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Discover the dynamic world of Software Testing and build the skills to bag prestigious tech roles in this rapidly expanding domain. As a software tester, you'll be in high demand for your ability to ensure seamless functionality and deliver enhanced user experiences. Your expertise will be valued across industries, allowing you to make a major impact.

Software Testing is the heartbeat of the Software Development process and so developers need to have a solid understanding of the entire process ranging from gathering to deployment. As more and more organizations rely on software for their regular business activities, the demand for Software Developers and Testers witnesses a massive surge. Although Software professionals are required in every industry, Technology, IT, Entertainment, eCommerce, Education, Healthcare, Manufacturing, and Retail are some of the most high-paying industries for Software professionals.

Learn how software testers are important to developing superior software products. Become one of the professionals expected to identify issues with the product before it goes to the user by enrolling in one of our software testing courses. You will also learn to test the performance, security, and other aspects of products to make sure that the users have a great experience. Get updated on all the latest industry practices and tools to stay relevant. From ISTQB® Advanced Level Security Tester to Coded UI Test using Microsoft Visual Studio 2013, ISTQB® Advanced Level Security Tester to Automation Testing using TestComplete Training, KnowledgeHut offers a wide range of top Software Analyst courses designed to bring out the best of you in the corporate world.

KnowledgeHut is a global leader when it comes to providing upskilling courses. We are home to a stellar pool of instructors who have nailed it in the software world. They have years of experience spanning across several fields such as IT, Railways, Manufacturing, Government, eCommerce, Automobile, Real Estate, Legal, Accounting, Telecommunications, and more. Attend our instructor-led classes, engage with industry experts, master concepts from scratch, get hands-on practice, acquire industry-leading certifications, and make it big in the corporate world.

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Get an introduction to the vital area of Software Testing. Become a skilled Software Tester who understands how to identify issues and assists the developers in building high-performing products that meet customer requirements. Get readily applicable skills that will help you in your software testing career path by applying the skills you learn in real work environments.

Take courses and certifications that prepare you for a career in software testing. Understand all the several types of testing and the range of testing tools used to perform testing. Understand the best practices in the industry and learn how to navigate the stages of testing by developing a thorough understanding of testing processes.

At KnowledgeHut, we bring you the most in-demand Software Testing courses delivered by industry-leading Software experts who have years of experience across various domains like IT, Manufacturing, Finance, Sports, Retail, eCommerce, Entertainment, and more. As a market leader in this space, our main priority is to provide an unmatched learning experience to all our learners.

Our courses are powered by experiential learning that helps our learners to master concepts from scratch and put their learning into action. Attend our instructor-led training, get mentored by industry experts, advance your learning with thorough practice, clear certification exams, and acquire industry-leading Software certifications that will give you a competitive edge in the corporate world.

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Learn our software testing courses delivered by industry experts with extensive work experience. Take advantage of our experiential learning model. KnowledgeHut is a training provider with a long track record of training professionals in software testing. We have helped thousands of professionals across 100+ countries to achieve their career goals with industry-leading skills and top certifications that helped them get placed in renowned organizations around the world. See for yourself our software testing course reviews to find out what our learners are saying about our courses.

Software Testing Lifecycle

Software Testing is the foundation of organizations' products and services. Be it a new release or an update, testing plays a pivotal role in ensuring the reliability, quality, and performance of software applications. Get a glimpse into the software testing lifecycle, find out how it works and why it is important for testing professionals to understand the process involved in it.

