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Microsoft Azure Learning Path: A Step-by-Step 2024 Guide

03rd Apr, 2024
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    Microsoft Azure Learning Path: A Step-by-Step 2024 Guide

    Microsoft Azure has experienced significant growth in the last several years. It holds the second-largest proportion of the cloud market. This implies that as long as the Azure business expands, there will be a growing need for Azure specialists. To thrive in the IT industry, one must be able to keep up with the swift advancements in technology. Obtaining a certification is a great way to keep up with the most recent trends and learn about the newest developments in technology.

    Furthermore, certifications in Microsoft Azure provide excellent job options. Earning a Microsoft Azure certification demonstrates your platform competence and dedication to remain current with the newest technologies. Possessing an Azure certification can help you stand out from the competition, negotiate for higher pay, and submit a raise request. You can work as a developer, cloud architect, admin, or solutions specialist for Azure. There are countless alternatives. Since every business is gradually moving to the cloud, you may work in any field.

    Now, if you are wondering how to learn Microsoft Azure and upskill yourself, I have put together an Azure learning roadmap just for you.

    What is Microsoft Azure?

    Before delving into the Azure learning path, let's first review the fundamentals of Azure and its features. Azure is the cloud computing platform from Microsoft, offering a variety of cloud computing services such as machine learning, serverless computation, Azure virtual machines, and more. These services are intended to assist people and organizations in developing, implementing, and maintaining applications via Microsoft's global data centers.

    Learning Path: Microsoft Azure

    Here is the level-by-level breakdown of the Azure learning path.


    1) AZ-900: Microsoft Azure fundamentals certification

    This Azure Certification course online provides foundational knowledge about cloud services. It covers essential concepts of cloud services like networking, storage, computing, and security in Azure.

    It is ideal for individuals with non-technical backgrounds. It may be used to prepare for Microsoft Azure or cloud services tests. This certification is ideal for those contemplating a career in cloud computing or who want to certify their foundational understanding of cloud services. The Microsoft Azure Fundamental (AZ-900) test has no entry requirements, although you should have a fundamental understanding of cloud services and the Azure platform.

    2) AI-900: Microsoft AI Fundamentals

    It covers Fundamental concepts for Artificial Intelligence and the Azure certification learning path. This certification covers crucial concepts like Natural Language Processing (NLP), aspects of conversational AI workloads on Azure, etc. It will help if you know the basics of programming languages and Azure.

    3) DP-900: Microsoft Azure Data Fundamentals

    This certification is intended for candidates who are just starting out in the MS Azure learning path with cloud-based data management. It teaches the fundamentals of data principles and how to use Microsoft data services. It demonstrates your understanding of cloud ideas, services, workloads, and pricing in Azure. This certification is unquestionably for you if you're seeking an Azure certification route but lack substantial knowledge of cloud principles.

    Associate- Azure Certifications

    4) AZ-104: Microsoft Azure Administrator Associate

    This exam teaches you how to administer Azure subscriptions, set up virtual networking, link Azure and on-premises sites, control network usage, implement storage options, construct and scale virtual machines, backup and exchange data, and monitor your solution. Your proficiency in administering Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructures is validated by earning the Microsoft Certified Azure Administrator Associate (AZ-104) certification. A wide array of work prospects is available to certified Azure administrators, who may further their careers by embracing more senior and leadership positions.

    5) AZ-204: Microsoft Azure Developer Associate

    Developers working on cloud projects in all stages—from requirements, definition, and design through development, deployment, and maintenance to performance tuning and monitoring—are an ideal group for this Professional Certificate. This course teaches programmers how to use Microsoft Azure to construct end-to-end solutions.

    6) DP-100: Microsoft Azure Data Scientist Associate

    Establishing an Azure Machine Learning space, carrying out experiments and training machine learning models, and optimizing and managing models are among the crucial areas covered in this exam. Gaining a certification significantly boosts one's employment and income prospects.

