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Six Sigma Salary in 2024 [Complete Earnings]

19th Jan, 2024
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    Six Sigma Salary in 2024 [Complete Earnings]

    The cruciality of the six sigma methodology in every business and organization today is well-known. Employers pay extensive salaries to the experts in six sigma methodologies to help them improve their workflow, product, and customer satisfaction levels. In this article, we will read about the Lean six sigma salary and the factors that affect their salaries.

    What is Six Sigma?

    Six Sigma is a set of multiple principles or techniques that help organizations achieve their goals streamlined for better results. They focus on improving product and customer satisfaction to ensure that the revenue of the organization automatically faces a rise. Organizations use the six sigma methodology to increase their profitability by enhancing customer satisfaction, streamlining operations, improving defects in the processes and the products, etc. Six Sigma includes the following: 

    • A business strategy- where the businesses create a plan of action to help drive revenue, reduce costs, and improve the processes in the organization.  
    • A vision- in which the management can visualize a defect-free and positive environment for the organization.  
    • A benchmark- which can be set to improve the process metrics of the firm.  
    • A goal is to be achieved by the organization with the best practices.  
    • A statistical measure- to measure the success of the organization. 
    • A methodology can be utilized to solve every problem in the organization.  

    Who is a Six Sigma Expert? 

    Any person who has gained expertise in the six sigma methodology and its various techniques is a six sigma expert. To become an expert, the person needs to have completed a certified course or certain years of experience as a six sigma operator. There are multiple levels of learning the Six Sigma methodology, which includes the yellow belt, green belt, and black belt. However, the highest level of expertise is possessed by a person who is a master black belt, and they get the highest Lean Six Sigma certified salary. You can complete our Online Six Sigma Courses to become a six sigma professional.

    Six Sigma Salary in 2024

    Becoming a six-sigma expert is an amazing career opportunity for people in any field. Almost all firms across industries require a six-sigma expert to improve their operational processes; thus, the scope of a lean six sigma salary is quite wide. However, the six Sigma-certified salary varies depending on the belt level and the years of experience they have in the field. We will now look at various aspects of six sigma salary PayScale in 2024.  

    What is the Average Salary of a Six Sigma?

    Let us now have a few insights on the average six sigma salary for experts.  

    Salary per Hour  

    The average salary of six Sigma per hour is somewhere near 36 USD per hour.  

    Salary per Month  

    An expert's monthly six sigma salary lies around 900 USD per month.  

    Annual Salary  

    However, a six-sigma expert's annual salary is somewhere near 11,000 USD.  

    Salary Based on Different Factors 

    1. Six Sigma Salary: Based on Experience/Role   

    The lean six sigma jobs salary is highly affected by the experience the candidates possess and the role they have applied for. Based on the role, the average six sigma job salary for professionals is-

    Job RoleAvg. Salary Per Month in USD
    Continuous Improvement Manager724
    Administrative Manager905
    Supply Chain Specialist900
    Sr. Administrative Assistant480
    Quality Assurance Engineer845
    Supplier Quality Engineering Supervisor785
    Quality Assurance Auditor724
    Operations Manager960
    Production Supervisor748

    Let us know to understand the level of experience of the six sigma professionals and the effect it has on increased pay percentage compared to the employees with no experience.

    Experience LevelPay in Percentage
    Late Career0.8%
    Early Career29.3%
    Entry Level4.7%

    2. Six Sigma Salary: Based on Employer/Company

    Let's have a look at the salaries offered to the six sigma experts in the US identified by the six-sigma salary survey.  

    • 3M - At 3M, the estimated pay for a six-sigma expert with a black belt is around 1692765.20 USD per year, in which the base pay can be calculated as 1209118 USD while the leftover is additional pay.  
    • Amazon - For a six-sigma expert working at amazon as an employee, the pay can range from 1692765.20 USD to 2055500.60 USD a year, depending on their belt level and experience level.  
    • GE - The estimated six sigma salary in GE is around 1813677 USD per year, of which approximately 1209118 USD is the base pay and others are the additional benefits.  
    • Bank of America - If you choose to work as a six-sigma expert in the Bank of America in the New York region, you can get a salary of up to 967294.40 USD per year, which is the base pay and is prone to additional benefits.  
    • Google - Getting employed as a six-sigma expert in Google will help you get a salary somewhere between 785926.70 USD to 1027750.30 USD crore each year.  
    • Apple - As a six-sigma expert in Apple, you can get a salary of up to 1450941.60 USD, depending on your experience and role. 
    • Facebook - Working at Facebook as a six-sigma expert can help you get an average salary of 846382.60 USD per year.  
    • Microsoft - If you are a six-sigma expert, you can get a salary of 1571853.40 USD to 2055500.60 USD yearly at Microsoft.  
    • TCS - A person working as a six-sigma expert in TCS in India can get a salary of up to 21764.12 USD per year.  

