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Top Business Analyst Masters Programs 2024

27th Dec, 2023
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    Top Business Analyst Masters Programs 2024

    The Business analyst master's program is designed to help students learn the skills needed to become business analysts. The program is designed to teach students how to use business analysis concepts and methodologies to solve problems and use various tools and techniques to help them accomplish their goals. 

    Business analysts are responsible for defining, documenting, and analyzing business needs. They conduct this work by gathering information from different sources within an organization, including customers, employees, and management. Business analysts use this information in conjunction with their knowledge of an organization to determine how best to meet those needs by creating solutions that will be both effective and efficient. 

    There are several different types of business analyst masters programs available for those who wish to pursue careers as business analysts; however, most focus on one specific area, such as IT or finance. In addition, some programs may offer specialized training on topics such as Agile project management methodology or data warehousing systems architecture. 

    Want to make a career change? Get certified in business analysis! The best Business Analyst certifications are those that help you get a job. 

    Many career opportunities are available for those who complete these programs, including project manager or data analyst roles. These positions pay well too! For example, A data analyst at Facebook earns between $51K - $83K per year at an entry level; this increases significantly as they gain more experience on the job! 

    Who Should opt for a Business Analyst Masters Program 

    If you're interested in pursuing a business analyst career, you might wonder: "Who should do a business analyst master's degree?" 

    The answer is simple: anyone who wants to work in business analysis. 

    A masters in business analytics abroad is helpful if you want to work in any area that involves analyzing data and information. You can use your skills to analyze anything from financial reports to customer surveys. 

    Business analysts are needed in every industry, so many job opportunities are available for those with this type of degree. The more advanced your degree, the more money you will make and the more responsibilities you will have. 

    This degree will provide you with a strong foundation in business analysis concepts and techniques and an understanding of how to apply these concepts in real-world situations. You'll learn about business processes, requirements management, data and data management, systems analysis and design, requirements gathering methods, modeling techniques, software development lifecycles (SDLCs), and more. 

    You'll also understand how to work effectively on a team—an important skill for any type of job in today's fast-paced workplace. 

    The MS in business analytics US Degree program provides you with the training needed to enter this field successfully. Students will be taught how to analyze data from different departments within an organization to identify problems that need solving. The program also provides students with the skills to collect and analyze customer data for decision-making purposes. 

    According to PayScale, the Master's in business analytics salary ranges from INR 4.76 LPA to INR 200 LPA. 

    Benefits of Having a Business Analyst Master's Degree

    Whether you're just starting your career or looking to take it to the next level, a Business Analyst master's degree could be the perfect fit. 

    Below are just some of the many benefits of having a Business Analyst master's degree: 

    1. The Workforce Needs You 

    Business analyst master's degrees are in high demand in the workforce. Suppose you have a bachelor's degree in a related field, such as computer science or information technology. In that case, you can earn your business analyst master's degree online or do an MSc in business analytics in the UK.  

    This means you do not have to quit your job to attend classes and can earn your degree at your own pace. Because of this, many employers are willing to pay for your education so that they can hire you after graduation. 

    2. Your Degree Will Give You a Competitive Edge 

    A master of science business analytics degree will give you an edge over other job applicants because it shows that you have invested time and money into learning more about the field. You will be able to use the skills that you learned while earning your degree on the job. In addition, employers see someone with this level of education as someone who has demonstrated commitment and desire to further their career. 

    3. You'll Learn About the Best Practices Used by Business Analysts 

    Business analysts work with teams and stakeholders to identify business problems and then design solutions. This means they must know how to work with people from all different backgrounds and roles. 

    A business analyst master's degree will give you the knowledge you need to work effectively within an organization's structure. You'll learn about how the company is organized, how it operates, and who holds power within that structure. You'll also learn about the various roles within a company, including product management, marketing strategy, IT support, sales, and more. 

