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Build a solid DevOps foundation with our DevOps Free Training course!

  • Grasp DevOps concepts, history, and business impact. 
  • Learn SDLC integration and cross-team collaboration in DevOps. 
  • Master automation in development, operations, testing, and ITSM processes. 
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Master DevOps Dynamics

Embark on a transformative learning journey with KnowledgeHut's free DevOps course. Uncover the core concepts and historical underpinnings that have propelled DevOps into a pivotal driver of digital transformation for modern businesses. From its origins to its current prominence, grasp how DevOps aligns with business objectives and accelerates innovation.

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  • 17+ hours of Self Learning Content 

  • Immersive Learning with Hands-on Exercises 

  • Learn-By-Doing with Immersive Learning 

  • Unlock Knowledge with Interactive eBooks 

  • Accelerate Progress with Auto-Graded Assessments 

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prerequisites for DevOps Free Course


  • Foundations of Software Development Understanding 
  • Exploring Team Collaboration in Software Development 
  • Familiarity with Tools Across Different Systems 

Who Should Attend

Software Developers

Operations Professionals

Project Managers

Quality Assurance (QA) Engineers

IT Managers and Executives

System Administrators

Anyone Interested in Technology and Collaboration


Learning Objective:

Understand the key concepts and history of DevOps, and how it drives digital transformation for businesses. 

  • Overview of DevOps 
  • Business Desires for Transforming to DevOps 
  • DevOps Accelerating Digital Transformation 
  • DevOps History 101 

Learning Objective:

Gain insights into the DevOps process, its integration with Software Development Lifecycle, and the collaboration between Development and Operations teams. 

  • DevOps Process Overview 
  • What is Software Development Lifecycle 
  • Collaboration Between Development and Operations 
  • Where DevOps is Used 
  • Scrum and Kanban as Process Guidance 
  • Measuring Success, What Matters Most (DORA) 

Learning Objective:

Learn the significance of automation in DevOps, covering foundational development and operations automation, shift left testing, and process automation with ticketing systems and ITSM. 

  • Introduction to DevOps and Automation 
  • Foundational Development Automation - CI/CD  
  • Foundational Operations Automation, Monitoring and Observability 
  • Shift Left of Testing  
  • Process Automation Ticketing Systems and ITSM 

Frequently Asked Questions

About DevOps

DevOps is a collaborative approach that merges development (Dev) and operations (Ops) to streamline software delivery. This free DevOps course at KnowledgeHut introduces you to this methodology, covering its principles and practices for optimizing development, enhancing collaboration, and automating processes. 

Learning DevOps is paramount in modern IT. It bridges development and operations, fostering agile, automated, and collaborative practices for swift, high-quality software delivery. Our free DevOps course empowers you with foundational insights and hands-on experience, equipping you to orchestrate seamless processes, enhance team efficiency, and stay competitive in today's fast-paced tech industry. 

DevOps has gained immense popularity due to its transformative impact on software development. The DevOps free course at KnowledgeHut teaches how it bridges the gap between development and operations, promoting collaboration, automation, and agility. Its emphasis on continuous integration, continuous delivery, and automation streamlines workflows, accelerating software development cycles. This approach enhances collaboration, reduces errors, and enables quicker response to user feedback. As a result, DevOps yields faster, more reliable software delivery, aligning with the demands of today's fast-paced, competitive tech landscape. 

There is no single "best" language for DevOps, as it involves various tools and technologies. However, learning languages like Python, Bash, and Go can greatly benefit those looking to learn DevOps. These languages are versatile for scripting, automation, and working with various DevOps tools. To excel in DevOps, it's crucial to learn DevOps practices and tools alongside programming languages. 

DevOps is a methodology that bridges software development and IT operations. It aims to enhance collaboration, automation, and efficiency throughout the software development lifecycle. DevOps is used to streamline processes, automate deployment, and manage infrastructure as code. It enables rapid and reliable software delivery, continuous integration, and continuous delivery. By fostering collaboration between teams, DevOps ensures faster development cycles, quicker issue resolution, and improved overall software quality, meeting modern demands for agile and efficient software development practices. 

DevOps involves a significant amount of coding, but it's not limited to traditional software development. Coding skills are essential for scripting, automation, and tool integration. However, DevOps encompasses collaboration, automation, and process improvement across development and operations. To enhance your skills, consider seeking DevOps online training free with KnowledgeHut to gain a deeper understanding of the practices and tools involved. 

DevOps is used to streamline and enhance collaboration between development and IT operations teams. It focuses on automating processes, continuous integration, and continuous delivery to accelerate software development and deployment. This approach, often supported by tools and practices, improves efficiency, reduces errors, and promotes faster delivery of high-quality software. To delve deeper into its applications, consider exploring DevOps free training resources available via KnowledgeHut. 

Learning DevOps

To enroll in the DevOps Free Training course at KnowledgeHut, a fundamental grasp of software development is essential. A solid understanding of teamwork in software development settings is also necessary. Moreover, participants should possess a high-level comprehension of the diverse tools integral to the system. These prerequisites will ensure a strong foundation for comprehending the principles and practices covered in the DevOps online course. 

Certainly, attaining proficiency in DevOps through KnowleldgeHut’s free online courses is feasible within three months. The timeline largely hinges on the time invested daily. Dedicate several hours each day to the DevOps Course Online Free material and exercises. Applying the knowledge in practical scenarios is crucial for skill enhancement, extending the learning journey beyond the course duration. Although you can finish the curriculum within three months, your skill refinement will persist long after the course's end, enabled by continuous practice and engagement with supplementary resources. 

