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Is Cyber Security a Good Career Choice in 2024?

22nd May, 2024
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    Is Cyber Security a Good Career Choice in 2024?

    Cybersecurity aims at protecting different systems, networks, programs, apps, and other forms of networking from digital attacks. You might be wondering, is Cyber Security a good career with multidimensional forms of development? Why choose cybersecurity as a career? So, let us settle your doubts.

    Cybersecurity has a lot of advantages. These advantages span personal and professional aspects of one's development. The field is still flourishing, and there is a lot to explore in cybersecurity. With the help of IT Security training courses, you can easily learn vital skills.

    What is Cybersecurity?

    Cybersecurity entails safeguarding systems, networks, and programs from cyberattacks. These hacks often disrupt normal business operations, extort payment from users, or access, alter, or delete important data. Putting effective Cybersecurity safeguards in place in the modern world is challenging since there are more devices than people, and hackers are becoming more inventive.

    Why is Cybersecurity Important?

    Cybersecurity is essential because it protects all forms of data from loss and theft. Intellectual property, personally identifiable information (PII), sensitive data, protected health information (PHI), individually identifiable information (PII), sensitive data, and corporate and government information systems are all included.

    If cybersecurity professionals did not continuously endeavor to thwart denial-of-service attacks, it would be almost impossible to use many websites.

    Cyber Security Career Pathway

    Why is Cybersecurity a Good Career Path?

    With so many career options, you might ask yourself, why choose Cybersecurity as a career? Is Cybersecurity a good job? Due to rapid technological advancements, there is a need for information to be stored and transmitted safely. This is a daunting task that requires a lot of expertise.

    Cybersecurity experts are trained to secure your network and avoid the misuse of information. You can help contribute to securing important information across countries and major organizations.

    Low Unemployment

    The reality is that there is currently a great need for Cybersecurity professionals is one of the primary advantages. However, it is also important to have a skill set that will enable you to find work easily and consistently, even during a recession.

    Being in Demand 

    With the rapid increase in IT projects, the job is enjoying a sky-high demand. You will never run out of opportunities and can travel across countries to work on diverse projects.

    Great Salary Prospects 

    Because there is such a strong need for qualified workers and a shortage, Cybersecurity pays fairly well. The average yearly income for a Cyber security consultant in India is 9.5 lakhs, with salaries ranging from 4.2 lakhs to 25.0 lakhs. Based on 702 salaries from Cyber security consultants, salary projections have been made.

    Remote Work

    Because most of the work will be centered on technology and interacting with people worldwide, you can frequently work from home. Some could view this negatively since they enjoy working in a social environment and leaving the house, but for many people, having the choice to work from home is advantageous.

    Education And Certification 

    Fortunately, you can pursue a career without a degree in Cybersecurity. This can be a substantial barrier for some professions, such as law or medicine since entry into the field requires a significant time commitment in the form of formal schooling. On the other hand, there are a lot of self-taught experts and people with degrees in other subjects who have managed to shift into Cybersecurity.

    Ability To Advance 

    This is one aspect where most people begin to doubt themselves. Is Cyber security a good career in the future, you may ask? As you take up projects and delve deeper into the field of Cybersecurity, you will be provided with multiple opportunities and pay, thus advancing your skills to an all-new level.

    Job Satisfaction 

    Is Cyber security a good field? Considering the good salary, flexible work hours, and the option to work from home, most people are now preparing themselves for a career in cyber security. People who join the industry are extremely satisfied with their careers. They can achieve a good work-life balance, one that is sought after in most industries.

    Opportunity To Be Self-employed

    Cyber security is a highly specialized field. It requires an overall understanding of the most efficient process to secure your network and defend against hacking, malware, and so on. With these skills, one can open up their own business, set up a team, and offer consulting services.

    Opportunity to Learn New Things 

    Working as a cybersecurity specialist offers you a platform to learn new skills. It requires constant interaction with the clients and your colleagues to deliver the best results possible. In this process, one learns a lot about others, oneself, and other professions.

    Practically Unlimited Growth 

    The field is evergreen. As technology advances rapidly, there is an undeniable need for cyber security. As you begin to study and work, you will be able to gain an understanding of the upcoming trends and how to apply them in the field.

