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Top 7 Six Sigma Companies With Successful Implementation

22nd Jan, 2024
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    Top 7 Six Sigma Companies With Successful Implementation

    Although Six Sigma was primarily developed to enhance quality in the manufacturing industry, now six sigma concept is used to measure the companies to assist several business processes. Over time, I've seen a big change in how different industries work. Things like hospitality, healthcare, aviation, and finance are now using something called Six Sigma. It's a method to make things faster and better. Big companies worldwide use Six Sigma along with lean practices to improve how they do things.

    Because of this, there's a growing demand for people who know about Six Sigma. More and more professionals are getting certified in it. I learned about it through Six Sigma training courses.

    The job market for those who are certified in Six Sigma has gotten bigger. Companies want to make sure they're doing things well, and Six Sigma helps with that. So, getting certified has become important to stay competitive and meet the high expectations in the job market. It's all about making things work better in a world that values quality and efficiency.  

    Let’s talk more about six sigma companies in this article.

    Champion of Six Sigma

    A Six Sigma Champion in an organization is responsible for mission propagation, vision sharing, and adding values in the six-sigma deployment across the organization that will help the company achieve its overall goal. They are frequently the link between higher-level organizational managers and the project team's black belt. They are the enablers for higher-level project teams, removing any roadblocks in the way of achieving a better project process.

    Get to know more about benefits and scope of six sigma consulting.

    Top 7 Six Sigma Companies

    The top companies that implemented six sigma are as follows: - 

    1. 3M 
    2. McKesson Business 
    3. Abbot 
    4. Textron
    5. Chevron
    6. Xerox 
    7. BAE Systems

    The six sigma companies are as follows:- 

    1. 3M  

    The company 3M, with its headquarters in Maplewood, Minnesota, tops this list thanks to its corporate Lean Six Sigma efforts, among other growth plans including international sourcing, eProductivity, cost management etc. This American multinational business has completed more than 30000 successful Six-Sigma-based projects with the help of its Lean Six Sigma employees who act as value drivers. In order to match your qualifications, join 3m's Talent Community; you'll like the working atmosphere and the compensation package. 

    2. McKesson Business  

    Lean Six Sigma approaches have helped the company achieve benchmark performance, whether it is through McKesson's strategy for geriatric formularies, important hospital priorities, or new medication launches. How would you want to contribute your knowledge of Lean Six Sigma to its internal savings and service capabilities? Here, in addition to several potential for quality and process improvement initiatives, the package being offered would also contain unique advantages, a range of advanced learning, and more. iSixSigma created a list of the "Best places to work for Six Sigma Professionals" in 2010 and McKesson Corp got it on there. 

    3. Abbot  

    Lean Six Sigma experts create proactive approaches to health and wellness at Abbott. So, equipped with your Lean Six Sigma certification, you might like to join Abbot for its commitment to encouraging your progress through extensive learning opportunities, competitive pay, a varied and fulfilling work environment, and a profitable income structure. Abbott is among the recipients of the Shingo Prize for operational excellence at the international level, which is given out by the Shingo Institute at Utah State University's Jon M. Huntsman School of Business. 

    4. Textron  

    With over 34,000 workers, Textron, a multi-industry company, is known for its Lean Six Sigma solutions. It is renowned for offering cutting-edge solutions and simulated systems and serves the needs of aerospace, industrial and financial organizations, defense and intelligence etc on a global scale. The company has many certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt professionals to its credit. Textron is a business opportunity that you will not want to pass up quickly if you have clients like E-Z-GO, Greenlee, Bell Helicopter, Cessna, Beechcraft, Hawker, Kautex, Jacobsen, Lycoming etc. 

    5. Chevron  

    At Chevron, leadership and Six Sigma go hand in hand. Chevron Corp. (USA), the recipient of BSI's 2010 Oil and Gas Supply Chain Excellence Award, exceeded financial benefits of $500 million in 2010 thanks to its Lean Six Sigma initiatives. The business is seeking Six Sigma certified experts to join its growing workforce, where they will follow a set of principles known as the "Chevron Way." You could be the ideal fit for them given your assurance in managing significant QM difficulties!

    6. Xerox  

    On the list of Fortune 500 firms, Xerox, based in Norwalk, Connecticut, is prominently shown. Xerox Corp. has incorporated tried-and-true Six Sigma processes and technologies for offering straightforward answers to challenging challenges in order to stay up with the industry's dynamic developments. The Company's utilization of cutting-edge technology and a variety of services has greatly impacted both its business outcomes and customer experiences, earning it a spot on our list.

    7. BAE Systems  

    Do you want to work in a highly demanding, quality-driven workplace for a firm that specializes in aerospace, global defense and security? With 83,400 employees globally, BAE Systems is looking for competent Lean Six Sigma specialists to join its diversified team. The majority of projects are carried out using Lean Six Sigma, and the firm honors its apprentices and staff in a variety of ways while paying them well. Try it out.

