Essential Skill-Sets To Be An Agile Tester

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31st May, 2022
24th Apr, 2017
Essential Skill-Sets To Be An Agile Tester

Being a Software Tester in an Agile domain is not just about logging bugs and testing. It is basically working with the product owner and being a part of the development team. The work of the tester is to make sure that the team is functioning properly to deliver improved and high-quality products within the allotted time.

So what exactly comes to your mind when a tester is hired? Do you really believe that the role of a tester is considerable and it is just running test, identifying the error and fixing them? Right from the initiation of a project till the closure, a tester is involved at every stage. In the non-agile environment, the role of the tester is to analyze, test and execute the scripts.

Now let’s talk the ways Agile  has titled skill set for a tester.

  • CommunicationThe best and effective way of conveying information within a team would be a face-to-face conversation. In the Agile environment, a tester usually communicates and coordinates among the team members. The testers usually interact with both the programmers and the product owner. Communication helps the tester to proactively engage the team members.They should be highly motivated and should value both the product and the process.
  • Technical Inclinations 

    According to the Agile principle, putting the continuous amount of technical caliber enhances agility. The tester, apart from preparing and positioning the technical aspects, works with the development team. The tester will always be aware of the technical input required to get the issue resolved. With testing, there is always fun to work in the agile environment, as the ultimate goal of the development team and the tester is the same. So a tester should be in a self-organizing and collaborative team which knows what technical skill is exactly required.

  • Absolute Role 

    There are no absolute rules for the role of a tester in the Agile environment. If a tester has exceptional technical skills but is lacking in interpersonal skills, it would be a challenge for the entire team. But at the same time, if the tester is very good at interpersonal skills and lacking in the technical knowledge, the development team can absorb the tester and make him learn a thing. A tester always has to be highly analytical and interactive in the Agile environment.

  • Detect Ambiguity 

    Describing the features or the user story is the main responsibility of a tester. The tester primarily will discuss the story card with the product owner. This will create a great opportunity for better understanding of what the product owner needs. Detecting ambiguity even before the testing is started will be of great help. The skilled testers are utilized for this purpose who are experts in recognizing the quality. The way a tester thinks will help in reaching the expected goal even before a testing is done. Finally, tester is the one who not only detects the issue but also prevents them.

  • Automation Skill 

    It’s a boon if a tester has automation skills, as it helps them write automated scripts.But not having this skillset will not be regarded as a deficit. Automation skills will help testers to contribute to a cross-functional team. On the other hand, it is an advantage for the whole team if programmers are able to automate test scripts. Working in a cross-functional team would benefit the programmers as they usually write a unit test which helps them build their testing skills while working with testers.So in conclusion, Agile is an incremental process, wherein a cross-functional team and a product owner is necessary. The testers will provide a continuous feedback for the entire development team.



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