KnowledgeHut Partners With To Deliver Professional Scrum Training

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11th May, 2022
KnowledgeHut Partners With To Deliver Professional Scrum Training

In March, 2017, KnowledgeHut succeeded in taking its Professional Scrum course stature to a brand new level by entering into a partnership with The company has recently joined the Professional Training Network (PTN) for enabling a rich learning experience. This has marked its first major step towards imparting a superior quality training to the SCRUM professionals.

Our versatile team of professionals and industry experts has helped us reach this coveted milestone. We congratulate our existing Professional Scrum Masters on this new achievement and earnestly hope to see an unparalleled growth in the count and quality of our ardent trainees in the years to come. This partnership is expected to change the face of software delivery altogether. The rigorous training processes under the current trainers at KnowledgeHut will only become better with this grand initiative.

About is the hub and an unmatched repository of online resources, certifications and training materials that can help enhance the fertility of knowledge in Professional Scrum. Everywhere across the globe can one find Professional Scrum trainers from, transforming the careers of millions of software professionals.

We are proud to announce that our valued Professional Scrum Trainers- Naveen Kumar Singh (Head-Agile Consulting), Sanjay Saini and Hiren Doshi have made it possible for KnowledgeHut to attain this milestone.

Benefits of is solely oriented towards equipping the IT professionals with certifications, tools and trainings. These add unique dimensions to the realm of software development and scale the current software employees to professionals of corporate stature. KnowledgeHut’s partnership with is aimed at jointly expanding as a global network for superior software delivery.

This enhanced platform will enable both the organizations to build a stronger resource base and widen the range of opportunities. Post-collaboration, a significant rise in the number of certified Scrum Masters is expected. This is mainly attributed to the fact that on being certified once, one can claim to be a Professional Scrum Master for the rest of his/her career. There is absolutely no need to pay extra charges to remain certified or keep proving the already acquired knowledge. Once certified, not only do you have a constant access to all the training materials and relevant information on, but also rest assured to be updated with the latest news and happenings from time to time.

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KnowledgeHut’s popular courses from, namely- Professional Scrum Master (PSM), Professional Scrum Foundation (PSF), Professional Scrum Product Owner (PSPO) and Professional Scrum Developer (PSD) have seen a heightened quality by virtue of this collaboration. The partnership has been constructive not only for the growth of our organization, but also for the incoming IT aspirants opting for our courses.

KnowledgeHut is shortly going to organize conferences on Scrum and Agile, in association with To stay updated with all our courses, please visit



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