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Cloud Networks: Benefits and Savings For Businesses of All Sizes

05th Sep, 2023
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    Cloud Networks: Benefits and Savings For Businesses of All Sizes

    Cloud networks and storage solutions can provide companies of any size with an outsourced infrastructure that can facilitate strategic growth and create opportunities with clients and customers across the world. With solutions that include content management along with internal and external communications, businesses can find scalable solutions that can enable their team to work remotely and across a variety of devices.

    With insight from key market research studies, cloud solutions can reduce a company’s TCO (total cost of ownership) by reducing their reliance on traditional brick & mortar spaces, limited markets, and inefficient operations. This can translate into six key benefits for businesses, including Improved collaboration, strategic and managed growth, lowered operational costs, secure data backup, greater reliability, and eased resource management. For more details, check out Computing courses online.  

    Through standardized, more efficient solutions and infrastructure, companies can grow on their own terms, which can allow organizations to reinvest in their future success. Learn more about these tangible benefits. 

    As businesses adapt to new technologies and changing markets, their daily operations and data storage solutions need to evolve as well. In previous generations, a company’s core functions, including communication and record-keeping, were a logistical feat often requiring the acute focus of a dedicated operations manager to oversee multiple, non-standardized processes running concurrently across multiple platforms. More often than not, these processes required manual input and countless hours to update, leaving key areas vulnerable to human error or oversight. Apart from inefficient time use, manual operations often required physical data storage, meaning separate filing cabinets or rooms full of servers just to keep tabs on valuable information.

    Benefits For Businesses of Any Size

    That’s where cloud networks come in. By outsourcing basic functions like communication and data storage, companies stand to save significantly in terms of time and resources that would have normally been simply spent on maintaining current projects. Let’s say that you run an advertising firm in southern California. How much of your day would be eaten up by rote, mundane tasks related to intra-office communications and project management? By subcontracting emails, content management, and network security to a Los Angeles IT services firm, your company would be able to focus on core functions, strengthened client relations, and strategic reinvestment in growth that includes attracting larger accounts as well as promotional efforts.

    Six Key Benefits

    According to American Express, the benefits of cloud computing can be broken down into six key areas:

    • Improved collaboration
    • Strategic and managed growth
    • Lowered costs
    • Secure data backup
    • Greater reliability
    • Eased resource management

    These benefits are applicable to companies of all sizes across industries and sectors, even small startups that are just getting their footing. Because cloud resources can be accessed remotely, team members have the opportunity to work from anywhere across a range of devices.

    Content and Communications Management

    Let’s look at a startup advertising firm as an example again. Using a content management system (CMS) such as Trello or Basecamp, account managers would be able to liaise with writers, graphic designers, and even clients from anywhere with a reliable internet connection. With both collaboration and growth in mind, this would allow the firm to connect innovative and creative talent with clients from anywhere in the world while allowing management to work remotely. This remote workforce would render a traditional office space obsolete, possibly eliminating real estate or rental costs. Hosting content on a CMS in addition to a cloud document tool such as Google Docs would also provide a low-cost, secure data backup. All in all, an agency that utilized this model would be primed for as much growth as it would be able to handle, without being weighed down by overhead costs with which traditional brick & mortar firms would have to contend. 

    Savings For Any Company

    In terms of financial benefits, Forbes has some insight into projected savings. Louis Columbus, a contributor specializing in enterprise resource planning (ERP) and cloud software, discussed these potential savings in a column on how cloud computing could be a viable investment for any company.

    With data from a study conducted by market research firm, Vanson Bourne, 1300 businesses across multiple industries in the UK and the US were surveyed on the cost benefits of cloud networks and computing solutions for their organizations. Cost reduction averaged about 23% since companies were able to save on infrastructure, both physical and technical. Further, 62% of firms surveyed were able to invest these saved funds back into their businesses.

    Continued Innovation and Growth 

    Based on the data and findings from market researchers and media outlets alike, being less reliant on costly hardware and physical space can enable any organization to streamline operations and reduce their total cost of ownership as explained in another analysis from a Forbes contributor.

    While cloud networks and services are being provided by industry behemoths like Amazon and Microsoft, the emergence of many startups in the retail and services sectors is leveling the playing field among smaller and medium-sized businesses in many communities worldwide.

    Along with reduced costs and more intuitive communication and management, cloud networks help companies to innovate beyond the expectations of their local markets. It’s clear that advances in network and data storage solutions will continue to facilitate the growth of small and medium sized businesses in the digital space.

    Wishing that the blog turned out to be enriching and educative for you. Furthermore, if you aim at taking your Amazon Web Services knowledge to the next level, then feel free to enrol yourself for the AWS Certification Training course offered by us.


    Stephanie Rowan

    Blog Author

    Rowan is a consultant and freelance writer who specializes in IT solutions, cloud computing, ERP, and data management solutions. When she not working, Stephanie enjoys honing her own development skills in addition to writing a forthcoming young adult eBook.

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