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Top Business Analyst Certification for Career Boost

30th Apr, 2024
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    Top Business Analyst Certification for Career Boost

    Business analysis certifications are still in their infancy, but a number of firms are now taking tests to certify business analytics skills. As a business analyst, my role involves spotting trends, patterns, and problems that might otherwise go unnoticed, helping organizations make the most out of the data they collect. Fortunately, there are several educational platforms that offer business analyst certification.

    Working as a business analyst is quite unique because it allows me to engage in various projects and continually learn fascinating things. The tasks and responsibilities are flexible, adapting to the nature and complexity of each project. To successfully complete deliverables, I find it crucial to employ a variety of tools and strategies. As a successful business analyst, I've become familiar with these methods, strategies, and techniques, enabling me to contribute effectively to any project. If you're looking to enhance your understanding of business analysis, I recommend taking some of the top Business Management Courses. Take the top Business Management Courses to understand Business Analysis better. 

    What is a Business Analyst Certification?

    Business analytics (BA) is referred to the skills, technologies, and practice of continuous rigorous exploration of business’ past performance to get the insight of the business and plan accordingly. Business analytics is basically a professional discipline of finding out the needs of the business and coming up with the solutions to those needs and problems.  

    This can be done only by understanding business performance based on its data and statistics. Business analyst is a person who investigates documents/data and interprets requirements of the business, which helps in increasing the efficiency of the business and hence leads to business growth in long run.  

    There are various certificates which focus on business analytics and are designed for providing the business professionals with the knowledge and analytical tools that they require to understand the trends and strategic insights of the business.

    Business Analyst Role

    Top 10 Best Business Analyst Certifications

    1. Certified Analytics Professional (CAP)

    Certified Analytics Professional (CAP) was developed in the year 2013 by the Institute for Operation Sciences (INFORMS). It is a certification which works on the soft skill and critical technical expertise of the professionals required in an accomplished analyst and data science professionals. This certification is of great value in analytics-based organization. 

    It is a testimony superior competency to analytics professionals in the seven domains of analytics, providing a valuable platform for organizations to better identify, recruit, and sustain top analytics talent, and for professionals who find themselves distinguished in today’s highly competitive analytics workforce.  


    • CAP helps in improving job performance  
    • CAP helps in being ahead within the competition  
    • CAP helps in gaining expertise within the field of analytics 


    Candidates must fulfil the subsequent requirements for applying for the CAP certification: 

    • 3 years of experience with MA/MS in any of the related area 
    • 5 years of experience with BA/BS in any of the related area 
    • 7 years of experience with any degree in an unrelated analytics area 


    CAP offers two pricing models, one for INFORMS members at $495 and the other one for non-members at $695. 

    2. IIBA Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP)

    According to the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA), a CBAP Certified person is a professional who is recognized to be an expert to determine solutions to business related problems and is the key facilitator within a company. CBAP are competent individuals who are identified as an important element of any successful project. CBAP are the ones who are responsible for requirements development and requirements management. 

    Business analyst certification is a process which helps employees to showcase their knowledge, competencies and experience in their work which are the great requirements in today’s world. This business analysis certificate program is designed for intermediate and senior business analyst


    • CBAP helps to demonstrate the knowledge, experience, and competencies as a highly effective business analyst 
    • CBAP helps to face out amongst all other employees 
    • CBAP helps to earn quite more than peers 


    • Complete a minimum of 7,500 hours of Business Analysis Work experience within the last 10 years 
    • Within this experience, a minimum of 900 hours completed in 4 of the 6 BABOK Guide Knowledge Areas, for aggregate of at least 3,600 of the specified 7,500 total 
    • Complete a minimum of 35 hours of Professional development within the last 4 years 
    • Provide two references 
    • Agree to Code of Conduct 
    • Agree to Terms and Conditions 
    • Pass the exam 


    CBAP offers three pricing models, one for IIBA members at $350 and second for non-members at $505 and third for corporate members at $305.  

    3. IIBA Entry Certificate in Business Analysis (ECBA)

    IIBA offers an Entry Certificate in Business Analysis (ECBA) which covers the core knowledge of business analysis in accordance with the BABOK (Business Analyst Body of Knowledge) guide. This is a business analyst certification for beginners. It is a foundation certificate in business analysis as it is meant for both beginners and experienced professionals who want to better understand what it means to be a business analyst.  

