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Quality Through Defect Elimination : The Six Sigma Green Belt

05th Sep, 2023
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    Quality Through Defect Elimination : The Six Sigma Green Belt

    Companies across the world have been focusing in more detail into ways in which the overall quality of products and processes can be improved. The process of achieving high levels of quality of output through the elimination of defects is an idea that has been gaining great traction in industries across the globe. Identifying defects is done using various tools and process breakdowns in obvious flows, the availability of undesirable elements or problems which are recurring in nature can all be assessed using six sigma studies. Notifications and Process Reliability research studies also greatly add to the possibility of prioritizing the defects which tend to have the largest impact on the business.  However, the use of such tools and the level of support from management required is most often only available with those who have earned at least a six sigma green belt certification.

    This should no longer be a cause for concern for the budding Quality Engineer who wishes to move up the ladder and broaden their horizon as KnowledgeHut provides you with the training necessary to get yourself certified with a Six Sigma Green Belt. Most experts on the subject matter recommend that aspirants obtain training from an institution such as KnowledgeHut before attempting their IASSC (International Association for Six Sigma Certification) Green Belt Exam. This is because our course takes a real world look at how to completely change the mind-set of the aspirants towards a thought process of nothing but the elimination of waste, this is the kind of thinking that you need for your Green Belt Exam.

    The trainees are guided through all the fundamental and more advanced concepts as well as all the quality tools that are required to be known by a Green Belt during our six sigma green belt training program. This is the kind of training that even will equip you in a way that you may realize organizational quality visions and standards and how they trickle down to your respective process. It also lends you the credibility with which you can efficiently and in a very real sense, affect change in your organization. These are potentially brilliant benefits that will definitely improve organization wide performance and add a generous amount of padding to your portfolio.

    Beyond just the regular six sigma training, the key difference at our course at KnowledgeHut is that we cover the concepts of lean operations and management as well. In fact, this is what enables our trainees to take on the coveted lean six sigma green belt certification. Green Belts who are also proficient in lean concepts and management are able to break away from the structures of six sigma in situations where a more creative and lateral thinking approach is required where coming up with new ideas while keeping the fundamentals in mind is key. Such individuals are indeed, in very high demand in the industry as they are able to lead or even support the quality and performance improvement initiatives within the company.

    Perhaps the most standout feature of the course that truly makes it a worthwhile endeavour for any green belt aspirant is the fact that with this programme you can completely train and study for your six sigma green belt certification online. From the vastly experienced course instructor to the easily downloadable course ware for the programme, KnowledgeHut’s platform makes it very easy to learn everything you will need for your green belt certification exam and take it to the next level with lean concepts. The included three classroom training sessions, as well as over 24 PDUs, are definitely a worthwhile bonus which make sure this programme exceeds any traditional training course.

    So don’t wait, apply online now and get working on your way to a six sigma green belt certification so that you too can apply to the most coveted Quality Management positions and get started on your way down to being an experienced six sigma practitioner and maybe even a Black Belt or Master Black Belt in the future.

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