    The average salary for a certified ethical hacker can be understood as follows-

    Ethical hacker salary per hour60$ USD
    Ethical hacker salary per month6,040 USD – 10,872 USD
    Annual ethical hacker average salary48,321 USD – 54,361 USD

    Ethical Hacker Salary: Based on Job Role

    Experience is one of the essential variables in establishing your earning potential. Every year ethical hackers work for a company; their income may increase. For new hires, the starting or entry-level Certified Ethical Hacker pay in the US is 4,228 USD. When broken down, the typical pay for an ethical hacker in the US ranges from 356 USD to 501 USD per month. According to your expertise, talents, and other circumstances, your pay in this sector could reach 48,321 USD per year.

    The following table shows the average salary of ethical hackers based on their job role:

    Job roleAverage Salary per year
    IT Security & Infrastructure8,259.1 USD
    Security Testing & Auditing7,482 USD
    Cyber Security8,678.6 USD
    Security Policies & Procedures121,05.4 USD
    Security Risk Management10,194.3 USD
    Network Security Management7,208 USD
    Penetration Testing6,605.7 USD
    Cyber Security Analyst$85,000 / year
    Information Security Analyst$78000 / year
    Cyber Security Engineer$105,000 / year
    Security Intrusion Detection$83,500
    Computer Security$86,310
    Security Information and Event Management$83,117
    Cisco Networking$81,211

    Ethical Hacker Salary: Based on Employer/Company

    Companies with strong programming backgrounds that hire ethical hackers include Google, Facebook, Apple, TCS, and so on. These different companies provide various hacking jobs salaries in the US.

    Here are some of the businesses that pay ethical hackers the highest salaries:

    CompanyAverage Salary
    HCL6692 USD
    Google6462.04 USD
    Facebook294071.71 USD
    Apple241608.60 USD
    TCS6245.58 USD
    Infosys11000.80 USD

    Ethical Hacker Salary: Based on Skill-set

    You'll be able to get a greater salary as an ethical hacker according to your knowledge of the industry and your technological prowess. The skills that ethical hackers are proficient in determining how much money they make. In penetration and vulnerability testing, a bachelor's degree is required in 67% of job postings, while a master's degree or higher is needed in 23% of those.

    Although it depends on the business and your situation, obtaining a doctorate may open up more lucrative positions for ethical hackers. The highest-paid ethical hackers are certified and equipped with industry-level knowledge.

    Look into which skills are in demand in this industry and which pay the most attention. The most in-demand skills among ethical hackers include Linux, network security management, cybersecurity, and IT security & infrastructure.

    Ethical Hacker Salary: Based on Certifications

    A profession as an ethical hacker may lead to employment as a consultant or employee. It necessitates the capacity to deliberately access a computer with the owner's consent and uses most cyberattack methods. Ethical hacker earnings depend on expertise. The four reputable cybersecurity qualifications given below are very useful for professions in penetration testing, ethical hacking, and other offensive cybersecurity fields.

    CertificationAverage pay per annum
    Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH)9060322.50 USD
    GIAC Penetration Tester (GPEN)9664344.00 USD
    Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP)8456301 USD
    CompTIA PenTest+9422735.4 USD

    Ethical Hacker Salary: Based on Location

    LocationPopular CitiesPay Structure
    IndiaBangalore, KarnatakaRs 256,635 - Rs 1,133,880
    Mumbai, MaharashtraRs 218,305 - Rs 1,072,867
    Chennai, Tamil NaduRs 241,957 - Rs 913,540
    Pune, MaharashtraRs 254,028 - Rs 1,043,389
    Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, DelhiRs 236,718 - Rs 982,635

    Washington, District of Columbia$67,000 - $126,121
    New York, New York$50,143 - $124,608
    San Antonio, Texas$51,456 - $90,999
    Atlanta, Georgia$49,550 - $110,936
    San Diego, California$76,754 - $121,694

    Toronto, OntarioC$50,147 - C$97,732
    Montréal, QuébecC$51,500 - C$88,00
    Moncton, New BrunswickC$108,000
    Ottawa, OntarioC$70,000
    Vancouver, British ColumbiaC$84,000
    Australia Sydney, New South WalesAU$55,284 - AU$133,346
    Melbourne, VictoriaAU$53,327 - AU$145,216
    UAEDubaiAED 60,678 - AED 301,674
    Abu DhabiAED 52,586 - AED 305,209
    SingaporeSingaporeS$26,093 - S$84,404
    PhilippinesPhilippines18,200 PHP - 63,000 PHP
    Manchester£45,000- £50,000