    This business analysis course will help beginners know what a BA does and how they can add value to their organization. Experienced BAs can use ECBA as a refresher before taking more advanced courses or to work up for certification exams. When it involves searching for business analyst certification for beginners, this certification is found to be one of the best amongst all.  


    • ECBA highlights that the individual has the elemental knowledge 
    • ECBA builds peer network 
    • ECBA increases marketability by showcasing the individual’s achievements and knowledge 
    • ECBA business analysis certification makes the recipients’ resume stand out from others  


    • ECBA requires no previous business analysis work experience 
    • ECBA requires 21 hours of professional development (PD) in last 4 years 
    • ECBA requires agreement with its Code of Conduct 


    ECBA offers three pricing models, one for IIBA members at $150 and second for non-members at $305 and third for corporate members at $105. 

    4. IIBA Certification of Competency in Business Analysis (CCBA)

    The Certification of Competency in Business Analysis (CCBA) designation is a highly professional certification from the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA) for a business analyst who wants to be identified for their expertise and skills by earning formal business analysis certification. 

    CCBA professionals are recognized for his or her greater ability to take crucial responsibilities and showcase their analytical expertise which they have already achieved in their working career. This business analysis certification course allows recipient to achieve success in all the projects they take in their hands. 

    The CCBA exam is grounded on A Guide to the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge (BABOK Guide) and is available in English and Japanese. The exam is a web computer-based test with locations all over the world. 


    • CCBA provides more opportunities to the recipient in their work field because it is globally recognized certification 
    • CCBA provides knowledge domain expansion 
    • CCBA initiates all-round improvement including both knowledge and competency 
    • CCBA provides an excellent networking platform to its recipients 


    • A minimum of 3,750 hours of Business Analysis work experience within the last 7 years should be completed 
    • Within these 3750 minimum hours required, a minimum of 900 hours must be completed in each of two of the 6 BABOK Guide Knowledge Areas or, a minimum of 500 hours must be completed in each of 4 of the 6 BABOK Guide Knowledge Areas 
    • A minimum of 21 hours of Professional Development within the last 4 years should be completed 
    • Provide references 
    • Code of Conduct should be agreed to 
    • Terms and Conditions should be agreed to 
    • Pass the exam 


    CCBA offers three pricing models, one for IIBA members at $250 and second for non-members at $405 and third for corporate members at $205. 

    5. IIBA Agile Analysis Certification (AAC)

    The IIBA Agile Analysis Certification lets individuals know how the methodologies of agile are implemented and can set up the recipient for success as a business analyst in an agile environment. It is helpful to the one who is working with a high performing team that focuses on completing projects quickly and has to deal with constantly changing objectives and requirements. 

    This certification will help you achieve expertise in agile requisites, analysis, and design. Many business analysts find that Agile Analysis Certification helps them to keep their team organised and focused in whatever they deal with. 


    • IIBA-AAC improves business analysis ability to manage changing priorities 
    • IIBA AAC certificate holders earn higher salaries as compared to others 
    • IIBA AAC certified business analyst add to the productivity of team 
    • IIBA AAC builds competency in the business analyst which helps him to be recognised amongst all 


    • IIBA-AAC requires no previous experience in Agile or business analysis 
    • IIBA-AAC recommends it to the BA professionals to have at least 2-3 years of experience related with Agile 
    • IIBA-AAC does not require any professional development (PD) hours 


    CBAP offers three pricing models, one for IIBA members at $250 and second for non-members at $400 and third for corporate members at $225. 

    There is a special discount for the members till August 31,2022 and their cost for the certificate will be $225.50. 

    6. IIBA Certification in Business Data Analysis (CBDA)

    The IIBA-CBDA certification is awarded to professionals with a minimum of two to 3 years of experience in business analysis who have taken and passed an exam. Candidates should have practical skills in one or more application areas, like change management, strategy execution, information security risk management, and customer experience management. CBDA certification will let employers know that you are simply qualified to help their organization manage data analytics initiatives and priorities. 