    4. You'll Be Prepared to Work in the Industry 

    A business analyst master's degree will prepare you for any role in which your job is to analyze data and make recommendations based on that information. This includes roles like a project manager or product manager—but it also includes positions at companies like Google or Amazon!

    Top 5 Offline Business Analyst Master's Degree 2024

    With the rise of online business analytics degrees, it's hard to find a top offline MSC business analytics degree. 

    This section will break down the best masters in business analytics for 2024. We'll cover the top 10 universities for MS in business analytics, everything from tuition costs to program length and location, and what you can expect from the program itself. 

    1. MIT

    MIT Sloan is ranked 1st in work for its Master of Business Analytics. In a matter of one year, this degree makes future-ready students build successful careers. Here, students are trained to implement and manage modern scientific data and use their knowledge to develop solutions for critical business challenges. MIT offers a business analytics degree for undergraduates, graduates, and doctorate levels. 

    Master in business analytics salary ranges from USD 80 thousand to 200 thousand. MIT Sloan offers a vast extent of career development services like West Career Data Science trek and career advising, among others. 

    2. Indian Institute of Management Bangalore

    Ranked 2nd in the country, IIM Bangalore is the best university for business analytics in India. The institute offers a two-year full-time MBA program that combines management theory and practice. It also has a one-year executive MBA program and an international MBA program. 

    Several publications have ranked the institute among India's top 10 business schools. The minimum cutoff for the CAT exam is 85 percentile, and the fee is INR 24.5 Lakhs. INR 24.5 Lakhs. 

    3. Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad

    IIM Ahmedabad is ranked 7th in the country. It has a two-year full-time MBA program, a one-year executive MBA program, and an international MBA program. The institute also offers Ph.D. programs for management studies and research areas, including finance, marketing, operations management, human resources management, systems thinking, and behavioral changes in organizations.  

    The cutoff for general admission was 90 percentile for the CAT exam, with 85 percentile for OBC and 80 % for SC and ST, respectively. The fee for IIM students is INR 30 Lakhs. 

    4. UCLA

    UCLA University offers a postgraduate program in Business Analytics. It is a full-time course for a duration of fifteen months. The curriculum of UCLA emphasizes merging business school paradigms with theory and principle to gain practical experience.  

    UCLA was ranked 14 in the top universities ranking of Shanghai in 2021. The total fee needed to apply for this course at UCLA is USD 52,991. 

    5. Drexel University

    Drexel University offers Masters in Business Analytics full-time for eighteen months. It also provides the alternative of on-campus part-time for a period of three years. A wide range of opportunities for professional development, internships, and distinctive capstone projects help students to prosper in their fields.

    This stem-designated degree program in Business Analytics costs up to USSD 57,136.

    Top 5 Online Business Analyst Master's Degree 2024

    Here are the five best online business analyst master's degree programs for 2024! 

    1. Portland State University

    Portland State University offers the Business Intelligence and Analytics program for postgraduate students. It offers blended learning, which implies online and offline course delivery modes. It is an 18-month course with a tuition fee worth EUR 11,445. As this program provides advanced data training, it is specifically designed for technical professionals. 

    The areas this program will focus on are given below: 

    • Data analysis 
    • Market research 
    • Risk management 
    • Financial analysis 
    • Trend forecasting 

    2. University of Michigan – Dearborn

    The Master of Business Analytics program at the University of Michigan offers 10 courses for the duration of 30 credit hours, available in blended learning. This course prepares you to deal with a wide range of statistical methods and techniques and use the derived insights to resolve real-world problems. Furthermore, opportunities for applying these skills in your niche are presented, while the optimal capstone course provides a real-time chance to work with a client. 

    This is a STEM program designed by the US government. It is a one-year course at the cost of EUR 47,573. 

    3. Chandigarh University

    Chandigarh University offers a Master's degree in Business Analysis specializing in IT Applications or Business Intelligence & Analytics. This program has been designed to provide students with the necessary skills required for an entry-level professional position in technology management roles.  

