Elevate Your Project Management Skills

Project management has emerged as one of the most in-demand occupations globally, as organizations around the world seek talented project managers who can lead diverse projects, achieve business goals and deliver value. Project management is no easy task, but with the right skills, you can become an exceptional project manager and enjoy a rewarding career. 

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Explore Our Project Management Certification Courses

Our top project management certifications are centered around experiential workshops, mentorship, and on-demand courseware to help you gain a competitive advantage and establish a successful career as a project manager. Our project management course syllabus is industry-validated, designed by the best in the industry, and geared to give you job-ready skills on the go! 

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What Our Learners Are Saying

We offer an experiential learning environment to all our candidates with a hands-on approach geared to providing immediately applicable skills on the go. We have assisted over 400,000 professionals to develop invaluable skills and achieve their dream jobs across 100 counties and counting. See what our learners are saying about our Project Management certification in Singapore training.

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Project Management Lifecycle

The Project Management Lifecycle is a series of steps that a project goes through and ideally includes five essential stages: initiating, planning, executing, monitoring, and closing. Each of the procedures is critical to ensuring that the project is set up with the best likelihood of success. The Project Management Lifecycle provides a structure or framework that allows a project to go smoothly through these numerous phases until it is accomplished. Understanding the Project Management Lifecycle is a necessary step for every project manager to achieve business objectives and deliver value. 

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Life cycle

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  • There are no prerequisites to attend our Project Management certification classes.
  • A basic knowledge of Project Management is a plus.

Project Management Course Eligibility

The eligibility criteria vary from course to course, depending on the certification exam. Do check out our various Project Management certification programs for more information. These prerequisites will differ based on the accreditation body and the specific certification you aspire to obtain.

A bachelor’s degree is essential to enroll for any of our courses. There is no specific eligibility.

Project Management Course Duration & Fees

We offer a wide range of comprehensive courses. Are you searching for a part time project management course in Singapore to cater to your busy schedule so you don’t miss out on becoming the best project manager you can be? We’ve got that covered too. Check out our project management course duration and fees below: 

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Project Management Case Studies

Get a glimpse at real-world project management expertise through our industry-related project management case studies and learn how to harness best practices to address problems that arise in the industry.

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April 2022 Top Characteristics of a Project Manager

What are the important qualities that make a good project manager? How does having these qualities impact project success? Learn about these factors and more.

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Amp Up your Project Management Skills

Practice papers are an important part of getting ready for project management exams. Practice with these test papers to get a sense of what a project management exam will entail and stay one step ahead. 

Frequently Asked Questions

It is indeed! project management is a rewarding career with high pay and a variety of job roles one can pursue, but it is also a demanding job that can be extremely stressful at times. You can build the essential skills to execute diverse projects efficiently and effectively by advancing in various project management certification levels. 

The Project Management Institute estimates that project-oriented occupations will require the skills of 88 million people by 2027, making it one of the most in-demand professions. 

Earning a project management certification in Singapore will help you to achieve your Project Management career goals. 

Yes, there is! Project managers are highly sought-after individuals in Singapore and globally too. With the advancement of technology and innovation, multiple businesses are emerging along with existing organizations executing diverse projects across various industries creating a huge demand for skilled project managers in Singapore.

According to the Project Management Institute, project-related occupations will rise by 33% through 2025 in areas such as healthcare, banking, manufacturing, retail, and entertainment to name a few. 

By enrolling for a project manager certification in Singapore, you can acquire essential skills, raise your earning potential and boost your project management career

The reason project management is such a terrific career and Project Managers are in such high demand is that every firm will always constantly launch projects to improve income, cut costs, and boost efficiency. 

Project management certification benefits are plenty. By undertaking project management courses in Singapore and becoming a certified project manager you will: 

  • Enhance your resume and gain industry recognition 
  • Promote your learning and skill development 
  • Prove to potential recruiters that you have what it takes
  • Boost your earning potential by building essential skills 
  • Advance your career through continued self-development 
  • Improve your networking opportunities and establish significant connections 

Project management is becoming an increasingly valuable resource for assisting in the execution of innovative ideas. A majority of businesses throughout the world are constantly looking for the newest and most effective project management technologies and resources. These startups and enterprises are reinventing the Project Management industry in a number of ways through cutting-edge ideas, products, growth strategy, management, and societal impact. 

Here is a list of the Top Project Management Companies in Singapore: 

If you dream to work for top companies in Singapore as a Project Manager, then you should enrol in a Project Management training and obtain Project Management certification in Singapore.

Project managers are in great demand across various industries in Singapore. You can choose the best industry for you by discovering the various industries that rely on efficient project management. Project management specialists are crucial to organizations because they assist their employers in meeting their objectives on time and within budget. A rewarding career in project management can provide you with numerous opportunities to enhance your talents while working in a variety of industries. 

Some major industries to work for as a project management professional in Singapore are: 

  • Construction
  • Design 
  • Finance 
  • Health care 
  • Insurance 
  • Energy 
  • Real Estate 
  • Advertising 
  • Civil Engineering 
  • Information Technology 

Project managers are needed in almost all industries as they are indispensable to an organization's success. Project managers are invaluable players in any company and are highly compensated for their abilities. They are experts in saving time and money through strategic planning of projects, enhancing communication by keeping it clear and effective, and managing risks and solving problems by evaluating trends and planning ahead of time. 

