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How To Become a Software Developer in 2024?

27th Dec, 2023
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    How To Become a Software Developer in 2024?

    Do you want to know more about how to become a software developer? A software developer creates and updates software according to a given specification. An exciting career as a software developer might be right for you if you're a creative thinker who enjoys problem-solving. Almost all industries rely on software, so you can easily pursue a career aligned with your interests and passions. In this article, we will discover how to become a software developer from scratch, how to get into software development, tips to get a job as a software developer, Software Developer salary, course recommendations to improve skills, and learn more about this rapidly growing career. This article will also guide you on how to become a junior software developer.

    What Is a Software Developer?

    Let's understand how to become a software developer from scratch. Whether working for a large organization or an individual, software developers share one primary goal: to design software that empowers users to accomplish specific goals.

    For example, the developers who constructed your favorite social media platform accomplish this goal through code that allows you to post, share, and comment in seconds.

    Software developers are not limited to creating new applications. In this field, professionals have various roles and responsibilities.

    • Analyzing and improving the performance of computer systems
    • Maintaining existing programs  
    • Developing code for updating and patching  
    • Creating operational manuals
    • Collaborating with other members of the team to identify potential areas for product improvement  
    • Preparing progress reports  

    The following list is not intended to be exhaustive. Software developers are responsible for a variety of tasks depending on their employer's business needs and priorities.

    Who Can Become a Software Developer?

    Let's understand who can and how to become a software developer. Students interested in becoming Software Developers should enroll in one of the nation's top Computer Science Colleges and complete their undergraduate and postgraduate courses. GATE, JEE Mains, JEE Advanced, WBJEE, BITSAT, etc., are typical Engineering Entrance Exams used to admit students to these colleges.

    What Does a Software Developer Do?

    1. Creating and Designing Software 

    As a software developer, your main responsibility is to develop functional software after researching your customers' specific requirements.

    2. Enhancing Software Systems

    Software developers' responsibilities are monitoring user feedback and making improvements to the existing software infrastructure based on these suggestions. It is imperative for software developers to identify software programs' core functions and enhance their performance and security levels.

    3. Evaluating New and Existing Software

    Following coding and encrypting, software developers test their products to ensure they're fully functional and bug-free. Quality assurance and diagnostic tests must be conducted prior to the launch of a software program to ensure the efficacy and reliability of the new software as well as existing projects.

    4. Maintenance Of Systems

    The development of new and existing software systems has to be monitored and maintained over time by running QA tests. In order to eliminate problems in due time, software developers must find solutions to arising problems.

    Can I Become a Software Developer?

    Getting started in software development can be a challenging task for those who are new to the field, but with an online course or a boot camp, even the most inexperienced of individuals can learn key Software Development skills quickly and become ready for an entry-level role within a couple of months if they are willing to put in the necessary time, effort, and dedication. So how to become a software developer without a degree? To become a software developer, you need to learn and develop relevant skills, as discussed below.

    Required Skills To Become a Software Developer

    So how hard is it to become a software developer? To become a software developer, you must possess the following skills.  

    1. Data Structures and Algorithms 

    Most tech companies look for software developers who are proficient in data structures and algorithms. Your problem-solving skills and coding skills will directly influence your efficiency in Data Structures and Algorithms. The importance of algorithms and data structures is often overlooked by software developers in their early careers. When your code starts taking up too much time or memory, you'll realize how important it is as you progress in your career.

    2. Cloud computing

    It is becoming increasingly common for companies of all sizes and from various industries to utilize cloud services since they provide cost-effective infrastructure options that are scalable and flexible. You will eventually be expected to work with cloud-based applications at any company you work for, if not already. When it comes to interviews, having hands-on experience with cloud platforms like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform will give you a great edge over others.

    Required Skills To Become Software Developer

    3. Git and GitHub

    SVN and Git are two version control tools that software developers should be familiar with. Git and GitHub have streamlined a great deal of the market. Git is used by more than 70% of companies. Learning the command line and the GUI when learning Git and advanced version control concepts like branching and merging is important.

    4. Containers (Docker and Kubernetes)

    All software developers should be familiar with Docker and Kubernetes. In addition to providing developers with a unified environment for testing their applications, containers can also simplify the deployment process.

    5. IDEs (VSCode or IntelliJIDEA)

    Modern IDEs are necessary tools for every programmer in today's world. These include Visual Studio Code and Eclipse. C/C /C# programmers should consider Visual Studio Code, whereas Python programmers should consider Jupiter Notebook.

    6. Database and SQL

    Since the database is so popular, it's essential that every programmer has a solid understanding of normalization, table designs, and SQL.

    7. Linux (UNIX)

    UNIX is the platform of choice for most software developers these days. You can therefore work more efficiently if you understand Linux's command line. CPU and memory usage will tell you what's happening with your system and what you can do about it.

    8. Object Oriented Programming

    Programming languages you need to know as a software developer are C, C#, C, Python, Java, or JavaScript. Java is, however, the easiest language to learn.

    9. Computer Networks

    You will never be able to develop a standalone software application. Through computer networks, they will be connected. Developing and supporting your application requires an understanding of computer networks.

    10. Scripting

    Tools and scripts for solving frequently-occurring programming problems can be created using scripting languages. You can automate the most mundane tasks with Python if you know scripting languages well. As well as OOP coding, Python can also be used for scripting.

