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Top 7 Free Apps to Learn Ethical Hacking in 2024

27th Dec, 2023
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    Top 7 Free Apps to Learn Ethical Hacking in 2024

    People with malicious intent fund hackers to break into security systems to compromise security features or significant amounts of money by introducing malware. As a result, cybercrime is prevalent. Organizations must upgrade their hack-prevention plans and employ various technologies to secure the system before falling victim to a hacker. New worms, malware, viruses, and ransomware are launched every day, necessitating the use of ethical hacking services to protect corporate, government, and defense networks. 

    To tackle the growing danger to IT security, government agencies and businesses continually need ethical hackers. Many government organizations, experts, and corporations now recognize that protecting a system requires more than merely barring doors.

    Hence, demand for Ethical Hacking is surging, but where to learn such skills for free is our question today. Numerous websites have such courses where you can learn ethical hacking from scratch-free or join an Ethical Hacking course online. These Apps can help you begin your ethical hacking career for free and get a job.

    What is Ethical Hacking Learning App

    A free online hacking training platform that offers thorough hacking courses for beginners, intermediates, and advanced hackers is what an Ethical Hacking app is. It is also sometimes the most effective hacking learning website. For your convenience, we would discuss Ethical Hacking Learning App & best hacking learning websites as well. 

    Benefits of Android Hacking Apps to Learn Ethical Hacking

    There are numerous benefits including learning from professionals at your own pace anytime anywhere is the most prominent one. 

    Top 7 Apps to Learn Ethical Hacking for Free

    Here are the Top 7 Free and Best Apps to Learn Ethical Hacking In 2024. 

    1. Learn Kali Linux

    This ethical hacking learning software is a free online IT and cyber security training network that offers in-depth hacking courses for beginners, intermediates, and advanced hackers. The first open-source penetration testing program for Android-based Nexus smartphones and the OnePlus One is Kali Linux NetHunter. Wireless 802.11 frame injection, HID keyboard, 1-click MANA Evil Access Point deployments, BadUSB MITM attacks, and other supported features. Feel free to try it out and investigate, as it comes from one of the most well-known names in ethical hacking. 

    Three editions of the Nethunter core are available: Android client to connect to App Store; Kali Linux container with all Kali tools; App Store with hundreds of apps. 

    Kali Linux NetHunter features 

    • Frame injection and AP mode in 802.11 wireless 
    • Kali Linux's entire toolkit 
    • All Android smartphones can run the NetHunter Lite edition. 

     You can check out cyber security courses online here also. 

    2. Learn Ethical Hacking (HackerX)

    If you have the best-structured topics aligned, learning anything will be simple, which is exactly what this software provides. You will begin by learning the fundamentals of the hacking world and cyber security to understand hacking terms. The themes will then be gradually upgraded in accordance with the level of understanding. This app has over 1 million downloads and a 4.8-star rating on the Google Play Store. After finishing the free courses, check out the premium courses to see whether they are right for you. After completing any course, you will receive over 19+ E-certificates that will improve your confidence in many ways. 

    It teaches you: 

    • Maintain your online anonymity. 
    • SQL injection exploited. 
    • Become a cyber security expert. 

    3. Ethical Hacking University App

    The greatest ethical app to learn for the same is this one. Improving your ethical hacking talents can be beneficial. There are various teaching structures in this program, ranging from simple to sophisticated, all of which are entirely free to follow. You will receive an e-certificate once you have completed the course. It is like a hacking university in that you get a mark sheet when you graduate from college, and you will obtain an ethical hacking certification with medals here. 

    This software offers a unique feature that notifies you of major hacking incidents occurring around the world. It has over 100k downloads and a 4.7+ rating on Google Play. 

    You will learn about

    • hacking and the many types of hackers
    • how to protect oneself from unethical hackers 
    • how to secure corporate networks against these types of hackers. 

