Tasks Included in the New Knowledge Area – Stakeholder Management PMBOK5

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16th May, 2022
02nd May, 2013
Tasks Included in the New Knowledge Area – Stakeholder Management PMBOK5

The publication of the PMBOK® Guide 5th Edition significantly increases the profile and processes for stakeholder management. The following are the Stakeholder Management processes listed out in the fifth edition of the PMBOK . We have given a short description of each process and a comparison with the listing in the previous PMBOK edition.

  • Identify Stakeholders, also belongs to Initiating process group

This process is dedicated to identifying the people and organizations that have some level of interest in the project and have the potential to influence it.

The same process existed in the fourth edition, under the communications knowledge area; it has just moved from there to the new knowledge area.

  • Plan Stakeholder Management, also belongs to Planning process group

How are we going to plan for, execute, monitor and control the stakeholder management area? These questions are answered in this document named “Stakeholder Management Plan”.

There was no such process in the previous edition, but the tasks underlying this process were all included in the Plan Communications process of the fourth edition.

  • Manage Stakeholder Engagement, also belongs to Executing process group

So, we have planned how to manage the knowledge areas; now it’s time to do it! The document called “Manage Stakeholder Engagement” lists out the work involved, starting with communicating with stakeholders, addressing their issues, and meeting their needs and expectations by directing our decisions and activities.

This process is almost the same as what was listed under “Manage Stakeholder Expectations” in the previous edition. The title has changed a little to better reflect the real nature of the process.

  • Control Stakeholder Engagement, also belongs to Monitoring And Controlling process group

We are efficiently managing the stakeholder engagement, but are we gaining the results we expected? We should evaluate our efforts and improve our actions according to the plans or even improve our plans if they are not as effective as they are supposed to be. These will be carried out in the “Control Stakeholder Engagement” process.

This new process is a set of tasks that were previously organized under the “Report Performance” process.



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