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Looking to enhance your project management skills but don’t know where to start? We’ve got you covered with the best project management courses in Toronto that range from beginner to advanced levels. Build your project management skills and become a great leader, communicator, and manager, and kick-start your project management career.

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Explore Our Project Management Certification Courses

KnowledgeHut offers a variety of comprehensive project management courses that cater to students, aspiring professionals, and seasoned project managers. From the PRINCE2 certifications to the PMP credential to Agile offerings, we have them all for you to go on a fast track toward professional development. 

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What Learners Are Saying

KnowledgeHut is a market leader when it comes to offering the best project management courses. In more than 100 countries, we have trained over 400,000 professionals. Our project management courses are taught by dedicated professionals in the field and delivered through an experiential project learning experience. Read on to know how our students describe us.

Project Management Lifecycle

The Project Lifecycle is a sequence of stages through which a project progresses and ideally involves 5 key stages of Initiating, Planning, Executing, Monitoring, and Closing. To ensure that the project is set up with the best chance of success, each of the processes plays an essential role. The Project Lifecycle provides a structure or a framework to enable a project to transition smoothly through these various phases all the way to completion.

Life cycle

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  • There are no prerequisites to attend our Project Management certification classes.
  • A basic knowledge of Project Management is a plus.

Project Management Course Duration & Fees

We provide a wide range of in-depth courses that include beginner, intermediate and advanced project management certification levels for you to choose from. Our courses are delivered through a hands-on learning approach by certified Industry experts. Here is an overview of the project management course duration and fees.  

Course Name

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Project Management Course Eligibility

The eligibility criteria vary from course to course, depending on the certification exam. Do check out our various Project Management certification programs for more information. These prerequisites will differ based on the accreditation body and the specific certification you aspire to obtain.

A bachelor’s degree is essential to enroll for any of our courses. There is no specific eligibility.

Project Management Case Studies

Our project management training courses are geared to give you a balanced mix of theory and practical learning. Utilize our project management case studies that are relevant to your sector and learn about real-world issues and how to resolve them.

April 2022 Top Characteristics of a Project Manager

What are the important qualities that make a good project manager? How does having these qualities impact project success? Learn about these factors and more.

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Amp Up your Project Management Skills

To each of our applicants, we offer the best project management training in Toronto. By using these practice exam papers, you can get a sense of the actual exam and better prepare for it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Indeed it is! Due to the numerous projects being performed across numerous industries, including IT, healthcare, finance, entertainment, and many other sectors, the profession of project management has grown to be one of the most sought-after careers not only in Toronto but also globally. Project managers with the right qualifications are in high demand and have rewarding careers in Toronto. It is projected that project-oriented occupations will require the skills of 88 million people by 2027, making it one of the most in-demand professions. 

You can advance your career in project management and raise your earning potential by acquiring a Project Management Certification in Toronto. 

Yes! The Project Management Institute estimates that project-related roles will grow by 33% through 2025 across various sectors like healthcare, finance manufacturing, retail entertainment, and other exciting industries.

Companies are starting to recognize how crucial it is to acquire the right people who can handle the continuously changing environment as new technology, distinctive products, and services start to arise. Nearly 90,000 new project managers will be hired in Canada alone.

Enrolling in project management certification courses in Toronto will help you find a variety of jobs and attract the attention of top recruiters

One of the most in-demand skills on the market today is project management. There is a significant need for skilled project managers who can break down large tasks and propel corporate success. 

Project management certification benefits are plenty. By undertaking a project management course in Toronto and becoming a certified project manager you can: 

  • Enhance your resume and get industry-recognized 
  • Increase your earning potential 
  • Facilitate learning and skill development through intense training 
  • Demonstrate to potential recruiters that you have what it takes 
  • Boost your career and project management skills 
  • Improve your networking opportunities 

Project management is increasingly becoming a valuable resource for helping the execution of brilliant ideas. The majority of firms worldwide are continually searching for the newest and most effective project management tools. A number of startups and companies in Toronto are following a number of ways to innovate the project management industry with their cutting-edge concepts, products, management, growth strategy, and societal impact. 

 Here is a list of the Top Project Management Companies in Toronto: 

A fulfilling career path in project management can offer people many opportunities to develop their skills while working in a number of sectors. Project management experts are invaluable to businesses because they help their employers accomplish their goals within schedule and budget. You can choose the industry that is perfect for you by learning about the several industries that depend on effective project management. 

Project management is an in-demand skill demand skill in Toronto and an essential function across multiple industries such as: 

Project managers are needed in almost all industries, and they are typically expected to exhibit exceptional innovation, productivity, and performance. By learning advanced project management skills through numerous project management classes in Toronto, one can start a fulfilling career in project management, earn rewarding incomes and continue to grow. Skilled project managers are highly sought-after professionals for their leadership qualities, technical knowledge, and management abilities across a number of industries. 

