Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Certification

Start your cloud computing journey and prepare to clear your AZ-900 exam

  • Validate your expertise on how Azure supports security, privacy, compliance, and trust
  • Master cloud computing with infrastructure (IaaS), platform (PaaS), and software as a service (SaaS)
  • Learn the best practices for cloud computing
  • 400,000 + Professionals Trained
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Master the Fundamentals of Microsoft Azure

KnowledgeHut’s comprehensive training program in Microsoft Azure Fundamentals helps you build a strong foundation in essential Azure concepts. By completing this training, you’ll acquire end-to-end knowledge of essential Azure skills and tools, network security, governance, privacy, and compliance features. 

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  • Coaching by Top-Notch Microsoft Certified Trainers

  • 2 Days of Live, Instructor-Led Sessions

  • Latest, Up-To-Date Curriculum, Approved by Microsoft

  • Access to a Digital Library of Learning Resources

  • Enhanced Knowledge of core Azure services

  • Mix of Classroom Sessions and Hands-on Training

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Azure Certified Professionals are in Demand


The cloud’s importance for a modern enterprise is incomparable. With Microsoft Azure being one of the top 3 cloud platforms across the world, the need for skilled and certified Azure Administrators has steadily risen. An Azure Administrator implements, manages, and monitors an enterprise’s cloud environment and ensures efficient cloud services.

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The KnowledgeHut Edge

Learn by Doing

Our immersive learning approach lets you learn by doing and acquire immediately applicable skills hands-on.

Real-World Focus

Learn theory backed by real-world practical case studies and exercises. Skill up and get productive from the get-go.

Industry Experts

Get trained by leading practitioners who share the best practices from their experience across industries.

Curriculum Designed by the Best

Our expert team of Azure professionals curate best practices to emphasize real-world relevance.

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Webinars, e-books, tutorials, articles, and interview questions - we're right by you in your learning journey!

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Maximize your readiness for a rewarding career as you acquire skills that make you in-demand.  

Steps to Get a Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Certification

Getting a Microsoft Azure Fundamental Certification is quite simple and can help shape your career in managing Azure cloud services. Strengthen your skills and knowledge of Azure fundamentals, and validate them by clearing the Azure Fundamentals exam. Here’s how you can start:

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path to Microsoft Azure Fundamentals

Prerequisites for the Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Course

  • There are no prerequisites to attend this course.

Who Should Attend the Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Training

IT professionals interested in working with Microsoft Azure

IT professionals who are working with Microsoft Azure

IT professionals building a foundation in Microsoft Azure

IT Professionals looking to get certified in Microsoft Azure

Course Schedules

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What You Will Learn

Core Azure concepts

Build a strong foundation of the role of core Azure architectural components

Core Azure services

Discover how to use Azure database, Azure compute, Azure storage, and Azure Networking in real work scenarios

Core solutions and management tools on Azure

Learn about AI, machine learning, Azure DevOps, serverless computing, and IoT fundamentals

General security and network security features

Learn how to protect yourself against security threats, and secure your networks with Azure

Identity, governance, privacy, and compliance features

How to use Azure identity services and create a cloud governance strategy, and data protection standards on Azure

Azure cost management and service level agreements

How to plan and manage Azure costs and choose the right Azure services through SLAs

Skills You Will Gain

Cloud computing on the Azure platform

Securing network connectivity on Azure

Building a cloud governance strategy on Azure

Selecting Azure services for your business requirements

Deploying web applications to the cloud using Azure

Testing privacy, compliance, and data protection standards

Transform Your Workforce

Ramp up your team’s Azure skills

Your business could leverage the profitability that comes with an Azure cloud environment. As a Small or Medium Enterprise, you can host your business solutions on the cloud. Is your IT team equipped to work efficiently on Microsoft Azure?

  • Custom Training Solutions
  • Experiential Learning 
  • Learn by Doing Approach 
  • Immediately Applicable Skills 

500+ Clients

Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Curriculum

Download Curriculum

Learning objective

In this module, you'll take an entry-level end-to-end look at Azure and its capabilities, which will provide you with a solid foundation for completing the available modules for Azure Fundamentals.

  • Introduction to Azure fundamentals
  • Discuss Azure fundamental concepts
  • Describe core Azure architectural components

Learning objective

In this module, you learn about core Azure services like Azure database, Azure compute, Azure storage, and Azure Networking.

