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Azure Fundamentals Certification Cost (AZ-900) in 2024

22nd Dec, 2023
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    Azure Fundamentals Certification Cost (AZ-900) in 2024

    The demand for experts with a solid grasp of Microsoft Azure has significantly increased due to the rising popularity of its cloud services around the world. Hence, there has never been a better time to pursue a career in cloud computing. With Microsoft Azure setting the standard for providing cloud solutions across the board, picking a career path in Microsoft's role-based certifications for Microsoft Azure makes perfect sense.

    Any professional seeking to learn the fundamentals of Microsoft Azure must begin by enrolling in Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Certification Training from a reputable training provider.

    In this article I have explained in detail about Azure certification cost, exam details, benefits and much more.

    Overview of Azure Fundamentals Certification

    An entry-level certification on the Azure cloud services platform is available from Microsoft and is called Azure Fundamentals. In the role-based certification pathway for Microsoft Azure, this is the first certification that is being offered. The Microsoft Azure Fundamentals AZ-900 certification validates a person's fundamental grasp of Microsoft Azure cloud services and is the best option for professionals who occasionally or never need to use the technical aspects of cloud services in their work.

    The core understanding of cloud services is covered in Azure Data Fundamentals. This certification includes instruction in all the key aspects of cloud computing, networking, storage, and security. Both technically savvy and beginners in this field can benefit from obtaining this certification, which is the first step towards Azure. If you are searching for a Microsoft Azure certification roadmap but are unfamiliar with cloud computing, this certification is undoubtedly for you.

    Why Should You Get Azure Fundamentals Certification?

    Numerous cloud-based solutions providers have emerged as a result of every industry and service sector going through a full digital transformation and preserving their core services on the cloud. One such cloud service provider that has experienced exponential growth throughout the years is Microsoft Azure. Therefore, in this digital and cloud-based corporate environment, Microsoft Azure Certification is essential for both new and seasoned employees. According to ZipRecruiter, if you pursue an Azure certification at the Fundamentals level, you have the potential to earn an average annual US salary of $101,526, which is higher than the industry average,

    The degrees you possess may become irrelevant over the years in the IT business; what counts is how you use your free time to advance your education and profession. This is why the Microsoft Azure Fundamentals certification was developed to enable a large number of people to begin utilizing Microsoft Azure in their regular work settings.

    Professionals with Microsoft Azure Fundamentals qualifications have a clear advantage over their uncertified contemporaries and may be eligible for better salaries all over the world. So, obtaining a Microsoft Azure Fundamentals certification is definitely worthwhile, and professionals from different backgrounds benefit greatly from possessing the credential.

    Cost of Azure Fundamentals Certification

    The cost of the Azure Fundamentals certification is generally considered worth it for individuals looking to start a career in cloud computing or advance their existing skills. Mentioned below is the cost of certification:

    Certification Cost:

    Az 900 certification cost is $99. The certification cost may change over time. It is recommended to check Microsoft’s official website as well.

    Exam Details:

    The Azure Fundamentals Certification opens the door to Azure cloud services knowledge. The exam syllabus covers various topics with different weightage. 

    Following topics will be covered in the exam:

    • Cloud Core Concepts (15-20%)
    • Core Azure Architecture and Services (30-35%)
    • Security, Privacy, Compliance, and Trust (25-30%)
    • Azure Pricing and Support (20-25%)

    Exam format: 

    • Number of questions: 40-60 Multiple-Choice Questions
    • Passing Marks: 700/100
    • Exam length: 85 minutes
    • Exam Languages: English, Japanese, Korean, and Simplified Chinese

    AZ-900 Exam Preparation Resources

    Guide to Azure Fundamentals Certification

    If you plan to start studying for the AZ-900 exam, you should sign up for Microsoft's free online learning path or instructor-led training to get started.

    Here are the related steps that you must adopt in order to adequately get ready for the AZ-900 test.

    1. Take the Microsoft Learning Path: As mentioned above, taking the Microsoft Learning Path is the first thing you should do to get ready for the AZ-900 exam. You may find many chapters mentioned on the page with their corresponding modules in these free online study guides for the AZ-900 exam. In order to pass the exam, you need to understand the principles and fundamentals covered in each chapter.
    2. Read through the Microsoft Documentation: Microsoft offers a vast collection of documents on the AZ-900 and Azure Fundamentals. As you prepare for the test or certification, it is crucial that you give them priority consideration. The detailed application and principles of Azure Cloud and its related services are covered in these documentations. You can obtain all of the theoretical information necessary for passing the test with the aid of the documentation.
    3. Consider enrolling in the instructor-led training program: By completing these modules, you will have mastered every domain needed to pass the AZ-900 test. However, Microsoft offers instructor-led classes if you'd like to learn more in-depth. For the Microsoft Azure Fundamental Certification, they provide two instructor-led courses, lasting one day each and lasting two days total. You will get more knowledgeable about topics after taking these classes. You can also clear up any doubts you may have. For such Cloud Computing classes you can go to Microsoft or choose any reputable professional institute.
    4. Join study groups or forums for the AZ-900 exam: Over those communities and forums, share and learn from publicly accessible information. Learn to solve complex problems and get ready for the certification exam.

    As discussed in points above, preparing for the Azure Fundamentals certification involves thorough study, practice, and understanding of Azure's core concepts. Earning this certification will not only boost your knowledge but also enhance your career opportunities in the dynamic field of cloud computing.

