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  • Master Excel's interface, data formats, menus, and toolbars for efficient data management. 
  • Learn calculations, date functions, and analysis tools to derive meaningful insights. 
  • Apply formatting, conditional rules, and pivot tables for organized data representation and advanced analysis. 
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Excel Basics for Data Analysis Mastery

As you may already know, Microsoft Excel is the most popular spreadsheet software in the world. Companies across the world, no matter the domain, highly value proficiency in MS Excel. This is why there are a lot of people looking for free Excel courses online. If you have a fair idea of this software but want to strengthen your skills, then this Excel free course is for you.

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prerequisites for Excel Free Course


Understanding basic mathematics and statistics is the only prerequisite for this free course.  

What You Will Learn

Introduction to MS Excel

Get familiar with the basics and user interface of Microsoft Excel.  

Different Data Types

Learn about various data types, such as numbers, text, and dates, used in Excel.  

Menu and Tool Bars

Explore the menus and toolbars to access Excel's features and functions.  

Different Formatting Concepts

Understand how to format cells, fonts, colors, and styles in Excel.  

Conditional Formatting

Learn to apply formatting rules based on specific conditions in Excel.  

Formulas in Excel

Discover the power of formulas to perform calculations and data analysis.  

Text and Data Functions in Excel

Understand dynamic text and data handling using functions for enhanced analysis in Excel. 

Statistical Analysis using Excel

Explore Excel's functions for meaningful statistical analysis, empowering informed decision-making. 

Filters in Excel

Learn to expertly filter and sort data in Excel for precise data and to extract specific details. 

Pivot Tables in Excel

Master pivot tables to streamline data summarization and elevate your Excel skills. 

Skills You Will Gain

Excel Interface Familiarity

Handling Diverse Data

Menu and Toolbar Usage

Cell Formatting Mastery

Conditional Format Application

Calculations and Functions

Date and Time Handling

Data Analysis Techniques

Effective Filtering Skills

Pivot Table Proficiency


Learning Objective:

Discover the essentials of Excel, including cell navigation, data types, menu navigation, and cell references for efficient data manipulation. 

  • What are Rows, Cells, and Columns?  
  • Different Types of Data Types  
  • Moving the Cells to Different Position 
  • Understand the Menu and Toolbars  
  • Use of Function Box  
  • Use of Cell Reference and Cell Edits 
  • Use of Name Box and Range  

Learning Objective:

Master formatting techniques, from data type formatting to conditional formatting, enhancing the visual clarity of your Excel sheets. 

  • Understand the Formatting Techniques  
  • Data Type Formatting  
  • Formatting Techniques on Rows and Columns 
  • Conditional Formatting  

Learning Objective:

Unveil the power of Excel formulas, exploring text, date, and basic mathematical functions for streamlined calculations. 

  • Text Functions 
  • Date Functions 
  • Basic Excel Formulas 

Learning Objective:

Grasp central tendency and spread measures to gain insights into data distribution and variability within Excel. 

  • Measure of Central Tendency 
  • Measure of Spread 

Learning Objective:

Explore advanced capabilities, from dependent drop-down lists for data validation to the transformative power of filters and pivot tables in Excel. 

  • Dependent Drop-down Lists  
  • Filters in Excel  
  • Pivot Tables 

Frequently Asked Questions

MS Excel

Excel is a renowned spreadsheet program by Microsoft, known for its user-friendly interface and versatility. It allows users to create, organize, and manipulate data in rows and columns, making it an essential tool for various tasks. 

Excel provides users with a grid-like interface where data can be entered and stored in cells. Excel is widely used in businesses, academia, finance, and other fields where data management and analysis are essential. 

With its extensive capabilities and widespread usage, Excel has become a go-to tool for professionals, making data-related tasks more manageable and enabling decision-making. 

Excel's popularity is based on its user-friendly interface, versatility and accessibility. Its extensive range of features allows users to perform various functions efficiently.  

