Adaptive and Predictive Project Delivery - Challenges and Use Cases

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20th Dec, 2022
Adaptive and Predictive Project Delivery - Challenges and Use Cases

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Project managers should know how to strategize projects depending on the budget, client’s requirements, deadlines and specifications. Especially, in the software development projects managing the process with the right methodology and tools is significant in meeting your process goals.

When it comes to choosing between adaptive and predictive project delivery, there has been a push towards adaptive (agile) methodologies over the more traditional predictive (waterfall) methodologies in the recent years. But the most common mistake is irrespective of the project requirements the project managers follow single project management strategy. Check out PMP exam preparation to know more about such project management principles.  

In this e-book, we present an analysis by Dan S. Roman, an outcome-driven Senior Project Manager and Scrum Master. A champion of combining best practices to achieve results, Dan shares insights from over four decades of project management experience.

The e-book is a report analysis on how the delivery approach, predictive or adaptive, can address some of the failure causes identified in the Chaos reports for enterprises to evaluate the best approach to choose between adaptive and predictive delivery for projects.

Dan explains what the projects challenges are and how the right delivery approach can help. He quotes use cases on the approach and says what went well and what could have been different.

In conclusion, to undertake these tasks Project managers must be aware of existing and emergent practices and gather deeper knowledge for the best suitable practices.



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