    What are the Job Titles to Land After Microsoft Azure Certification

    Earning a Microsoft Azure certification can significantly expand your career horizons in the dynamic field of cloud computing. There will be diverse job titles and roles that become accessible to certified professionals. Let's check out some common job titles.

    1. Cloud developer: Applications for the cloud are created by cloud developers. Throughout the day, they code, fix bugs, and create systems and solutions based on client requirements. They typically have experience in software development and knowledge of cloud orchestration tools.
    2. Cloud Architect: Depending on the particular demands of an organization, they design, install, and manage cloud infrastructure. Communication and listening are important soft skills for this profession because of the emphasis on a specific setting. They constantly consider how things should look and carry the organization with them in everything they do, from supervising the configuration of the cloud infrastructure to advising on which of the newest Azure toolkits to utilize.
    3. Cloud Consultant: They must be knowledgeable about cloud platforms, systems, and migration since they are the ones that businesses turn to for guidance on selecting the best design and architecture for their requirements. This function is more in line with others described earlier since they are also responsible for implementing and managing these systems.
    4. Cloud Systems Engineer: The lifeblood of the Azure Cloud are the Azure Cloud Systems Engineers. More specifically, they are in charge of daily system and infrastructure management. This entails testing, monitoring, and problem-solving, as well as patching. They also aid those in other positions like Cloud Architects in putting solutions into practise.
    5. Cloud Security Engineer: This is also a common job choice because security isn't going anywhere anytime soon. Security engineers spend their days maintaining systems' security proactively, protecting sensitive data, and making sure regulations are followed.
    6. Cloud DevOps Engineer: They develop and apply DevOps techniques, such as CI/CD architecture, version control, and configuration, to enhance the development cycle.

    Microsoft Azure certification can unlock a wide range of job titles, from Cloud developer to Cloud DevOps Engineer, enabling professionals to contribute to cloud-based projects and organizations' digital transformations while enjoying promising career growth and opportunities in the ever-evolving world of cloud computing.

    Benefits Of the Azure Fundamentals Certification

    Considering the certification preparation efforts and az 900 cost, it offers immense benefits:

    • Enhances your knowledge: It doesn't matter if you have past IT expertise or not; this credential is for those wishing to begin a career in cloud computing, so it will make the transition easier for you. You can improve your core understanding of cloud computing by obtaining AZ-900 certification. Before choosing the associate-level certificate, the Azure fundamental AZ-900 is a great first step.
    • Better Salary: The Azure AZ-900 certificate increases your earnings compared to those of your competitors who do not. If you succeed in obtaining this certificate, you will be given more responsibility in your existing position, especially if your company makes use of cloud computing. Additionally, obtaining this certification eases your path to securing a high-paying position if you are just beginning your career in cloud computing.
    • Become eligible for Advanced certifications: A variety of options and associate-level certification courses will become available to you once you have earned the Azure Fundamentals badge. With your associate qualification in hand, you'll be able to choose from a variety of great job opportunities. Before applying to this level, you must obtain the Azure fundamentals certification. Once you get this qualification, it won't be difficult for you to comprehend more difficult subjects. The AZ-900 test effectively qualifies you for expert and advanced-level certification if you pass it.
    • Career flexibility: If you seek career flexibility in the Azure area, earning this fundamental level certification is essential. It's critical to keep in mind that since this certification is not for a particular job profile, it provides you a great deal of freedom in selecting your career path. Choosing to work as a developer, cloud administrator, data engineer, cloud administrator, security engineer, solutions architect, etc. after receiving the badge is entirely up to you. The Azure field's professional roles will be highlighted via the certification route.

    You are essentially given a range of options for developing your Azure career. You can deliberately select which career to pursue based on your talents and expertise after learning the fundamentals of Azure.

    Salary After Azure Fundamentals Certification

    Your employability and success in many cloud-based IT professions can be improved by earning the Azure Fundamentals certification. Review the list below for a variety of job titles associated with the cloud and their typical US base pay.

    • Cloud Developer: $106,921 per year
    • Security Engineer: $142,632 per year
    • Data Engineer: $115,472 per year
    • Cloud Engineer: $141,869 per year


    Now that you have a good understanding about the Microsoft Azure AZ-900 exam, you can prepare with confidence. Before you decide to take this exam, you must be aware of its specific requirements. You won't ever be driven to put up your best effort to pass the exam if you are unaware of what being Azure certified entails.

    In this article I have presented an exhaustive AZ-900 preparation guide for you along with az 900 certificate cost, benefits and more, enabling you to familiarize yourself with the proper strategy for taking the test. For a head start on studying for the Azure basics exam, I advise you to enroll in the AZ-900 training program like KnowledgeHut Azure Data Fundamentals and practice exams.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    1Are there any additional fees apart from the examination fee for Azure Fundamentals certification?

    Azure Fundamentals certification includes only the examination fee. However, it's important to note that policies and fees can change over time

    2Can I retake the Azure Fundamentals certification exam, and is there a fee for retakes?

    First of all, a candidate must wait 24 hours before retaking the exam if they don't pass the first time. Second, if the test-taker fails on the second try, they must wait 14 days before taking it again. A candidate is allowed a maximum of five retakes per calendar year. You have to pay the usual az 900 exam fee every time you retake the exam.

    3Are there any expiration or renewal fees associated with Azure Fundamentals certification?

    AZ-900 has no expiration date, in contrast to other Microsoft certifications. Unlike the majority of their qualifications, you won't need to renew it annually. In the event that you passed the exam but want to get a better grade, you can retake it.


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