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People Management and People Manager Skills

19th Feb, 2024
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    People Management and People Manager Skills

    Employees are among the most significant assets of a company. They are the ones whose performances substantially impact the bottom line. Many assume that hiring employees with a good profile can do the trick of ensuring the proper growth of the company. However, that is not the truth. They also need good and skilled managers who can help ensure the company's growth by allowing the employees to use their skills beneficially and adequately explore their potential. To enhance your skills further in PMP, check the PMP online classes for more.  

    When this field of work came into existence, the definition of people management was simple. It was all about managing and evaluating others on their work. With the changing times, the expectations of the companies from the managers have changed a lot. Managers need to take care of three essential aspects besides the existing ones. They are automation, changing employees' expectations, and the normalization of remote work. 

    People Management - An Overview 

    People management is a process to optimize workplace productivity and promote professional growth. Several factors ensure that the process is carried out in the best possible manner. They include training and motivating employees to be better versions of themselves. And this responsibility of proper people management falls on the shoulders of the managers. 

    Hence, it is essential for someone exploring this field of work to understand the skills required to be a good manager. This also means one needs to know how the new ones have replaced the old ways of working. For instance, to create a thriving work environment in the present times, a manager must lead with empathy. However, according to the Gartner survey conducted in 2021, only 47% of 4,787 global employees were ready to take up this future role efficiently. 

    Managers need to develop themselves to make them self-aware, not self-centered. Furthermore, they also need to learn how to be passionate while keeping their compassion alive. Finally, they must always pay attention to the fact that every employee is different in their skill set and temperament. Hence, the manager’s role is to find ways to work through that and create a peaceful working environment. However, there are some other skills that people require to develop to be called good managers. You can enrol in one of the project management certification courses online to gain practical knowledge. The courses will help you learn people management skills, techniques with all the necessary examples.

    10 Skills Required to be a People Manager 

    1. Clarity in vision 

    Having a clear vision helps with a company's growth and its employees. A leader needs to have the capability to see the picture of the day-to-day activities of an organization. Other than that, it is also essential to have clarity regarding the big vision of the future. It is not only about improving the present, but as a leader in people management, it is essential to have a clear picture of the future and how to get there. 

    2. Commitment is the key 

    It is one of the essential skills that a manager should possess. Enough cannot be said about the essentiality of commitment, not towards the job but rather towards the work. Having the zeal to push forward, take on more responsibilities, and train others are some of the qualities that a good manager needs to develop. 

    3. Communication builds a culture of quality 

    There is nothing that can replace the importance of good communication. Effective communication and active listening are how a manager can create and manage a productive team. Wondering how to get that done? Here are some ways you can consider: 

    • Weekly meetings 
    • One-on-one conversations 
    • Positive criticism 
    • Appreciating the team’s accomplishment 

    To use communication as a pathway to success, you should also know about the sub-skills. They're public speaking, persuasiveness, clarity, writing, and non-verbal communication. 

    Hence, it should be the essential skill of a human resource manager. 

    4. Courage is important 

    Having courage is very important when implementing people management skills to create a better work environment. This is a job where people often have to make tough decisions, even if that feels rude or awkward. Be it talking to a misbehaving employee about their actions or terminating someone due to their poor performance, it is the job of a people manager to take care of such things without any form of repercussion on the company or other employees. 

    5. Trust is earned, not given 

    As a man with management skills, you must create good trust in any relationship, be it with the employees or the organization. Unfortunately, with half of the world working from home, the chance of forming a solid bond, which was easy to create while working in an office, is decreasing. Hence, you need to put in extra effort to make sure that you are the kind of manager who is trustworthy. Here are a few ways to do that: 

    • Be open to feedback 
    • Give genuine feedback 
    • Follow through with commitments 
    • Avoid biasness 
    • Take responsibility for your own mistake 
    • Trust your team 

    Other than these, it is also crucial for you as a manager to create a proper channel through which information can flow clearly.

    If you are interested in knowing more about Agile, you may check out the Agile Management course here. 

    6. Capability to solve problems 

    With the sudden shift in the work pattern, especially with rising numbers of employees working from home, there is a constant emergence of the issues in an organization. As a manager, it is imperative to proactively develop the skills to address each case, including emergencies. Moreover, people who are problem-solvers make better managers than others. 

    How to face a problem and find a solution? These tips will help you: 

    • The first step is to identify the problem 
    • It is then essential to analyze it 
    • The next step is developing solutions 
    • Then comes the stages of planning and implementation 

    While some people are naturally good at solving problems, others usually have to put in extra effort and develop the same skill. Therefore, it is essential to be open-minded, rely on analytical thinking, and use creativity while solving a problem. 

    7. Empathy is essential 

    When it is about communicating effectively as a manager, you also need to have the quality of empathy. Unfortunately, it has turned into a critical skill for managers due to unprecedented anxiety and insecurity related to work prompted by the ongoing pandemic. 

    When a manager is empathetic, it increases employee engagement and improves productivity. Employees perform better when they feel involved and heard. It is undoubtedly the job of a manager to create that space. 

    8. Decision-making skills 

    A huge part of management is about making a decision that will benefit the organization and the employees. Being decisive is essential to ensure the proper functioning of a team. How to develop that skill? Here are some tips: 

    • Have clarity of vision 
    • Be open to change 
    • Understand all the implications of the decision 
    • Gather necessary information 

    It is always better to have a clear idea of all the options and then choose the best-suited one while making a proper decision. 

    9. Be approachable 

    No one can work with a manager whom they cannot approach. Therefore, develop yourself so that people can easily communicate with you while respecting your authority. 

    Being approachable is also a way to keep the enthusiasm high among your employees, leading to increased productivity. As a manager, it is your responsibility to find what drives an individual team member to perform better. 

    10. Accountability 

    Leadership and people management depend on a lot of things. Among them is accountability. Err is human, but not taking responsibility for your decisions and actions makes you a bad manager. This is something that not only impacts your team's engagement and productivity but can also harm the company in the long run. So be it owing up to your decision, meeting a deadline, or keeping a commitment, a manager needs to be an accountability model. 

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    Skillful people management is crucial to maintaining engagement, increasing the employees' productivity, and ensuring their retention. Therefore, a people manager needs to build soft skills by taking KnowledgeHut's project management certification course, that can help in adding to the success of a business. 

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

    1.  Who is a People Manager?

    A person who has the skills to train and motivate employees to work towards their professional growth and the company's success is referred to as a people manager. 

    2.  What are the top 5 people manager skills?

    Though several skills are needed in people management, there are some that a professional must-have. 

    • Communication 
    • Accountability 
    • Clarity in vision 
    • Commitment 
    • Trustworthiness 

    3. What makes a good people manager?

    Someone who is open-minded and can solve problems while taking care of the employees and motivating them to do better has the central markings of being a good people manager. 

    4.  What are the roles and responsibilities of a people manager?

    The role of a people manager is to act as a bridge between the employees and the organization. It is their responsibility to make sure that the employees feel heard and included while also ensuring the company's growth. And with the normalization of remote working, the role of a people manager has become yet more important. 


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