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How To Get Knowledge About The Certified Ethical Hacker

11th Sep, 2023
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    How To Get Knowledge About The Certified Ethical Hacker

    Certified ethical hacker training is commonly denoted as the course that teaches you to break through your own or your company’s computer/s in a legitimate and official manner to find out the existent vulnerabilities and to assess the safety bearing of the target system. Certified ethical hackers use the same tools and knowledge that malicious attackers exploit and execute the indicated defensive, counteractive and protective actions to protect the system from any breach in future.

    The ethical hacking course is vendor-neutral certification, so you would be able to safeguard different systems irrespective of their make. The course gives you an opportunity to delve into various hacking approaches and techniques. Globally, CEH certification is provided by EC-council through their authorized training centres. Several universities and private computer colleges offer courses and programs featuring CEH training that align with the certified ethical curriculum prescribed by EC-Council.

    Knowledge about Certified ethical hacker training

    The course is a combination of academic material and practical skills enabling you to discover the working and activities of a hacker. The training commences with theoretical explanations of particular techniques incorporated in the subject followed by a hands-on illustration in the art lab. The objective of the ethical hacking course is to:

    1. Ascertain and administer basic standards for licensing professional information security experts in the ethical hacking process.
    2. Notify the agencies or employers that certified individuals fulfil or surpass the basic standards.
    3. Strengthen awareness about ethical hacking as a self-governing and distinctive profession.
    4. Train students to classify and break several kinds of passwords, and successfully neutralize password hacking.
    5. Teach encryption and cryptography techniques, and confidential/communal key infrastructure.
    6. Inform about widespread cyber-attacks, for instance, phishing, social engineering, identity breach, URL obfuscation, insider attacks, Trojans, dumpster pitching, etc.
    7. Instruct learners to abide by the code of ethics regulating professional demeanour and the correctness of hacking.

    What are the prerequisites for this certification?

    The ethical hacker training certification is aimed at fortifying the functional knowledge of security officials, auditors, site managers, and professionals who are involved in maintaining the integrity of the infrastructure network. Although there are no prerequisites for this certification but, basic knowledge of telecommunications, networking and computer systems is greatly recommended. The minimum age for appearing for the exam or applying for the training is restricted to no less than 18 years. Thus, candidates who fall in the right age category and possess relevant networking knowledge can apply for the course and complete their certification.

    The ethical hacking credential is one of the most sought-after certifications of EC-Council. The certified experts can seek a wide scope of job titles including network security specialist, penetration tester, ethical hacker, security specialist, site manager and auditor. In addition to the important business job opportunities, CEH certification opens gateways to rewarding security recruitments to the government run IT sector positions. The credential is an acknowledgement of your skills to work as an ethical hacker independently or with companies by having privileged access to vulnerable information.


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