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Software Testing Salary in USA in 2024

27th Dec, 2023
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    Software Testing Salary in USA in 2024

    When we consider the salary of an IT professional – the five most important factors that are considered are roles and responsibilities, training for Software Testing certifications, qualifications, experience, and skills. Normally salaries vary by level of organization or project. Software testing is one of the most lucrative tech jobs across the world, and the salary of software testing professionals increases with experience. After a relevant number of years, software testing professionals become experts in their field.

    As they gain experience, their job evolves from ‘working on a project’ to ‘working for the company,’ and the salary stakes increase as well. Wondering how much can you earn as a software tester in the US? Firstly, there is nothing fixed or stipulated, as a lot depends on the company, city, project, and expertise you are working on. But this comprehensive guide shall elaborate on the average salary of software testers in the United States, the highest paying cities, and the average salaries of typical software testing roles. 

    What’s the Role of a Software Tester?

    So, what is the core job role or responsibilities of a software tester? 

    Software testers can also be termed as QAs/Quality analysts as their primary responsibility is to test the working and design of software, find loopholes or bugs in an engineer's code, and test the functionality of applications and projects before they are released to the market. When software engineers are done creating an application or software, it’s the software tester’s job to thoroughly check the programs and functionality of the software to avoid problems that might affect end-users. 

    They use computer systems to test software. Software testers are also hired by software developers to test apps for Android and iPad systems. Similarly, to test a server app, the software tester would test it on a computer server. 

    How Much Does a Software Tester Make?

    To start with, let us give you an average software testing salary in the USA, which is approximately $58,440 per year, along with a bonus of $3,600/per year 

    According to Payscale, the software testing engineer's salary in the USA ranges between $39,000 and $88,000, with an average of $56,600. 

    The average salary of software testing in the USA based on experience is: 

    Experience LevelSalary RangeAverage Salary

    Entry-level software testing salary in the US 

    $34k – $67k 


    Junior software testing salary in the USA 

    $39k – $80k 


    Mid Career 

    $49k – $93k 


    Senior Software testing salary in the USA 

    $51k – $104k 


    Late Career 

    $51k – $109k 


    Top Tester Salary by Role in USA

    Let us look at some of the key roles in the software testing world. If you look at the salary table given below, you will notice that a Software tester is actually at the bottom of the payroll as compared to a software tester who is in the Management and engineering or technical role of software testing in the USA. 

    • Test Manager – His job is to define and implement the role of testing within the organization. He defines the scope of software testing within the context of each release/delivery. He must deploy and manage appropriate testing frameworks to meet the testing mandate. 
    • Test Automation Engineer – These engineers are software developers who create and design programs that automatically test new or existing software, which is a crucial part of the software development cycle. 
    • Senior Performance Test Engineer – The senior test engineer’s job is to detect problems, isolate them and report them. Submitting a timely project status report to the top management is his core duty. He also needs to engage and interact with cross-functional teams like test engineers, data scientists, product scientists, etc. 
    • Test Engineer - He performs tests on software or applications to ensure they work correctly. Their primary responsibility is to check for quality assurance teams at software companies. 
    • Automation Tester - He is responsible for testing software applications using automated testing tools and reporting the results to make sure that the software is high quality and free of defects. 
    • Performance Tester – To evaluate application output and process speed, check data transfer velocity and bandwidth usage, memory utilization, number of users who can use it, workload efficiency, and command response times is a performance tester’s core responsibility. 
    • Software Tester – He is the QA who conducts automated and manual tests to ensure the software created by developers is fit and without any issues. His core duty is to ensure that all inefficiencies are removed from a product before it gets distributed among everyday users. 

