Javascript Free Course with Certificate for Beginners

Learn JavaScript free of cost and kickstart your career as a tech professional!

  • Learn the fundamentals of web development with the JavaScript free course 
  • Build highly engaging JavaScript websites and apps that deliver value to users 
  • Launch your tech career through the JavaScript course with certificate for free  
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Master Development with JavaScript

Learn JavaScript for free to start developing rich and interactive websites and web applications. Use the extensive course materials learning tools to sharpen your development skills with JavaScript. You will benefit from web and app development content designed by some of the sharpest minds in the development industry.

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  • 42+ Hours of Self Learning Content 

  • Practice with Guided Hands-On Exercises 

  • Learn-by-Doing with Immersive Learning 

  • Test Your Learning with Recall Quizzes 

  • Unlock Knowledge with Interactive eBooks 

  • Accelerate Progress with Auto-Graded Assessments 

The KnowledgeHut Edge

Superior Outcomes

Focus on skilled-based outcomes with advanced insights from our state-of-the art learning platform. 

Immersive Learning

Go beyond just videos and learn with recall quizzes, interactive ebooks, case studies and more. 

World-Class Instructors

Course instructors and designers from top businesses including Google, Amazon, Twitter and IBM. 

Real-World Learning

Get an intimate, insider look at companies in the field through real-world case studies. 

Industry-Vetted Curriculum

Curriculum primed for industry relevance and developed with guidance from industry advisory boards. 

Continual Support

Learn better with support along the way. Get 24/7 help, stay unblocked and ramp up your skills. 

prerequisites for JavaScript Free Course


  • There are no mandatory prerequisites needed to take this course 
  • A basic understanding of HTML and CSS will be beneficial 
  • Knowledge of any programming language will be an advantage 

Who Should Attend?

Aspiring Web Developers

Aspiring App Developers

Web Designers


Game Developers

Data Analysts

UI/UX Designers

IT Professionals




Skills You Will Gain

JavaScript Syntax

Using Variables

Using Functions

Types of Loops


Event Handling

Handling Errors

Object Oriented Programming

Using Arrays

Working with Expressions



Learning Objective:

Learn about what JavaScript language is used for and how it evolved. Understand the development environment and how you can start to code in JavaScript.  

  • What is JavaScript?  
  • A Historical Look  
  • The TC-39 Feature Release Process  
  • Setting Up Your Development Environment  
  • Your First Script 

Learning Objective

Form an understanding of the basic components of JavaScript and how they work. 

  • Understanding Data Types and Structures   
  • Number and Numeric Operators   
  • BigInt   
  • String   
  • Boolean   
  • Object   
  • Array   
  • Undefined, Null and NaN   
  • Equality Operator   
  • Relational Operators   
  • Comments   
  • Handling Exceptions   

Learning Objective

Explore the use of variables in JavaScript and the different contexts in which they are used.  

  • Understanding Variables  
  • Block Scoped Variables with ‘let’  
  • Creating Constants with ‘const’  
  • Type Conversion 

Learning Objective

Go through the conditions available in JavaScript and learn how to work with them. 

  • Conditionals - An Introduction   
  • Decision Making with ‘if-else’   
  • Lots of Choices with 'else if'   
  • Switch  
  • Ternary Operator   
  • Binary Logical Operators   
  • Nullish Coalescing Operator   
  • Optional Chaining Operator   

Learning Objective

Get an understanding about the various functions in JavaScript and their usage. 

  • What are Functions?   
  • Function Declaration   
  • Function Expression   
  • The 'this' Keyword and Function Execution Context   
  • Arrow Functions   
  • Constructor Functions   
  • Default Parameters   

Learning Objective

Learn how to use different kinds of loops by understanding and applying the logic associated with them. 

  • What are Loops?   
  • The 'for' Loop   
  • The 'for-of' and 'for-in' Loop   
  • The 'while' and 'do-while' Loops   
  • Recursive Functions   

Learning Objective

Learn to use the Document Object Model to build interactive websites using JavaScript. 