    • IIBA CBDA certification increases the scope of competencies of the analyst 
    • IIBA CBDA can be used for CBAP / CCBA recertification as it provides Professional Development (PD) hours 
    • IIBA CBDA certified individual earns higher his or her competitors 


    The is not any prerequisites for this certification but it is recommended by IIBA to have a relevant work experience. 


    CBDA offers three pricing models, one for IIBA members at $250 and second for non-members at $400 and third for corporate members at $225. 

    7. IQBBA Certified Foundation Level Business Analyst (CFLBA)

    The Certified Foundation Level Business Analyst (CFLBA) business analysis certification offered by the International Qualifications Board for Business Analysts (IQBBA) is a professional accreditation that validates the individuals’ basic knowledge of business analysis. 

    CFLBA is one of the best business analyst certifications, which will help the individual to develop and prove the competency in core BA skills. This certification acts as a great start in the career of business analysis. After getting certified the recipients can demonstrate their skills, knowledge and understanding of scope management, designing business solutions, processes within the organisation, business goals and objectives, working in innovation, and requirements gathering techniques. 


    • IQBBA-CFLBA increases job satisfaction 
    • IQBBA-CFLBA enhances business analysis ability 
    • IQBBA-CFLBA provides with better career progression and good opportunity to the recipients in their respective work fields.


    Candidates who have a basic experience in solution concept, design, or development are eligible to apply for IQBBA. 


    The basic level exam fee for IQBBA is $229. 

    8. PMI Professional in Business Analysis (PBA)

    PMI Professional Business Analysis certification is recognised and distinguished worldwide. The PMI-PBA Certification carries high level of professional reliability. It allows the individuals to recognised in his organisation for his great knowledge and expertise as a business analyst.

    The upshot of this business analysis certification is reflected in the work of the PBA certificate beholder. This global certification also supports the individuals to play key roles in their teams/organisation by using the tools and techniques to enhance the overall success of projects.  


    • PMI-PBA increases career opportunities 
    • PMI-PBA increases earnings 
    • PMI-PBA provides overall professional growth 
    • PMI-PBA develops individual on personal level 


    • Secondary degree (hight school diploma, associate’s degree) 
    • 60 months of business analysis experience 
    • 35 contact hours of education in business analysis 


    • Bachelor’s degree or global equivalent 
    • 36 months of business analysis experience 
    • 35 contact hours of education in business analysis 


    • Bachelor’s or master’s degree or global equivalent (GAC accreditation) 
    • 24 months unique non-overlapping professional business analysis experience  
    • 35 contact hours of formal education  


    PMI offers two pricing models one for PMI members and other for non-members. The exam fee is $405 for members and $555 for non-members.

    9. Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering (CPRE)

    The Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering (CPRE) certification which is a personnel certification designed for the professionals who work in requirements engineering, business analysis, and testing. The International Requirements Engineering Board (IREB) has created this certification program. The courses are delivered by independent trainers, and therefore the CPRE exam may be taken at recognized certification bodies.  

    • Foundation Level is where the candidates are going to be certified in the basics of requirements engineering. 
    • Advanced Level follows and covers three parts: Requirements Elicitation and Consolidation, Requirements Modelling, and Requirements Management. One must wait 12 months after passing the primary test to take the advanced level exam.  
    • Expert Level certifies the individuals at the “highest level of expert knowledge,” which encompasses their hands-on experience and therefore the skills and capabilities they have earned from previous certifications. 


    • IREB-CPRE is a lifetime validity certification 
    • IREB-CPRE enhances the talents and boosts the performance of the individual in the work field 
    • IREB-CPRE certification process works on the individuals from their basic level to the expert level. 


    There are no such prerequisites for applying for foundation level. 


    The Certification Bodies set the certification fee, which varies based on the country. The certification bodies are to be directly contacted to inquire about pricing for the concerned country. 

    10. HBS Online Business Analytics Programme

    This Business Analytics course will teach you how to use data science for business. It will help you think beyond worksheet, and productively use data to take decisions for business and hence become a good manager. 

    Harvard Business School Online (HSB) provides dedicated courses from across the University combining best faculties and disciplines. It connects learners from all round the globe. It provides the learners with exceptional access to excellent research and multidisciplinary approaches to solve the world’s most critical challenges.  