 Here is a list of top-paying industries for project managers in Toronto: 

  • Construction and engineering 
  • Finance 
  • Information Technology 
  • Insurance 
  • Health care 
  • Advertising 
  • Law 
  • Energy 
  • Defense 

Project managers are in high demand in both small and large enterprises throughout Toronto. Top Toronto organizations are continuously on the lookout for qualified project managers who can confidently and skilfully manage both simple and complicated projects and ensure excellent business outcomes. 

According to Glassdoor, the following are the top firms employing qualified project managers in Toronto, Canada. 

Different courses in project management will assist you in developing the critical project management abilities that potential employers desire. It would be wise to check the project management course eligibility before enrolling in a course.

Toronto is home to a large number of product-based companies and startups because of the country’s rapid advancement in technology and innovation. Product-based companies offer great opportunities for innovation and growth as they support a culture of curiosity and provide space for their teams to advance their professions. Product companies offer competitive salaries and a scope of job security. Many of the highest-paying organizations in the world are product-based businesses.

Here is a list of top product-based companies in Toronto that are worth pursuing: 

Project management online courses in Toronto are an excellent method to hone your skills and land your ideal career. 

Due to the advent of technology, opportunity, and innovation, Toronto is a flourishing hub for start-up businesses leading to the increasing demand for capable project managers who can save time and money, improve communication and manage risks

According to the Hello Safe report, Toronto is the greatest city in Canada for startups in 2022, ranking 24th globally.

By investing in Project Management courses in Toronto, you can hone your project management skills and take advantage of this fantastic chance for career growth and a bright future in project management

KnowledgeHut is a global center for skills development that has helped various corporations improve their operations by increasing the productivity and effectiveness of project teams across the board. 

Our learners get to experience immersive learning and are guided by Certified Industry Professionals who are highly qualified at coaching, mentoring, and assisting professionals to reach their full potential and graduate with job-ready skills that have a deeply positive effect on both the individuals and the organisations for which they work.

Project management is now widely used in both the private and public sectors around the world, considerably increasing business productivity and efficiency. Project managers are in high demand in Toronto for their ability to successfully see a project through from start to finish. 

As per Glassdoor reports, the starting salary for project management professionals in Toronto can begin at CA$ 46,000 and go up to CA$ 200,000 per year. 

You can boost your chances of earning higher incomes in your project management career by advancing in project management certification levels and honing your project management skills. 

Project managers are invaluable players in any organization and are well compensated because they save time and money by carefully planning projects, improve communication by keeping it clear and effective, and manage risks and address problems by evaluating trends and planning ahead of time. 

Salaries for project managers vary depending on region, experience, and industry. The higher the salary, the more project management experience, and competence is expected. 

As per Glassdoor reports, the average salary for Project Manager in Toronto is CA$86,400 per year and the additional cash compensation for project managers in Toronto ranges from CA$ 2,300 - CA$ 24,300, with an average of CA$ 7,500. 

Enroll for our project management training in Toronto and get a step closer to your dream project management job

Project manager salary in Toronto would vary depending on experience and job title. The higher the salary, the greater the project management experience and competence required. Project management is a broad field of expertise with numerous job opportunities. Scrum Master, PMP certified project manager, PRINCE2 project manager, and Agile manager or coach are some notable project management titles that are highly rewarded for their project management talents. 

You can improve your skills as a project manager by pursuing numerous project management certifications and becoming a master of the craft. View our list of the best project management courses in Toronto to fast-track your career. 

As businesses undertake multiple projects across various sectors, companies are searching for qualified project managers who possess the knowledge and skill to efficiently manage a wide range of projects and effectively lead project teams through excellent communication, management, and leadership abilities. 

According to Indeed reports, here are some Top companies with their yearly compensations for skilled Project Managers in Toronto: 

SNC Lavalin - $242,384per year 

HRG Group - $129,955per year 

General Contractor - $126,690per year

York Region - $116,882per year 

Certified project management professionals are globally recognized and earn more than their uncertified peers. 

The scope of project management in Toronto is broad. According to Project Management Institute (PMI) projections, around 8,500 jobs will be generated each year until 2027, with Canada alone providing 90,000 project manager employment opportunities.

Businesses will constantly adopt steps to boost productivity, cut expenses, and increase profits. You can become future-ready by mastering in-demand project management skills. Project management certification prerequisites vary according to the course you take and the skill you wish to develop. 

After completing project management courses in Toronto, you will be eligible for specialized certifications offered by globally accrediting bodies like PMI and AXELOS, get industry-recognized, and flourish as an expert project manager.

Project management has become one of the hottest skills in the market as businesses in Toronto are undertaking diverse projects that require skilled professionals.

Project management-related job responsibilities are expected to grow by 33% by 2025, not only in the technology industry but also in manufacturing, banking, finance, healthcare, education, and construction, to mention a few.

You can benefit from this rapidly growing demand by boosting your project management skills and gaining project management certifications that will get you recognized across industries in Toronto.