Some top-paying industries to work for as a project management professional and grow your career in Singapore are: 

  • Construction
  • Design 
  • Finance 
  • Health care 
  • Insurance 
  • Energy 
  • Real Estate 
  • Advertising 
  • Civil Engineering 
  • Information Technology 

Several service-based companies in Singapore are on the lookout for qualified project managers who can skilfully organize, plan, execute and finish projects by defining goals and leading teams within a given schedule and budget. 

According to Glassdoor, the following are the top firms employing qualified project managers in Singapore. 

Project management training in Singapore will help you build the essential skills that top companies seek. Before enrolling in a project management course, it is a good idea to understand the project management certification prerequisites. 

Singapore is one of the world's most technologically advanced Information and Communications Technology (ICT) markets. Because of the country's tremendous advancement in technology and innovation, Singapore is home to a large number of product-based firms and startups.

Here is a list of top product-based enterprises in Singapore worth exploring: 

Product-based businesses give excellent chances for innovation and growth and provide competitive pay and work security. Enrolling in an online project management course in Singapore is an excellent method to hone your skills and land your dream job. 

Singapore is one of the most attractive marketplaces in the world for investors and businesses wishing to expand their brand globally.

According to LinkedIn, the 15 top start-ups across various sectors in Singapore for 2022 are listed below: 

Most startups have limited resources that they cannot afford to waste on failed projects, creating an increasing demand for skilled project managers who can reduce the likelihood of failure and helps in developing a system that will enable the firm to flourish. 

KnowledgeHut is a global skills development center that has assisted numerous organizations in improving their operations and transforming their businesses by equipping project teams in leading successful projects

We provide an immersive learning experience to all our candidates with the sole purpose to help individuals reach their maximum potential and become excellent project managers. Our expert panel of trainers have a wealth of industry experience and are highly qualified at coaching, mentoring, and assisting professionals to develop job-ready skills that have a profound effect on both the individual and the company they work for. 

Our exceptional training and mentoring services have impacted and helped many renowned businesses in Singapore to transform their workforce.

Project management is a wide career path that one can embark on with multiple job roles available for aspiring professionals to learn and grow. Project manager salary in Singapore would vary according to experience and job title. 

As per Glassdoor reports, the starting salary for project management professionals in Singapore can begin at SGD 1000 and go up to SGD 300,000 per year. 

Project managers are indispensable to an organization and are well compensated for their leadership, management, and technical abilities. You can increase your earning capacity by investing in project management training in Singapore 

Project management is now widely employed in both the private and public sectors around the world, significantly enhancing corporate productivity and efficiency. Project managers are in high demand in Singapore due to their ability to see a project through from inception to completion. 

Salaries for project managers vary depending on location, experience, and industry. The higher the remuneration, the more project management expertise is expected. 

As per Glassdoor reports, the average salary for Project Manager in Singapore is SGD 6,000 per month and the additional cash compensation for project managers in Singapore ranges from SGD 3,000 - SGD 40,000, with an average of SGD 12,000. 

The compensation of a project manager varies according to experience and job title. Project management is a vast field of expertise with several work prospects. Some notable project management jobs in Singapore include Scrum Master, PMP certified project manager, PRINCE2 project manager, and Agile coach to name a few. The greater the project management experience and qualification, the greater the compensation for a project manager

You can improve your project management skills by pursuing advanced project management certifications and becoming a master of the field. Check out our list of the Top project management courses in Singapore to help boost your project management profession. 

Companies are looking for certified project managers that have the skill and knowledge to successfully manage a wide range of projects and effectively lead project teams through good communication, effective management, and dynamic leadership.

As per Indeed, the top-paying project management companies in Singapore are: 

Credit Suisse - $11,733per month 

Standard Chartered Bank - $11,515per month 

R Systems - $9,612per month 

Shell Infotech Pte Limited - $9,507per month 

Cognizant Technology Solutions - $9,463per month 

Qualified project managers are highly sought after and recognized for their knowledge in clearing project management certification exams and are paid higher incomes than non-certified professionals.

The future scope of project management in Singapore is very promising. The demand for skilled project managers is expected to grow. There are also many opportunities for project managers to progress in their careers and move into senior positions within organizations. 

As per Project Management Institute (PMI), across the globe, a widening gap exists between the need for skilled project management workers and the availability of professionals to fill those roles. Annually, businesses will require to fill nearly 2.2 million new project-related roles each year through 2027. You can take advantage of this growing need by becoming a certified project manager. 

Singapore is a thriving global financial hub and several major public sector projects are expected to stimulate growth in the coming years. As a project manager, Singapore is an exciting place to work. It promotes a positive outlook toward innovation and technology. 

Project management-related job roles are predicted to grow by 33% by 2025, not only in the technology industry but also in manufacturing, banking, finance, healthcare, education, and construction, to name a few.

The Project Management Institute estimates that project-oriented occupations will require the skills of 88 million people by 2027, making it one of the most in-demand professions. You can benefit from this tremendous need for qualified project managers by becoming one.