Project Manager Resume - Examples, Highlights, and Tips

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Project Manager Resume - Examples, Highlights, and Tips

With excellent communication and leadership skills, project managers are productive and play a critical role in managing. As the title implies, they implement programs and enjoy managing projects and making key decisions. They are critical in taking the initiative to the front and aiding their teammates in accomplishing their goals. Regardless of how complex this job ought to be, we can't disregard that it's a fascinating profession that allows you to get the most out of it. Even as an expert-level project manager, you still need a CV to show to your recruiter.  

Because your CV is the first thing an employer sees about you, it must be flawless. It should highlight your core talents, experiences, certification from your online PMP course and goals so that it gets the recruiter's attention and leads to an interview request. You should know what to leave off your resume and what to include so that it shines out while still conveying every aspect of your professional past. You're done with a great resume layout, exact facts, and appropriate wording. Creating a project manager resume isn't difficult. All you have to do now is follow the steps in this guide.  

What is a Project Manager Resume, and Why Do You Need One?

Project managers oversee a core team and ensure that all the operations and campaigns are accomplished. They are in command of conceiving the project, planning its execution, monitoring staff productivity, leading the entire team, and achieving effective outcomes. In a nutshell, a project CV is something that shows the project manager's characteristics, necessary talents, education, and job experience. Your CV should highlight your time management abilities, strong communication skills, accounting skills, and business acumen. The resume should emphasize specific experience, necessary information, and leadership aptitude for these capabilities and responsibilities.  

As previously stated, the recruiter's first impression of you is based on your Curriculum vitae. It establishes your competence and gives the employer a first and last perception. You'll need a resume to see your job application on the Applicant Tracking System (ATS), which many recruiters use. It picks the CV with the highest targeted keywords used by recruiters to identify the required candidate. If you don’t have any courses to show, you can learn a few online project management courses to add to your resume to shine differently. These courses have a different but significant impact on the recruiters.  

Things to Keep in Mind When Writing Your Project Management Resume

Crafting a project manager resume can be overwhelming as you need to focus intensively on what to add to your resume and what to avoid. It takes time and patience to pen all the information you want to add to your resume. You have to keep in mind a few things while writing your project management resume. Read further. 

  • Make sure your resume has the correct format and is well-structured. Your format must be renowned and follow a reverse-chronological resume design.  The format is the first thing that showcases your abilities, strengths, and work experience.  
  • Put your contact details on your resume headings. Mention your updated contact details, email address, and your location. Now, your location does not need to be your exact home address. But you can mention your city or district.  
  • Your contact details and name must be added to your resume’s first section. The second section of the resume should focus on your career objective or summary, education details, skills, and work experience.  
  • When designing an ATS-compatible resume, promote efficient use of white space, catchy headings, and straightforward resume typography. Check out various project manager CV examples online to take notes.  

Project Management Resume (Text Format)

  • Text: Right after the heading, a small introduction with your name and designation should be on top. Use a project manager resume sample to determine the correct format for your resume.  
  • Resume Objective: Your resume objective is to be as precise as possible. You don’t need to write a whole story as your objective. The employer just needs to know a brief of your career summary in just a few sentences. Be clear and to the point. For instance, if you are preparing a construction project manager resume, you should try out this resume objective-   
    Project Manager with 18+ years of experience in leading several multi-million construction projects in Building XYZ companies while increasing efficiency, productivity, and revenue, synchronizing with a team of 100+ supervisors and workers while maintaining budget distribution and analysis.   
  • Awards and Certifications: Any awards or certificates that you may have achieved in the relevant field should be mentioned in the awards and certifications section with its completion date. A brief example of this section is here-  
    Project Manager of the Year Award, Bansal Builders, 2022.  
  • Professional Experience: This is the most significant section of your resume. It showcases your entire professional or work experience relevant to the job you are applying for. This is one such section every employer is familiar with. It has to be written chronologically with your most recent position on top. Ensure the name and location of the company you have worked with, your designation, responsibilities, and the dates you worked there. Follow this format- Strong Verb + Job Duty + outcome. Consider this short description for a project manager CV sample-  
  1. Responsible for managing projects and procedures for XYZ work.  
  2. Overseeing team members, project progress, and challenges while communicating with the investors.  
  • Education: Mention your education details as your course details, year of completion, and university. Here’s an example of writing your education details-  

2010-2013 MBA  
The University of Michigan, Washtenaw County, Michigan, United States.  

