The 10 Greatest Benefits of SASM in 2022

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30th Aug, 2022
The 10 Greatest Benefits of SASM in 2022

The person in charge of implementing Scrum procedures within a company is known as a SAFe Advanced Scrum Master (SASM). Coaching Agile teams, assisting program execution, and leveraging Scrum and Kanban to enable team activities are key skill areas. Due to the fact that SASM Course aids in scaling agile in big, complex organizations, several organizations have experienced amazing success with it. SASM benefits in 2022 are discussed in this blog post. Before moving on, let's examine the definition of SASM and its applicability.

What is SASM?  

To achieve business agility in large business enterprises using Lean, Agile, and DevOps, SAFe Advanced Scrum Master is a knowledge foundation of tested, integrated concepts, practices, and competencies.

For an agile team, scrum masters act as coaches and servant leaders. They support the team's education in Scrum, Extreme Programming (XP), Kanban, and SAFe while assuring adherence to the agreed-upon Agile process. They also assist in removing barriers and creating an atmosphere that promotes high-performing team dynamics, constant improvement, and efficiency.

SAFe adopts a practical perspective and generally assumes that the Scrum Master is a part-time position. But the work can be harder when SAFe is first implemented. At this point, the organization might find it advantageous to hire outside consultants to coach the teams as they pick up Scrum and SAFe. Multiple teams within the organization are frequently coached by these external consultant Scrum Masters.

A team member assumes the role of Scrum Master, whose main duty is to aid the self-organizing, self-managing team in achieving its objectives. Scrum masters accomplish this through the teaching and coaching of team practices, the application and support of SAFe principles and practices, the detection and removal of barriers, and the facilitation of flow. To improve SAFe's efficacy across the company, they also collaborate with the wider Scrum Master community, including Release Train Engineers and Solution Train Engineers.

Large agile teams can align, collaborate, and deliver with the help of SASM.

Demand for SASM Certification  

  • The average income increase for IT specialists who earned a new certification is $15,400.
  • Agile has recently been adopted by 80% of the firms, which presents a significant opportunity for SASM-certified workers.
  • The demand for their expertise has increased, according to 82% of SASM certified experts.
  • Everyone wants complete assurance at the beginning of a project that no changes will be necessary to increase the value of a product, but this is improbable given how quickly the market is changing right now. Change is thus necessary whenever it is needed. Change is also welcomed in agile development projects. The specific requirements are then used to aid in the product's development when the timetable is set. A product owner—someone who can comprehend this idea and can make the essential decisions—is required.
  • Tasks are carried out more methodically when using scrum, which helps to save time and money. A 20-minute daily meeting ensures that the project progresses according to the initial plans. Saving time and money allows for the project's early completion with high-quality output.
  • An agile methodology or approach called SASM simplifies difficult problems so they can be solved quickly with the help of Agile Management Certification Online. Scrum is simple to implement within a business or organization. Scrum management is straightforward and manageable at all phases.
  • The SASM team and stakeholders ensure to know every detail. The team members can discover project-related problems because of this openness and transparency. Additionally, face-to-face communication lowers the possibility of misunderstandings and aids the team in delivering the product on schedule.

Benefits of SASM Certification  

Here are the benefits of getting SASM certification in 2022: 

1. Better Project Execution  

Scaling Scrum-based development can be done using the Leading SAFe methodology. Simply defined, it's a sophisticated implementation that lets businesses create complicated goods and enable the creation of entirely new things by integrating several agile teams into a single project.

You can use SASM complexity with clarity, a complete approach, and novelties if you're interested in applying it. These skills can be learned through various programs and training sessions.

SASM aims to coach the team in self-management while concentrating on dynamic and performance improvements for the team. Assists the team in identifying growth opportunities and resolving problems and interpersonal issues. When necessary, escalates employee issues to management, but only after internal team procedures have failed to address the matter; assists individuals.

2. Solving adoption issues  

In small firms with two or three teams, ensuring agile adoption requires essentially little effort. There is a challenge of proving the same success in a large organization increases.

This occurs because no organization, no matter how big or little, can use a one-size-fits-all strategy. Your ability to successfully scale agile across the firm to improve time to market, increase employee engagement, and improve quality will be facilitated by SASM.