It has become a standard tool in many industries due to its ability to handle large datasets, create informative charts, and generate reports and is used in diverse industries like finance, accounting, data analysis, project management, et al. Moreover, Excel's compatibility with other MS Office applications further enhances its appeal and integration. 

Microsoft Excel offers a vast library of built-in formulas, catering to diverse data analysis and calculation needs. As of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, Excel contains more than 450 predefined functions. These functions range from basic arithmetic operations (e.g., SUM, AVERAGE) to statistical analysis (e.g., COUNTIF, STDEV) and advanced data manipulation (e.g., VLOOKUP, INDEX-MATCH). The extensive range of formulas empowers users to perform complex calculations, data validation, and decision-making tasks efficiently. Gain a detailed understanding by joining KnowledgeHut's Microsoft Excel certification free course.  

Microsoft Excel offers a wide array of shortcut keys to streamline various tasks and boost productivity. While the total number may vary based on Excel version and add-ins, there are numerous shortcuts available for navigating worksheets, selecting cells, formatting, copying, pasting, and executing formulas. Mastering these shortcuts is essential for optimizing workflow and efficiency. Gain a comprehensive understanding of Excel shortcuts with KnowledgeHut's Microsoft Excel certification free course, where you'll learn valuable techniques to accelerate your Excel proficiency and enhance your productivity.  

Learning MS Excel Basics

Learning Excel is crucial for professionals across various industries due to its versatility and wide range of applications. Excel's capability to handle data efficiently, perform complex calculations, and create insightful visualizations makes it an invaluable tool.  

By mastering Excel, you can organize and manipulate data, create dynamic charts and graphs, implement data analysis functions, and automate repetitive tasks using macros. These skills are highly sought after in today's world, and proficiency in Excel can streamline various tasks, improve efficiency in the workplace, and open numerous career opportunities. 

If you are a beginner looking to get started with MS Excel, take some time to explore Excel's ribbon and toolbars to access various commands for formatting, data entry, etc. Also learn essential functions like SUM, AVERAGE, and COUNT. To gain confidence and become more comfortable with Excel, practice data entry, formatting, and simple formulas. 

Taking advantage of KnowledgeHut's free resources like interactive eBooks can greatly accelerate your learning process. With practice and patience, you can become proficient and leverage Excel's capabilities. 

The best free Excel training for you will depend on your learning goals and proficiency level. If you are a newbie, KnowledgeHut's free Excel classes would be an excellent choice. This course provides a solid foundation in Excel basics, helping beginners familiarize themselves with Excel and its capabilities. 

For learners already comfortable with Excel, there are advanced Excel courses that focus on advanced functionalities like data analysis, pivot tables, etc. Such courses cater to individuals who want to take their Excel skills to the next level. 

Overall, the best Excel course is one that aligns with your specific learning objectives.  

You can learn Microsoft Excel for free through KnowledgeHut's comprehensive Excel free course. This course provides a great opportunity to acquire essential Excel skills without any cost. KnowledgeHut offers a range of free course(s) online across a range of domains, tools, and technologies that cater to different proficiency levels.  

Through this course, you can learn the basics of Excel. Learn this excel course with on-demand videos, and interactive eBooks, allowing you to learn at your convenience and from the comfort of your own space. 

The prerequisites to learn MS Excel are quite minimal, which include: 

  • Basic understanding of math is a requirement for this Excel free course.  
  • A fundamental understanding of statistical measures like mean, median, and variance can enhance your ability to analyze data using Excel's functions and tools.  

Apart from these prerequisites, a curious mindset, and a willingness to explore and learn are all you need to get started with this Excel free training and unlock vast opportunities. 

The course duration depends on your existing familiarity with Excel. If you're experienced with spreadsheet applications, you might finish it in a few weeks, and you may not have to wait for three months. However, if you're new, it could take a couple of months to master the basics and utilize these free Excel classes effectively. The self-paced structure ensures you can learn comfortably at your own pace, ensuring an efficient and tailored learning journey. 