  • Discovering the DOM  
  • Integrating JavaScript Code in a Web Page   
  • Creating and Rendering Elements   
  • Selecting Elements   
  • Understanding Events   
  • Playing with Events   
  • Playing with Keyboard Events   
  • Playing with the Mouse   
  • Implementing Drag and Drop   
  • Working with Forms   
  • Building a Shopping List Application 

What You Will Learn

Development Environment

Learn to set up a development environment and write your first script. 

JavaScript History

Understand how JavaScript became one of the most important languages. 

Data Types

Explore the types of data that can be used in JavaScript and how to use them. 

Data Structures

Understand the typical data structures used in JavaScript and their properties. 


Learn how to use variables and constants and how to perform type conversion. 


Write smarter code with conditions and learn how to use them judiciously. 


Learn how to use various types of functions in your JavaScript code. 


Use some of the popular logical loops in JavaScript to improve your skills. 

Using DOM

Discover the Document Object Model and how it is used in interactive websites. 


Learn about distinct types of events and how to use them to your benefit. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions on JavaScript

Yes, JavaScript is one of the most popular programming languages and is widely used in websites and web-based applications. The fact that it comes with a variety of frameworks and libraries makes it the preferred language for many developers. It is also a language that can be used both in the front-end and back-end.  

For most developers it is an essential language to be familiar with. There is a lot that can be accomplished with JavaScript. 

JavaScript is a language that is popularly used in the front-end of websites and apps. JavaScript is also used in the backend so developers can work on the full stack without learning an extra language for the backend. In the front-end JavaScript is typically used with HTML and CSS to provide more functionalities to the website or application. 

With free JavaScript courses online, you can build interactive and engaging websites and apps capable of performing most functions your users may need to perform. 

JavaScript is used on 98.5% of all websites on the internet as per Stack Overflow. If you aim to be a web developer or an app developer learning JavaScript will be necessary. Once you are comfortable with using JavaScript, then you can start learning the frameworks and libraries in JavaScript to become a more complete developer capable of building fully functional websites and apps. 

Even if you do not intend to use JavaScript as a developer it is still useful to know when you must work with other developers or work on existing websites and applications.  

What Learners Are Saying

Alessandro Russo App Developer

I have been focusing most of my effort in the wrong areas. With the JavaScript course I realized that there are far better and easier ways to do things. It also unlocked a path to a substantial number of libraries and more importantly a community of developers who I can learn from or collaborate with. JavaScript is proving to be a terrific addition to my skillset. 

Benjamin Schmidt UI Designer

JavaScript is an especially important language, you come across it everywhere. That is why I picked this course. Now I am able to get a much better understanding of how things work online. This course has significantly expanded my perspective. I have a better understanding of how to build better apps and I can even foresee and address most of the challenges that we might face in executing it. I’m not done though I am doing more courses with KnowledgeHut. 

Yumi Kimura Business Analyst

I started learning to code on the side just to have more context to the discussions that I was having with the developers. Doing the JavaScript course has made my job a lot easier and now I surprise the developers by speaking in their own language. It also gave me a deeper appreciation of what they do and the challenges they face. Now, thanks to this course I can realistically think of even becoming a developer myself.  

Olivia Fischer Software Tester

Thank you KnowledgeHut for showing me the ropes! I’m rather new to development, this course helped me upgrade my skills in a very short amount of time. Doing this course turned out to be a great decision. With this new learning I’m able to apply my learning which until now felt like it was purely theoretical. Now I feel like I’m ready to switch to a career in development. I know that I’m capable of handling the challenges that come with the role. 

Eva Martinez Game Developer

I was in a dead-end role, and I wanted a change of career. This course gave me the opportunity to explore web development with HTML. I was surprised at the ease with which I was able to pick it up. The instructor was very insightful in how to proceed with the exercises and how I should proceed to enhance my skillset. Thanks to this course, I am looking forward to building a career in web development.  

Omar Khouri Front-End Developer

The JavaScript course was just what I needed to up my game! It expanded the scope of things I could do. It helped me add so much life to my pages and make it user friendly. The practical orientation of the course made it easy for me to apply the learnings to my actual work. It has also expanded my thinking as now I can do things that I was not able to do before.