Pinpointing the finest DevOps course depends on your needs. Explore courses that offer comprehensive content to learn DevOps, encompassing tools and methodologies. Assess the curriculum's alignment with your goals, emphasizing practical application, and instructor expertise. Seek courses that provide hands-on experience and real-world scenarios. The ideal choice equips you with essential skills and insights for mastering DevOps principles. 

KnowledgeHut’s DevOps Free Course can be a great point to learn and master fundamental concepts of DevOps. The course provides valuable skills in collaboration, automation, and continuous delivery, fostering efficient software development and deployment. It's particularly beneficial for those aiming to enhance their proficiency in agile methodologies, version control, infrastructure as code, and continuous integration and delivery, regardless of their prior experience or specialization. 

Absolutely, you can definitely learn DevOps independently using free courses. A plethora of online resources provide in-depth material on DevOps techniques, tools, and strategies. With dedication, learning at your own pace, and practical experience, you can develop a solid grasp of DevOps principles and their practical implementation.  

For instance, KnowledgeHut offers a DevOps Free Course comprising over 17 hours of self-directed learning content. This course comprehensively covers essential DevOps concepts, enabling you to effectively bridge the gap between development and operations. This option is particularly advantageous if you aim to balance learning with your current job commitments. 

When delving into DevOps basics, it's recommended to start by grasping its fundamental principles and concepts. In KnowledgeHut’s Free DevOps course, you initiate by comprehending the transformative essence of DevOps. This is followed by an exploration of its historical evolution, aiding your understanding of its contextual significance. Progressively, you become acquainted with the DevOps process and its integration within the SDLC. The course then emphasizes the vital role of collaboration between development and operations in attaining DevOps success. Subsequently, you delve into practical applications and embrace Agile methodologies. You gain proficiency in gauging DevOps implementation success through performance indicators and metrics. Lastly, you acquire an understanding of automation's pervasive role in the DevOps lifecycle. Armed with this foundation, you are well-prepared to confidently embark on your DevOps journey. 

Anyone interested in modern software development practices can pursue learning DevOps with KnowledgeHut, regardless of their background. Whether you're a developer, system administrator, IT professional, or project manager, a DevOps free certification is accessible to all. The course provides valuable skills in collaboration, automation, and continuous delivery, fostering efficient software development and deployment. It's particularly beneficial for those aiming to enhance their proficiency in agile methodologies, version control, infrastructure as code, and continuous integration and delivery, regardless of their prior experience or specialization. 

Certainly, the DevOps course online free designed by KnowledgeHut is typically self-paced, and KnowledgeHut provides lifetime access. This means you can learn at your own convenience and revisit the course materials whenever you need, ensuring you have ample time to grasp the concepts and skills effectively. 

After completing the DevOps free certification course, you can explore advanced DevOps topics such as Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD), Cloud Technologies, Containerization (e.g., Docker, Kubernetes), Infrastructure as code (IaC), and Monitoring/Automation Tools.  

Certification and Career in DevOps

Yes, upon completing the DevOps free course by KnowledgeHut, you will receive a certificate of completion from KnowledgeHut. This recognition validates your engagement and understanding of the course material, allowing you to showcase your learning in the field of DevOps. 

Career opportunities in DevOps are vast and include roles like DevOps engineer, automation architect, site reliability engineer (SRE), and release manager. These roles involve implementing automation, continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD), and efficient collaboration. A wide range of industries, from tech to finance, seek DevOps expertise. To explore these opportunities, consider taking a DevOps free online training through KnowledgeHut which will equip you with the necessary skills and knowledge for a successful DevOps career. 

DevOps salaries in India vary based on factors like experience, location, and organization size. On average, entry-level positions start around ₹4-6 lakhs per annum, mid-level roles can earn ₹8-12 lakhs, and experienced professionals can earn ₹15 lakhs or more annually. Considering learning DevOps online for free with KnowledgeHut and enhance your skills, potentially leading to higher earning potential in this growing field. 

While DevOps roles can be demanding due to their focus on fast-paced development and continuous improvement, stress levels vary based on factors like company culture, project complexity, and individual preferences. However, when you learn DevOps you will gain the skills needed to effectively manage and mitigate potential stressors, ensuring you're well-prepared for the challenges that may arise in DevOps positions. 

Jobs that require knowledge of DevOps include DevOps engineer, Site Reliability Engineer (SRE), Automation Engineer, Cloud Engineer, and Release Manager. These roles involve implementing and managing continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD) pipelines, infrastructure automation, and collaboration between development and operations teams. Consider earning a DevOps free certification with KnowledgeHut and validate your expertise and make you a strong candidate for these in-demand positions. 

What Learners Are Saying

Laura Chang System Administrator

The DevOps course improved my system management skills as a system administrator. Automation and monitoring insights made our IT operations smoother and more reliable.

David Stark Marketing Manager

As a marketing manager, the DevOps course enhanced my ability to coordinate with tech teams and grasp technology's role in driving business success.

Emily Shark IT Manager

The DevOps course clarified the strategic importance of DevOps for digital transformation. Process automation has streamlined our operations, making tasks more efficient.

Mike Shepherd QA Engineer

The DevOps course revolutionized my testing practices as a QA engineer. Automation and 'Shift Left' testing saved time and boosted confidence in my abilities. 

Sarah Jacobs Project Manager

As a project manager, the DevOps course provided valuable insights into planning and executing projects more effectively. Improved team collaboration has led to better project outcomes.

John Reynolds Software Developer

The free DevOps course transformed my career as a software developer. Understanding DevOps principles and automation has streamlined our workflow and improved collaboration with operations.