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CCSP Passing Score 2024 - What is CCSP Exam Pass Rate?

19th Jan, 2024
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    CCSP Passing Score 2024 - What is CCSP Exam Pass Rate?

    Companies continue to quickly shift workloads from data centers to the cloud, adopting innovative technologies like containers, serverless, and machine learning to benefit from cloud computing's enhanced efficiency, better scaling, and faster implementations. Earning the globally renowned CCSP cloud security certification is a tried and true approach to furthering your career while improving the security of key assets in the cloud. 

    With the help of best practices, rules, and procedures created by the cybersecurity specialists at (ISC)2, the CCSP certifies your advanced technical expertise in designing, managing, and securing data, apps, and infrastructure in the cloud. 

    For those seeking a similar path, I highly recommend KnowledgeHut's CCSP Certification Training Online guiding you throughout your career path. 

    What is the Certified Cloud Security Professional Exam?  

    The International Information System Security Certification Consortium, or (ISC)2, offers the CCSP, a cloud-focused security certification for experienced security professionals. CCSP, or Certified Cloud Security Professional, is one of several certifications provided by (ISC)2, a non-profit organization that specializes in educating and certifying cybersecurity personnel. 

    While (ISC)2 has been providing certifications since the 1980s, CCSP is a comparatively recent certification on the market: it was introduced at the RSA Conference in 2015 and has risen in popularity subsequently as more organizations seek to securely migrate storage, networking, and applications to the cloud. According to (ISC)2, CCSP certification indicates "advanced technical abilities and expertise to build, manage, and protect data, applications, and infrastructure in the cloud utilizing best practices policies and procedures." 

    What is the CCSP Exam Passing Score?  

    When thinking of taking the exam, and worrying about how hard the CCSP exam is, consider the details. Because the CCSP Exam difficulty is fairly high, it is usually a good idea to acquire exam details ahead.

    The exam is challenging and might take up to three hours to finish. The exam also includes 125 multiple-choice questions. Furthermore, the CCSP Exam Questions are only available in English.  

    Above all, you must obtain a minimum of 700 points out of a possible 1000 in order to pass the CCSP Exam.

    CCSP Exam Passing Score: How Much Score Do You Need to Make?  

    The CCSP passing score is 700 points out of 1000 or 70%. 

    CCSP Exam Pass Rate Before?  

    The exam pass rate of CCSP first-time testers was 70% in 2018, 64% in 2019, and 67% in 2020.

    What is the CCSP Exam Pass Rate Now?  

    The CCSP exam pass rate now is said to be 70%. 


    Length of exam 

    3 hours 

    Item format 

    Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) 

    Number of questions 


    Passing grade 

    700 out of 1000 points 

    Exam availability 


    Testing centre 

    Pearson VUE Testing Center 

    A "peer-developed compendium of what a competent expert in their particular sector must know, including the skills, methodologies, and practices that are frequently utilized," as described by (ISC)2, commonly referred to as the common body of knowledge, or CBK, for cloud security professionals. The CBK is further subdivided into domains or section areas. The following are the several CCSP domains and the section of the test that each will cover: 

    Infrastructure Security and Cloud Platform 

    17 % 

    Architecture, Cloud concepts, and Design 

    17 % 

    Risk, Legal, and Compliance 

    13 % 

    Cloud data security 

    19 % 

    Cloud security operations 

    17 % 

    Cloud application security 

    17 % 

    You will take the exam on a computer terminal at your nearest Pearson VUE testing facility. It takes three hours to complete the exam, which comprises 100 to 150 questions. Because the test is "adaptive," which means that if you successfully answer sufficient questions within a domain to demonstrate your competence in that area, your computer interface will cease presenting you with questions in that domain, and the length of the test varies. (There's an active discussion forum in the (ISC)2 discussion boards where test-takers discuss how many questions they saw while they took the exam. 

    If you want expert assistance, the Cyber Security training programs of KnowledgeHut can assist you which is the world's top source of information technology security and cyber security training. 

    What are the Requirements for CCSP Eligibility?  

    (ISC)2 requires candidates to have a certain degree of expertise to apply for the CCSP certification test. 

    To begin, you must have at least five years of full-time paid experience in information technology. Three of these five years of experience must be in the field of information security. At least one year should be spent in one of the six CCSP CBK domains. One interesting fact is that you may replace all five years of job experience by merely receiving the CSA's CCSK certification

    If you do not have the needed job experience, you may always become an (ISC)2 Associate. You should have passed the CCSP certification test in this case. You receive six more years as an (ISC)2 Associate to gain five years of relevant work experience. Part-time employment or appropriate internships can also count toward your five-year total. 

    Top Tips and Tricks on How to Pass CCSP  

    You might think, is the CCSP exam difficult? Well, test success is dependent on having the appropriate approach and preparation, but we think that the exam should be completed not just to receive a badge but also to gain information and skills that can help you throughout your career. As a result, this post will provide tips and tactics to help you pass your CCSP certification test on the first try. 

