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AWS Certified Professionals' Salary for Different Roles in 2023

17th Nov, 2023
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    AWS Certified Professionals' Salary for Different Roles in 2023

    Amazon Web Services, better known as AWS, has become a very popular cloud computing method over the last few years since it was launched. This is mostly due to the fact that AWS is much easier to use compared to a lot of other cloud services. So if you are wondering what is the average AWS certification salary in 2023, then this article can help you out. You will be able to get a solid view of the AWS average salary across locations and the AWS certification salary as well. You can get a clear idea about what different professionals certified in AWS usually get paid. If you are interested in learning AWS, then you can look at some Cloud Computing Courses Online. These can help you get a clear idea about AWS and how you can use this skill in the professional field.  

    What Is AWS?

    AWS, or Amazon Web Services, is probably the most largely adopted cloud computing platform globally. It offers around 200 different services and sub-services from data centers across the world.

    AWS offers many cloud-based solutions that are cost-effective, reliable and easy to use even for newbies. That is why so many businesses in the world opt for AWS as their cloud solutions partner. The best part about AWS is that it is completely global and any business from any corner of the world can pay for AWS and use it.

    Since its popularity as a cloud computing service is constantly on the rise even in 2023, Amazon Web Services salary is something you can always rely on. If you are also looking for a job in this market, then you might want to upskill with the KnowledgeHut Cloud Computing Courses.

    Who are AWS Professionals, and What is their Average Salary?

    If you are someone that cleared the AWS certification in your chosen sub-domain, you will be called an AWS professional. Depending on the roles they choose, all of these professionals have different responsibilities and different salary packages as well. In the list below, we have comprised some of the most popular AWS-based professions and the average AWS jobs salary in India in each domain.

    1. AWS Cloud Architect

    An AWS cloud architect is probably one of the most sought-after AWS professionals in the industry. Candidates can expect an average salary of about USD 119,000 per year as an AWS Cloud Architect. But if you are new to the field, then the starting AWS certification salary average would be about USD 83,000 per year. Depending on your experience in the field, it can go up to USD 167,000 per year. (Payscale) 

    2. AWS Developer

    If you are an AWS Developer, then you can get an average salary package of USD 122,799. But depending on your experience and your location, this can change. If you are new to the field, then your average starting salary will be around USD 97,000 per annum. As you keep gaining experience in the field, your salary can go up to about USD 151,843 per year. (ZipRecruiter) 

    3. AWS Big Data Specialist

    The average Big Data Specialist salary is about USD 99,775 per year. But if you have an AWS certification, it can go higher. The base starting pay in this field is about USD 76,000. But with more experience, it can be as high as USD 139,000 or more. (Payscale) 

    4. AWS Cloud Network Engineer

    The average Cloud Network Engineer salary, including AWS-certified professionals, is about USD 122,159. The entry-level salary for newcomers in this field is about USD 79,189, and for experienced people, it can be as high as USD 188,448. (Indeed) 

    5. AWS DevOps Engineer

    The average salary as an AWS DevOps Engineer is about USD 136,142 per annum. The starting base salary for newcomers would be around USD 119,884. But people with a lot of experience in the field can get a salary of up to USD 165,115. (Talent) 

    6. AWS SysOps Admin

    The average salary of an AWS Sysops Administrator is about USD 111,000. The starting salary of this position is about USD 73,000, but it can go up to USD 158,777 if you have a lot of experience in the field.  

    7. AWS Cloud Practitioner

    The average Cloud Practitioner salary (including AWS certified professionals' salary) is about USD 85,569. The entry-level pay for this position is about USD 50,500. But with experience, you can earn up to USD 116,000 per annum.  

    8. AWS Solutions Architect

    The average annual pay for an AWS Solutions Architect is about USD 113,261. The AWS fresher salary in the field has an average of about USD 88,000, but it can change depending on your location. Those with higher experience in the field can get a salary of up to USD 173,000 per annum.  

    9. AWS Certified Security Specialist

    A Security Specialist is a pretty high-paying job across the globe. The average salary of a Security Specialist is about USD 101,239. The AWS certification can make it go higher. The starting average salary in this field is about USD 41,000. People who have a lot of experience in the field can get a salary as high as USD 149,500.  

    10. AWS Cloud Engineer

    The average salary for an AWS-certified Cloud Engineer is about USD 107,239. The starting average pay in this field is about USD 98,078 per annum. Experienced people can get a salary as high as USD 117,257.