Additionally, you'll discover how to ensure that various functional teams are properly aligned, carry out IT collaboration by engaging with diverse departments and never forget to add value to organizations.

3. Discover the new positions in the agile organization  

Agile scaling in large enterprises is no simple task. It requires the development of new jobs and changes those that already exist. You will struggle if you have no idea how to perform SASM.

The Scrum Master collaborates with other Scrum Masters, stakeholders, and other team members to help the team improve the development Value Stream as a whole.

By providing training and implementing changes at the program and portfolio levels, all designations, including Product Owners, Managers, and Executives, will better understand their tasks.

4. Global recognition  

SAFe Advanced Scrum Master is leading worldwide and offers various processes recognized internationally. With proper credentials, you can work anywhere on the globe.

The team's attempts to constantly enhance communication and connections with other teams are supported by the scrum master. They frequently serve as the team's representative in Scrum of Scrums (SoS), assisting the team in staying informed of participation opportunities and enhancing program effectiveness (see Program Increment for more details). Additionally, they frequently assist the team in developing strong bonds with the System Team, User Experience, Architecture, and Shared Services. It is crucial to remember that each team member shares responsibility for inter-team coordination. Therefore, the Scrum Master cannot assume sole responsibility for it.

5. Professional Growth  

Lean-Agile is based on the Agile Manifesto, a collection of norms, concepts, and methods that SASM leaders support. This is all put into practice by the lean-agile methodology, which considers agile principles and lean practices like lean product development.

The Scrum Master is in charge of enforcing the Agile Team's rules, which are loose but constitute rules. These could be the Scrum guidelines, the Built-In Quality principles from Extreme Programming (XP), the Work-in-Progress (WIP) restrictions from Kanban, or any other process guidelines the team has decided upon.

Three key sets of knowledge—Agile Development, Lean Product Development, and System Thinking—are the foundation of SASM. You can become an expert at applying the Lean-Agile Approach by completing Leading SAFe Certification Training.

6. Impact on Salary  

SASM will ensure you receive a raise at your present or future employer. SASM provides you with the specialised knowledge that certificate holders enjoy a 25–35% pay raise over non-certificate holders.

The Daily Stand-up, Iteration Planning, Iteration Review, and Iteration Retrospective, among other team events, are facilitated to ensure productivity and adherence to time constraints.

7. Efficiency  

Making efficient decisions is a company's most crucial capability. Understanding that someone can come up with a solution to deal with urgent difficulties, significant concerns that need to be solved, or interrelated factors that must be considered is crucial.

The SASM Lean Portfolio Management and Lean Finance course enable businesses to respond more quickly while understanding the financial and overall health impacts.

How to Become a SASM?  

The team size situation and other obligations will determine whether the Scrum Master is a part-time or full-time position. But at the Enterprise level, it might be difficult to convince people that every Agile team needs a full-time Scrum Master. Some activities are necessary to improve Agile performance across all industries. These fundamental skills are 

  • The capacity to manage different team levels, disruptions, and conflicts.
  • The capacity to recognize patterns that go against different strengths and numbers.
  • There will be new applications for Kanban that you may learn about.
  • To improve value transfer.
  • The practice of identifying innovative and promising engineering techniques.
  • Try your hands at more effective coaching techniques.
  • Talents to solve problems at different levels.
  • Guiding businesses to their greatest potential.


SASM certification has no drawbacks. Hence the advantages outweigh them. Learn the Lean-Agile principles, how to make better organizational decisions, continuous delivery, and many other things by pursuing KnowledgeHut’s SASM Course certification. It offers personal development by providing opportunities for well-paying employment and wage increases.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)  

1. Why Do You Need a SASM Certification to Benefit Your Career? 

The SASM course aims to give participants one of the best fundamental skills to become a SAFe Agilist. These activities are necessary to improve Agile performance across all industries.

2. What is the benefit of learning Scrum? 

You can inspire and guide your team members as a Certified Scrum Master. You'll lead the group and ensure effective collaboration. The Certified Scrum Master certification demonstrates to your team members that you have the knowledge and abilities to manage an agile team successfully.

3. Which is better, PMP or CSM? 

If you want to establish yourself as a manager in a specific industry, PMP is the best choice. If you want to use the specific Agile Scrum framework that may be used in sectors that use Agile methodology, CSM is the best option.


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