    Check if it is the correct certification for you.  

    Is it worthwhile for me to get the CCSP certification? What impact will the CCSP certification have on my career? Is the CCSP certification relevant to the job path I want to pursue? Before you begin your certification journey, you should always examine why you want to seek the CCSP certification or any other certificate in the first place. The CCSP is a fantastic certification for anyone looking to work in cloud security. Here is a list of most effective tips that will help you prepare better for CCSP exam and improve your CCSP exam pass rate. 

    1. Stay committed

    The CCSP certification test, like any other exam, may be difficult for anybody, regardless of experience or education. So, after you've decided to take up the CCSP certification, you must fully commit to studying for and succeeding in your certification exam. 

    2. Understand your exam

    This is the most important phase in your preparation. Before you commence your preparations, you must learn everything you can about the test. It would be great if you went to the certification exam's official website to acquire the most up-to-date information on the exam. It is also critical to grasp the exam format. 

    3. Create a strategy

    The ideal way to prepare for the CCSP certification test, or any other certification exam, is to think about what will help you learn and remember knowledge, as well as how much time you will need to study for the exam in order to accomplish it and use what you have gained during your career. As a result, you'll need a well-planned approach to study and practice each topic of the CCSP test while working toward your goal. It is recommended that you set aside some time in your regular activities for preparation based on your knowledge foundation. 

    4. Choose the method of preparation that fits 

    Determine if you learn best by yourself or with the help of a professional. Some people can read a book from cover to cover, apply what they've learned, and arise with a working understanding of everything inside. Others prefer to study in a class environment, where an instructor walks them through test objectives in a controlled educational setting, individuals to feel prepared for the examination when it comes. Explore many possibilities for both to make an informed conclusion about what is best for you. 

    5. Choose and apply study resources

    There are a plethora of online resources accessible to help you prepare for the CCSP certification test, such as textbooks, videos, research papers, boot camps, and more. All that remains is for you to choose the one that provides the greatest value and fits your learning preferences. 

    6. Make study notes

    Making notes while studying for your certification test will help you recall knowledge more efficiently since you are writing down what you have learned. These notes can also be utilized as a study resource during the editing process. 

    7. Consider yourself a security professional

    The CCSP applicant must feel and think like an IT security professional. It will assist you in comprehending the exam's subjects. 

    8. Expertise in the field

    Nothing beats firsthand knowledge of cloud technologies. Put everything you've learned throughout your training to use on real-world platforms. 

    9. Lots of practice

    For everyone attempting to earn the CCSP certification, practice exams are crucial. Do as much practice as you can. You will be better prepared since you will have a better understanding of the sorts of questions that will be on the test and how to assess your strengths and shortcomings. 

    10. Create study groups 

    If you have a few coworkers, acquaintances, or individuals you met at a CCSP group gathering, it might be advantageous to form a study group. Study groups may help you with more than simply having more structure in your studying; they can also help you acquire a fresh outlook on the subject matter, which decreases procrastination. 

    11. Last but not least

    Try to maintain a cool temperament through your preparations and on exam day. You should also follow a healthy diet and consume lots of water. 


    Around the world, organizations are quickly moving their IT services to cloud platforms to meet various business needs. As this shift happens, there's a growing demand for security experts who can adapt existing security measures to fit the cloud environment.

    For me, getting ready for the CCSP certification test was straightforward with the right plan and resources. I recommend signing up for KnowledgeHut's CCSP Certification Training Online course. It not only helps you prepare for the CCSP Examination but also teaches you how to handle new security challenges regularly in the ever-changing and competitive world of cloud computing.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    1Is CCSP more difficult than CISSP?

    The difficulty of CCSP (Certified Cloud Security Professional) versus CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional) can vary for individuals. Generally, CCSP focuses more on cloud security, while CISSP covers a broader range of information security topics. Some find one more challenging based on their experience and expertise in cloud technologies.

    2Is CCSP certification worth IT?

    Yes, the CCSP (Certified Cloud Security Professional) certification is worth it in the IT industry. It validates expertise in cloud security, enhancing career opportunities and confirming skills in managing secure cloud environments.

    3How many questions are on the CCSP exam?

    There are 125 multiple-choice questions in the exam.

    4Why should one obtain the CCSP certification?

    The CCSP certifies your proficiency in employing best practices, policies, and procedures developed by the (ISC)2 cybersecurity professionals to build, manage, and secure data, applications, and infrastructure in the cloud.

    5How is the CCSP pass rate calculated?

    There are a total of 1000 potential points, and a passing score requires at least 70% of these.

    6How many hours is the CCSP exam?

    The time given to complete the CCSP examination is three hours. 

    7How much does the CCSP exam cost?

    The Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP) test costs USD 599.


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