    Factors Affecting AWS Certified Professionals' Salary

    There are many factors that can affect your Amazon Web Services certification salary. In India, there are many companies across several states and cities that are hiring AWS professionals proficient in different fields. But depending on your experience, location, and employer, your AWS certification salary can differ.  

    1. AWS Certified Professional Salary: Based on Experience & Role

    The most important factor that usually affects your salary is your experience in the field. Of course, people who are new to the field will receive a lower salary than those who have worked in the field for a long time. The average salary of AWS-certified professionals is estimated to be around USD 100,000 per annum. On the other hand, the starting salary for newcomers in the field is about USD 89,000. But with experience, the salary can go up to about USD 155,055. 

    2. AWS Certified Professional Salary: Based on Employer & Role

    Depending on your job role and the company that you work for, your salary can be different as well. In India, the average base salary for AWS professionals in companies like Accenture is about USD 150,000. But with more experience, you can easily get a higher salary.  

    3. AWS Certified Professional Salary: Based on Skillset & Role

    Depending on what kind of specific skills you have, your AWS specialist salary can also differ a lot. As you have already seen in the previous list, your specific skillsets in the field can make a huge difference in your Amazon AWS salary average.  

    4. AWS Certified Professional Salary: Based on Location& Role

    Location is also one of the most important factors when it comes to salaries. Various countries across the globe offer higher salaries to AWS professionals. It is important to choose the location you work in carefully. Here are some of the AWS Solution Architect salaries across different locations.

    CountryAverage AWS Certified Professional Salary
    USAUSD 125,000/annum
    UK£ 48,000/annum
    IndiaINR 9,000,00/annum
    UAEAED 240,000/annum
    AustraliaAU$ 102,000/annum
    CanadaC$ 92,000/annum
    Germany€ 65,000/annum

    Top Companies That Are Looking for AWS Professionals

    If an IT professional completes the AWS Certification, their chances of landing a higher-paying job will increase significantly. No matter where in the world you are, most of the larger companies are always looking for AWS professionals. Depending on your experience and location, your AWS certification salary range can differ. Here are some of the companies actively searching for AWS professionals.

    • IBM
    • Mindtree
    • TATA Consultancy Services  
    • Accenture  
    • Inpetro Technologies.  

    Depending on what type of AWS professional you are and how much experience you have in the field, you can go for a salary package of up to USD 173,000. But the average offered AWS salary is USD 125,000 per year.

    AWS Job Status Based on Top Job Portals

    As we mentioned, the demand for AWS professionals is rising, even in India. That is why you can find thousands of jobs on the top job portals of the countries that are looking for AWS-certified professionals.  

    • On LinkedIn- there are more than 54,000 jobs in the field, with more being added each day.  
    • On Indeed- there are more than 14,000 vacancies where various companies are looking for AWS professionals.  

    A Career in AWS Cloud

    AWS is probably the most widely used Cloud-based computing platform in the world. Currently, a career in AWS Cloud looks very promising. With the help of great AWS certification courses like the AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate Training, you can pass the AWS certification in your chosen field. With the help of this certification, it will become much easier for you to land a high-paying job right now. The salary of AWS-certified professionals is constantly on the rise as well.

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    AWS has a bright future, even in 2023. Companies are constantly hiring people who can offer them cloud-based solutions that enhance their performance and increase client satisfaction. With the help of an AWS certification, you can get a high-paying job in India and anywhere else in the world. AWS offers its services in most countries in the world, so AWS professionals are the most widely sought-after cloud computing consultants in the world right now.

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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    1. How hard is it to become an AWS professional?

    If you have some experience in Cloud Computing, it is not very hard to become an AWS professional. You have to get some training in your chosen field before you receive your AWS certification, but after that, you will be able to get a lot of high-paying job offers.  

    2. What is the highest-paying job in AWS?

    Currently, the highest paying job in AWS in India is AWS Cloud Architect.  

    3. Can I take AWS professional without an associate?

    You no longer need to get an AWS associate certification course and can directly aim for the AWS professional certification.  

    4. How long do AWS certifications take?

    After taking the AWS certification exam, you can get your results within 5 business days.  

    5. Is AWS still in demand?

    AWS is still the leader in the Cloud Computing market, and that is why its demand is slowly on the rise.


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