    According to Payscale, the top average salary of a software tester in the USA by role are: 

    RoleSalary RangeAverage Salary

    Test Manager 

    $62k – $135k 


    Test Automation Engineer 

    $69k – $127k 


    Senior Performance Test Engineer 

    $83k – $98k 


    Test Engineer 

    $56k – $102k 


    Automation Tester 

    $45k – $111k 


    Performance Tester 

    $55k – $97k 


    Software Tester 

    $39k – $88k 


    Factors Affecting the Pay of Software Testers

    Aptitudes and level of skills

    Based on aptitude, knowledge, expertise, certifications, and skills, here is what different software testers and related IT professionals earn in the US: 

    Java Developer 

    $112,987 per year 

    Software Engineer 

    $110,024 per year 

    Systems Engineer 

    $102,393 per year 

    Software Developer 

    $100,000 per year 

    Test Engineer 

    $97,594 per year 

    Program Manager 

    $86,081 per year 

    Business Analyst 

    $82,971 per year 

    Systems Analyst 

    $82,400 per year 

    Quality Engineer 

    $79,967 per year 


    $66,889 per year 

    Software Engineer Tester 

    $99,656 per year 

    Quality Assurance Tester 

    $70,798 per year 

    Test Analyst 

    $69,673 per year 

    Automation Engineer 

    $91,786 per year 

    Mobile Tester 

    $79,046 per year 


    The yearly software tester salary in the US: 

    • Entry-level software testing salary in the USA: USD 48,548 
    • USD 68,553 for mid-career software testing salary in the USA with 4-8 years of experience 
    • USD 73,659 for experienced software testers average salary in the US with 10+ years of experience 
    • USD 6,357 per month as a remote software testing salary in the USA 

    Current Salary (if moving to a new position)

    The software testing salary in the USA is around USD 58,726. If moving from one job to another as a software tester in the US, then the salary range can vary between $39,000 and $88,000 


    Companies like Apple, NVIDIA, Workday, etc., give higher salaries to their software tester employees based on their geographic location and experience level. San Francisco, San Jose, and Seattle are among the top cities that offer high salaries. 


    The kind of salaries offered to software testers in the US depends on their workplace and location. Let us look at the highest-paying cities for software test engineer salaries in the US. 

    San Diego, CA 

     $121,852 per year 

    Austin, TX 

     $102,657 per year 

    San Francisco, CA 

     $98,814 per year 

    New York, NY 

     $97,498 per year 

    Arlington, VA 

     $93,771 per year 

    Seattle, WA 

     $91,465 per year 

    Chicago, IL 

     $90,878 per year 

    San Antonio, TX 

     $81,295 per year 

    Redmond, WA 

     $77,923 per year 

    Type of employment: full-time vs. contractual vs. Freelancing

    Once you understand basic software testing and development principles, you can apply for freelance work. Getting a full-time job without experience can be difficult. However, going freelance allows you to gain expertise and reinforce the skills you have learned. It will also help you improve your portfolio and get your dream job. Once you have completed a few freelance projects and have a decent portfolio, you can start applying for full-time jobs. At this point, your portfolio can help you win interviews and land high-paying jobs. 

    The freelance software testing salary in the USA is $94,048 annually. That's about $45.22 per hour if you want basic payroll. This equates to $1,808 per week or $7,837 per month. 

    A full-time software tester's salary in the US can be a minimum of $82,882 per year or $39.85 per hour. Entry-level positions start at $57,502 per year, while most experienced workers make up to $131,874 per year. 

    For employees on a contractual basis, the part-time software testing salary in the USA is $77,274 a year, which is approximately $37.15 an hour. This is the equivalent of $1,486/week or $6,439/month. 

    What Are the Factors Affecting Software Testing Salaries in the USA?

    Here are some of the most significant factors that affect the salaries of software testers in the US: 

    1. Cities

    According to Payscale, the top-paying city for software testing is Cary, North Carolina, topping the list of average salaries with a $95,772.00 average income. Irving, Texas, is a low-paying city for software testing, last on the list of average salaries with a $35,000.00 average income. Here is a list of the top-paying cities for software testers in the US: 

    CityAverage Salary (Per year)

    Cary, North Carolina 


    Fairfax, Virginia 


    Chantilly, Virginia 


    San Francisco, California 


    San Diego, California 


    San Jose, California 


    Miami, Florida 


    Gaithersburg, Maryland 


    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 


    Phoenix, Arizona 


    Washington, District of Columbia 


    2. The scale of the Organization

    When deciding the salary of a software tester in the US, one crucial factor that makes a difference is the organization, its scope, and the scale that you would be working for. Tech giants in the US give good salary packages to software testers, which makes it essential for you to consider these top companies and their average salary packages to know the value of software testers in the US. 