    HSB Online provides a unique and highly appealing way to learn important business concepts. It gives the candidate an environment where he/she faces the real challenges which the business leaders face in a variety of industries. The candidate will learn problem solving skills while interacting with co-learners from round the world and hence will be able to tackle all the issues and imperfect information. 


    This 8-week (approximately 40 hours) program will help: 

    • To think beyond the worksheet by giving the foundational knowledge which relates to business decisions 
    • In making decision making skills better and avoiding mistake 
    • To collaborate with peers from world-wide along with world class faculty 
    • In understanding important techniques to analyse data in a better way 
    • To tackle business challenges in a better way by listening to real world examples 


    • Minimum age criterium for applying is 18 years. 
    • The applicant must be proficient in English. 
    • Note: The enrolment eligibility will be confirmed within one week of application. 


    • The cost for the certificate is $1750 where the application is free of cost. 
    • Note: For February 2023 batch, last date of application – 30th January, 2023 
    • For April 2023 batch, last date of application – 3rd April, 2023

    Is Business Analyst Certification Worth It?

    I truly believe that opting for a free online business analyst certification is absolutely worth it. Not only does it open up more business opportunities, but it can also lead to higher salary packages. In my experience, pursuing certification in this field has been instrumental in gaining valuable knowledge. If someone aspires to excel as a business analyst and wants to deepen their understanding of the field, going for the best business analyst certification programs to prepare for the certification is a wise choice.

    Moreover, I highly recommend it for individuals considering a career change. The specific certification costs may vary, but the ones mentioned in this article are all top-notch and definitely worth the investment. I've personally found that having a recognized business analyst certification has not only enhanced my skills but also opened doors to new and exciting career prospects. Here are some of its advantages:. 

    1. Gain Competitive Advantage

    When you take business analysis certifications you become more valuable in the eyes of employers. Often, industries are looking for an exceptional talent and your certification could make you ahead of the crowd. Also, taking business analysis online certification can aid in building your confidence and take your career to the next level. 

    2. Boosts Innovation

    Going for certifications is a great way to boost your chances and ability to innovate. The knowledge you get while taking a certification course will introduce you to new concepts and creative approaches. This, in turn, will assist you in brainstorming and create various different approaches to address the tasks and challenges. 

    3. Career Advancement

    Earning certifications can help you get promoted and is a great way to provide you with technical knowledge, and best practices which can be applied in a company to deliver added value. In today’s world there is an increased room for proficiency and credibility and this can be achieved by going for certification courses. 

    Benefits of Becoming a Certified Business Analyst

    1. A certified business analyst is always in demand.
    2. They are paid 10% to 15% higher than others.  
    3. A certified business analyst gets recognition in his or her team as he or she can express their knowledge and expertise in a better way.  
    4. Businesses and companies have more trust in certified business analysts rather than non-certified ones, which increases their worth in the workplace.
      benefits of a business analyst

    Enhance your business intelligence knowledge mastering the art of data insights. Join our BI courses and turn data into your superpower.


    If you're someone seeking a career change or just starting on the path of becoming a business analyst, I highly recommend KnowledgeHut's top Business Management courses. I personally found them valuable, especially since they are accredited by IIBA, and upon completion, you earn PMI professional development units.. 

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    1Difference between business analytics and business intelligence?

    Business analytics is a professional discipline which works on finding the needs, problems, and requirements of the business by predicting them and finding the best solution to those. Whereas Business Intelligence focuses on describing the performance of the business and guiding business planning.  

    2Which business analyst certification is best?

    Henry Harvin can be the best business analyst certification as is one of the best institutes for business analyst certification course. It is famous and very trustworthy all over India.  

    3What is some business analyst courses?

    Some business analyst certifications are CAP, ECBA, CBAP, CCBA, PMI-PBA, AAC, etc.  

    4Which is better CBAP or PBA?

    CBAP and PBA are both great courses when concerned with business analytics certification. Both are globally recognized and accepted. Although there are two differences which come here in picture are in terms of fees and eligibility criteria. PBA is costlier than CBAP, but it is most suitable for professionals who have less work experience.   

    5What is the difference between BPA and BA certifications?

    BPA refers to Business Process Analyst certifications whereas BA refers to Business Analyst certifications. Although they both are related to the same work field but are different from each other. BPA mainly focuses on business process modelling, but BA focuses on the analysis of greater business operations. 


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