    Be a Part of an Exciting And Challenging Field

    Cybersecurity is an intellectually challenging field. A day's work usually consists of discussing the different ways you can improve the firewall. As the project progresses, there will be bugs that present themselves. Solving these bugs often requires patience and advanced problem-solving skills. Whilst the bugs are being resolved, you must also ensure that you make them user-friendly.

    Choose an Industry that Interests You 

    In a dynamic field, Cybersecurity draws professionals from all different backgrounds. This indicates that there is room for differentiation within the vast subject of cybersecurity by utilizing your experience in information technology, management, or accounting.

    Use Your Entire Skillset

    The fact that Cybersecurity can be used in a variety of sectors, including the public, nonprofit, and commercial sectors, is one of its most alluring features. The industries that handle large numbers of consumer data, such as finance, health care, and retail commerce, have the greatest demand for Cybersecurity experts. 

    Cyber security architect

    Future Scope of Cybersecurity: Based on Location

    In context with the events and occurrences within different countries, each community requires a Cybersecurity Expert to fulfill different goals. Given below is a list of Countries and their scope for the upcoming years: 


    Is Cyber Security a Good Career in India? India has more open positions than the United States and the United Kingdom. Some of the most in-demand job positions in India are Cyber security analyst, Security Architect, Cyber security manager, Chief Information Security Officer, Network Security Engineer, and many more positions are available at the moment.


    Is Cyber security a good career in Canada? Professionals in Cyber security are needed across all of Canada's government sectors due to a talent shortage in the field, both domestically and internationally. Following the COVID-19 epidemic, ransomware attacks and other online dangers have increased in Canada. All Canadian industries have a critical need for cyber talent.


    Is Cyber Security a Good Career in Australia? In recent years, Australia has faced a lack of 2300 cybersecurity personnel, and by 2026, there will likely be a need for at least 17,600 more. Businesses are searching for experts with a strong technical foundation, data security knowledge, and an awareness of business risk.

    Companies are willing to pay greater fees to these individuals due to the specialized expertise that the security specialists have. Forbes claims it to be a job of the future generation.

    Companies are going above and beyond to hire top talent in this field and reward them appropriately due to the shortage of cyber security specialists in demand and supply. Over the following five years, there will be tremendous growth.


    Is Cyber security a good career in the UK? The threat of ransomware will become more serious in 2022 for the Cybersecurity market. The UK National Cybersecurity center reports that there were three times as many ransomware attacks in the first quarter of 2021 than there were in the same period in 2019. According to PwC research, 61% of IT executives anticipated this increase by 2022.

    Since the outbreak, there has been an increase in online and digital activity, giving thieves additional opportunities to trick an individual user or a business into clicking a link that instantly downloads ransomware. With these worrying statistics, there is a growing need for applicants trained in cyber security.


    Is Cyber security a good career in the US? In the upcoming years, increased Cybersecurity Concerns and a continuing shortage of these experts will also force adjustments to Cybersecurity tactics and workplace norms.

    According to Gartner

    • By 2025, 60% of firms will see Cybersecurity risk as their main consideration when engaging in business with third parties.
    • By 2025, 80% of businesses will have adopted a plan to consolidate web, cloud, and private application access through a single vendor's edge security platform.
    • By 2026, the employment contracts of 50% of C-level executives will include risk-related performance objectives. 


    Due to rising attacks and threats, as well as rising government spending on cyber security, it is projected that the UAE's Cyber security market will expand rapidly over the coming years. The National Cybersecurity Strategy 2020–2025 was created by the UAE government for - 

    • Enhancing the current Cyber security laws and regulations 
    • Protecting emerging and existing cyber technologies, assisting in the protection of SMEs against cyber threats. 


    Singapore's Cybersecurity market is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 13.3% between 2022 and 2027. The Cybersecurity Agency of Singapore claims that ransomware outbreaks, internet fraud, and phishing operations associated with Covid-19 dominated the cyber environment in 2021. Additionally, the cyber security Agency predicted that as long as COVID-19 is still a major worldwide health concern, hostile online activity will increase.

    Relevant and In-demand Credentials for a Successful Career In Cybersecurity 

    To ensure quality and promote standardized measures of expertise worldwide, certain credentials can be acquired through clearing exams and partaking in the necessary coursework. Given below are some of the most widely accepted credentials one must have.