    3. Six Sigma Salary: Based on Certifications

    • Six Sigma Green Belt- The green belt course offers the candidate an introduction to the DMAIC principles and their application. It teaches the candidates a basic understanding of six Sigma's objective and the organization's needs for improved processes. This certification makes a member a mid-level manager. The six-sigma salary of a person with a green belt is around 5000 USD per year.  
    • Six Sigma Black Belt- The black belt course of six Sigma helps a person understand how to measure finances and performance and acquire feedback for a project. They are at the senior management level of the hierarchy. The salary of a black belt six sigma expert in India is 12000 to 24182.36 USD per annum.  
    • Lean Six Sigma Black Belt- A lean six sigma black belt can add to your skill set and increase your salary by 12091.18 USD a year.  
    • Master Black Belt- A master black belt is the highest expert in six Sigma and can get a salary of up to 29018.83 USD per year.

    six sigma salary based on certifications

    4. Six Sigma Salary: Based on Location

    • India - The average salary of a six-sigma expert in India is around 12091.18 USD per annum.     
    • US - In the US, an expert's average six sigma salary can go up to 114866.21 USD per annum. 
    • UK - The salary range of a six-sigma expert in the UK is 25391.48 USD to 38691.78 USD annually.  
    • UAE - In UAE, the average salary for a six-sigma expert is around 84638.26 USD per annum.  
    • Australia - In Australia, an average of six sigma experts can earn up to 96729.44 USD per annum.  
    • Canada - The range of salary that a six-sigma expert can avail in Canada is 54410.31 USD to 72547.08 USD annually.  
    • Singapore - In Singapore, the average salary of a six-sigma expert is around 42319.13 USD per annum.
    • Philippines - The average salary of a six-sigma expert in the Philippines is 43528.25 USD per annum. 

    What Is the ROI for Adopting Six Sigma? 

    Adopting a six-sigma methodology helps you acquire two types of returns- hard and muted. The hard returns include project improvements, and the soft returns include cost avoidance, customer loyalty, etc. The major factors that contribute to the ROI of utilizing a six-sigma methodology can be seen below-  

    • Your company experiences cultural change, including a customer-centric workforce and reduced wastage.  
    • The link between the strategies devised and the execution of a task is tightened.  
    • The velocity of change increases, and the business created is more efficient.  
    • The satisfaction levels of the employees also improve which increases employee engagement and productivity.  

    The percentage of ROI of six Sigma in terms of revenue, however, is mentioned below-  

    • Lean - 50% 
    • Lean Six Sigma- 48% 
    • Six Sigma- 33%

    Maximize your team's potential with our project management skills training. Optimize processes, boost productivity, and attain success.

    Why Are Certified Six Sigma Professionals Paid So Much? 

    Using a six-sigma methodology can help organizations acquire higher revenue. The results and benefits that the organizations procure are much higher than the salary they pay to the six sigma experts if they are experts, and their methodologies are fruitful. Therefore, the companies tend to provide more six sigma salaries.  

    Future of Being a Six Sigma Expert

    Becoming a six sigma is a transformation in your career which requires minimal investment and offers you heavier returns. The benefits of becoming a six sigma are inevitable as the demand for a six sigma is slowly rising in each industry, given its benefits. So, if you, too, are interested in becoming a six-sigma professional, the time is accurate. You must purchase a six-sigma green belt certification course online if you haven't already!  


    No matter what country you work in, having a Six Sigma certificate enhances the quality of the job you acquire. The prospective salary also faces a rise along with degradation in your skillset. If you too wish to add value to your career, the KnowledgeHut Six Sigma Courses offered by KnowledgeHut are a perfect choice. They help you add to your current skill set, or enhance organizational workflow in your current company. 

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    1Is Six Sigma a good career?

    Today, every organization needs a six sigma expert to improve their workflow. Therefore, six sigma is a fruitful career choice today.  

    2How long does it take to learn Six Sigma?

    With the Six Sigma green belt certification course by KnowledgeHut, you can learn the six sigma methodology in a 24 hours worth course. It depends on you how much time you take to cover up 24 hours’ lectures!  

    3Do employers care about Six Sigma?

    Having knowledge of six sigma methodologies is a prerequisite for multiple companies today. So yes, six sigma is very important for the employers, and the employees who have its knowledge have better growth prospects.  

    4Where do Six Sigma professionals make the most money?

    The USA and the Canada region is the place where the demand and average salaries of six sigma professionals is much higher than other countries. 


    Shivender Sharma

    Blog Author

    Shivendra Sharma, an accomplished author of the international bestseller 'Being Yogi,' is a multifaceted professional. With an MBA in HR and a Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt, he boasts 15 years of experience in business and digital transformation, strategy consulting, and process improvement. As a member of the Technical Committee of the International Association of Six Sigma Certification (IASSC), he has led multi-million dollar savings through organization-wide transformation projects. Shivendra's expertise lies in deploying Lean and Six Sigma tools across global stakeholders in EMEA, North America, and APAC, achieving remarkable business results. 

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