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Highest Paying Project Manager Jobs in Singapore in 2023

05th Sep, 2023
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Highest Paying Project Manager Jobs in Singapore in 2023

Project managers oversee and execute and deliver a project successfully, within time, within budget, and with the required quality. They evaluate the progress at regular intervals, coordinating with all the stakeholders while taking care that the project doesn’t go off-track.

Singapore is a booming financial hub on the global level and offers scope for project managers from around the world. With a promising strategy towards digitalization and sustainability, ample opportunities for rightful project managers are available in Singapore. This blog aims to understand the project manager job in Singapore. Alongside, you can go for the best Project Management certifications and upgrade your project management skills.

Who is a Project Manager?

A project manager manages, plans, and implements projects successfully. He may have to lead most projects within budget and time constraints. The project may vary as per the discipline, such as erecting a structure, building an app, marketing campaigns, launching new products, or arranging an event.

A typical project manager deals with the following:

  1. Leading the team/teams.
  2. Specify project goals.
  3. Collaborate with stakeholders.
  4. Monitor and track the project till it gets completed successfully.

What Does Project Manager Do?

Project managers are in demand in almost all industry segments. Let us look at what project manager professionals do. It might guide you to get started with a project management career and how you can enter the field. 

The following are the usual responsibilities of a project manager, irrespective of the project. 

  • Determine the project's scope.
  • Planning a project and its cost 
  • Sticking to the plan and budget 
  • Arrange or manage resources for the project.
  • Timely documentation of the project's progress 
  • Collaborating with stakeholders 
  • Risk assessment 
  • Troubleshooting 
  • Inspecting quality standards and ensuring it meets the requirement.
  • Completing the project in time within the specified budget 

A project manager's job is challenging and demands a fair amount of discipline and agility. As a project manager, you may have to undergo one or a few tasks daily, as mentioned above. The assignments may vary daily. You will have to take a call as per the priority or emergency to ensure everything is on the right track. 

Project Manager Jobs in Singapore Based on Experience

There's no dearth of the best project manager jobs in Singapore, irrespective of experience. The Singapore market is open to all levels, ranging from Junior/Entry-level to mid-level to the highly experienced advanced levels. The job offers encompass almost all industry segments. Several types of jobs as project managers in Singapore are abundantly available. 

Training with PMP certification in Project Management will give you the boost and confidence to clear the exam. 

1. Junior/Entry-Level Jobs

Let us look at the status of junior project manager jobs in Singapore. Also, you can opt for an intern project manager job in Singapore or entry level project manager jobs in Singapore or project manager jobs for freshers in Singapore. 

Job PortalPositionNumber of JobsAverage Salary Per Year


Junior Project Manager 


Entry Level Project Manager 



Junior Project Manager 


SGD 115926 


Junior Project Manager 


SGD 47,969 

Entry Level Project Manager 



Junior Project Manager 


SGD 1,19,923 


Entry Level Project Manager 


SGD 1,09,930 

2. Mid-Level Jobs

Job PortalPositionNumber of JobsAverage Salary Per Year


Project Manager 



Project Manager 


SGD 1,43,908 


Project Manager 


SGD 96,538 


Project Manager 


SGD 95,938 

3. Advanced Level Jobs

Job PortalPositionNumber of JobsAverage Salary Per Year


Senior Project Manager 



Senior Project Manager 


SGD 1,79,885 


Senior Project Manager 


SGD 1,34,914 


Senior Project Manager 


SGD 1,29,913 

After getting an idea of how much a project manager earns commonly, based on experience level, let us understand which role earns the highest salary. 

Highest Paying Project Manager Jobs in Singapore

Once you acquire the required skill sets to become a successful project manager, discovering the area where your efforts are justified accordingly is essential. It becomes easy to land a project manager job in Singapore. Let us look at the highest paying jobs as project manager in Singapore.

1. IT Project Manager

IT is one of the busiest and most demanding sectors today. The same applies to the IT project manager. IT project managers can cater to different IT disciplines. It may be cloud computing, application development, designing and building solutions for AI and AR, or procuring IT materials. Then it becomes easy to procure project manager job in Singapore.

The average yearly pay for IT project manager in Singapore is:

  • SGD 1,98,833 (glassdoor.com) 
  • SGD 79,937 (payscale.com) 
  • SGD 1,08,838 (indeed.com) 
  • SGD 80,949 (talent.com) 

2. Engineering Project Manager

Project Managers in the engineering field are essential to executive all types of engineering projects. Be it any engineering branch, civil, mechanical, or automobile, the successful completion of the project depends on the project manager. An engineering project manager teams up with construction and infrastructure companies to help construct buildings, roads, bridges, and other structures.

An engineering project manager per year earns between:

  • SGD 76,951 (glassdoor.com) 
  • SGD 90,275 (payscale.com) 
  • SGD 89,484 (indeed.com) 
  • SGD 77,950 (talent.com) 

3. Marketing Project Manager

A marketing project manager may be involved in campaign building, social media promotions, or content creation and management. They work with the sales field force, public relations managers and other teams to enhance the company's brand image and bring value to the products/services.