  • Additional Skills: A Project Manager’s resume should have relevant skills to shine out and be catchy enough for the recruiters. Make sure to add your hard skills to your resume. Here’s what you should add- 
  1. Budget Management 
  2. Designing 
  3. Mathematics 
  4. Business Strategy Knowledge 
  5. Marketing 
  6. Project Management Software and Tools 
  7. Microsoft Office 
  8. Bookkeeping 
  9. Database Management 
  10. Programming Languages 
  11. Project Development and Scheduling 
  12. Data Processing 
  13. Oracle Project Accounting 
  14. Clarity 
  15. Vision 
  16. Risk management 

Apart from these core project manager skills that you must add to your resume, some soft skills are also necessary for your resume. But you should add them only if you find these skills relevant to your resume- Leadership, Detail-orientation, Analytical skills, Compliance, Negotiation, Multitasking, Communication, Customer Focus, Team Management, Decision making, problem-solving, and Critical Thinking.  

Resume Tips for a Project Manager

You can craft a well-structured resume once you have mastered creating your resume objective, professional experience, and skills. Make sure to keep it precise and straightforward. Follow these 5 small tips to make your resume shine more-  

  1. Craft your resume every time you apply for a job. Your resume should be specific about your experience and relevant to the job you are applying for. Customize your resume based on the job and company you are applying to next.  
  2. Use an ATS-friendly resume that helps the recruiter to notice you immediately. Use the proper project management keywords necessary for your role. If you are creating an IT project manager resume or a technical project manager resume, add specific IT and technical jargon in the keywords for the recruiter to notice your resume.  
  3. Show numbers behind your achievements. If you have had a great sale some time, mention it. Mention the best results in your resume and display your accomplishments.  
  4. Focus on the correct usage of Grammar to make your profile look more specialized and educated. Use proper grammar, spelling, and syntax.  
  5. It’s good to add specific keywords to your resume; however, it is advised not to lumber your resume with irrelevant and additional keywords. Keep it to the point.  

Do’s and Don’ts of Writing a Project Management Resume

  • Sum up your resume in one-liners and use bullet pointers.  
  • Avoid scripting long paragraphs in your work experience section. We want to make your resume as simple and precise as possible. Long paragraphs will only make it look bulky. Check out some project manager resume examples online to get a clear idea of what to add to your CV.  
  • Highlight and group your ideas to make your one-liners more planned. It helps the employer get a brief of your professional experience and skills quickly.  
  • Create your resume in a doc format, but save it in a PDF format as it preserves the layout of your project manager’s CV.  


The only objective of your project management resume summary is to showcase your professional work experience, qualifications, and productivity you can bring to the organization. Display your abilities so that it influences your recruiter to hire you.  Choose the perfect layout and keywords and mention all the essential details about your achievements in bullet formats. For the following steps, check out KnowledgeHut’s online project management courses. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can we mention the project name in a resume?

Yes, you can list your projects by either creating a separate section titled Accomplishments, or you can create a project-oriented resume. If you have aced some project management courses, mention that.  

2. What makes an excellent project manager?

Skills like leadership, communication, project development, efficiency, and team-building make an excellent project manager who has a clear vision and can communicate his vision to his team.  

3. How many projects should be on a resume?

It is advised to add 2-3 projects to your resume. Adding more would make it look hulking, and the recruiter might lose interest in reading further.  

4. What is your greatest strength as a project manager?

The greatest strength of a project manager is- efficiency and communication skills, ability to plan, have a vision, and risk management skills.  

5. What are the top 3 qualities you think a project manager should have?

The top 3 qualities of a project manager are- Good communication skills, Leadership, and Team-Building skills.  


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