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    Major Benefits of Six Sigma Methods in Companies  

    A professional with a Six Sigma certification might reap some significant advantages. See what you can do with a Six Sigma certification in just a moment.

    1. You'll cut down on waste 

    The goal of the Six Sigma philosophy is to assist you and your business in streamlining procedures to reduce overall waste. You may discover and address wasteful areas in your business with the aid of the special technique, which will help you save time, money and resources. 

    2. Your effectiveness will rise. 

    Six Sigma helps you further leverage efficient operations in addition to assisting with waste reduction. You may increase the efficacy of your present business operations by fully utilizing resources with the help of formal training. 

    3. You'll make fewer mistakes 

    Six Sigma gives both process and quality equal consideration. Making your product perfect the first time is the greatest approach to save you time and money because you can't "undo" production work. 

    4. You'll lower the legal risk for your business. 

    The same procedure that saves you money will also shield you against conceivable legal costs, which may seem too good to be true. Adopting this technique can help you stay inside international compliance requirements due to Six Sigma's commitment to quality. 

    5. It may be used in any sector. 

    The fact that Six Sigma may be used in almost any business is one of its finest features. Anything from higher education to industry to healthcare—you name it! Any business may use the methods and resources they learn during training to save expenses and boost revenue. 

    6. You'll generate more income 

    They say you can't buy happiness, but you can purchase a lovely trip with your money! Most Black Belt certification holders report earnings of above 100,000, with the average wage gain for Six Sigma certified workers being 19% each level.


    In my project management role, we employ the Six Sigma Green Belt certification course as a disciplined, data-driven method to reduce or eliminate flaws in any process. This approach isn't limited to specific industries; it can be utilized in engineering, manufacturing, leadership, and any position that involves following a certain procedure. As a project manager, I've been guided through a predetermined step-by-step mechanism to systematically discover problems, measure, evaluate, improve, and control the process using DMAIC, a particular Six Sigma technique.

    You can undertake the Six Sigma training courses offered by Knowledgehut to gain a comprehensive understanding of these methodologies.

    The Six Sigma approaches have become the very heart and soul of many enterprises. Businesses that have implemented Six Sigma claim to have witnessed improved revenue, quicker business operations, and higher staff morale. If you're interested, you can take this course from Knowledgehut Six Sigma training courses.

    I sincerely hope this specially curated list of Six Sigma company examples will assist you in finding the right fit for yourself.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    1What are six Sigma companies?

    The Six Sigma methodology gives businesses the tools they need to strengthen the capacity of their operational procedures. This improvement in performance and decrease in process variance contributes to the reduction of defects as well as an improvement in revenue, staff morale and product or service quality. 

    2Which company found Six Sigma?


    While employed by Motorola in 1986, An American engineer introduced it. By locating and eliminating the sources of errors and reducing variability in production and business processes, Six Sigma initiatives aim to increase manufacturing quality. 

    3Is Apple a six sigma company?

    To completely revolutionize the technology industry, Jobs combined ground-breaking commercial principles with his own products and procedures. Apple is above all a firm for which Six Sigma, Lean, and Kaizen are all crucial. The company never settles for anything less than the best. 

    4Who is the best example of Six Sigma?

    Wipro: Despite being a market leader in the software development sector, it lacked both consumer product production and customer support. With Six Sigma adoption, its flaws were quickly eliminated. Microsoft: Six Sigma is the key to their outstanding customer service track record and product portfolio. 

    5What big companies that use six sigma?

    The following businesses assert to have successfully applied Six Sigma in some way: 

    • 3M. 
    • Amazon. 
    • Atos. 
    • Autoliv. 
    • BAE Systems. 
    • Bank of America. 
    • Becton Dickinson. 
    • Bechtel. 
    6Which is the lean six sigma company?

    Successes of Six Sigma at Ford 

    They came up with solutions to waste problems using Lean Six Sigma methodologies, such as a data-driven problem-solving methodology. Additionally, the company's strategies for waste reduction and quality enhancement had a profound effect on operations. 

    7Which is the six sigma Indian companies?

    A quality movement called Six Sigma is quickly gaining traction in American corporations. Many Fortune 500 firms, including Motorola, GE, Ford, Sony, ABB, Lockheed Martin, Kodak, and others, have adopted Six Sigma. The Six Sigma program has also been launched by Tata Steel in India. 


    Shivender Sharma

    Blog Author

    Shivendra Sharma, an accomplished author of the international bestseller 'Being Yogi,' is a multifaceted professional. With an MBA in HR and a Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt, he boasts 15 years of experience in business and digital transformation, strategy consulting, and process improvement. As a member of the Technical Committee of the International Association of Six Sigma Certification (IASSC), he has led multi-million dollar savings through organization-wide transformation projects. Shivendra's expertise lies in deploying Lean and Six Sigma tools across global stakeholders in EMEA, North America, and APAC, achieving remarkable business results. 

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