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Project management has become one of the trendiest professions globally as organizations around the world are executing diverse projects in greater numbers and looking for skilled project managers who can break down complex projects into clearly defined goals and satisfy business objectives while delivering value. 

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Project Management has emerged as the most in-demand job as project-oriented roles are estimated to increase by 33% through 2025 across industries like healthcare, finance, manufacturing, entertainment, and other exciting industries. You can take advantage of this rapidly growing demand by undertaking any of our best project management certifications in London and supercharging your project management career

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What Our Learners Are Saying

When it comes to providing the best project management courses in London, KnowledgeHut is a market leader. We have trained over 400,000 professionals in over 100 countries. Our project management courses are delivered by industry experts through a hands-on learning approach geared to give you job-ready skills. This is what our learners say about us: 

Project Management Lifecycle

The Project Management Lifecycle is a series of stages through which a project advances and includes the key phases of Initiating, Planning, Executing, Monitoring, and Closing. A systematic approach to business operations is essential to stay ahead of the game. Here is where the Project Management Lifecycle comes into play and ensures the success of undertaking a large-scale or small-scale project. The Project Lifecycle provides a framework for a project to ensure it has the best chance of success. 

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Life cycle

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Project Management Course Duration & Fees

To assist you on your path to becoming a competent project manager, we provide the best project management training programs. Each of our courses is delivered by skilled project managers with extensive experience to promote better learning. Here's a glance at the project management course duration and fees.

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  • There are no prerequisites to attend our Project Management certification classes.
  • A basic knowledge of Project Management is a plus.

Project Management Case Studies

Stories are a great way of understanding and learning best practices. Get a real-world peek into the project management experience by utilizing our industry-related project management case studies and learning about real-world problems and how to solve them. 

April 2022 Top Characteristics of a Project Manager

What are the important qualities that make a good project manager? How does having these qualities impact project success? Learn about these factors and more.

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Project Management Course Eligibility

The eligibility criteria vary from course to course, depending on the certification exam. Do check out our various Project Management certification programs for more information. These prerequisites will differ based on the accreditation body and the specific certification you aspire to obtain.

A bachelor’s degree is essential to enroll for any of our courses. There is no specific eligibility.

Amp Up your Project Management Skills

We aim to provide the best online project management courses to each of our applicants. These Practice tests will give you a feel of the real exam and help you better prepare for it. 

Frequently Asked Questions

It certainly is! The profession of project management has become one of the most in-demand jobs not just in London but globally too owing to the large number of projects being undertaken across various industries like IT, Healthcare, Finance, Entertainment, and many other sectors. Qualified project managers are highly sought after in London and enjoy lucrative careers. It is estimated that by 2027, 88 million individuals will need to be skilled in project-oriented roles making it one of the most in-demand careers. 

Earning a project management certification in London will boost your project management profession and increase your earning potential.

Yes, there is! In the UK, the project management profession is expanding quickly and is in high demand. More than 2 million individuals work full-time in project-based roles. Big organizations ensure their project managers have the skills they need, and they look for qualified professionals with recognized certifications. Enrolling in Project Management courses in London can open up a world of job possibilities for you and get you noticed by top recruiters

Project management has emerged as one of the hottest skills in the market. As organizations across various sectors undertake diverse projects, the need for skilled and certified Project Managers.

Project Management Training in London will: 

  • Bolster your resume and provide you with industry recognition 
  • Enable you to earn a higher potential salary 
  • Facilitate learning and skill development through intense training 
  • Prove to potential employers you got what it takes 
  • Boost your project management abilities and profession 
  • Provide networking opportunities and creates important connections 


Project management is significantly becoming a valuable tool for helping the execution of ingenious ideas. Almost all businesses across the globe are constantly looking out for the latest and most efficient project management tools to manage their projects. Several Startups and businesses in the London are pursuing several strategies to innovate the project management sector with their Innovative ideas, products, growth strategy, management, and societal impact. 

Here is a short list of the Top Project Management Companies in the London: 

Project management is a rewarding career path that can provide individuals with a wide range of possibilities to advance their abilities while working in a variety of industries. Professionals in project management are useful to several organizations because they assist their employers in achieving their objectives and successfully executing projects. By learning about the various sectors that depend on efficient project management, you can pick one that is best for you. 