    Wondering how to become a full-stack software developer? You can opt for a Full stack course online to develop knowledge in frontend and backend technologies to start your career as a full-stack developer.

    Required Software Developer Tools

    How to become a good software developer? To become a good software developer, you need the following tools:

    Integrated Development Environment / Code Editors

    • Microsoft Visual Studio Code 
    • Sublime Text 
    • IntelliJ Idea 
    • Atom
    • Notepad++ 

    Online Integrated Development Environment / Code Editors 

    • StackBlitz 
    • JSBin 
    • CodePen 

    Module Bundlers, Task Runners, and Compiler Tools

    • Webpack 
    • Vite 
    • Babel
    • Typescript 
    • Parcel 

    Package Management Tools  

    • Npm 
    • Yarn for Node.js 
    • Maven for Java 
    • NuGet for .Net 
    • Pip for Python 

    Browser-Based Tools 

    • Developer Chrome Extensions 
    • Microsoft Edge Dev Tools 
    • Firefox Dev Tools 

    Source Code Management Tools

    • Git  
    • GitHub

    API Testing Tools 

    • SOAP UI 
    • Apigee
    • Insomnia 
    • APIFortress 

    Check out more about Full Stack Developer tools in detail.  

    How To Become a Software Developer Without Experience?

    Willing to learn how to become a software developer after 12th without experience? Let's explore how it is possible:  

    • Make Yourself Proficient in Programming Languages
    • Get a better understanding of data structures and algorithms  
    • Build Projects  
    • Make sure you reach out to the professionals for assistance

    Software Development Courses to Fill Skills Gaps

    If you are wondering how do I become a software developer? The answer is to opt for software development courses from various institutes and online platforms to develop the skills necessary for a career in software development. But how to become a software developer without a degree? The answer is to enroll in an online course and build your skill sets. Here are some courses relevant to launching a career in software development:

    • IBM: Cloud Application Development Foundations 
    • Amazon Web Services: AWS Developer Series 
    • The Linux Foundation: Secure Software Development Fundamentals
    • IBM: Developing Cloud Native Applications 
    • UBCx: How to Code: Complex Data 
    • New York University: Introduction to Databases
    • KnowledgeHut: Software Developer course 

    Build Your Software Development Portfolio

    Wondering how to get started in software development? It is important to have a well-rounded portfolio of developer work if you want to move up in your career faster and build your personal brand. Having an impressive portfolio can make all the difference when it comes to getting a Junior job, especially if you are looking to compete with others for a highly sought-after position. It is important not to confuse your résumé with your portfolio: the résumé is a showcase of your abilities, while the portfolio is the demonstration of your abilities.

    How to Gain Experience as a Software Developer?

    Thinking about how to get experience in software development? Here is your answer, to gain experience as a software developer following steps need to be followed:

    • Develop a portfolio website that contains relevant work  
    • Work as a freelancer on projects  
    • Get your code posted on GitHub  

    What Are All the Job Roles/Titles You Can Apply For?

    Some of the job roles and titles are:

    • Junior software developer
    • Software programmer
    • Software engineer
    • Senior software developer  
    • Application developers

    How Much Salary Can a Software Developer Get?

    According to Glassdoor, the average salary of a Software Developer is $101,911 yearly and depends on various factors like location, skills, experience, and company. An entry-level software developer usually earns $66,221 yearly, whereas a senior software developer earns $132,250 yearly.

    How To Prepare for Software Developer Interviews?

    Prepare for the questions you will most likely be asked in an interview: Interview questions for software developers will generally address your understanding of programming languages, your proficiency in solving coding problems, and your previous work experience.

    Practice coding problems should: Coding skills are very important during technical interviews, which is why they are commonly known as coding interviews. It's now up to you to practice coding if you want to improve. The importance of this cannot be overstated.

    You should practice coding problems as much as you can. After a while, you'll be able to solve more and more challenging problems. Identifying hidden patterns in problems and solutions will improve your confidence and reduce the time it takes you to solve problems.

    Interviewers look for 3 things in a coder -  

    Whenever you write code, keep these three things in mind:  

    • How fast does it run?  
    • How much memory does it take up?
    • How stable is it?  

    You'll be ahead of most of your competition if you can check off all these boxes in your code. Coding problems should be solved keeping this in mind.


    So, follow the details mentioned in this article carefully if you are wondering how to become a software developer, a freelance software developer, or a junior software developer. The software development field is a vastly growing field, and individuals working in this field earn a handsome salary. However, to get a job in the field of software development, you need to gain the necessary skills through the help of well-structured software development courses. The KnowledgeHut Software Developer salary can be very rewarding and depends on the skill sets developed by the individual while pursuing the course. The course provides an in-depth understanding of various digital technologies to help aspiring individuals advance their careers in software development.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    1How long does it take to become a software developer?

    Depending on your skill level, professional background, and career path, becoming a Software Developer can take between three months and four years.  

    2Can you become a software developer after BCA?

    BCA students can become Software Developers. During three years of undergraduate study, you will learn about computer applications and information technology. 

    3Can I become a software developer after 6 months?

    Yes, you can become a software developer after 6 months. However, you are required to be already equipped with basic entry-level skills in order to get an entry-level job as a software developer. 


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