  • Azure database and analytics services
  • Azure compute services
  • Azure Storage services
  • Azure networking services

Learning objective

In this module, you'll learn about AI machine learning, Azure DevOps, monitoring fundamentals, management fundamentals, serverless computing fundamentals. and IoT fundamentals.

  • Choose the best AI service for your needs
  • Choose the best tools to help organizations build better solutions
  • Choose the best monitoring service for visibility, insight, and outage mitigation
  • Choose the best tools for managing and configuring your Azure environment
  • Choose the best Azure serverless technology for your business scenario
  • Choose the best Azure IoT service for your application

Learning objective

In this module, you will learn how to protect yourself against security threats and secure your networks with Azure.

  • Protect against security threats on Azure
  • Secure network connectivity on Azure

Learning objective

In this module, you will learn about Azure identity services, how to build a cloud governance strategy and privacy, compliance, and data protection standards on Azure.

  • Secure access to your applications by using Azure identity services
  • Build a cloud governance strategy on Azure
  • Examine privacy, compliance, and data protection standards on Azure

Learning objective

In this module, you will learn how to plan and manage Azure costs, and how to choose the right Azure services through SLAs and service lifecycle.

  • Plan and manage your Azure costs
  • Choose the right Azure services by examining SLAs and service lifecycle

Microsoft Azure Fundamentals FAQs

Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Training

Our Azure Fundamentals certification training has been designed to help you start your journey with Microsoft Azure by giving you a well-rounded, foundational knowledge of the same. You’ll gain the confidence to take other courses in Microsoft Azure. By the end of the course, you will gain the expertise to: 

  • Leverage the benefits of Azure for your business’ cloud computing needs
  • Understand the various services available including computing, networking, storage, and databases
  • Choose the best AI service for your needs

Our Azure Fundamentals Training aims to equip you with all the skills to be an effective Azure practitioner. You will develop practical skills across the breadth of Azure services:

  • Describe Cloud Concepts
  • Describe Core Azure Services
  • Describe Core Solution and Management Tools on Azure
  • Describe General Security and Network Security Features
  • Describe Identity, Governance, Privacy, and Compliance Features
  • Describe Azure Cost Management and Service Level Agreements

The Azure Fundamentals certification helps you: 

  • Get a better understanding of how to use Azure’s Cloud Computing services for your organization
  • Be more informed about the types of services available
  • Adapt the correct Azure service to meet business needs, whether it’s an Azure Artificial Intelligence, software development, cloud monitoring, or IoT service
  • Increase your earning potential
  • Aim for higher Azure certifications and elevate your IT career

This course is for anyone who wants to learn to work with Azure, including IT professionals.

There are no prerequisites to attending this course. Elementary technical knowledge will be an advantage.

Once you have gained the Azure Fundamentals certification, you can consider the Microsoft Azure Administrator certification.

A Microsoft Partner is a training provider that has been authorized by Microsoft to provide programs to professionals based on Microsoft Certifications. This accreditation represents Microsoft’s acknowledgment of the training provider’s ability to provide training programs in line with Microsoft’s best practices.

As per the Microsoft guideline the AZ 900 1-day course is to be covered only theoretically, but the AZ 900 2 Day course ensures you have adequate Hands-on Labs and AZ 900 preparation as well.  

You can enroll for this Microsoft AZ 900 (2 Days) training by: 

  • Selecting a convenient schedule from the dates given 
  • Enroll for the Microsoft AZ 900 course by making the payment 

Yes, KnowledgeHut is a Learning Action Pack Partner authorized to deliver Microsoft Trainings. 

You can take up this AZ - 900 certification training course in multiple delivery modes that include: 

  • Instructor-led classroom training 
  • Instructor-led Live online training 
  • Corporate/on-site training 
  • Azure Fundamentals Practice tests and more! 

Yes, you will get free e-learning access to over 100 courses that will be available at KnowledgeHut for one year. 

Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Certification

Participants who enroll for the Microsoft Fundamentals AZ - 900 certification training will get: 

  • A copy of the course material 
  • AZ 900 test exam  
  • Access to Microsoft Azure Labs 
  • Course completion certificate 

There are no as such direct reference materials for Microsoft Azure Fundamentals AZ - 900 course, but you can visit official Microsoft Azure Administrator AZ-900 page, to understand: 

  • What is this Microsoft Azure Fundamentals AZ - 900 course is all about 
  • When was Microsoft Azure Fundamentals AZ - 900 was last updated 
  • Skills Measured for AZ - 900 certification exam 
  • Self-paced Microsoft Learn video modules 
  • AZ-900 certification exam resources, and more 

Anybody who is looking to gain a fundamental understanding of Microsoft Azure fundamentals virtual training will find this AZ-900 course beneficial. This Microsoft Azure Fundamentals certification training is ideal for professionals who are looking to make a career change towards cloud computing to avail benefits in the sector. 

