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Top Cyber Security Job Opportunities in 2024 [with Salaries]

17th Jan, 2024
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    Top Cyber Security Job Opportunities in 2024 [with Salaries]

    Cyber security jobs currently have a growing demand for information and storage systems to be maintained in the technological industry. Such roles' main duty is protecting one’s systems from cyber-attacks or breaches. These job roles focus on maintaining confidentiality, accessibility, and integrity.

    These professionals are also highly demanded in smaller enterprises due to their computational and technological expertise. There are several programs you can go for cyber security certification courses to learn more about the best cyber security jobs. Here is a guide to learning about the top job opportunities in cyber security.

    What is Cyber Security?

    Cyber Security is a discipline that focuses on protecting devices and defending them from various kinds of cyber breaches and cyber attacks. These attacks are propagated by actors such as spammers, hackers, and cybercriminals. Since some storage systems are stroke first by such actors, to maintain greater security, cyber security jobs prefer to keep a check on all digital networks, including basics like laptops and smartphones.

    One of the most used terms in media, cyber security is also necessary for other criminal activities such as identity theft and the usage of digital weapons. The best cyber security jobs allow a good level of security to protect the sensitive data of these organizations.

    What Do Cyber Security Professionals Do?

    The role of a cyber security professional is to safeguard IT infrastructure and manage networks and information by reacting to cyber-attacks. There are certain responsibilities required by cyber security professionals such as:

    1. Managing Access Controls

    A cyber security professional must create and implement access controls in various management systems.

    2. Monitoring Performance

    Monitoring the application and network performance to understand and work on irregular activities once identified is necessary.

    3. Regulate Audits

    A cyber security professional manages audits to ensure the security of storage systems.

    4. Invent Preventive Tools

    Various preventive tools are created to fight against multiple malicious cyberattacks.

    5. Create Disaster Recovery Plans

    Cyber security jobs function together with IT companies to create disaster recovery plans to reduce cyber attacks in the present and future.

    6. Educate Employees About Cyber Attacks

    It is the responsibility of a cyber security professional and the HR team to educate employees to detect suspicious activities.

    3 Different Types of Jobs in Cyber Security

    With the increasing demand for cyber security jobs, it is important to know about the 3 types of cyber security jobs currently in the run. The types are as follows:

    1. Junior/Entry-Level Jobs

    Entry level cyber security jobs are the ones that deal with the basics of managing updates, maintaining backups and monitoring systems. These jobs can be easily gained after completing a 3years bachelor's degree.

    2. Mid-Level Jobs

    Mid-level cyber security jobs are the ones that are comparatively more secure than entry level cyber security jobs. These focus on uncovering cyber-attacks and finding out probable solutions to turn the process hassle-free.

    3. Advanced Level Jobs

    After years of experience, one can gain an advanced-level job. This mostly deals with tackling cyber crimes and writing necessary reports against them.

    List of Cyber Security Career Opportunities in 2024

    Look at the cyber security jobs salary and you will know the prominence of cyber security.

    A. Junior/Entry-Level Jobs

    1. Cyber Security Specialist

    The role of a cyber security specialist is one of the most renowned entry level cyber security jobs. They are responsible for protecting various software, and hardware and creating defensive systems against unknown cyber-attacks. It is a renowned cyber security jobs for freshers.

    Average salary- $ 95,809

    2. Cyber Crime Analyst

    A cyber crime analyst investigates various crimes, starting from recovering hacked files to protecting crimes against children. This evidence is then brought to courts for prosecution. Cyber crime analysts are also required in large firms for testing security systems. They work mainly on performance levels present in computer processes.

    Average salary- $77,617

    3. Incident and Intrusion Analyst 

    An incident and intrusion analyst must detect, monitor, and report attacks that are against the designated corporation. One of the best junior cyber security jobs, they try to focus on an incident to understand the whole scenario of cyber attacks taking place.

    Average salary- $101,195

    4. IT Auditor 

    The role of an IT Auditor is to maintain the IT systems and infrastructure to have a hassle-free process. They work on multiple security measures which are compliant with technological industries.

    Average salary- $77,800

    B. Mid-Level Jobs in Cyber Security

    5. Cyber Security Analyst

    The role of a cyber security analyst is to secure networks present in IT infrastructure. They understand and analyze malware, cyber attacks, and the nature of cyber criminals to prevent such malfunctions shortly.

