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Ethical Hacking Certification Cost: Exam Fee & Other Expenses [2024]

18th Jan, 2024
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    Ethical Hacking Certification Cost: Exam Fee & Other Expenses [2024]

    Cybercriminals today are resourceful, persistent, and relentless. They employ various strategies and technologies to breach networks, systems, and applications. Ethical hacking is a valuable tool for determining how well a company is at blocking, detecting, and reacting to new attack methods. Ethical hacking is identifying and exploiting security flaws to improve an organization's cyber security. Ethical hacking aids organizations in improving their security posture by exposing hidden vulnerabilities and offering aid in addressing them.

    An ethical hacker, often known as a white-hat hacker, is a cyber security analyst tasked with conducting ethical hacking evaluations. Certified ethical hackers have a good grasp of the methods and techniques employed by malevolent black hat hackers.

    What Is CEH Certification?

    The EC Council's most well-known and sought-after certification is the Certified Ethical Hacker. Auditors, site administrators, security consultants, ethical hackers, network security specialists, and penetration testers are common employment titles for CEH certification. Aside from the significant work opportunities, becoming a CEH expert opens the door to lucrative security positions in the government Information Technology sphere.

    As CEH is recognized and is used by the National Security Agency (NSA), the Committee on National Security Systems (C-N-S-S), and the Department of Defence (DoD), it acts as a benchmark for clear employees and workers with controlled access to vital information.

    Ethical Hacking and CEH Certification

    The ethical hacker is a term used to describe a White Hat hacker. They use penetration testing methods to examine a firm's information technology security condition. This aids in identifying vulnerabilities that the Information Technology security team must address. There are no defined educational qualifications for anyone interested in pursuing a career in Ethical Hacking certification training.

    On the other hand, a Bachelor's or Master's degree in Mathematics, Information Security, or Computer Science and even enrolling for online cyber security classes would be advantageous. The CEH credential verifies a professional's knowledge of network security, and the implementation is also ubiquitous because it is vendor-neutral. Only those who pass this CEH exam will be awarded the CEH certification.

    Those who choose the CEH[ANSI] must provide proof of their degree, experience, and credentials. A minimum of two years of hands-on experience working in data security is required. If a person lacks the necessary professional experience, they must demonstrate extensive educational training that will be evaluated.

    The CEH examination is structured on twenty-five multiple-choice questions (MCQs) in four hours and uses the EC-Council test identity code 312-50. These kinds of questions are centred on various ethical hacking approaches and technologies. Those who hold the CNDA/CEH certification, and several EC-Council qualifications must retake the exam every three years. They should also get a minimum of a hundred and twenty credits on the opposing side of the counter.

    After an applicant has obtained the CEH certificate, the next phase is Certified Ethical Hacker (Practical). The time allotted for the Certified Ethical Hacker Practical exam is usually six hours. It was unveiled in March of 2018. The exam occurs in a lab, and the candidate must demonstrate some ethical hacking skills. Website application hacking, susceptibility assessment, detecting threat vectors, operating system identification, network scanning, and other talents are among them. These abilities aid in the completion of security auditing work. If you don't have a Certified Ethical Hacker certification, you'll need one. Perhaps only then you'll be able to work actively against the most recent risks and any future hacking attempts.

    Educational Requirements for The Exam

    As mentioned earlier, there is no set or regulated educational requirement for becoming an ethical hacker. In general, firms normally carry out their inquiries for this position. Above all, as we've already known, a bachelor's or master's degree in data security, computer programming, or mathematics would be advantageous for you.

    It is also relevant to those who have previously served as volunteers for an organization after graduating from college. Furthermore, if an applicant has a military history, particularly in intelligence, their chances will be enhanced.

    The Cost of CEH Certification in 2024

    Compared to other IT certifications, you must apply to take the CEH. EC-Council would be eager to see if you have taken official CEH training or have at least two years of security experience throughout the application process. Furthermore, there is a fee associated with each stage.

    Exam Application

    Unlike most IT certifications, the CEH requires an application. EC-Council will want to establish that you have either taken authorized CEH training or have the expertise during the application procedure.

