Full Stack Developer Salary in the United States

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Full Stack Developer Salary in the United States

Being a full-stack developer is one of the most in-demand professions globally. These professionals are especially sought in large numbers by companies operating in the field of advanced technology. They handle various tasks performed at the front-end and backend for building various website applications. Despite being an extremely demanding job, it is also quite fulfilling and rewarding, with the average full stack developer salary in the US being $110,381 per annum. If you are interested to know more about FSD, check here for the best place to learn full stack web development.

If you're wondering why a lot of developers choose full-stack development as their career path, check out the article on top reasons to become a full stack developer.

What Is a Full Stack Developer? 

A full-stack developer is an expert in multiple programming languages and can build a website from the ground up. These professionals are competent in handling code that deals with all the aspects of user experience (front end) provided through a computer applications system. They are also equally capable of dealing with the coding that drives the logic behind these application systems (backend).

Full-stack developers work as the bridge between the front-end and the backend of computer and web application systems. They use their knowledge and skills to bridge the gap between the client-side and server-side software to ensure that the web application works as intended. Companies depend on the expertise of these professionals to identify the errors between the front and back end and handle the overlapping challenges in both these disciplines.

The Full-stack developers can seamlessly transition from one development environment to another, given their skills. They are not simply satisfied knowing that things are working but feel a need to learn how and why each functionality works. Their boundless skills justify the relatively high full stack developer salary US. Become a pro at Web Development with the help of our web development and designing course.

Full Stack Developer Salary in the United States – 2022

There is a great demand for full-stack developers in the US, and companies are willing to pay an average salary of $110,318 per year. This puts the average full stack developer salary in the US per month at $ 9,163.16 or $56.57 per hour. The minimum salary for freshers in the field starts from $92,704 per year, and the maximum compensation received by the most experienced professionals in the field stands at $145,676 per year.

However, the actual salary received by full-stack developers in the US depends on several factors. These include the city and company they are working in, their experience level, and their qualifications and certifications. In addition, the salary figures mentioned do not include the bonuses, stock options, and other compensation benefits offered by companies.

The annual full stack web developer salary in the US increases considerably with time and experience., The salaries also vary from one region to another and the specific sectors of operation. In addition, small and medium-level companies and startups offer relatively lower salaries than established companies.

The following tables provide comprehensive details about the average salary of full-stack developers in the US based on these parameters.

S.No.CitySalary (Entry-Level)Salary (With Experience)
1.Dallas, TX$58,304$102,531
2.New York, NY$63, 495$111,659
3.San Franciso, CA$67,953$119,499
4.Austin, TX$56,292$100,000
5.Chicago, IL$59,445$104,537
6.Atlanta, GA$58,362$102,633
7.Seattle, WA$62,897$110,607
8.Portland, OR$57,935$101,881
9.Washington, D.C.$61,540$108,220
10.Denver, CO$58,456$102,798
11.Los Angeles, CA$61,264$107,735

How to Become a Full Stack Developer

The attraction of earning the higher full stack developer salary in the US for fresher draws many youngsters to choose this career option. First, however, the aspiring candidates need to study an in-depth curriculum comprising the various aspects of computer science fundamentals and front and backend software development.  

These professionals need to work in different scenarios and apply their core knowledge in innovative and diverse ways. Even though these professionals do not need to be proficient in all aspects of web development, they should have good working experience in each area. Therefore, the skills and expertise of the candidates play a key role in deciding the full stack developer salary in California and other US states.  

  • Average Front-End Developer Salary: Front-end developer is a relatively new term that has replaced the previously popular term of the web designer. These professionals handle the coding for all the interactions between users and a computer or web application system. While earlier, front-end programming focused primarily on markup languages, it required professionals to have a fair amount of programming knowledge and skills. This is one of the reasons why the full stack developer salary in Texas is higher for professionals competent in JavaScript programming. The average salary of front-end developers across the US is $108,065.  
  • Average Backend Developer Salary: Back-end developers handle the coding for the logical backend of computer and web application systems. These professionals are responsible for coding the computational logic for software, websites, and information systems. Since their work is more technical and demanding, the full-stack developer salary in Florida for backend programmers is relatively higher. These professionals earn an average salary of $112,223  in the US with their skills.  
  • Average Salaries for Different Programming Languages: Full-stack developers need to have great programming skills, which contribute greatly to their salary. The more languages they can program in, the better is their salary prospects. It is also not surprising that developers proficient in the latest languages get higher salaries than those using relatively older ones. Thus, a MERN full stack developer's salary in the US is likely higher than a developer using Python or .Net. The average salaries for full-stack developers using some popular languages are given below.
S.No.LanguageAverage Salary
1.Java Script$119,421


The career of a full-stack developer is extremely satisfying and rewarding and has great scope for growth with constant learning full stack web development and skill upgrading.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Which full stack developer has the highest salary?

The full stack developer salary in Virginia and other states depends on several factors, including their location, company, and language proficiency. So, while it is difficult to state the highest salary of these professionals, the maximum US average is $145,676 per year.

2. Is full stack developer in demand in the USA?

Yes, there is a growing demand for full-stack developers in the USA, especially in the technology sector. The demand increased by almost 30% over the past year, and it is considered one of the most lucrative professions in the country. The Java full stack developer salary in the US is around $120,000 is yet another proof of this fact.  

3. What is the salary of a full-stack developer in India?

The salary of full-stack developers in India ranges between ₹ 2.6 lakh and ₹ 17.0 lakh per annum, with the average annual salary being ₹ 6.5 lakh.  

4. Which degree is needed for a full-stack developer?

There is no specific degree that aspiring full-stack developers need to complete, although having a bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or other related fields is recommended. You should also have a good working knowledge of all the aspects of web development to take up a career in the field.    

5. Is a full-stack developer a good career in 2022?

Yes, opting for a career as a full-stack developer in 2022 is definitely a good choice. With the growing demand for such professionals, it is one of the most rewarding career options available to youngsters today.  

6. What is the salary of a full-stack web developer in the US and the UK, and how can I get that job?

The average salary of a full stack developer in the US is around $110,000 per annum, and in the UK, it is £50,000 per year. To get the job, you need to possess a bachelor's degree in computer science or a related field and competence in programming in different languages.


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