    7) DP-203: Microsoft Azure Data Engineer Associate

    Your proficiency in developing and executing data solutions that make use of Microsoft Azure data services will grow with the assistance of this professional certificate. You will acquire the skills necessary to combine, process, and organize data from different structured and unstructured data sources into frameworks appropriate for constructing analytics applications that make use of Microsoft Azure data services.

    8) DP-300: Azure Database Administrator Associate

    Implementing and overseeing cloud-native and hybrid databases built on SQL Server and Azure SQL services is the responsibility of an Azure database administrator. You conduct and automate daily tasks utilizing a range of techniques and instruments, including using your understanding of Transact-SQL and other tools for administrative administration.

    9) PL-300: Microsoft Power BIDataAnalyst Associate

    Everyone without any prior Power BI expertise is intended for this reporting course. In order to pass this test, candidates must be able to deploy and set up solutions for end users, give significant business value through simple-to-understand data visualizations, etc.

    10) AZ-500: Microsoft Azure Security Engineer Associate

    The AZ-500 Microsoft Azure Security Technologies test assesses your proficiency in managing security operations, secure computing, storage, databases, and identity and access management. Upon passing this exam, you will obtain the title of Microsoft Certified Azure Security Engineer Associate.


    11) Microsoft Certified Solutions Architect [AZ-305]

    It might be quite beneficial for your career to pass the AZ-305 test and earn the Azure Solutions Architect Expert certification, especially if you want to adhere to the Microsoft Azure roadmap. It is being used to build and implement solutions that operate on Microsoft Azure, including computation, network, storage, and security.

    Skills to Be Mastered

    You should work on several Azure skills to succeed in today's digital world.

    Skills in Microsoft Security Control: Microsoft Azure administrators must possess expertise in Microsoft security control, as specified in the Microsoft Azure learning path. Knowing how the Azure Firewall works and how attacks are thwarted against workloads hosted on Azure is essential.

    Azure Virtual Machine proficiency: As an Azure administrator, you must be skilled in administering and maintaining Azure Virtual Machines, which are an essential part of the Azure platform. This covers building, setting up, and maintaining virtual computers as well as installing and overseeing software on them.

    Expertise in Microsoft Storage Solutions: Another crucial part of the Azure platform is Azure Storage, which you, as an Azure administrator, must be knowledgeable about in terms of its features and functionalities. This covers file, queue, blob, and table storage. Additionally, you must be able to set up storage replication and manage storage accounts.

    Understanding Azure networking: Azure Networking is an important part of the Azure system, and as an Azure admin, you must grasp every aspect of it. This comprises virtual networks, network security groups, load balancers, etc. Additionally, you have to be acquainted with VPN Gateway and Azure DNS.

    How Do I Get Started with Learning Microsoft Azure?

    Let's look at how to get started with the Microsoft Azure platform:

    Establish an Azure Account: The first step is setting up an Azure account. To explore and play with Azure services, you may create a free account that gives you access to a restricted number of resources.

    Azure Portal: Once you've created an account, you can use the Azure Portal to install and manage different Azure services, monitor resources, and adjust settings.

    Azure Services: Azure provides several different services, each with a distinct function. Azure Blob Storage, Azure App Service, Azure SQL Database, and Virtual Machines (VMs) are a few of the essential services. These services help you design and administer databases, storage solutions, apps, and more.

    Learning Routes and Documentation: Microsoft offers a wealth of information on Azure learning pathways and documentation. You will discover a multitude of materials tailored to your ability level, regardless of your experience level—from novice to seasoned expert.

    Community and Online Courses: You may begin studying Azure by joining Azure communities, discussion boards, and Cloud Computing online courses. Learning from others' experiences and asking questions may greatly speed up your grasp of the platform.

    Purpose for Which You Want to Learn Data Structure

    Code Optimization: Understanding data structures is crucial for developers. DSA helps you develop reliable software that functions well and can do many jobs quickly. You need a thorough understanding of DSA to optimize your code. Data structures help you make immediate decisions about which data structure and method to use to maximize your program's time and space constraints.