    First, make sure you meet the EC-eligibility Council's requirements. Enrolling in EC-CEH Council's prep course is the preferred approach. This will take you through all the parts and modules that CEH assesses, ensuring that you are well informed. If you want to take any CEH training other than EC- Council's, you'll have to ask for a waiver, which allows you to test without meeting their standards. Although you have a great case if you have two years of expertise in an InfoSec domain, approval is uncertain.

    The Cost of The CEH Exam

    Based on how and where you complete the exam, the certified ethical hacker certification price might cost anywhere from $950 to $1,119.

    There are a few different parts to CEH exam vouchers. The two basic packages are split depending on whether you'll be taking the exam online, at an EC-Council Authorized testing facility, or at a Pearson VUE testing centre. The necessity for the examination to be invigilated is one of the most important aspects of the pricing, and your selections here impact the whole Cost. The moderator must be a qualified EC-Council member, but they should also be able to see the examination and the applicant while taking the exam. If your moderator is located far from you, this can result in additional costs. If you want to use EC-Council invigilators, they will install software for remote monitoring of the system used. This will let them observe everything and anything that is going on. They'll be able to see what apps you have open, what websites you're visiting on your computer, and deactivate all screen recording features. They'll enable your webcam and have you exhibit the physical layout of your surroundings once the PC has been ready for their approval. If they're not happy, they'll ask you to put items away or rearrange the environment until it satisfies their needs.

    The CEH examination coupon will cost $950 if you test online or at an EC-Council accredited testing centre. It will cost you an extra $100 to provide your moderator. The coupon you'll need to take at a Pearson VUE testing facility will cost $1,199.

    CEH Training Costs

    CEH with Training  

    The following are the base fees for EC-Council formal training as a Certified Ethical Hacker:

    • $850 to $2,999 for Certified Ethical Hacker training.
    • The Certified Ethical Hacker exam cost is $ 1199.
    • Remote proctoring for Certified Ethical Hacker will cost an extra $100.

    CEH with Self-Paced Training

    It's the starting point for self-paced learning options and CEH evaluations:

    • Self-paced Certified Ethical Hacker programme (six months) costs between $250 to $600  
    • The Certified Ethical Hacker exam cost is $1199.
    • Remote proctoring for Certified Ethical Hacker will cost an individual $100.  
    • The Cost of Becoming a Certified Ethical Hacker is $100.
    • The Certified Ethical Hacker certification costs between $1,699 and $2,049.

    Exam Retake Costs

    If a candidate fails to pass an EC-Council test, they can acquire an ECC Exam centre voucher to repeat the exam at a reduced cost. In the worst-case scenario, if you don't qualify for the exam the first time, you can retake it immediately. If you still don't qualify for the second attempt, you'll have to wait for two weeks between retakes until your fourth attempt, after which the Retake Policy will require you to wait a year. Before purchasing a $499 CEH Retake Exam Voucher, you must first demand to retake examinations from the EC-Council. Candidates who fail the test for the third time consecutively (third attempt) are strongly encouraged to undergo formal hands-on training that addresses the certification requirements.

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    CEH certification holders are qualified for professions that require them to work together to combat cybercrime and provide protection against malicious viruses and other cyber attacks and have skills in how to secure information systems and networks from malware and virus threats.

    The EC-Council ethical hacking certification isn't difficult to secure, but it does necessitate some work on your behalf. You'll qualify for your examination without much difficulty if you do all the essential study and work, practice adequately for the test, and remain focused until you are a certified ethical hacker.

    KnowledgeHut's ethical hacking certification course is one location where you may get help along the way to achieve your ideal career.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    1Is Certified Ethical Hacker worth it?

     Businesses are hiring certified ethical hackers to protect their data from hackers since the number of cyber-attacks has grown significantly in the last few years. Also, because a CEH can dramatically increase your bottom-line income, it's well worth the work to obtain one.

    2What happens if you fail the CEH exam?

     If a candidate fails to pass an EC-Council test, they can acquire an ECC Exam centre voucher to repeat the exam at a reduced cost.

    3Can I take the CEH exam without experience?

    CEH is an entry-level certification, you can take it even if you have no prior experience. If you are not well-versed in information technology, you can enrol in an authorized EC-Council training programme, which is quite simple to complete. This implies that even if you have no significant experience, you can take the CEH examination and pass the exam with ease.


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