    Here are some software companies with lucrative salary packages: 


    HCL Technologies 

    $154,803 per year 


    $152,163 per year 


    $137,938 per year 


    $133,393 per year 


    $131,548 per year 

    Akamai Technologies 

    $126,951 per year 


    $126,008 per year 

    $125,127 per year 


    $124,569 per year 


    $120,893 per year 


    $117,620 per year 


    $122,111 per year 

    JPMorgan Chase 

    $117,454 per year 


    $116,700 per year 

    3. Negotiation Skills

    The average salary of a software tester varies between $39,000 and $88,000, with an average of $56,600. It depends on how you, as a professional, can negotiate your salary package based on the kind of projects you have handled, additional knowledge, education, and certifications that you may have added to your resume, expertise, experience, skills, and your personality. 

    4. Certification, Training

    Certifications and training give you more advanced skills and, of course, a higher salary. Here are some key certifications that you can add to your resume and get a chance to earn a higher salary package: 

    5. Training For Software Testing 

    Software testing certification helps you ensure that your end users receive a working product. Enroll in this software testing course and learn why software testers are essential to building great software products. Become a trusted software tester who can identify product issues before they reach your users. Examine software testing practices that include testing performance, security, and other aspects of your product to ensure your users have a great experience. You check out the following courses by KnowledgeHut: 

    The coded UI test is a tool capable of testing applications built on the Net or Web 2.0. The training will help you understand the ‘How’ to roll an outdated testing practice in an organization. It will also help you design a framework and modularize the application feature sets.

    The 24 hours of live, instructed-led training is a 3-level certification scheme for the testers. The training program adopts a practical approach and covers all the essential topics that you need to know. You will also get an internationally approved ISTQB certificate on the completion of the course.

    Become a Selenium Expert with this 24 hours of immersive instruction-led course by Knowledgehut. The course will help you delve deep into concepts like Selenium, IDE, RC, Grid, webDriver etc.

    The 24-hour live Teradat learning will help you learn all about Teradata management. It will help you become an expert in Teradata architecture and master performance tuning and optimization. 

    The training will help you learn the best practices of test management. It will help you build and execute the test plans in coordination with your organizational policies. 

    • Selenium Testing Course 

    With Selenium Testing course certification, you can familiarize yourself with automated web testing using Selenium. You can indulge in 24-hour immersive instructor-led sessions and learn about automated testing with Selenium through interactive, hands-on learning. This course will allow you to dive deep into Selenium IDE, RC, Grid, and WebDriver concepts. You can acquire the skills to create automated tests for your applications and create a framework for testing web applications. With this certification program, you can get a free e-learning access to over 100 courses. 

    6. Technical Knowledge

    The software industry is developing rapidly, and the tech world is evolving from the WEB2 Internet to the distributed WEB3 Internet, significantly changing the software testing process. Candidates who are familiar with the latest technology can demand higher salaries than other candidates. 

    The top technical skills that can get you a good salary are: 

    • Programming Skills 
    • Frontend Skills 
    • Knowledge of Source Control Systems 
    • Backend Skills 
    • Writing Automated Tests 
    • Knowledge of Software Testing Tools 
    • Database and SQL Skills 
    • Excellent communication skills 

    Career paths as a Software Tester (QA Analyst) include the following but may vary by company. 

    • Fresher – QA Analyst 
    • 2-3 years experience – Sr. QA Analyst 
    • 5-6 years experience – QA Team Coordinator 
    • 8-11 years’ experienced – Test Manager 
    • 14+ experience – Senior Test Manager 

    What are the Software Tester Salaries in Top Companies in the USA?