    Salary Ranges for Certified Ethical Hackers: Based on Country

    1. Ethical Hacker Salary in Canada

    The average salary of ethical hackers in Canada is C$73K.

    a. Average Salary by Job Role/ Skill

    Skill/ Job RoleAverage Salary
    Cyber SecurityC$73,688
    IT Security & InfrastructureC$74,239
    Security Risk ManagementC$85,964
    Security Testing and AuditingC$72,607
    Security Intrusion DetectionC$68,784
    Security Policies and ProceduresC$71,967
    Risk Management/ Risk ControlC$85,000
    Network Security ManagementC$72,414
    Security Information and Event ManagementC$57,391
    Internal AuditC$105,399

    b. Average Salary by Companies

    CompaniesAverage Salary
    RBC BankC$69,490
    Pricewaterhouse CoopersC$67,000
    Rogers Communication Inc.C$70,829

    c. Average Salary based on Cities

    CitiesAverage Salary
    Montreal QuebecC$51,500 - C$88,000
    Toronto, OntarioC$50,147 - C$97,732
    Ottawa, OntarioC$70,000
    Moncton, New BrunswickC$108,000
    Vancouver, British ColumbiaC$84,000

    d. Average Salary by Experience

    ExperienceAverage Salary
    Less than 1 year7%
    1 to 4 years36%
    5 to 9 years21%
    10 to 19 years27%
    20 years or more9%

    2. Ethical Hacker Salary in Australia

    The average salary of ethical hackers in Australia is AU$101K.

    a. Average Salary by Job Role/ Skill

    Skill/ Job RoleAverage Salary
    Cyber SecurityAU$103,092
    IT Security & InfrastructureAU$108,083
    Security Risk ManagementAU$120,000
    Security Testing and AuditingAU$102,409
    Security Intrusion DetectionAU$99,916
    Security Policies and ProceduresAU$109,803
    Computer SecurityAU$98,920
    Network ManagementAU$82,500
    Security Information and Event ManagementAU$100,000
    Penetration TestingAU$101,500

    b. Average Salary by Companies

    CompaniesAverage Salary
    The Chemist WarehouseAU$55,000

    c. Average Salary based on Cities.

    CitiesAverage Salary
    Melbourne, VictoriaAU$53,327 - AU$145,216
    Sydney, North South WalesAU$55,284 - AU$133,346

    d. Average Salary by Experience

    ExperienceAverage Salary
    Less than 1 year2%
    1 to 4 years36%
    5 to 9 years30%
    10 to 19 years27%
    20 years or more4%

    3. Ethical Hacker Salary in Singapore

    The average salary of ethical hackers in Singapore is S$67K.

    a. Average Salary by Job Role/ Skill

    Skill/ Job RoleAverage Salary
    Cyber SecurityS$77,596
    IT Security & InfrastructureS$74,747
    Security Risk ManagementS$73,815
    Security Testing and AuditingS$63,600
    Security Intrusion DetectionS$93,500
    Security Policies and ProceduresS$111,964
    Computer SecurityS$77,596
    Network Security ManagementS$40,800
    Security Information and Event ManagementS$76,126
    Penetration TestingS$76,000

    b. Average Salary by Companies

    CompaniesAverage Salary
    Lazada GroupS$112,656

    c. Average Salary based on Cities.

    CitiesAverage Salary
    SingaporeS$26,093 - S$84,404

    d. Average Salary by Experience

    ExperienceAverage Salary
    Less than 1 year6%
    1 to 4 years30%
    5 to 9 years29%
    10 to 19 years26%

    4. Ethical Hacker Salary in UAE

    The average salary of ethical hackers in UAE is AED 177K.

    a. Average Salary by Job Role/ Skill

    Skill/ Job RoleAverage Salary
    Cyber SecurityAED 151,385
    IT Security & InfrastructureAED 200,597
    Security Risk ManagementAED 179,138
    Security Testing and AuditingAED 212,249
    Security Intrusion DetectionAED 276,000
    Security Policies and ProceduresAED 216,000
    Computer SecurityAED 144,000
    Network Security ManagementAED 102,000
    Security Information and Event ManagementAED 120,000
    Pre-SalesAED 212,958

    b. Average Salary by Companies

    CompaniesAverage Salary
    Abu Dhabi Commercial BankAED 450,000
    Paladion NetworksAED 166,268
    Tata Consultancy Services LimitedAED 115,800

    c. Average Salary Based on Cities

    CitiesAverage Salary
    Abu DhabiAED 52,586 - AED 305,209
    DubaiAED 60,678 - AED 301,674

    d. Average Salary by Experience

    ExperienceAverage Salary
    Less than 1 year4%
    1 to 4 years34%
    5 to 9 years34%
    10 to 19 years26%
    20 years or more1%