Some of the major industries to work for as a project management professional in London are: 

Almost all industries require project managers with a variety of job profiles and share the common need for creativity, extraordinary productivity, and performance. Project management is a lucrative career path that one can embark on and grow continuously by acquiring advanced project management abilities through various project management certification courses in London. Project managers are in high demand for their management, technical, and leadership abilities across various industries. Below is a list of 9 top paying industries for project managers in London: 

  • Construction and engineering 
  • Finance 
  • Insurance 
  • Health care 
  • Technology 
  • Advertising 
  • Law 
  • Energy 
  • Defence 

Project managers are in demand in both small-scale as well as large-scale organizations all over London. The top businesses in London are always looking for qualified project managers who can confidently and skilfully lead basic and complex projects and guarantee positive business outcomes. 

As per Glassdoor, here is a list of top companies hiring skilled project managers in London and the UK 

Project Management classes in London will help you build the essential project management skills that potential employers are looking for. 

Due to the country's rapid growth in the domestic IT industry and the advent of the startup culture, London is home to an increasing number of product-based firms and startups. Product-based businesses offer fantastic chances to grow and create because they foster an environment that encourages curiosity and allows their employees room to advance their careers. Below is a list of top product-based companies in the UK worth striving for: 

Online project management courses in London are a great way to master your skills and land your dream job. 

London is recognized as one of the top startup ecosystems in the world. In the most recent Global Startup Rankings by Startup Genome, the United Kingdom ranks highly in terms of funding, talent, and connectedness. You can hone your project management skills and take advantage of this tremendous opportunity for career growth and a promising future in project management by investing in Project Management training courses in London 

Here is a list of top emerging project management start-ups in London for 2023 

KnowledgeHut is a global center for skills transformation that has assisted several corporates to transform their businesses by enhancing the productivity and effectiveness of project teams for the entire organization.

Our learners experience immersive learning and are taught by certified industry experts who are highly skilled at coaching, mentoring, and assisting professionals to reach their full potential and graduate with employable skills that have a profoundly positive effect on both the individuals and the organizations they work for.

Our excellent project management training in London and mentorship guidance have helped many globally recognized organizations in London to enhance their workforce.  

Project managers are indispensable members of an organization and are well compensated for their leadership and management abilities that drive project success and yield business profits. 

Project manager salaries vary according to location, experience, and industry. The greater the project management experience and skill, the higher the income.

As per Glassdoor reports, the starting salary for project management professionals in London, UK can begin at £ 26,000 and go up to £ 200,000 per year. 

You can increase your chances of higher income in your project management journey by advancing in project management certification levels and enhancing your project management talents. 

Project Management is now being widely implemented in private and public sectors worldwide, which has significantly increased corporate productivity and efficiency. Project managers are in demand in London because of their ability to successfully see a project through from initiation to completion. 

As per Glassdoor reports, the average salary for Project Manager in London, UK is £ 52,000 per year and the additional cash compensation for project managers in London ranges from £ 1,300 - £ 17,300 with an average of £ 4,800. 

Certified project managers are recognized for their knowledge in clearing project management certification exams and are paid higher incomes than non-certified individuals. 

Project manager salaries vary according to experience, and job title. The greater the project management experience and skill, the higher the income. Project management is a wide field of expertise and consists of a wide range of job roles. Scrum Master, PMP certified project manager, PRINCE2 project manager, and Agile manager or coach are some popular titles for project managers and are highly rewarded for their abilities at managing projects.

You can grow your skills as a project manager by undertaking various certifications in project management and becoming a master of the trade. View our list of best project management courses in London, and take your skillset to the next level. 

Organizations are on the lookout for skilled project managers who have the knowledge and expertise to confidently manage a variety of projects and lead project teams effectively through great communication, leadership, and management skills.

Below is a list of some of the top paying companies in London, UK that are hiring skilled project managers (Glassdoor

Project management training courses in London provide aspiring project managers with the essential management, leadership, technical and communication skills leading enterprises seek. 

One of the most in-demand professions in the market today is project management. Around 1 million professionals worldwide have earned the PMP certification. To execute diverse projects and lead businesses to success, organizations across many industries need qualified and capable project managers who know how to get things done. 

There will always be initiatives taken by businesses to increase productivity, reduce expenses, and make profits. According to PMI, there is a shortage of project managers relative to the demand, and until 2027, businesses will need to fill almost 2.2 million additional project-related positions yearly. 

You can become future-ready by acquiring in-demand project management skills. Project management course eligibility varies according to the course you undertake and the skill you want to build. 

According to the Project Management Institute, 88 million individuals will need to take on project management roles by 2022, and project management-related job roles are predicted to increase by 33% by 2025, not just in the tech sector but also in sectors like manufacturing, banking, finance, healthcare, education, and construction, to name a few. Taking a project management course now can help you develop your skills and become ready for a rewarding career in the field. 

Check out our project management course syllabus and enroll in one that interests you the most. Project management certification prerequisites vary depending on the certification level.