You will be awarded a certificate to validate your achievement upon successful completion of this Excel free course offered by KnowledgeHut. This certificate signifies your proficiency in Excel basics to enhance your professional profile. 

The certificate also demonstrates your commitment to improving your data management and analysis abilities. It is a valuable recognition of your dedication to learning. The certificate also reflects your competence in using Microsoft Excel effectively, making you more marketable in the current job market. 

You can explore various advanced learning options once you have completed this free Excel course and gained a solid foundation in the basics. Consider enrolling in a free advanced Excel course to better grasp complex functions, formulas, and data analysis techniques.  

Specialized courses focusing on data visualization, pivot tables, and advanced statistical analysis can be highly beneficial for those interested in data analysis. Expanding your Excel knowledge can open new opportunities in various professional settings. 

Career Opportunities

Learning Excel can significantly improve your job prospects. Excel is widely used in multiple job functions and industries. Proficiency in Excel is a valuable skill that employers often seek, as it showcases the ability to handle and analyze data. With the knowledge gained from KnowledgeHut's free Excel certification course, you can demonstrate your expertise and enhance your resume. 

Whether you are starting your career or looking to advance in your current job, Excel skills would open doors to a wide range of job opportunities in your professional journey. 

Excel skills are essential for various job roles such as Data Analyst, Financial Analyst, Administrative Assistant, and Business Analyst, as per a report by News18. Proficiency in Excel opens up opportunities in these fields, as it is extensively used for data analysis, financial modelling, reporting, and administrative tasks. To boost your employability, consider enrolling in a free advanced Excel course with KnowledgeHut. Such a comprehensive course will equip you with valuable Excel expertise to stand out in the competitive job market.  

As per PayScale, the average salary for professionals with Excel skills in India typically ranges from INR 3 to 5 LPA. However, it's essential to note that the salary can vary based on experience, the job role, the location, and the industry they work in.  

For entry-level positions, the salary might be low. On the other hand, experienced professionals with advanced Excel proficiency may command higher salaries. Overall, Excel skills can be valuable in a wide range of industries and job roles, and having proficiency in Excel can positively impact salary prospects. 

Excel continues to be in high demand due to its unmatched effectiveness in data management, analysis, and reporting tasks. Excel's user-friendly interface and powerful features allow users to perform multiple tasks, be they basic or complex.  

According to Investopedia, Excel has grown to become arguably the most important computer program in workplaces around the world. Whether it's finance, marketing, human resources, or any other domain, Excel remains a crucial tool for data manipulation and presentation, contributing to its consistently high demand in the current job market. 

Absolutely, Excel's future is bright. Its pivotal role in decision-making and data management guarantees its ongoing relevance. As businesses rely on data-driven insights, learning Excel for free remains valuable. Its adaptability and complexity suit diverse needs, from small enterprises to multinational corporations. Excel's user-friendly interface, coupled with ongoing Microsoft updates, solidify its position as a pivotal data manipulation and presentation tool. Its widespread adoption cements Excel's integral place in various industries and ensures a promising future. 

What Learners Are Saying

Enakhi Bhattacharya Small Business Owner

I run a small business, and understanding Excel is crucial. This course made it easy to learn the basics. Now I can manage my finances and analyze data effectively.

Dhananjay Patel Finance Analyst

As a finance professional, Excel is essential. This course clarified many doubts I had. The statistical analysis and pivot tables sections were insightful. Highly recommended!

Lisa Williams Administrative Assistant

This Excel basics course was a game-changer for my work. The formatting and formulas sections were particularly helpful. I'm now more efficient in organizing data.

Shounak Dhar Student

As a student, Excel seemed overwhelming, but this course simplified everything. The concepts were explained clearly, and the practical examples helped me understand better.

Sheena Malhotra Marketing Coordinator

I was an Excel beginner, but this free course gave me a solid foundation. The lessons were well-structured and easy to follow. Now I can confidently use Excel for my marketing tasks!