    Ethical Hacking Certification (CEH v11) 

    One of the finest ways to verify a professional's abilities in penetration testing, vulnerability detection, and evaluation in target systems is to obtain the Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) accreditation from the EC-Council, a reputable and trusted ethical hacking organization.

    To stop data from being stolen and used maliciously by attackers, certified specialists analyze vulnerabilities and potential points of attack for organizations' digital assets and infrastructures. Ethical hacking can easily be learned through Ethical Hacking certification, in simplified steps.

    CISA Certification

    Your team's proficiency in developing and executing privacy solutions that align with company demands and goals is immediately acknowledged by CISA certification. Through CISA, businesses can find engineers capable of integrating privacy by design into technology platforms, products, and processes, corresponding with legal experts, and maintaining organizational compliance efficiently and cost-effectively.

    CISA demonstrates that your team has the technical know-how necessary to evaluate, develop, and deploy an all-encompassing privacy solution while expanding business value, customer insights, and trust—ultimately elevating the reputation of your company.

    CISM Certification

    The CISM certification is an advanced certification that deems an individual eligible to run an information technology program in any corporation. The CISM certification is issued to state that the individual has gained the required experience and has completed the coursework for the same. CISM (Certified Information Security Manager).

    ISACA, a nonprofit, independent group, provides this accreditation. Under ISO/IEC 17024:2003, ANSI has granted CISM accreditation. Information security management specialists, such as IT managers, information security analysts, or consultants who support information security management, are the target audience for CISM.

    An employee who has earned the CISM certification is expected to oversee the organization's information security, create policies and procedures, and comprehend the connection between information security and corporate goals. 

    CISSP Certification 

    By obtaining the CISSP, you can demonstrate that you have what it takes to successfully plan, carry out, and oversee a top-notch Cybersecurity Program. By earning a CISSP certification, you may prove your knowledge and join (ISC)2, giving you access to a wide range of valuable resources, learning opportunities, and networking opportunities.

    CCSP Certification 

    To improve their careers in cloud-based Cybersecurity, individuals with some expertise in information technology (IT) and security can earn the Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP) certification. Obtaining a CCSP certification proves to prospective employers that you possess the technical know-how required to protect crucial cloud assets. The demand for security personnel with specific cloud understanding will increase as more businesses move their activities to cloud platforms.

    Looking to boost your career? Get certified with the ITIL Certification Exam. Master the art of IT service management and open doors to endless opportunities. Don't miss out, enroll today!


    Through an understanding of why cybersecurity is a good career, we infer that it is an upcoming field with applications across the globe. Due to the advancements in technology, Cybersecurity is required by many countries. It has become the gold standard across all companies and teams. Additionally, one can always work independently, such as by becoming a consultant, a developer, and so on, by acquiring the right certifications.

    However, securing these certifications is often a difficult task. With KnowledgeHut IT security training courses, you will find all the important materials in one place, saving you time and energy. You will also be able to learn all the concepts in a simple and fun manner.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    1How hard is Cyber Security?

    Cybersecurity is not difficult. Cybersecurity is one of the few sectors in the computer world that don't demand a strong technical background, despite the possibility of challenging ideas like cryptography or areas that require more technical understanding. 

    2What skills do you need for Cyber Security?

    You will require skills such as being aware of minute details, advanced problem-solving skills, a passion for learning, and a thorough understanding of hacking.

    3Is Cyber security high paying?

    An experienced Cyber Security Analyst with 10-20 years of experience gets an average salary of INR 15.4 lakhs per year, compared to a mid-career Cyber Security Analyst with 4–9 years of experience.


    Vitesh Sharma

    Blog Author

    Vitesh Sharma, a distinguished Cyber Security expert with a wealth of experience exceeding 6 years in the Telecom & Networking Industry. Armed with a CCIE and CISA certification, Vitesh possesses expertise in MPLS, Wi-Fi Planning & Designing, High Availability, QoS, IPv6, and IP KPIs. With a robust background in evaluating and optimizing MPLS security for telecom giants, Vitesh has been instrumental in driving large service provider engagements, emphasizing planning, designing, assessment, and optimization. His experience spans prestigious organizations like Barclays, Protiviti, EY, PwC India, Tata Consultancy Services, and more. With a unique blend of technical prowess and management acumen, Vitesh remains at the forefront of ensuring secure and efficient networking solutions, solidifying his position as a notable figure in the cybersecurity landscape.

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