    Create efficient applications: Administrators seek people who can create them in the IT business. This can only be developed if you have a solid understanding of DSA. Learning DSA can help you create effective web apps with little time and space constraints.

    Cracking Interviews: DSA is the highest-paying talent, and IT firms emphasize it during interviews. Nowadays, to pass any product-based firm interview, you must have a solid understanding of DSA, including arrays, linked lists, stacks, etc. Studying DSA may help you succeed in interviews, and you can enhance your abilities by using various online resources, platforms, and so on.

    Resources Available for Data Structure

    Preparation Tips/Guide:

    It's essential to comprehend the foundations of data structures. In addition to becoming familiar with them, practice consistently to strengthen your skills. To comprehend the efficiency of algorithms, learn to examine their time and space complexity.


    Several publications cover fundamental and advanced principles in data structure. For instance, a thorough introduction to algorithms may be found in "Introduction to Algorithms," written by Thomas H. Cormen, Clifford Stein, Ronald L. Rivest, and Charles E. Leiserson. It addresses a broad range of subjects, including graph algorithms and sorting and searching.

    Another excellent book that focuses on demystifying intricate data structures and algorithm principles is "Data Structures and Algorithms Made Easy" by Narasimha Karumanchi. It gives users useful examples and approaches for addressing problems so they may comprehend and apply data structures and algorithms effectively.

    Practice Papers:

    Besides these, Practice Papers are the most effective approach to acquiring the abilities and information required to operate the Azure platform. There are several resources that provide tutorials, online courses such as Knowledgehut AWS Solution Architect Course, and practice questions on a wide range of data structure and algorithmic issues.


    Given the strong demand for Azure, showcasing your proficiency with the platform with a Microsoft Azure certificate is highly recommended. It is one of the most sought-after certifications in the global IT business. If you are confused about how to study for Microsoft Azure certification, start with the study route above to ensure that your Microsoft Azure credential stands out and advances your career. Enroll in your certification program immediately to give your professional life the boost it deserves.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    1Are there any prerequisites for Azure certifications?

    Prerequisites vary by certification. Typically, there are no requirements for this entry-level certificate. AZ-104: The Azure Administrator Associate certification requires extensive familiarity with Azure Portal, PowerShell, and Azure CLI.  The AZ-204: Azure Developer Associate certification requires 1-2 years of Microsoft Azure development experience and programming competence in an Azure-supported high-level programming language. AI-102: Azure AI Engineer Associate certification requires knowledge of Python or C#, REST-based application programming interfaces, conversational AI, and natural language processing solutions in Azure.

    2Is there a pathway to follow for Azure learning and certifications?

    The Azure learning path is ideal for beginners and those wishing to advance their skills.

    • Grasp the basics with Microsoft Azure Fundamentals. 
    • Choose a role-based path like administrator or developer. 
    • Use Microsoft Learn or other resources to prepare. 
    • Get certified and enjoy hands-on practice with free Azure credits! 
    3Can I share my Azure certifications on social media or professional platforms?

    Sharing your Azure certification on social media and professional networks such as LinkedIn is an excellent approach to demonstrating your technical skills. It distinguishes you from other job seekers by showcasing your dedication to being current with emerging technologies. 

    Sharing your certification on professional or social media platforms not only demonstrates your abilities but also aids in the development of a solid professional connection.


    Kingson Jebaraj

    Multi Cloud Architect

    Kingson Jebaraj is a highly respected technology professional, recognized as both a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) and an Alibaba Most Valuable Professional. With a wealth of experience in cloud computing, Kingson has collaborated with renowned companies like Microsoft, Reliance Telco, Novartis, Pacific Controls UAE, Alibaba Cloud, and G42 UAE. He specializes in architecting innovative solutions using emerging technologies, including cloud and edge computing, digital transformation, IoT, and programming languages like C, C++, Python, and NLP. 

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