    5. Ethical Hacker Salary in India

    a. According to the study conducted by CISO:

    • The average annual salary of ethical hackers is Rs 570,000 per year.
    • The highest number of security professionals are in Bengaluru with 20.5 percent.
    • The second number of security professionals are from National Capital Region with 20.3 percent.
    • Telecom service providers pay the highest salaries for cybersecurity professionals with an average annual salary of Rs 11.75 lakh.
    • The second highest-paying sector is banking and financial services with an average of Rs 10.52 lakh.
    • NCR and Bangalore are two cities that offer the highest average salaries for ethical hackers.

    b. Salary as per Experience

    Just like any other profession, the number of years that one has spent in pursuing the profession of ethical hacking is directly proportional to your salary range. As one progresses in their career, they are bound to earn more depending on the job-related experience.

    A certified ethical hacker's salary on average is around INR 3.5 lacs per month. Breaking it down it comes to around INR 29k per month.

    c. Salary as per Location

    An Ethical Hacker's salary per month is dependent also on the region that you are working in. Just like with other professions, when the cost of living is higher in an area, the salaries are usually higher to match this.

    Here’s a look at the approximate salaries in different Indian cities:


    Salary (p.a.) 


    454, 063 








    3,97, 317 



    d. Salary as per Job Title

    Chief Information Security Officers' salary ranges from Rs 12 lakh to Rs 80 lakh per year, with a median salary of Rs 23.7 lakh.

    Having a specialization has a great impact on ethical hackers’ average salary. For instance, specializations like networking, forensics, or security will help you draw a higher salary.

    This is where things like Certified Cloud Security Professionals come in and help you command better salary packages.

    e. Salary as per Company 

    The company that you are working with also determines the ethical hacker salary per hour or month. The larger the company, the higher will be your pay package.

    Companies such as Tata Consultancy Services and HCL Technologies offer the maximum salaries at around INR 5.17 lacs per annum and INR 5.44 lacs per annum respectively.

    Factors Affecting Ethical Hacker’s Salary

    There are a number of factors that will affect the ethical hacker's average salary. Some of the prominent factors are listed below.

    1. Experience: One of the most important factors affecting the salary of ethical hackers is experience. The higher the experience, the more the salary will be.
    2. Education: Education is another important factor. For ethical hackers, at least a bachelor’s degree is required. However, with the increase in the education level, the salary package of ethical hackers also increases.
    3. Location: The location also has a significant impact on the ethical hacker salary per month. If the location you work in has a high demand for ethical hackers, the salary is likely to be high. However, in places where there is less demand for ethical hackers, the salary will be less.
    4. Skills and Certifications: Higher is the skills of an individual, the more the pay package. Similarly, with better certifications, the salary of ethical hackers increases.

    How Much Tax Will You Have to Pay as a Certified Ethical Hacker?

    The following tax slabs are applicable to ethical hackers' starting salaries:

    Net income (in INR)Income tax rate
    Up to 2.5 lacsNIL
    2.5-5 lacs5% of total income - INR 2.5 lacs
    5-10 lacsINR 25,999 +20% of total income-INR 5 lacs
    Above 10 lacsINR 1,12,500 + 30% of total income - INR 10 lacs

    Why are Ethical Hackers Paid So Much?

    The most obvious advantage of cyber security is the protection of data. By protecting data, businesses can protect customers' personal information from theft, destruction, and illegal access. Preventing rivals from accessing critical information can help businesses stay competitive.

    Additionally, it can help safeguard consumer data that could be used to steal identities or commit other crimes. A second important advantage of cyber security is the protection of systems.

    By safeguarding them against malware, hackers, and other threats, businesses can maintain the efficiency of their networks and avoid expensive disruptions. As a result, ethical hackers are paid more.

    Who is an Ethical Hacker?