Life cycle

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Eligibility and Prerequisites

  • Candidates do not need to fulfil any prerequisites for foundational courses 
  • Freshers and Experienced professionals can both attend these courses 
  • Experience in understanding the basics of development and testing will be an advantage 

Who Should Take Our Software Testing Programs

  • Software Testing Engineers 
  • Test Analysts 
  • Test Consultants 
  • Test Managers 
  • IT Professionals 
  • User Acceptance Testers 
  • Software Developers 
  • Project Managers 
  • Quality Managers 
  • Business Analysts 
  • Directors  
  • Consultants 

Software Testing Course Duration and Fees

Get a comprehensive view of our most trending and career-defining software testing courses ranging from training on testing tools to advanced software testing certification courses. As an industry leader, we provide an array of courses for individuals looking to advance their Software Testing career and beginner-friendly courses for freshers looking to make it big in this domain. Enroll in courses led by top experts and powered by immersive learning. Here is a comprehensive list of the duration and software testing course fees for all our software testing certification courses.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Software Testing is the practice of evaluating and verifying software to see if it meets the requirements it was developed for and if it functions smoothly. It can also identify bugs and remove them before being launched out to the user. Software testing certification courses train you on how to perform tests effectively. 

Software testing can find bugs in the software and fix it in time before releasing` it. Fixing issues after release exposes the users to an unpleasant experience and results in a loss of credibility. Software testing certification courses train professionals how to run comprehensive tests. 

Yes, software testing is an important part of development and helps in identifying issues with the product. Skilled software testers are always in demand. 

A software tester is a professional who is responsible for verifying if the product matches the requirements it was developed for and finding bugs that need to be fixed before the product can be launched. 

There are different methods of doing software testing some of the most popular methods are unit testing, integration testing, functional testing, performance testing, acceptance testing, smoke testing etc. 

There are a range of benefits you can get from Software Testing. The major software testing course benefits are as follows: 

  • Identifying bugs 
  • Customer satisfaction 
  • Cost savings 
  • Security 
  • Better quality 
  • Better performance 

Yes, testers can become developers. Working as a tester will give you insights and a user perspective that will be invaluable as a developer. Software testing course syllabus covers topics from the basic levels. There are online software testing courses for beginners as well as for experienced professionals. Go through the software testing course content before picking the course. 

Software testing as a career is very promising. Organizations rely on their testers to make sure that their products are market ready and will perform well once launched. As a critical role, there is always a high demand for skilled software testers. Software testing course eligibility is also not complicated. 

Yes, software testing is easy to learn as it is easy to get the hang of testing tools. To be an effective tester you will need to have an eye for details and be empathetic towards the users. You will learn these skills in software testing classes. 

Anybody can attend a software testing course. Although a technical background helps, it is not a necessity to attend a software testing certification course. What is required is to have a user perspective, logical skills, analytical skills, and a commitment to deliver high quality and high performing products. 

The best software testing course for you will vary depending on your requirement, level of experience, and interests. ISTQB is one of the certification bodies that offer certifications starting from foundational level to advanced level. Software testing certification programs should be selected considering the specific requirements. Some of the courses may require you to clear a software testing certification exam to prove your knowledge and ability. The best software testing training courses will also allow you to practice your learnings in realistic work-like environments. 

There are a lot of resources online which will help you learn about software testing. To understand how it really works you will have to practice on real projects. Even though you can learn concepts on your own to practice your skills you would need to work on live projects or enroll in a course that allows you to practice on realistic projects. Software testing certification costs are reasonable, so doing at least a software testing certification for beginners would be beneficial. Software testing certification training is not mandatory, but it can make your journey a lot easier. 

Software testing requires a complex skill set. Some of the most important skills are as follows: 

  • Testing Tools 
  • Documentation 
  • Communication 
  • Awareness of trends 
  • Constant learning 
  • Modern methodologies 
  • Attention to detail 
  • User perspective and empathy 

To be an effective software tester you will need to learn, how testing works, the major testing tools, types of testing and when to use them, automation in testing etc. You should also stay updated with all the latest development and testing techniques and practices. Courses related to software testing would cover most of these topics. 