    Students will learn how to analyze complex business problems using computer software packages like Excel, Access, or SQL Server; learn about data modeling techniques, including database design; gain experience working with project management application tools such as Jira or Trello; and understand how to create presentations complete with graphics, graphs, and spreadsheets that convey information clearly and concisely. 

    4. Bentley University

    Master's in Business Analytics course at Bentley University is offered in blended learning. This course is for one year at the cost of EUR 50,127. Bentley University is known for its traditional history in business analytics. This course trains professionals at the graduate level, honing their skill sets.  

    The courses covered under this program are listed below: 

    • Management with Analytics 
    • Optimizations and Stimulation for Business Decisions 
    • Time Series Analysis  
    • Data Mining 
    • Quantitative Statistical Modeling for Business 

    5. Aston University

    Aston University offers the Business Analytics course in blended learning. This program contains three semesters. The fee for this program is EUR 18,079 for 9 months. This program was created to prepare students worldwide for postgraduate studies in the UK.  

    The modules covered in this course are given below: 

    • Business Environment 
    • Organizational Behavior 
    • Economics for Business  

    Each of these modules contains an assessment schedule, which will be completed at the end of every term. This method will provide you with a wide scope to kickstart your education in the UK. 

    6. Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU)

    Indira Gandhi National Open University is a public distance education institution that offers courses in various subjects. They offer up to two years of full-time study at their campus in New Delhi and at their partner institutions across the country.  

    The IGNOU Business Analysis Master's program is one of the best business analyst masters programs because it provides an excellent combination of theoretical knowledge and practical experience. The coursework will help students learn how to apply theory in a real-world setting and cover topics such as project management, project management tools, and business analysis skills

    7. George Brown College

    The Business Analytics course at George Brown College is for 4 years. This course offers blended learning; the best part is that you can apply anytime. The course fee is EUR 13,574. 

    This program will make you a master in transforming massive data into easy-to-comprehend and actionable data. This gives you leverage over intelligent decision-making.

    Discover the finest and best business intelligence courses to enhance your skills. Take the leap towards becoming a distinguished business intelligence professional!


    Business Analyst Masters Programs are critical to the future of the business world. Companies that want to stay competitive in an ever-changing marketplace need to be able to respond quickly and effectively, and that requires a trained workforce that is ready to go. 

    Business Analyst Masters Programs will help you gain the knowledge, skills, and experience you need to perform in this role, which can change your life forever. 

    KnowledgeHut Business Analyst Masters Programs are among the best in India. They offer quality education at a competitive price; therefore, it makes sense for anyone who wants a career as a business analyst to consider this option before making any other decisions. Get the KnowledgeHut and the best Business Analyst certifications now!

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    1Is a Master in Business Analytics a good degree?

    Yes! A Master's in business analytics online is a great degree to help you learn the skills and knowledge you need to become a data scientist.

    The program focuses on helping students develop their problem-solving skills, communication abilities, and creativity to use these skills in any job role where they might find themselves. 

    2What Master's degree do I need to be a business analyst?

    You can get your business analyst certification by earning a bachelor's degree in business administration from a program accredited by the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education (IACBE). Many programs offer this certification.

    3Are there masters in business analytics?

    Yes, there is a master's in business analytics in Canada, India, and other parts of the world. It is a graduate-level program that prepares students to work as data scientists and business analysts. 

    4Which degree is best for Business Analytics?

    The best degree for business analytics is a Bachelor of Science in Business with a concentration in analytics. A Bachelor of Science in Business teaches you how to analyze and interpret data, which will help you prepare for a career in business analytics. 

    5Is it difficult to study business analytics?

    No, it's not difficult to study business analytics. You must be willing to take the time and effort necessary to master the material. 

    6Is there a demand for a business analyst?

    Yes, there is a high demand for business analysts. Business analysts are in demand because their work helps companies make better decisions and improve their processes. They help bridge the gap between business needs and technology solutions by recommending how to use technology to improve business processes.


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