    Hackers who have undergone training to protect systems and networks of computers from destructive or unethical attacks are known as ethical hackers. They use their skills to spot security flaws and stop dishonest hackers from breaking into corporate systems and gaining access to confidential and sensitive data.

    They safeguard the information against misuse and the weak points in the system. To secure the highest level of information security, they have access to everyone's computer system as members of the network security staff in any firm. An ethical hacker is a Cyber Security Specialist in the formal security sector. Let’s explore ethical hacker salary from fresher/entry level to experience in detail. While we are learning about who is an ethical hacker, you need to know about different kinds of hackers and their motives. Hackers fall into these categories:

    • White hat hackers 
    • Black hat hackers 
    • Grey hat hackers

    Types of Hackers

    Roles and Responsibilities of an Ethical Hacker

    It involves a broad range of duties, all aimed at making the information systems of the company more robust and impenetrable. These responsibilities include:

    • Finding open ports
    • Evade firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and intrusion prevention systems to ensure that they are effective. This also includes reinforcements of these systems.
    • Searching digital trash bins and finding passwords and other sensitive information that could be utilized to attack the organization.
    • Find out the existence of cracked wireless certification including hijacked web applications and servers.
    • Ensuring that the organization’s patch installations are up to date.
    • Extending help to the organization regarding digital information thefts and online employment frauds.

    Here are some of the most common methods employed by ethical hackers to evaluate and strengthen a company’s security system:

    • Social engineering tactics: These tactics include imitating fraud to entice a user into divulging specific sensitive information or performing detrimental actions.
    • Security scanners: These scanners are basically tools that are used to find vulnerabilities in the systems and address them.
    • Denial of service attacks: Also known as DoS, this includes overflooding a system with requests so that it is unable to handle any additional requests.

    What is the CEH Certification?

    To become a successful ethical hacker, you need to hone your hacking abilities and techniques. This is done by undergoing cyber security training online, particularly getting the CEH certification.

    CEH stands for Certified Ethical Hacker and is amongst the best-known CEH V12 training available. This is a certification that’s offered by the EC Council (The International Council of E-Commerce Consultants).

    This course is primarily designed to equip the holder of this certification with the skills to look for weaknesses and vulnerabilities in information systems. This course also offers in-depth knowledge of hacking tools and methods to safeguard a company’s security systems. In fact, this was the first certification course that gave an opportunity for prospective ethical hackers to break into computer systems and safeguard them.

    Apart from offering good expertise in the subject, though this is an entry-level certification, this course also offers a good amount of acquaintance often missed by other security courses.

    Once you obtain this certification, you can work in roles such as:

    • Security analyst
    • Security engineer
    • Penetration tester
    • Malware analyst
    • Security consultant

    Here are the eligibility criteria required for CEH certification:

    • Attend official training: If you have completed an official training course, you are directly eligible to apply for the CEH certification.
    • Without official training: In case you haven’t attended training, your candidature must be approved via the application process of CEH. You must have at least two years of experience in the domain of information security.

    Another important trademark course is the CISA course. CISA stands for Certified Information Systems Auditor that allows IT audit professionals to gain competence in the fields of control, security, and audit.

    For the CISA Exam Preparation, these things may help:

    • Set a study schedule and stick to it.
    • For the CISA exam preparation, a great way is to study whitepapers, webinars, virtual papers, virtual summits, books, etc.
    • Get CISM Coaching from experienced people.
    • Practice self-assessment and read review manuals.
    • Always do extra research.
    • Go beyond theoretical knowledge and understand the practical aspects of securing the systems.

    Future of Being an Ethical Hacker

    The demand for ethical hackers is expected to rise along with the number of cyber threats and the necessity for cybersecurity. The future of ethical hacking is limitless. This industry is rapidly increasing across various sectors, including the government, business operations, healthcare, entertainment, and banking.

    Companies are willing to pay more than average to fill expanding job positions in their cyber security divisions, but they have difficulty locating competent people. It implies that if you receive training to become an ethical hacker, you won't ever have to worry about finding work or money.

    The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that by 2025, there will be 35 million vacant positions in the information security sector.

    As a result, more businesses will continue to hire IT professionals to protect their data better, which will keep ethical hackers in demand. For people who desire to become ethical hackers, there is frequently plenty of employment available due to the industry's rapid expansion.