Marketing project manager yearly remuneration is:

  • SGD 1,08,016 (glassdoor.com) 
  • SGD 59,962 (payscale.com) 
  • SGD 56,070 (indeed.com) 
  • SGD 59,962 (talent.com) 

4. Health Services Project Manager

A health services project manager requires to have expertise concerning health care. So, a qualification relevant to the healthcare industry may be a plus point. Health Service Project Managers also draw a substantial salary in Singapore. 

Salary per year of healthcare project manager is:

  • SGD 1,24,102 (glassdoor.com) 
  • SGD 77,950 (payscale.com) 
  • SGD 86.765 (indeed.com) 
  • SGD 77,950 (talent.com) 

5.Project Coordinator

A project coordinator assists the project managers by managing administrative tasks. He ensures smooth coordination between the project manager and the team to help the project run flawlessly. Typically, he is involved in ordering materials, maintaining deadlines, scheduling appointments, meetings, etc. 

The project coordinator per year earns: 

  • SGD 35,978 (glassdoor.com) 
  • SGD 37,486 (payscale.com) 
  • SGD 48,796 (indeed.com) 
  • SGD 38,376 (talent.com) 

6. Senior Project Manager

Senior project managers plan and supervise a couple of projects. While a general project manager may deal with a single project, a senior project manager may have a team of different project managers under him. Primarily the senior project manager mentors the team leader of project management teams. 

The senior project manager per year earns: 

  • SGD 96,539 (glassdoor.com) 
  • SGD 1,19,373 (payscale.com) 
  • SGD 1,29,977 (indeed.com) 
  • SGD 83,946 (talent.com) 

Remote/Freelance Project Manager Jobs in Singapore

You don't have to worry if the authorities reject your work visa or reject your permit to work in Singapore. You can definitely retry later. Meanwhile, try to procure a remote or freelance project manager Singapore. It will help you familiarize yourself with the work culture of Singapore companies. When you are invited again to Singapore, it may be a smooth transition because you are already been groomed to fit into their work culture. 

The freelance project manager earns between: 

  • SGD 3,950 per month (glassdoor.com) 
  • SGD 12,136 per month (payscale.com) 
  • SGD 9448 per month (indeed.com) 
  • SGD 5770 per month (talent.com) 

You can also opt for a part time project manager job in Singapore. Else you can search for project manager online jobs in Singapore.

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Singapore-based Project Manager Jobs for Indian/Other Country Students

Let us look at project manager jobs in Singapore for Indian students: 

Many companies look for a project manager who can work remotely from his native location. MNCs having offices in other countries prefer to have native employees from that region. It then becomes convenient for both sides and saves time, energy, and resources. So, you may be on the payroll of a Singapore company, but you will be working in your own country. A few companies will allow you to work from home too. 

Several remote project manager jobs Singapore are available. Having knowledge of PRINCE2 will upskill your industry-agnostic project management skills. 

As per Glassdoor, a typical remote project manager earns SGD 65,958 on average. 

Best Cities for Project Manager Jobs in Singapore

Singapore is well developed, and almost all cities offer project manager jobs. There are ample project manager job opportunities in Singapore. 

CityNo. of JobsAverage Salary Per Year



SGD 93,609 

Singapore City 


SGD 95,240 



SGD 1,04,314 



SGD 96,780 



SGD 1,16,397 



SGD 83,933 

Downtown Core 


SGD 1,12,100 



SGD 86,277 

Ang Mo Kio 


SGD 90,838 

Sungei Kadut 


SGD 66,909 

Toa Payoh 


SGD 62,411 

Tanjong Pagar 


SGD 1,09,968 



SGD 1,18,805 

Required Skills for Project Manager Jobs in Singapore

The technical skills may vary as per the industry segment you choose too. E.g., a graduate in IT technologies may not be preferred in a Health Care company and vice versa. Therefore, let us discuss the soft skills you require to land a job as a project manager in Singapore. 

1. Communication Skills

A project manager must communicate with utmost clarity. The project manager has to communicate with diverse stakeholders on several fronts. It is essential to ensure that no one interprets wrongly, leading to errors and wasting time and resources.  

2. Conflict Management

Till a project runs smoothly, everyone is happy. But a small obstacle and the blame game can happen. A project manager needs to maintain harmony between all team members and stakeholders. Moreover, he proactively should try to motivate and initiate a few recreational activities to keep the stress out. 

3. Critical Thinking and Troubleshooting

A project manager must be able to analyze a problematic situation and quickly come out with options to troubleshoot it. 

4. Decision-making

A project manager should be able to envision the big picture. It helps him to take decisions to the nearest accurate level. For that, he needs to build trust among his subordinates to get appropriate input from them. A well-informed person can take the best possible decision. 

5. Leadership

Modern leadership comes by building trust and taking everyone along with you. A project manager must achieve to be a role model for his subordinates. He must give an ear to everyone and respect every other team member's opinion and appreciate them wherever there's a scope. 