    The average US software tester's salary is $71,289. The median salary for quality assurance testers in the US is $37.58 an hour. Additionally, the average annual salary for a software test engineer in some of the top companies in the US can be as high as $104,968. Let us take a look at the top companies in the USA offering a different range of software tester salaries in the USA: 


     $150,039 per year 

    Dell Technologies 

     $141,496 per year 


     $138,229 per year 


     $137,881 per year 

    Cisco Systems 

     $128,303 per year 


     $125,074 per year 


     124,209 per year 


     $123,138 per year 


     $122,324 per year 


     $122,111 per year 

    How can Software Testers Increase their Salary in the USA?

    According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, software testing professionals work closely with the software as QA testers and have a massive scope in every corner of the world. The report shows that software engineering jobs should grow by about 25% by 2026, which clearly indicates a huge opportunity for software testers as both professionals work hand in hand. Software tester pay rates vary by company, skills, certifications, education, and experience. 


    You usually don't have to wait for a job opportunity to apply for a job. You can usually expect them to show interest in your organization and support future decisions. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the software testing field is growing at a rapid 22% rate from 2020 to 2030. The prospects are bright, and being a software tester has also been proven as the second most satisfying job in the world. So, get your skill, certifications like KnowledgeHut's Software Testing classes, and resume handy, and get yourself a lucrative software testing job in the US. 

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    1Is a software tester internship a good way to get a job in the US?

    The Field and job requirements for software testers across the globe are increasing. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the software testing sector is expected to grow at a rapid rate of 22% from 2020 to 2030. As soon as you are done with your basic education, it is important you get your appropriate certifications, which can outshine your resume from the others, and get an internship. Getting an internship is highly recommended, as it gives you an added heads-up when you apply for a real-world job.

    2What is considered to be a good software tester salary in the US?

    The software testing salary in the USA can be $58,440 per year, along with a Bonus of $3,600/per year. With your progress in certifications, education, skills, and experience, the average software tester's salary in the US can go up to $82,882 per year or $39.85 per hour. Entry-level positions start at $57,502 per year, while most experienced ones can even make up to $131,874 per year 

    3Who gets paid more, software tester or software developer in the US?

    The median starting salary for software developers is $61,000. The average software testing salary in the USA is $49,000. This clearly shows that software developers earn more than testers. 

    4Do software testers make more than software engineers in the US?

    The average salary for a software test engineer in the US is $100,432. The average incremental cash compensation for software test engineers in the US is $11,284. The average gross salary for a software test engineer in the US is $111,716. As in the United States, software development jobs are expected to grow by 25% between 2021 and 2031, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Therefore, there is a huge demand for software developers in the market. In contrast, the software testing salary in the USA can be $58,440 per year, along with a Bonus of $3,600/per year. This shows that software engineers in the US earn more than software testers. 

    5What month does a software tester get appraisals in the USA?

    The Appraisal period in the US could be six months or one year, depending on company policies. Normally, the appraisal time is either mid-month or the end of the year (financial) 

    6Is software tester a high-paying job in America?

    There are 137000+ software tester jobs on Linkedin, and every day, 7000+ new jobs are added to the Linkedin job portal. According to Indeed, more than 8000 jobs are currently available in the USA. Software Testing jobs come in the top 20 happiest jobs in the world, and 61% of software testers or quality assurance testers are happy with their salary in the USA. There is no fixed salary for a QA software tester, as it depends on critical factors like location, experience level, company size, etc. According to Payscale, the software testing salary in the USA ranges between $39,000 and $88,000, with an average of $56,600, and it has an extremely lucrative scope with experience and certification enhancements. So, Yes! a software tester is a high-paying job in America.  


    Mohan Jayabal


    Mohan Jayabal is a highly experienced senior corporate trainer and consultant with a strong background in software testing. With over 17 years of professional experience, he specializes in testing consultation and training, delivering comprehensive solutions to clients worldwide. Mohan has conducted testing training programs in various countries including Ethiopia, Tanzania, Vietnam, UK, and USA, covering both manual and test automation techniques. He has also served as a performance testing consultant for esteemed organizations such as City Union Bank and the Government of Tamilnadu's Public Distribution System. As an official accredited trainer for renowned companies like Accenture, Cognizant, Microsoft, IBM, and Deloitte, Mohan has successfully streamlined training processes and developed training materials for testing-related domains.

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