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Advantages of Agile Testing Methodology

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13th Jul, 2022
10th Apr, 2013
Advantages of Agile Testing Methodology

What is Agile Testing?

As the name implies, agile course projects are executed very quickly and with flexibility. Agile methods involve tasks executed in short iterations or sprints.Agile Testing is also iterative and takes place after each sprint, rather than towards the end of the project. Testing courses iteratively helps to validate the client requirements and adapt to changing conditions in a better manner. As soon as the build is out, testing is expected to get started and  bugs if any should be reported at once. As a Tester, you must work with the team and share your thoughts on the client requirements at the beginning rather than towards the end of the project. Emphasis has to be laid down on the quality of the deliverable despite the short timeframe. This will further help in reducing the cost of development and your feedback will be implemented in the code which will avoid the defects coming from the end user.

Advantages offered by Agile Methodology:

The most significant advantage of Agile Methodology is the saving of time and money. There is less documentation required. Although documents help to a great deal in verifying and validating the requirements, considering the time frame of the project, this approach focuses more on the application rather than on documentation. Since it is iterative in its form, there is regular feedback from the end user so that any changes can be implemented as soon as possible. And because all phases of SDLC need to be completed very quickly, there is transparency with regard to the work done by each individual working on the project during each phase.

Another advantage that Agile Methodology offers is that any changes or enhancements can be implemented without any budget constraint. These changes may necessitate some adjustment in the already allotted time frame which will not be difficult . Daily meetings and discussions on the Agile project  can help to determine any issues well in advance and work on addressing them. Quick coding and Testing makes the management aware of the gaps existing in the requirements or technology used, and they can try to find a workable solution for the same.

Hence, with quicker development, testing and constant feedback from the user,  Agile methodology becomes the most appropriate approach for projects that are required to be delivered in a short span of time.



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