    There are several other reasons as to why ethical hackers are in demand:

    1. Widespread adoption of cloud computing has introduced security risks such as ransomware, identity theft, malware infections and data breaches.
    2. Cyber threats are growing increasingly sophisticated, which means that organizations must keep themselves safe by increasing the budget for cybersecurity. This has raised the demand for reputed cyber specialists and ethical hackers.
    3. With the rampant increase in the numbers of internet users, the web has become a prime target for the malicious activities of black hat hackers.

    This chart indicates the increase in the number of internet users across the world.

    World RegionsPopulation (2020 Est.)Population % of WorldInternet Users 30 June 2020Penetration Rate (% Pop.)Growth 2000-2024Internet World %
    Africa1,340,598,44717.2 %566,138,77242.2 %12,441 %11.7 %
    Asia4,294,516,65955.1 %2,525,033,87458.8 %2,109 %52.2 %
    Europe834,995,19710.7 %727,848,54787.2 %592 %15.1 %
    Latin America / Caribbean654,287,2328.4 %467,817,33271.5 %2,489 %9.7 %
    Middle East260,991,6903.3 %184,856,81370.8 %5,527 %3.8 %
    North America368,869,6474.7 %332,908,86890.3 %208 %6.9 %
    Oceania / Australia42,690,8380.5 %28,917,60067.7 %279 %0.6 %
    WORLD TOTAL7,796,949,710100.0 %4,833,521,80662.0 %1,239 %100.0 %

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    Wrapping Up

    The mentioned ethical hacker salary statistics indicate that ethical hackers are well-paid and in high demand across the globe. To help their networks develop, a lot of companies and organizations are looking to hire ethical hackers.

    To develop your ethical hacking abilities and launch a career in this exciting industry, enroll in KnowledgeHut’s Ethical Hacking course right away. Security testing, cryptography, data confidentiality, and network security are available as specializations in this course.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    1What is the highest salary of an Ethical Hacker in India?

    In India, the ethical hacker's salary starts at INR 1.77 lakh per year and can reach INR 40 lakh per year. The bonus ranges from INR 5,000 to INR 2 lakh for this position, while the maximum share of profits is INR 5.11 lakh.

    2Can Ethical Hackers get rich?

    Since hackers are frequently compensated well, a career in ethical hacking can be immensely fulfilling and lucrative. However, you must have the required expertise, know-how, and programming and networking skills before becoming an ethical hacker.

    3Where do ethical hackers get paid the most?

    The highest salary for ethical hackers is between $50,143 and $124,608 per year from companies in the US.

    4Is Ethical Hacker a good career?

    Given that cybersecurity has become a decade-long high-growth industry. You should consider a career in ethical hacking if you want to work in a stimulating atmosphere that is always evolving.

    5Are ethical hackers in demand?

    As the severity of cybercrimes and their impact on businesses continues to grow, the demand for ethical hackers is also rising. This is common across all industries and sectors such as FMCG, IT, banking & financial services, etc.

    6Do ethical hackers work from home?

    Ethical hackers can work from home depending on their company and the nature of the project. For instance, if it is an offsite project, the ethical hacker can work from home. However, to be a remote ethical hacker, you need to not just have adequate skills but also the right kind of technology infrastructure.

    7Is being an ethical hacker hard?

    Yes, becoming an ethical hacker requires you to have domain knowledge and the ability to apply your skills practically. All this while working in an environment that changes daily and is always under the imminent threat of an attack.

    8Does Google hire ethical hackers?

    Yes, Google is one of the largest hirers of ethical hackers. This is done to protect its systems from vulnerabilities and safeguard people’s classified information. 

    9Can I become a hacker without a degree?

    You can become an ethical hacker without a degree. However, in this case, you need significant experience in the IT security industry. You may also need to take some specialized courses.


    Vitesh Sharma

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    Vitesh Sharma, a distinguished Cyber Security expert with a wealth of experience exceeding 6 years in the Telecom & Networking Industry. Armed with a CCIE and CISA certification, Vitesh possesses expertise in MPLS, Wi-Fi Planning & Designing, High Availability, QoS, IPv6, and IP KPIs. With a robust background in evaluating and optimizing MPLS security for telecom giants, Vitesh has been instrumental in driving large service provider engagements, emphasizing planning, designing, assessment, and optimization. His experience spans prestigious organizations like Barclays, Protiviti, EY, PwC India, Tata Consultancy Services, and more. With a unique blend of technical prowess and management acumen, Vitesh remains at the forefront of ensuring secure and efficient networking solutions, solidifying his position as a notable figure in the cybersecurity landscape.

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