Software testers use a wide range of tools to perform their job, these tools usually include: 

  • Test management tool 
  • Bug tracking tool 
  • Automated testing tool 
  • Performance testing tool 
  • Cross-browser testing tool 
  • Integration testing tool 
  • Unit testing tool 
  • Mobile/android testing tool 
  • GUI testing tool 
  • Security testing tool 

A software testing lifecycle has six stages to it: 

  • Requirement Analysis 
  • Test Planning 
  • Test case development 
  • Test Environment setup 
  • Test Execution 
  • Test closure 

Software Testing is a broad subject with a plethora of elements associated with it. To become a skilled Software Tester, you need to have a comprehensive understanding of various elements starting from gathering to deployment. The amount of time you take to learn Software Testing is determined by the quality of training you receive. As a market leader, KnowledgeHut offers a host of beginner-friendly Software Testing certification courses that allow learners to master advanced concepts from scratch with hands-on practice and expert mentorship in a matter of few weeks. 

Yes, a non-IT professional can learn software testing by learning how to use testing tools and getting an understanding of the development and testing process in a software tester certification course. To gain proficiency in testing any professional will need to practice regardless of their background. 

The best certification for software testing will depend on the specific requirements of a tester, the tools they use, and the level of experience they have. There are a few certification bodies that offer certifications in software testing. The top software testing certifications would focus on the methods, the tools, and practice. 

Software testing and debugging are sometimes used interchangeably, but they are different terms. You can say that debugging is a part of software testing. Testing is how issues with the product can be identified. Once this problem is identified then debugging is used to fix the problem. 

Yes, software testing is growing in demand as the need to identify problems and fix them quickly before release is more critical today. As we have moved to embracing smaller updates and faster cycles, there is a pressing need for issues to be identified and products to be tested to make sure they meet the user requirements. The best software testing certifications would focus on getting the learners up to date with the latest trends. 

There are no specific academic qualifications needed for a software tester. While most software testers may come from a tech background, any individual from any background can become an effective software tester with sufficient software testing training, practice, and skills. 

The 4 stages of software testing are as follows: 

  • Unit testing 
  • Integration testing 
  • System testing 
  • Acceptance testing 

You can become a software tester by learning how to work with testing tools and by practicing working on this tool during a workshop or on live projects. Good software tester certification training focuses on skilling professionals  

You will find a range of books, websites, blogs, and videos to learn software testing. To achieve competence in the discipline, you will need to practice your skills in a real-work environment or in a workshop that helps you practice your craft. 

Software testing is executed in four stages. Understanding the fundamentals is to understand this process. The stages of software testing can be divided into unit testing, integration testing, system testing, and acceptance testing.

If you are new to software testing, you should start by understanding the testing process and testing lifecycle. Once you have understood the process then you can start learning the different testing tools. To become an effective software tester, you will need to practice using the tools either in a workshop or on real projects or in software testing courses online. 

Your software testing training online as a software tester will need you to develop an understanding of all the latest methods and practices involved in both development and testing in one of the software tester courses. You will also need to build your skills by practicing testing in a work-like environment. 

The duration of software testing courses online usually varies in scope and purpose. Software testing training courses on one testing tool will be much shorter than a course that goes from basics to advanced practices of testing. Most of the courses would last between 2 to 5 days.  

There are several software testing training and certification providers offering software testing training. A good course would have experienced and expert trainers to take you through the basics and help you work with the latest tools. A good course will also have plenty of opportunities for you to practice what you learn. 

No, software testing courses online are not usually difficult. The challenging part of software testing comes in the actual practice of it where you need to develop the right approach and attitude towards the practice of testing. 

The software testing fee for each course will be different and it may vary according to your location. To find the right price for your location, select the course you are interested in and check the schedule page. 

Software Tester, Software Test Analyst, Test Library and Configuration Specialist, Software Test Engineer, Usability Test Engineer, QA Lead, etc., are some of the common job roles you could find in Software testing. 

Online courses help you understand the software testing process and how to use testing tools, while giving you the flexibility to attend the course virtually. To become an effective software tester, you will need to practice what you are learning in work-like projects.