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Is pursuing a degree in Finance lucrative?

If this question is plaguing your mind and stopping you from pursuing a degree in finance then rest assured. The economy may be volatile but the demand for trained and qualified finance professionals has never been higher. Be it real estate, economics, accounting, or investment banking, finance professionals can find niche positions in these and a variety of related fields and a credential in finance only promises higher salaries and a faster growth up the career ladder.

How, as a finance professional can you help the industry?

You can work in corporate management, multi nationals, investment services, private and public banks, brokerage firms and even as personal financial advisors. Organizations, whether multinationals or banks have to comply with national and international financial laws. As a financial advisor you can help your organization gain respect and be fair in its financial dealings. KnowledgeHut offers a variety of finance courses that will help you gain the practical and theoretical understanding needed for various finance-related positions. Among our more popular courses are Financial Modelling with Excel Training, Finance for Non Finance Managers and Budget Analysis and Forecasting.  We also offer courses for finance certification such as CFA Level 1 and Level 2 training. Many of these courses have a provision for getting the finance certification online by giving the online exam. For the busy professional, we bring finance courses online where one can get online, and access our e-learning training modules at anytime and anyplace. This is a perfect alternative for candidates who would like to learn at their own pace and get their finance training online.

Should non-finance managers also learn about finance?

Yes! Every manager today must have a basic understanding of finance. The budgets that you draw up for the project or your need for resources will ultimately impact the financial bottom-line in your organization. Hence you should be aware of basic accounting strategies that will help you in your project and in the overall context of the organization. KnowledgeHut’s Finance for Non-Finance Manager course gives you the finance training you need to be a successful manager.