How to Collaborate Better in a Project Team

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08th Jun, 2022
21st May, 2017
How to Collaborate Better in a Project Team

For every successful Organization, conversation between the teammates matters a lot. They need to share the current status of their work. The successful discussion within teams results in Team Work. If teamwork implies the success in implementing the project, we cannot give the credit to a particular person in the team. It is best to call it a “team victory”.

If your project team or the entire organization is facing a problem in collaboration, it is time to plan for a well-connected platform to exchange ideas and iron out the differences. This can help generate the extra push to execute the necessary changes for making collaboration as an integral part of the Team collaboration, Project Management, and Communication. Here are the six more tips to keep your virtual team on track.

Here are some key points to be followed in order to bring the project teams under one roof.

1. Decentralizing and Analyzing the Collaboration platform Management

Establishing centralized management over the collaborative platforms can be problematic. So, it is better to analyze how the organizations can decentralize the platform management and move it away from the teams and departments. If you are going to decentralize the management over the collaboration platform, it is important to provide the following support-

  • There should be trained Managers/Administrators who have a knowledge of administrative tools and other features
  • Define the policies and the procedures for the decentralized site management, including the rules about the “Team supporting” which will start, instead of ended IT support.
  • Provide the feedback approach for working teams, where the Managers across the organization can learn from each other.

2. Centralize Team Task Management in the Cloud

If some of the important tasks are lagging behind, then it is important to centralize your team tasks, under centralized task management. This is a form of collaboration in which the team members follow, choose and comment on tasks. There are various Collaboration Management sites depending on the tasks. Huddle and Sharepoint are the two popular sites having the essential task management features. Similarly, if you want to move to social task management features, Asana and Producteev are the best options.

3. Move one email-based workflow to the Collaboration Platform

Organizations should have at least one email-based workflow to the Collaboration platform. Later you can move for more email-based workflows to the platform, depending on the team’s needs. Huddle and SharePoint Online have workflow features that do not need any programmer, and ensure that those who are having access to the document are working with the same version.

4. Move One Email Group Communication to the Collaboration Platform

It is better to keep your information on the cloud. Whether it is a contact list, new benefits announcements or important project documents, you should post these important things in the social stream. Everyone will be benefited after getting this information in an assembled form.

5. Make Collaboration more Social

When organizations bring their collaboration platforms together with the enterprises that are having social technologies, a tool like “Tibbr” can be used to move your organizational team away from the e-mail inbox.

6. Integrating your platform with MS-Office

MS Office users can save and check out documents from the platform. This is one of the best features in some collaboration platforms. MS-Office helps to save the documents directly from an application to the SharePoint site, using the File menu’s Share Option. Mentoring the team members on these applications will help achieve more productivity and security for the team’s docs.

7. Change collaboration platforms

If your current platform is not meeting your potentiality or budget targets, you definitely should go for the changing collaboration platforms. Apps like Office 365, Huddle, Glip, Wrike, and Teambox allow free access for some period. So go ahead and try to figure out which one is suitable for you.

With all these techniques, customized according to your business requirements, you can improve your team productivity and obtain more Return on Investment (ROI).



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