    4. Best Apps to Learn Ethical Hacking: Geek App – Ethical Hacking Certification Tutorials 

    This program is designed for folks who wish to learn more about ethical hacking because it includes a full explanation of ethical hacking and cybersecurity terms

    Some features it includes and teaches: 

    • An introduction to security 
    • a nerd dictionary that contains all the terms used in the hacking industry 
    • techniques to secure yourself, firewalls, networks, and much more.
    • It also covers all technology and security news from across the world.
    • It has over 100K installations and a 4.6 rating. 

    5. Ethical Hacking Tutorials – Learn Ethical Hacking: - Best Apps to Learn Ethical Hacking

    This is well-known for its bite-sized ethical hacking tutorials. If you only have 4-7 minutes, you can easily finish a segment and get a lot of knowledge. 

    To learn ethical hacking, it is a completely beginner-friendly app. You will need to divulge a lot about online security and the various flaws that exist in today's computer systems and companies. With over 10 million downloads and a 4.5+ rating, this app has a lot of fans. 

    The following subjects are covered: 

    • Learn the fundamentals of hacking. 
    • Introduction to Security Hacker Types 
    • Be aware of malware. 
    • What are Viruses, Trojan Horses, and Worms? 

    6. Free Cyber Security Courses (Cybrary)

    Free Cybersecurity Courses are one of the most useful tools for learning about ethical hacking. This software will start from the beginning and lead you to the top. 

    If you already have some basic ethical hacking knowledge, you can skip to the Intermediate level. Cybrary, the world's largest cybersecurity community, oversees this application. 

    Linux+, A+, Network, Cloud, and Cryptography for beginners are among the topics covered by this application. Advanced topics such as CASP, Malware Analysis, and CISP will also be covered. The application's UI (User Interface) is extremely straightforward and user-friendly. 

    What you get: 

    • Very simple to comprehend courses 
    • The interface is easy to use 
    • There are numerous knowledge resources available. 

    7. Hacking Tutorials

    Developers created this software to make the learning process easier for beginners. It will teach you all you need to know about hacking, how hackers attack, and how to protect yourself from them. 

    The guides' explanations are straightforward, and anyone may grasp them. You will be able to perform the assaults safely after learning from this program. 

    The app's key topics include hacking methods and types, Android mobile hacks and tricks, and how to protect ourselves from attacks, among others. I would personally recommend this software to a newbie. 

    Any Features: 

    • The user interface is appealing. 
    • It is simple to track your progress. 

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    A matchstick may light a candle in the dark and burn a dry forest. It is entirely up to you to decide how you will utilize it. 

    The same is true here, guys. You must only use these abilities for educational purposes and protect yourself from hacker assaults. 

    Misuse of these abilities can result in incarceration. So, make good use of them. I hope that these apps will assist you in furthering your knowledge of ethical hacking. To get the best, do check out the KnowledgeHut Ethical Hacking course online

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    1What is the best free ethical hacking app?

    Anyone can take a hacking course with Cybrary. This web-based learning platform is open to everyone who wants to learn for free. Cybrary's mission is to make information technology, cyber security, penetration testing, and ethical hacking accessible to everybody, regardless of circumstance. 

    2What programming language is mostly used for hacking?

    Python is unsurprisingly at the top of our list. Python dubbed the "defacto hacking programming language," has played an important part in creating hacking scripts, exploits, and dangerous applications.

    3What to study to become a hacker?

    Starting your career with a bachelor's degree in a computer-related profession is excellent. A foundation in computer science or network engineering is recommended for jobs in the security industry. 

    4Where can I meet hackers online?

    DEF CON Groups or 2600 and security conferences like BSides, Black Hat, and DEF CON, to name a few, are excellent places to meet.

    5Do hackers use Kali Linux?

    The fact that all the source code is open-source means that the system may be customized to the liking of the cyber security professional using it is one of the main reasons cyber professionals utilize and frequently prefer Kali Linux. 


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