    Average salary- $107,580

    6. Cyber Security Consultant 

    A cyber security consultant can be regarded as one of the most popular cyber security jobs indeed. They tend to recognize the problems to further enhance security issues against harmful attacks. These consultants focus on several variables to create security systems and deal with protection in the IT sector.

    Average salary- $116, 265

    7. Penetration and Vulnerability Tester

    Also referred to as assurance validators, penetration and vulnerability testers work under several network systems and web-based applications. These validators notice various vulnerabilities in collecting sufficient data.

    Average salary- $118,340

    8. Ethical Hackers 

    Ethical hackers are information security experts who invade various networks, multiple computer systems, and other computing sources. They tend to expose the necessary vulnerabilities usually noticed by cybercriminals.

    Average salary- $104,741

    C. Advanced Level Jobs in Cyber Security

    9. Cyber Security Manager/ Administrator 

    The duties of a cyber security manager/administrator are to install, administer and provide solutions for the protection of networks in an organization. One of the top jobs in cyber security, they also write down protective policies and documents to enhance the security measures to avoid hazards.

    Average salary- $139,720 

    10. Cyber Security Engineer 

    A cyber security engineer manages both software and hardware to protect all the data present in network systems. In certain cases, subjects such as computer science and electrical engineering are required to uncover malicious attacks.

    Average salary- $126,620 

    11. Cyber Security Architect 

    Cyber security architects combine software and hardware-related knowledge to monitor, program, and research various policies related to this field. Can be ranked in the topmost cyber security jobs, they generally create the plan, implement certain principles, and supervises every security network.

    Average salary- $140,820

    What Type of Jobs in Cyber Security Can Be Done Remotely?

    All cyber security jobs don't need to be on-site in nature. Various cyber security online jobs can be done from home or remotely with a higher salary. Here are the types of jobs in cyber security that can be performed remotely:

    1. Cyber Security Analysis

    Several companies would require cyber security analysts to track systems from multiple locations. It can be controlled with various techniques and a strong internet connection. This is why cyber security analysts can perform remotely without going to the location where the hazards are taking place.

    2. Penetration Testing

    These kinds of cyber security jobs can be performed from a distance, regardless of having client-to-client interaction as one of its essential features. Being updated with the necessary hacking techniques, a penetration tester can operate solutions from their home as well.

    3. Security Engineering

    Since most of their work deals with coding, working from home may seem like a viable option for several security engineers.

    4. Cyber Security Instructors

    Although their work is mostly related to colleges and universities, with the rise of the COVID pandemic, most cyber security instructors currently prefer the online mode of learning. This creates easier yet more fruitful learning when it comes to preparation plus the syllabus.

    Education Requirements in Cyber Security Jobs

    1. Junior/Entry Level Jobs

    These entry level cyber security jobs can be acquired once a 3years bachelor's degree is completed or a diploma degree with 4-7 years of experience is present in your resume. Usually, professionals enter the field of cyber security after playing a role in the IT sector.

    2. Mid-Level Jobs

    Mid-level jobs can be achievable once a cyber security professional has 2 years plus of experience in the field.

    3. Advanced Level Jobs

    Advanced-level jobs can be regarded as the top tier in these 3 layers. A cyber security professional having 5 plus years of experience is eligible for such jobs.

    Additionally, if one wants to pursue a diploma degree or certificate course such as CEH course, cyber security job opportunities are still available.

    Skills Needed for Cyber Security Jobs

    There are various skills required to establish in the cyber security job market. These include soft skills, technical skills, professional skills as well as functional skills. The following are: 

    1. Problem-solving Methods

    To acquire a best cyber security job, one must develop problem-solving skills. It can build creative ways to address challenges related to information security in this world of emerging technologies. 

    2. Technology-related Aptitude

    Since cyber security is a technologically enriched field, there will be various tasks such as troubleshooting, updating, and maintaining security measures. Hence, it is important to be well-versed in technology to solve its queries.   

    3. Security Knowledge

    It is important in jobs related to cyber security to have knowledge related to security issues. They should have an ingrained knowledge of security linked with smartphones, laptops, and cloud networks to complex systems used in various organizations.  

    4. Communication Skills

    Cyber security jobs require a whole team consisting of people who are capable of coming up with solutions. With more complex situations coming up due to enhanced technology, cyber security jobs demand their employees to communicate with each other to conquer these problems together.  