Upon clearing your Microsoft AZ 900 examination, your Azure Fundamentals certification will be valid for two years. After a period of two years, your Microsoft Azure Fundamentals AZ 900 will still be available on your transcript, but it will be in a different section from your active certifications.  

Later, you need to take/clear an elective exam to stay “Current.” But the simple answer to this question is No. Your Microsoft certification will have the year and the technology version when you cleared it. 

Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Exam

The exam cost of AZ-900 certification is USD 99. The exam cost is mostly priced according to the currency values in specific regions and countries. However, the AZ 900 exam registration prices are subject to change and may also vary depending on the additional taxes that may apply in some countries and regions.  

No, the Microsoft azure fundamentals certification cost does not include the AZ-900 exam cost. The course fee paid is only for the training; one must buy the examination worth USD 99 from Pearson Vue. You can prepare for Azure fundamentals exam with Azure Fundamentals practice exam during your training. 

After the azure fundamentals virtual training, candidates need to answer between 40-60 questions at the exam. However, the number of questions may change as and when changes in technology and job roles occur. 

Candidates will need to score 700 (on a scale of 1-1000) to pass the Microsoft Azure Administrator Associate exam. On each exam domain, a minimum score of 35 percent needs to be scored. 

Candidates must wait for 24 hours to retake the AZ-900 exam. Also, candidates can log in to their certification dashboard to reschedule the exam.  

Additional FAQs

Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Training

In order to prepare yourself for the Microsoft Certified Azure Fundamentals exam, you can go through the 12-module Azure Fundamentals Learning Path self-study course provided by Microsoft that helps you in getting the basic knowledge required to pass that exam. Alternatively, you can attend the Microsoft Certification Azure Fundamental provided by official Microsoft Partner organizations. 

In order to get the AZ 900 course, you can go through a training provided by an official Microsoft Partner Organization or go through the AZ 900 Learning path provided by Microsoft. 

Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Certification

Azure fundamentals is a six-part series that teaches you basic cloud concepts, provides an organized overview of many Azure services and guides you with hands-on exercises to deploy your very first services for free. 

According to Microsoft's recent update in policy, all the Azure certifications (role-based and specialty) are valid for one year. 

The AZ-900 certification is best for individuals new to Azure or cloud computing. It covers the fundamentals, making it much easier to understand the subjects that the more specialized exams cover 

Microsoft azure certification will help you get hired and be productive faster and be recognized in your industry. The course is designed for IT professionals who have experience implementing solutions on Azure. 

Azure fundamental experts in cloud computing are in demand today because it offers many benefits in terms of employability, flexibility, and salary. Getting certified will definitely be a bonus and make you stand out while getting hired. Get certified for a brighter, more successful future. 

Microsoft offers more than 250 certifications for various levels of expertise based on associated exams, and you may need to earn them in sequential order. 

For those who are new to Azure, the best-recommended training certification is the Azure Fundamentals. For this, you have to pass the foundational level exam that is AZ-900. And the AZ-900 exam is a steppingstone for moving towards the associate and expert level Azure certifications. 

Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Exam

The Azure Fundamentals exam is easy and not at all difficult according to industry experts. It is intended for those who are beginners in cloud computing, or those who wish to break into Azure cloud services for a career. 

It takes anywhere from 6-10 weeks, if you spend 2 hours a day to finish the Azure Fundamentals course, depending on your availability and expertise in the field. At KnowledgeHut, we provide 2-days of Live, Instructor-Led training, including AZ 900 practice exam. 

The Microsoft AZ-900 is a 60-minute exam. You can expect about 40 to 60 questions in your exam. Moreover, these questions are in Multiple Choice and Multi-Response formats. 

Yes, the Azure Fundamentals exam has multiple choice questions. 

If you do not clear the AZ-900 exam, you’ll have to wait for at least 24 hours to retake the exam. In case you could not clear the examination even on the second attempt, then you will have to wait for 14 days before you can retake the examination. You can take up a maximum of 5 retake attempts of clearing the AZ-900 examination in a year. 

No, the AZ-900 retake is not free. You will need to pay for it again, as this is a separate payment for when you first take the exam, every retake has a separate payment which will be the same price.