6. Time and Risk Management

Time is money and this is what the project manager should be aware of. To achieve this, a project manager should be able to envision any obstacles and plan beforehand to tackle them. A project manager should be able to identify the flaws in the system and correct them as soon as possible. The flaws may be in the machines or resources, which should be attended to and rectified, enabling the project to complete in a given time. 

Elevate your career with our highly rated PRINCE2 Practitioner training course and become a project management expert. Start mastering the art of project management today!

Education Requirements to Get Project Manager Jobs in Singapore

Let us look at the educational requirements to procure a project manager job in Singapore. 

  1. Any bachelor's degree from a recognized institute 
  2. A PG Diploma or MBA in management with adding extra value.
  3. Project Management Professional (PMP) 
  4. Well-versed with Microsoft Office Suite 
  5. Agile certification 
  6. Work experience (at least three to five years as a project manager) 

Top Certifications for Project Manager Jobs in Singapore

You can pursue one or all of the courses listed below to add value to your application. 

  1. Associate in Project Management (APM): This course is an entry-level certification course offered by the Global Association of Quality Management (GAQM). The training mode is online, with a duration of 15 to 20 hours. 
  2. CompTIA Project+ CertificationThis is also an entry-level certification course. The CompTIA Project+ certification covers a wide array of frameworks and methodologies that can be applied to diverse projects. 
  3. Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)The training is imparted by Project Management Institute. The training sets your project management skills to a different level. The certification is appreciated on a global level. 
  4. Professional in Project Management (PPM): This is an advanced level certification course for mid-level Project Managers. This training is provided by the Global Association of Quality Management (GAQM). 

How to Get Job as a Project Manager in Singapore?

Getting a job as Project Manager in Singapore gets easy for the right candidate. To help you search for jobs, several online job portals with thousands of project manager job postings are available. Along with Indeed, Glassdoor, and Naukri, you can also try your luck with job portals from Singapore, which are sg.JobStreet.com, and JobsCentral.com.sg. 

You may also search for placement agencies. Most companies assign the job of finding the appropriate candidates to these agencies. Adecco, GMP, Hudson, Kelly Services, Michael Page, Recruit Express, and Robert Walters are a few agencies in Singapore. Ensure you don't apply for a job reserved only for Singaporeans or those with a PR visa. Out of 100 job postings, 20 jobs are open for foreigners. 

Project Manager Career Scope in Singapore

As per reports, Singapore has yet to reach its full potential after the COVID-19 relapse. After reaching its full potential, the speed of growth will be at a new level. Several new projects will be initiated, demanding more project managers to manage those projects and sub-projects. Below are a few facts underscoring the business boost in Singapore:

  1. Singapore Elevator and Escalator Markets Report 2022-2028 - Rising Demand for High-rise Structures and the Government Focusing on Infrastructure in Key Economic Cities.  
  2. Construction industry to grow 3.3% in 2019-2028 amidst transport megaproject booms.  
  3. Singapore Facility Management Market - Growth, Trends, COVID-19 Impact, and Forecasts (2023 - 2028)  

Experienced project managers and freshers can tap this life-changing opportunity and be ready to be a part of this rapid development. 


Project Managers are crucial for any business. Organizations welcome result-oriented project managers to help their projects run smoothly. Singapore is looking to bounce back to its full potential after the COVID-19 impact. Several projects will shape Singapore’s business scape. The demand for project managers will rise in the coming years.

Singapore also offers freelance project management jobs or remote jobs. Aspiring candidates looking for a job in Singapore can refer to online job portals for Singapore job listings. Project managers working in Singapore companies earn a decent salary. Learning PRINCE2 will help you gain industry-agnostic project management skills.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1Which job search portals are best for Project Managers in Singapore?

Several job portals, such as sg.JobStreet.com, JobsCentral.com.sg, Glassdoor.com, Indeed.com, Talent.com, etc., have quality job postings for Project Manager jobs. Alternatively, you can also refer to LinkedIn.com and Naukri.com 

2What are the major selection criteria for a Project Manager in a Fortune 500 company in Singapore?

A fortune 500 company in Singapore will select a candidate based on the following criteria. 

  • Bachelor’s degree or Master’s degree. 
  • Proven experience of three to five years as a project manager. 
  • Good working knowledge of Microsoft Office suite 
  • PMP certification 
  • Domain knowledge 
  • Proven experience using project management tools such as Asana, Trello, Kanban boards, etc. 
  • Project management frameworks and best practices understanding 
  • Agile/Scrum certification 
3In order to get shortlisted at Singapore companies, what should a Project Manager include on their resume?

Along with other essential details, including keywords relevant to the requirement will help the recruiter to find your resume quickly, and your chances of getting shortlisted will increase. 

4In Singapore, can anybody become a Project Manager?

Those with a relevant degree, certified PMP, and Agile/Scrum with substantial work experience in project management can become Project Managers. 

5Is the Project Manager well-paid in Singapore?

Yes, a project manager working in Singapore companies is well paid. 

6Do Project Managers have a future in Singapore?

Yes, project management professionals have a bright future in Singapore.

7Which is the best place to learn Project Management in Singapore?

The PMP certification training in Singapore is the best place to learn Project Management in Singapore.


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