    5. Attentive in Nature

    Cyber attacks can be only controlled if the employees are attentive and vigilant in nature. Rigorous monitoring of networks and identifying concerns are highly necessary for the cyber security job market.

    How to Get a Job in Cyber Security? 

    There are certain basic requirements to receive cyber security jobs, which are as follows: 

    1. Education Qualifications

    A certain level of knowledge is mandatory to have a cyber security job. Education institutions can help you to enhance your retaining knowledge and bring about a level of dedication to get jobs related to cyber security.  

    2. Do as Many Internships as Possible

    Having one or more internship experiences can allow you to delve deep into the cybersecurity job market. This can also provide you with better opportunities compared to others who are planning to apply in this field.  

    3. Create a Portfolio

    A portfolio can provide various opportunities and credibility, leading to greater chances of receiving cyber security jobs. Try to be a part of open-sourced cyber security projects such as hackathons to receive the jobs in cyber security.  

    4. Expand your Horizons

    Once you have received your college degree, it is high time that you search for cyber security jobs. You can easily find entry level cyber security jobs over platforms such as LinkedIn or via referral.  

    5. Get Several Certifications

    Although it is not necessary for entry level cyber security jobs, certain credentials can boost your opportunities towards achieving the top jobs in cyber security.

    Best Locations for Jobs in Cyber Security

    A myriad of opportunities can be received when it comes to the top jobs in cyber security. The best locations are as follows:

    1. Washington DC

    With current job openings for 24,000 people, Washington DC provides various opportunities for cyber security professionals. From government bodies to private contracting agencies, several services are given to cyber security professionals. 

    2. Arlington

    The home of Pentagon is also recognized as the home of several government agencies demanding cyber security officials. With 24,000 plus openings, Arlington is another major powerhouse industry in the whole globe.

    3. New York City

    With job opportunities for over 10,000 plus people, the financial capital of New York can provide you with the dream job you have always wanted. The city is a corporate hub and requires a large number of cyber security experts.

    4. Dallas Fort Worth

    Being the hub for over 500 Fortune companies, Dallas in Texas has the best cyber security jobs in California. It can be predicted that more demand for cyber security professionals will be required in the coming years.

    5. Silicon Valley

    This area in Northern California is known for being a global hub of innovation. Silicon Valley offers a range of jobs related to cyber security due to its varied range of large tech companies.

    Future of Cyber Security

    It can be understood as just the beginning of the field of cyber security as the jobs are high in demand. The rate growth of cyber security jobs has been recorded at over 37% from 2021-2022, which is the highest compared to all other occupations. With a variety of roles, the professions are receiving a high level of exposure, making this profession constant in our lives for the coming years. Also, with the increasing crime rates, new threats, and data breaches, cyber security jobs are bringing in a new level of data transformation that can be applied in the near future.


    Cyber Security as a profession can be regarded as ideal due to the varied benefits and opportunities it provides its employees with. The profession is currently having huge demand and is expected to have the same in the upcoming years. To gain cyber security jobs, KnowledgeHut Cyber Security certification course can be considered a viable option. This program will help you with all the required details to find jobs related to cyber security.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    1Is Cyber Security a good career?

    Cyber Security is currently one of the greatest careers and is increasing in demand. They are also provided with a huge salary once their careers are established.

    2Is it hard to get a job in cyber security?

    With its high demand, it is not difficult to get a job in cyber security if one has the desired set of qualifications.  Entry-level cyber security jobs are easily available.

    3What are the benefits of a career in cyber security?

    The advantages of a career in cyber security are: 

    • High salaries and a range of opportunities 
    • Self-employment 
    • A high-demand job 
    • Progressive career goals

    Vitesh Sharma

    Blog Author

    Vitesh Sharma, a distinguished Cyber Security expert with a wealth of experience exceeding 6 years in the Telecom & Networking Industry. Armed with a CCIE and CISA certification, Vitesh possesses expertise in MPLS, Wi-Fi Planning & Designing, High Availability, QoS, IPv6, and IP KPIs. With a robust background in evaluating and optimizing MPLS security for telecom giants, Vitesh has been instrumental in driving large service provider engagements, emphasizing planning, designing, assessment, and optimization. His experience spans prestigious organizations like Barclays, Protiviti, EY, PwC India, Tata Consultancy Services, and more. With a unique blend of technical prowess and management acumen, Vitesh remains at the forefront of ensuring secure and efficient networking solutions, solidifying his position as a notable figure in the cybersecurity landscape.

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